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ooo Night and Day ooo

His dreams were broken, shattered and twisted into pieces. He had never known a moment more than that when he had wanted it back. His dreams were filled with suffering and manslaughter, but this time it seemed better, somehow. He wanted them back.

The dreams were empty, mysterious. They evaded his flailing grasp like wisps of shadow dissipating in the sunlight. He couldn't capture them back - he couldn't keep a sturdy hold, but he wanted them back so damned badly.

His dreams were filled with him, the person he never could love in the end. They had decided to die together, in each other's arms, but neither of them could bear to carry it through. Neither of them could bear the thought of holding the other while their precious lifeblood bled out of their veins.

This is just like Romeo and Juliet, he muses to himself, except the Alcadno group didn't care about their relationship and the Zenumists never bothered. Why should they? They weren't robots that would seem like a great experiment to work on. They were robot researchers, not people who bothered with love.

They were their own star-crossed lovers, and as long as they could, they would remain together forever, because they wouldn't have it any other way, no matter how painful it may be.

(Actually, keeping it in the stars is probably best, he says to the other, and his lover agrees.)

They never left the hold of each other's hands that evening, and so they were upset when they had to leave, dragged apart by the simplicity of night and day. They could only meet at the edge of dawn, when the stars were fading and the sun was peeking over the horizon, and at the cliff of sunset, when the sun sinks and the skies turned dark blue.

It wasn't a sweet relationship, but they had each other to look forward to when they were either waking or sleeping. They had each other, and it wasn't an easy relationship where they could talk whenever they could and fall asleep with their fingers in the other's hair.

It wasn't an easy relationship for the moon and the sun, but they make-did with what they could, and they talked as often as they could, sharing their experiences. The moon had his tales of thieves and murders, dark tales that took the strongest to stand through. The sun had his tales of the kings and queens, the cities with their glamour-struck decorations, light-hearted stories that brightened up anyone's day.

Not that he had a day. He only had the nights to travel by, and the other only had his days. Every time they were torn apart by forces that never wanted them to be together, but they kept coming back. It was like a magnet, and several bits of iron.

They would force the world to end to be together, but the day wasn't selfish and the night never wanted to do anything the day didn't want to. They were opposites, but opposites attract, the saying goes.

It was a true saying, one that wouldn't be disobeyed now, would it? They were properly opposite, so they never understood why the world never wanted them to be if the saying had always said so.

(The sayings aren't true, the Day says, twisting his fingers into the Night's cloak. But we'll always try.)

No, it wasn't an easy relationship. It was rocky and filled with hardship, but the rewards are great.

And he wouldn't have it any other way.

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