Hi! This is just a little note to say this is my first fic ever and I'm not sure how it's gonna turn out. I'm thinking of updating it every-so-often, so let me know if there are certain situations you want to see. Also, I'm not really sure where it's meant to be set, because I thought having Will and Hannibal over from America would make it quite obvious that Hannibal was the Ripper, so it's a kind of scene-switch. That's all! I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it, THANKS :D

Shrouded in smoke, Sherlock Holmes sat in his leather chair, hands poised in a steeple shape under his chin. So deep in thought, he had neglected his cigarette, slowly dwindling in the ashtray beside him. Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. His eyes flung open, but his body stayed relaxed.
'Enter.' he said, through half-open lips. He heard clumsy steps stumbling to the door of his front room. The guest cracked the door slightly, coughed, then opened it all the way. Sunlight crept in through the window on the landing.
Attempting to shield his eyes, Sherlock stumped out his cigarette.

'Special Agent Graham. You said you wouldn't be long.'
Silently trying to snatch some unpolluted air, Will took a few steps further into the room.
'I got caught up with Jack. This case isn't going to go away quickly.'
Sherlock sighed.
'Minds such as ours, and even we're stumped.' he said lazily, getting up. 'Until now.' he had a sudden excitement and vigour in his voice. Will thought it odd how he could change so quickly.
'Can we catch a cab to the crime scene?' Slightly taken aback by the question, Will nodded shakily.
'It's about a ten-minute drive.'
'And have you been?'
'Not yet. Jack said I should see you first.'
'And your friend, Doctor Lecter...is he coming?'
Embarrassed, Will shuffled on the spot.
'He's my psychiatrist. I don't need him.' he lied. Technically, Will wasn't Hannibal's patient, but he wasn't about to admit his feeble friendship to one of the most brilliant minds in all the world.
'Very well. I'll call John.' Will grimaced.
'Yes, he solves the crimes with me. Quite discerning, actually.'
Will considered this. Sherlock watched his green pupils dance in their sockets.
'Maybe Doctor Lecter could come too. To help out.' Sherlock smiled.
'Very well then. Now, come, the game is afoot!'