All collected and mentally prepared for what lay ahead, the team of four assembled in the taxi that Sherlock hailed outside the flat. Doctor Lecter and Will sat opposite John and Sherlock.

'So what do we know about this case so far then?' John asked, sarcastic undertones evident in his enthusiasm. He must've been dragged to every sort of untoward incident by his companion. Still, his unhidden excitement suggested he enjoyed it very much.
'A woman was slaughtered. Organs were removed.' Hannibal interjected, sensing Will's stirring at the question.
'It's great to be working with you, Mr Graham. I've heard great things.' The population of a group of four caused a great anxiety in Will. He smiled politely, but forcibly.
'What I do, it''s no different to what Mr Holmes does.' he said, gesturing to the man whose face was obscured by his high coat collar. He chose not to aknowledge the comment.
'Together you are sure to make a great team. Hopefully, we can find this killer before he strikes again.' Doctor Lecter says, sincerity holding in his voice.
Straining his neck to look through the wind screen, John scanned the surroundings.
'I think this is it.' he called to the cab driver. The car broke gently and eased itself into the crime scene. A body was hung on a crucifix, incisions made where his organs would have been. The colour drained from the driver's face. Hurriedly, John paid him. He drove off slightly faster than he'd driven in.
'We really ought to sort you out some transport of your own.' the voice of Lestrade spoke from behind them. John and Sherlock turned.
'I don't need your charity, Lestrade.'
'I wasn't suggesting it for free.' he said, handing the two latex gloves. They approached the body, while Jack saw Will and Hannibal.

'How is he?'Jack asked, glancing over at the tail of Sherlock's magnificent coat. Will grimaced.
'Somewhat arrogant.' Doctor Lecter said. Already, he viewed Sherlock as competition and was keen to demean him.
Jack laughed. 'That's what I heard. But the guy is good.' he turned to Will. 'With you and him on this case, we should be able to catch the Chesapeake Ripper this time.' Hannibal nodded politely. Oh, what fools they were...
Jack lead them to the two. By the perplexed look on John's face, Will could tell Sherlock had already figured out something.
'Ah, Jack.' John shook his hand firmly. Sherlock glanced at him breifly, then back to the scene.
'What have we got so far then?'
'Ripper victim. Early thirties. Professional, going by her attire. No sign of any breifcase or other documentation. So she's a doctor or nurse or optician.' he kneels down and picks up a pair of glasses. 'Found these in her bag. Very expensive, very exclusive. Optician's looking more likely.' Jack checked the files he had held under one arm.
'Yep. Rachel Leveson. 31. Been an optician at that branch in town for almost 3 years.' Sherlock smirked.
'She was summoned here. Unlikely she'd be out at such a place. Her phone,' he picks up a phone from the same bag, 'is hardly touched. It's an older model and it's barely been used. Suggests she kept herself to herself whenever she could help it.' he took a fleeting look around the rest of the scene, outlined in yellow tape. 'No car or other method of transport. The nearest train station is about 2 minutes away. Maybe she ended up here on an extra stop from her way home from work.'
'Why did she come?' Jack asked, intrigued. Sherlock flicked up the home screen on her phone. A picture of several cats flashed up. 'She had a family, or at least a husband.' he said, pointing to her wedding-ring clad finger. 'Normally, people have a family photo, but no. Mrs Leveson was an animal lover. From the quality of the photo, it suggests it was taken with her phone, rather than pulled off the internet. This means that they're her own cats, and she has at least four.' he took a breath. 'I think it's possible that she was lured here by the sound of a distressed animal.' Turning his back on the four, he continued. 'Upon hearing the sound as she left the train, a sound that many others would ignore, she went to help and that's when the Ripper struck.'

Hannibal looked upon this man uneasily. He'd never been at a crime scene of his own making, let alone had his actions deduced, as if they were simply written underneath where she was suspended.
'The killer...he must've known her in some sort of way. I doubt very intimately. Maybe a patient, versed in the art of small talk. Enough to gain the knowledge that she loved animals and was religious.' he gestured up to the crucifix. It was makeshift; probably put together after she was captured. Two planks of wood were nailed together. They looked like any other you could pick up from the site. It was littered with them.
'The crucifiction wasn't planned.' said Will, focusing wholly on the woman.
'Well, obviously it wasn't pre-me-'
'He didn't know she was religious. It was a decision he took in that moment.' Suddenly, the scene went black. Out of the dimness, he could see Jack ushering the others away to the side. A silver pendulum swung across Will's field of vision. The women fell from the crucifix. She sat struggling, gagged and bound. The wooden planks were dissassembled and lay on the floor beside her. He strode up to her.
'I take Mrs Leveson quickly. I don't knock her out or attempt to subdue her. I want her fully aware of what is going to happen. I harbour a grudge.' Will took hold of her neck, his face fuelled by fury. She winced. 'I become reckless with my own power. I rip off her gag.' he tore the duct tape from her mouth. Too afraid to scream, she panted helplessly.
'Any last words?' Will seethed. Disgust darted in his eyes. Whether this was the killer's disgust or his own, he swore he'd never know. The woman began to sob.
'Please, God, save me.' Surprisingly enraged at her words, Will taped her mouth shut again and threw her to the floor.
'I take the wood and some nails I find. I build your demise.' he looked straight at Mrs Leveson. 'I want you to know that your God is gone. Your God has abandoned you. I will assume the position of God. I will take your everything from you, save you, as you asked.' Her muffled cries attack the air. 'This is my design.'
'Will?' Sharply exiting his own mind with such a force, Will Graham fell to the ground. Jack rushed to pick him back up.
'Are you okay?'
'I-I'm fine.' he slurred, slowly getting to his feet. The whole crime scene seemed to fall silent.
'What did you see?' there was a pause. Will looked Jack desperately in the eyes.
'Too much.'