Jessie sat in her cell, thinking of when she met Buzz for the first time.

"Well ma'am, I'd just like to say you are a beautiful woman with a yarnful of hair. A hairful of yarn…it's uhh…I must go."

"Well, aren't you the sweetest spaceman I've ever met!"

Yes, he was sweet. But he wasn't anymore. That evil bear, Lotso, had switched him to think he was a real ranger. Now he stood, guarding her friend's cells. He had even called her a temptress. He had called her a temptress! She was so heartbroken. But she knew that she would do anything in her power to bring him back.

There was a loud bang from above her.

"Quiet, musical hog. Knock it off!" Yep, that was Buzz now. Or, as she called him, 'Other Buzz," because he had been switched to something other than what he used to be. She wished, more than ever, he would recognize her for even a second, so she knew that some of the real Buzz was inside.

Another loud bang aroused her out of her thoughts. Lotso and his gang rode through the Caterpillar Room, at Sunnyside. That's where they were. Sunnyside Daycare was a happy place from the outside. On the inside, though, it was a prison.

"Rise and shine, campers!" Lotso exclaimed. Buzz immediately jumped off the cells, and landed perfectly on his feet in front of "Commander Lotso."

"Commander Lotso, sir! All quiet, nothing to report." Although there was one thing that he could have reported, he kept it to himself. It was so confusing…

The night was a hard one. Everyone was sleeping. Only one of the minions of Zurg was still awake. The temptress was looking his way. There was something about her that he just couldn't get his mind off of. Was it her eyes? Was it her voice? Was it her body? Whatever it was, he couldn't be distracted by it. Although, he should see what she was up to. He had to talk to her. Perhaps he would get more information for Commander Lotso. He walked up to her cage. She looked up in hope. He turned away for a moment, but knew he must glean something from her.

"Ma'am? May I speak with you?" She looked up with happiness at first, then down with despair. Why did she switch her feelings?

"What do you want, ranger?" she mumbled. She did not look him in the eyes. He simply replied, "I want to ask you something."

"Before you or I say anything else, I'd like you to know that I'm not a minion of Zurg. None of us are. We were sent here by someone else." The girl seemed to try to speak the way he did. Good, she was responding better. Now for some questions.


"Ms. Davis. She's a friend of ours. She has a son off to college, this Friday." Davis? That name, he knew it, but did he really?

"Davis. The name sounds…familiar. Who does she work for?" The girl suddenly looked up.

"You recognize her name? Then, why don't you recognize me? We lived together!"

"Did we? Tell me, umm, what is your name, miss?" She looked ready to cry.

"I…I…I don't understand." She seemed nervous, and looked down again, and if only for a moment, he saw her the same way, in a room filled with posters, and him saying her name.

"We'll be fine, Jessie." Jessie. Jessie?

"J-Jessie? Is that your name?" The girl, Jessie, looked up, startled.

"You…you do remember." He felt a sudden urge, to protect her. It was so powerful, he stumbled, and then he was himself. Jessie, then fell asleep with a smile on her face. He stayed with her, a little, watching her sleep. Then, many hours later, a harmonica played. He froze, and then he climbed up to the slotted pig, and told him off. Then he put the talk out of mind.

He shook the memory out of his head. This so-called-Jessie was watching him. He couldn't get distracted. She could have been telling the truth, but he didn't want to take chances.

Buzz jumped back into the cart to go back to Star Command. But as he did, he looked back at Jessie one last time. I will meet you again, whether friend or foe.

He looked at me. Jessie might have cried. But it was enough. She knew he was still there.

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