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Before she knew it, Kendra was being rushed upstairs to bed. She had intended to talk to Bracken before hand, but as soon as she took one last sip of her hot chocolate, Grandpa was shooing Kendra and Seth out of the kitchen while Grandma offered the main floor guest room to Bracken. When they reached the attic door, Kendra reluctantly turned the doorknob.

"What's the hold up?" Seth asked exasperated.

"...Nothing." Kendra replied, swinging the door open. Seth flew by her, flopping onto his bed.

"You curious?" Seth asked.

"About what?" Kendra inquired.

"Why they were in such a hurry to get us out of the way. Duh."

Kendra thought for a moment. "Actually, a bit." Honestly though, she was more worried about the promise she made to Bracken earlier that night.

Seth leapt from his bed, kicking off his slippers. "More than a bit. Don't be a tattle-tale" He left, closing the door behind him.

Normally, Kendra would have argued, but she was not in the mood to chase after her stubborn brother at the moment. She occupied herself with trying to think of a way to talk to Bracken. Could she sneak out? Definitely not. She'd never be able to look at her parents again. Notes? No. She didn't have a messenger. What about-

She was cut off by a glow radiating from her nightstand. A quarter lay there with a silver chain linked through it. Perfect! Kendra reached for the radiant coin.


She smiled. "I'm here."

How are you feeling?

"Fi-" She cut herself off. "No more hiding," she thought to herself.

"Not awful." She said truthfully. "It hurts a lot but not anything to be worried about right now."

You sure? You seemed a bit out of it when you came downstairs earlier.

"Yah, I'm sure."

Do you want me to see if I can heal it any more?

Kendra thought for a moment. "Tomorrow. I don't want to set in trouble for 'sneaking out' to see you." Kendra laughed gently.

Not the best impression, is it?

"Yup. Especially since it's only like, the second time you've seen my parents."

Ha ha! I have a feeling they they're not overly fond of me.

"No! no, no it's not that. They're just a bit over protective and... well I've never brought home a boy before. And I know it's not like that but -"

No, I understand completely.

Kendra heaved a sigh of relief. "Thanks." Kendra yawned.


"Yes? No. I..." Kendra paused, thinking. "Not really. You?"

A bit, truthfully.

Kendra felt guilty. "Oh, I'm sorry, I-"

No, it's fine. Talk to me.

Kendra smiled. "Ok..." She thought a moment. "How long was I out when I was poisoned?"

There was a pause before Bracken answered. Umm, a few days at least. I don't actually know...

"Days?" Kendra knew she was gone for a long while, it had felt like a millennia,but she assumed time was faster in dreams. Days had gone by? "Yikes. I thought it would have been a day, tops."

Me too, until right after you woke up and I contacted Seth. He said they'd been worried for days.

"Days..." Kendra wondered how much time that equaled in nightmare time. Nevermind. Kendra didn't want to think about the nightmare anymore. Now whenever she slept it was bits and pieces of it.


"Dang it. I sent those didn't I."

Yah. Nightmares still? Does it feel like the poison at all?

"No. It was just reliving a traumatic experience. I've heard about people in war zones who have nightmares of what happened there. I don't think this is much different, but it's still terrifying."

I'd be surprised if you weren't still afraid. What Navarog did to you... that was awful.

Kendra sat in silence for a little while. She didn't know what to think. How much did Bracken know about what happened? How much did her family know? She hadn't spoken much at all after Wymroost.

You alright?


What can I do to help?"

"Can you listen?"

Of course.

Kendra smiled.

Seth leaned against the railing, trying to find a good shaded spot to eavesdrop. He got closer, and making sure the lighting wasn't bright, got close enough to hear.

"It's been an interesting week for all." a female voice said. Grandma Larsen, maybe?

"Agreed. I didn't think we'd go on a mission straight away. I was hoping to come back and let Kendra and Seth know before then but-"

"It's fine. We've been busy as well and we completely understand the whole rushing off on a mission thing."

Seth was surprised, he couldn't hear anything for a moment once he realized that the second voice was his Dad. Mission? His dad went on a mission? Seth thought they were in Chicago.

"What have we missed then? You say you've been busy." Seth's mom said.

There was a short pause until Seth heard Tanu speak up. "The Fairy Queen needed Kendra in her realm for a few days."

"Why?" His dad asked.

There was a long pause before someone explained. "Remember, Scott, Kendra is fairykind. That means that the Queen has named her as her own handmaiden, kind of her eyes and ears in this world. She was asking Kendra her opinion on a few subjects." Grandpa's voice explained.

Seth Wanted to hear more about his parents. Mission? How can a someone who isn't a Knight of Dawn go on a mission? Seth realized that he'd done it before. He doubted that his mom would stow away though.

"Yes, Dad, I know. That's what everyone keeps telling us. Kendra has a special connection with light, and Seth with darkness. My question is why? Why choose them? How did they even get these 'connnections' in the first place?"

"No one really chooses anything in these situations." Warren said. "We're lucky have any control over these situations at all. They were both at the right place, at the right time, with the right intentions. No one can become fairykind or a shadow charmer with wrong intentions. Neither one even knew that they had changed at all until after it happened."

"Unfortunately, I know you're right." Seth's dad sighed.

Seth pondered for a moment. His parents had no clue what happened when they were gone. Seth supposed it was for the best. His parents were already extremely worried about them. It wouldn't encourage any good by telling them something that was in the past. Seth wondered if he and the others even knew what happened. Seth listened longer, hoping to hear details about his parents' mission, but soon after, the meeting was dismissed for everyone to go to sleep. Scrambling, Seth hurried upstairs before anyone bumped into him.

Opening the attic door, he found Kendra laying back on her pillows, smiling.

"Not sleeping?" Seth asked.

She sat up in a hurry, trying to hide a glowing coin. She's been talking to Bracken for the past half-hour?

"Not very tired. Why are you in such a hurry? Did you get caught?" She asked, swinging her legs out from her covers.

"Nope! You wouldn't believe what I heard!"

Kendra listened closer, pocketing the coin. "What would they hide from us?"