Ch.2: Where are we?

Firey woke up, his head still felt a bit woozy. He noticed objects he never met were there, including a clearly consious Knife. It took him a while to notice that Leafy, Flower, Tear Drop, Dora and David were not present. "Leafy? Where are you?" Firey said weakly. The knife looked at Firey, and said, "Who are you? Did you do this?" Knife guestured to his unconsious friends.

"No, me and my friends were sucked into this portal then poof! We came here!" Firey explained. Knife said that thats what happened to him as well. Knife looked at his group and said, "Where's OJ, Salt, Pepper, and Soap?" Firey started to shake the others up, and Knife did the same. Once everyone was awake, a some what robotic female voice said, "Welcome, test subjects. This is the Apeture Science lab, and I made some test for you. Here, you all can get portal guns." As the voice said, they all recived an odd looking white gun. Test Tube looked especially exited. She shot the gun at the wall, and a blue portal appered.

Everyone gasped. Test Tube shot the opposite wall and an orange portal appered. She stepped into the blue portal, and came out the orange one. "WOW" every one exclaimed. "Good, now that you know how to use it, let me itroduce myself. I'm GLaDOS, the one who will give you your tests. Now, if you could please go through that door..." They all shot their guns and were falling endlessly and hitting the floor.

GLaDOS sighed. "Your goal: don't die, this is for science." Test Tube perked up at the word 'science'. This was her element, she already moved ahead to the door. Everyone else followed and gasped at the wide area, filled with buttons, cubes, lasers, and to top it all off, the door was currenty unreachable. This, Firey thought, might take a while.