I own NOTHING! I adopted this from DPnumber1Phan. If I owned Pokemon, my OC would be in it. If I owned Danny Phantom, the series would still be running.

Danny, Sam and Tucker were walking home from the Nasty Burger. It had been another boring Saturday and they were headed to Fentonworks to find something more interesting to do than talk about ghosts at their favourite restaurant. They were almost at his doorstep, when Danny's ghost sense went off. He called out his signature battle cry and transformed into his ghostly alter-ego. He stared around to find the streets empty. He looked at Sam and Tucker, who he found to be asleep on the ground next to each other.

"What is going on?" Danny cried out, questioningly.

He started looking around frantically. These streets were not normally empty. On the contrary; they were usually packed with cars, it being a main road and all. He looked up, down and all around, but couldn't find any hint of a ghost. He then crouched down next to Sam and Tucker, trying to wake them up, but with no success. He tried shaking them, slapping them across the face, and yelling in their ears. Nothing seemed to work. Danny was confused as to what was going on. Why were they both asleep all of a sudden? Neither of them seemed tired that day and they wouldn't both suddenly pass out at the same time for no reason.

Danny picked them both up and, still in ghost form, carried them back to his house and phased through the wall, into his room. He laid them on the bed and went to see if his parents could help him. He walked around the main floor of his house and couldn't find them anywhere. He assumed his parents were working on another invention in the lab. He walked down into the basement/lab and found that nobody was there either.

"What is going on," Danny asked himself, "They didn't say they were going out today, not that they do that often anyway."

He walked around, trying to find any hint of a struggle or anything suspicious at all. He found nothing. Then he remembered that they had recently set up cameras in the lab to keep an eye on the ghost portal.

"Let's go see what's on the Fenton Cam."

He went to watch the videos of the lab recently. He saw his parents working on some new invention, their backs to the door of the lab. Suddenly, a shadow-like ghost came up behind them and put them to sleep and dragged them away.

Danny sat in shock as he saw his parents get taken away by a ghost that he had only fought once before.

"Nocturne!" Danny announced as he figured out why nobody was outside or anywhere today. "But why is he attacking again? He knows better than to mess with my town!"

He walked back up the stairs, transformed into Danny Phantom, and flew away, out of the house, trying to see if there were any Sleepwalker ghosts, that acted as Nocturne's minions, walking around (Floating around). He found nothing at all. He was confused. Usually, Nocturne would have hundreds of his minions in the town, in case anyone woke up.

Danny then decided to go and try to wake up Sam and Tucker. He flew back to his house, into his room and right into Sam's head.

Suddenly, he was surrounded by hundreds of Goths at Gothapalooza. Sam seemed to be having a great time with all her fellow Goths. Danny decided that it was time to wake her up. He knew that to wake people up, he had to shock them in their dream. He then proceeded to create Sam's parents out of thin air (it was a dream after all).

"SAM!" her mother yelled, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?"

Sam looked up, shock on her face, and the dream ended. He was thrown out of her mind and landed on the floor of his bedroom with a thud.

"Wha-what happened?" asked Sam, a confused expression on her face.

"Nocturne is back. The whole town is asleep, just like last time. It's so weird though; there aren't any Sleepwalkers patrolling the city like last time. He also didn't put any of those helmets on anyone, so he isn't collecting energy to grow stronger like last time." replied Danny. He then looked at Tucker. "Oh. Right. Tucker. Uh... be right back." He then flew at Tucker's head and saw that there was a mansion with lots of nice cars parked out front.

"Oh Tucker. Not this again!" Danny said, annoyed that he would probably have to see himself as a janitor... Again!

He flew into the mansion where he saw that it was the exact same dream as last time. There was Tucker sitting with two of Paulina's best friend/satellite, Star. Danny wanted to be more original than Tucker was. Instead of having Tucker almost make out with him like last time, he turned intangible and flew inside the fridge. When Tucker went over to it to offer Star some chocolate milk, he opened the fridge and Danny popped out, screaming. Tucker screamed like a little girl and the dream ended. Before it ended, Danny swore he could see Tucker pee a little from the scare. He landed on the floor of his bedroom. He looked up to see that Tucker had indeed wet his pants because Danny had scared him so badly. He burst out laughing.

"DUDE! WHAT WAS THAT FOR?" Tucker yelled, clearly mad that Danny had interrupted his awesome dream and caused him to wet himself.

Danny's face turned serious. "Nocturne's back." he said to Tucker. "We need to find him to find out what is going on."

They left the house and split up, looking for Nocturne. Danny finally found him, after a long search, in the same mattress factory he used as his lair last time. It was a lot quieter though. There were no Sleepwalkers here either. There was only Nocturne; talking to some strange ghost Danny had never seen before. This ghost looked slightly insane, with long, flaming, green hair, a long, swooshing, red tail, a red and black pinstriped outfit with long sleeves, blue skin, and two evil, bright red eyes.

Danny left the building and called Tucker and Sam to come meet him at the mattress factory. They arrived within ten minutes and they came up with a plan. Danny would fly in the building, invisible, and create a distraction. Once the two ghosts inside were distracted, Sam and Tucker would come in and suck them into the Fenton Thermos.

Danny flew in, following the plan. He distracted the ghosts, but, Tucker being Tucker, the thermos he was holding fell on the floor, making a loud clanging noise as it hit the ground. The two ghosts turned around. Sam whisper-yelled at Tucker. Then, the insane-looking ghost came hurtling through the air and rammed against Sam and Tucker, who fell on the floor and got back up again, moaning in pain. Nocturne turned to face Danny, who was backing away, his eyes darting between Nocturne, Sam and Tucker, and the other ghost. Nocturne smiled and picked up a green-glowing cage.

"This cage," he said, "can hold ghosts, humans, and anything in between. You will remain trapped in it with your friends until I figure out what to do with you." He smiled evilly.

Nocturne grabbed Danny and the other ghost grabbed Sam and Tucker. They were all thrown into the cage and he closed the door. Nocturne laughed an evil laugh that made the three of them shudder.

The unknown ghost immediately went over to Nocturne. "We already know what we were going to do to anyone who interfered with our plans. You said that we could try out that new invention the stupid Fenton's somehow managed to create. The one that creates a temporary portal to another dimension."

"Yes, that's right," said Nocturne. He then went over to a corner of the factory and grabbed a rather large gun out from behind a stack of mattresses. He carried it over to the cage Danny, Sam and Tucker and they backed up as far in the cage as they could.

"Now," said Nocturne, "Let's hope you don't find a way back."

He smiled that evil smile, aimed the gun and shot.