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ooo Reality ooo

He could have just said he wanted to die in his dreams.

And rightfully so. The world - reality can be and will be harsh, harsher than anyone can ever expect. There are murderers - killers - thieves, crooks, and anything else worse. He was one of those, but at least he had a sense of morality. There are accidents, fires and death can be caused at any time.

Death was the most painful one. After all, he had been left once, twice, three times.

The first was a beautiful blonde woman. She was the most beautiful one in the world, and rightfully so. She was the Empress of this world. She was the leader of the world, and commanded respect from everyone. Even from that, she was still the most gentle person he had ever met, as well as the most trusting. She was quick to trust, but her judging was perfect. She died on her Kingdom's wing, crimson soaking into pure white.

The second were twins - Gemini, platinum hair that seemed almost sandy-like, and purple eyes. Those eyes belonged to children, children that had to be no more than ten years old. But they were dull eyes, and had seen more death and suffering than any child - anyone - ever should. In those eyes that belongs to ten-year-olds, they seemed ten times wiser than a child could ever be. But it was the male he loved.

The twins were dual murderers, but it didn't matter. If he was a thief, why shouldn't he love anyone he pleased? An Empress that was already dead, and now a murderer. He snorts to himself. These are such great choices in love. The twin never really died, but fell to a coma and was soon possessed.

The third was a brown-haired man, the one that had tamed the most fiercest of beasts and made them his powerful companion. His best friend was a dragon, an Onyx Dragon no less, and the King of them. The molten gold reptilian eyes seemed to watch him whenever he approached the magician, and he had to admit it unnerved him. This magician had bled out from his wounds, his lifeblood soaking the gravelly ground underneath them.

It was a miracle how he was still alive, he muses to himself. He had experienced death happen to his beloveds no more than three times, and he was frightened for the fourth. He didn't want anyone to die any more, so he kept his distance from everyone.

But then again, even after all this time, he couldn't let go of the world his lovers knew go. It was violent, harsh, twisted, heart-breaking, but... reality always ended up being the place where you had your emotions in. You can't say the same for dreams.

In dreams, you feel fake emotions, walls that you build up around yourselves, and you won't be able to tell between right or wrong because it wouldn't matter, everything would be right in your dream, because it's yours.

Reality was the place that he had loved many people in. It was where he had grown to love dysfunctional people, hypocrites, and possibly the sweetest person on earth.

He doesn't have any intention of leaving this stupid, dysfunctional world any time soon.

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