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Gelatin came back with the Cherries, who where carrying both Rick and Soap. Cheesy waved at them, and the two were surprised.

"How did he get here?" Asked Gelatin, and Cheesy explained quickly. Test Tube led them down to the hardest chamber they've ever been through, but made it out alive.

"Three of the four groups are here, and- ooh! Here's the last one!" GLaDOS said cheerfully. Tear Drop, Salt, Pepper and OJ came back, with Paper squealing in joy at the sight of his friend OJ. Firey was still shaken by the jeering, familiar voice he had heard. A door opening shook all of them, and they entered.

"Welcome, to my- err... our- lair!" Leafy said, sitting atop a huge, white, graceful looking robot suspended from the ceiling. Test Tube and Firey couldn't stop gawking at the place, and the others as well.

"Are you... GLaDOS?" Test Tube asked. GLaDOS chuckled.

"Why of course I am, who else would I be?" GLaDOS said. Leafy, however, was getting impatient. She leaped down, still furious. Firey knew she would be, and he did his best not to cower back.

"Hi, Leafy." Firey said, as calmly as he could. Leafy growled at him, and grabbed him by the collar (I know, but I couldn't find a better word).

"I see you haven't forgotten me, well, I haven't forgotten what you did to me!" She spat at him, roaring. Firey was taken aback by this, but was even more surprised when he noticed-

"H-how are you touching me and not getting burned?" Firey asked, Leafy's grip still holding him tight. She let go, and showed him her hands. He shuddered, they were burned badly.

"I didn't want to die when I would confront you, so I held fire in my own hands. Took many, many scars and burns to finally stop the pain." Leafy was still acting cold to him. She slapped him, harder than Coiny could have. He fell to the floor, and limply got up.

"Hey, I don't know who you are or why you're doing this, but you must stop!" Suitcase said, with Balloon following behind her.

"SHUT UP! IT'S NOT LIKE YOU HAVE BEEN REJECTED BY EVERYONE! Even your friends!" Leafy scolded, the last notes twisted with sadness. "Also, Firey, I thought you had forgotten me! Remember when you didn't recognize me?" She turned on Firey.

"I did it to protect you! I didn't get a concussion, you saw how I landed, no one brain washed me-" Firey nodded to Golf Ball, nodding "- I lied! I lied so no one would hurt you! And, I'm sorry if I hurt you..." Firey said sincerely. "Also, I'm the one who revived you." Leafy took a step back, shocked by this information.

"Well then, I have something to confess as well. Remember that platform that saved you? I was stupid enough to tell GLaDOS to help you." Leafy said smugly, Firey shocked now. The I.I contestants were confused, wondering which side to be on. Lightbulb was rooting for Firey, but Paintbrush thought that Leafy deserved the right to be upset.

"I'm done playing around! All of you, I bring you our own death!" She leapt up onto GLaDOS's back, messing with some wires. She had a menacing grin on her face, tearing and placing wires here and there.

"Wait, what are you- N...NOOOOOOO! AAAAAH!" GLaDOS screamed in pain, and the ground shook violently. Everyone looked about nervously, not knowing what to do. Leafy leapt down, laughing.

"Now, we have five minutes, and NO ONE CAN STOP ME!" Leafy laughed insanely. No one had ever been as insane as Leafy before, the door out locked. But Fan kept his cool the best he could and looked around. He noticed platforms above GLaDOS, which he shot a blue portal on. "Heads up, Test Tube! I know you can do it!" He shouted, shooting an orange portal under her before Leafy slapped Fan harshly. Test Tube looked at the wires, while the others had to hold Leafy away. She worked as quickly and best she could, wearing plastic gloves, of course. It would have been insane not to.

They had to do everything to prevent Leafy from getting up there, anything. They had shot portals under her and over her to be sure she couldn't get up there. They had to work as a team, telling each other where to stand or go, what to do, and to trust each other most of all.

"Guys, I have a problem: I can't hack into the system! But, I hypothesize that a core could hack into it!" Test Tube shouted, hoping the others could hear her voice through the din. Soap's eyes brightened.

"I can do it! In fact, I was sent to the failed core room because I could hack!" Soap piped up, and Rick wanted to be a part of the adventure. Flower hated being left out, so now their goal was to get all three cores to Test Tube.

"You're not getting them anywhere!" Leafy shouted, jumping over to Gelatin, who was carrying Flower. He called out to Cheesy, who in turn tossed it to Fan, who managed to get it to Test Tube. They cheered as they struggled to get the last two to Test Tube, and then...

"Got it!" Test Tube shouted, placing Soap. The place stopped shaking, and everyone stopped. The yellow light of GLaDOS's eyes opened. She used her power to fix everything, even getting Soap and Flower's bodies back to them.

"Feels good to have arms again!" Soap said, stretching. "Now, before we leave," She grabbed Rick the adventure core and kissed him. He was shocked.

"Well, I'm sorry to say that you must leave your 'lovers' behind." GLaDOS said, opening up a portal back to their worlds. Soap and Snow Ball were the saddest, and with a final good bye, they headed home.

Tear Drop still wished she could talk. She had so much to say.

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