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Season 1

Episode One

How the hell did I get here? Dylan Morgan pondered as she took her place for her latest stunt.

In the large aircraft hanger sized studio, three cars sat lined up, side by side. Ahead of each car were a series of four hurdles which sat taller than each car roof. Dylan Morgan, the star and host of the show, a popular Hollywood actor named Danny Boyd, and a contestant from the show's audience, stood on their respective car roofs. The object of the game being that as the cars raced along, each contestant would jump each hurdle and the first to jump the final hurdle and burst through the paper finish line would be proclaimed the winner.

These were the circumstances one Dylan Morgan found herself in while appearing on her own prime time television show.

As she listened to the audience count down to the starter's klaxon, she thought back to the events that had brought her here.

Dylan and her brother Joey were born to Tommy and Patricia Morgan, living an unremarkable life in Brooklyn, New York. Dylan was always a loner, preferring her own company to a crowd, which was remarkable considering her current occupation. Dylan was blessed with a tall, muscular athletic body and excelled in sports. Her father Tommy was a taekwondo teacher and ran his own club so, naturally, Dylan became a student. Tommy adored his daughter and she motored through the ranks, showing exceptional fortitude for the sport. Her brother Joey showed no interest in his Father's livelihood, and so was not as close to Tommy, preferring the company of their Mother Patricia.

What Dylan's Father didn't know was that his daughter had secret loves; entertainment and comedy. Young Dylan, though normally quiet and moody, came alive on stage in school productions. Something happened to the quiet girl when put on stage in front of a crowd. It was as if she flipped a switch and became an entertainer. On stage Dylan found her voice and came into her own. Dylan knew this was what she wanted to do with her life, but she was unsure how to do it. She found her joy in comedy, but was no stand-up comedian. She loved comedic acting but didn't feel that a career as an actor was for her. Dylan knew deep down there was something she could do but it continued to elude her.

The young Dylan went to her community theatre group and spent as much time with them that her taekwondo training would allow.

Her father made clear, in no uncertain terms, which came first. He wanted her to achieve what he never could, the top honor, an Olympic medal. In contrast, her mother encouraged the teenager's artistic side, sympathizing with her love of entertaining. The tension between Dylan's two loves was constant.

When she was 16 and the Olympic Games were four years off, the dam broke. Father and daughter had a falling out over the amount of time she was spending with her theatre group. Tommy loved his daughter fiercely and wanted her to be happy but also wanted her not to waste her skills and athletic talent, so he cut her a deal. If she gave him the next four years in training and dedication up to and during the games, then she would be free to do what she liked with the rest of her life.

And this she did, throwing everything into her Dad's dream. The games came and she gave him everything he wanted; a gold medal. Dylan came home a hero with the other U.S. medalists, which brought her fame and notoriety.

Dylan, now released from any obligation to her father, went to acting school and took any comedy courses she could find.

All through acting school she had cultivated a small following at performances in Greenwich Village hosting a few shows, doing whatever she needed to make a few extra dollars.

After school she did get a few low-key TV parts, but her reputation was growing in the village bars and comedy clubs. Over the years she cobbled together an act that consisted of a little comedic interaction with the audience, a few sketches and a special part of the show called Dylan's Dares. Her tall solid build and natural athleticism made her generally good at most physical pursuits, so early on she started to take dares from the crowd or went up against a member of the audience in some physical feat. The stunts started out really simple like, beat Dylan at one-handed pushups or beat Dylan in a race around the block. The club or bar would put up prizes for the audience member to win, but Dylan Morgan did not lose.

The dares grew as Dylan's confidence grew. She knew this was the type of entertaining she could do, mixing her comedy with her physique. The dares grew bigger, like dare Dylan to walk a tightrope, or some bike or skateboarding stunt. For the bigger dares, she would record the segment and show it on screen at the club that night. The comedy clubs were packed for Dylan's shows. It wasn't only the dares, but Dylan's rapport with the audience. She would talk about the week's events, ad-libbing for a while on various subjects.

As her popularity grew, local TV reporters would come and talk to her about her stunts, her show. Her clips were appearing on YouTube and she had followers from around the world on her Facebook page and Twitter. Dylan's love of all things technological gave her the wherewithal to cultivate her following using social media. She recognized its power at a time when people were just waking up to it.

Dylan fascinated people. She was a woman doing the things guys would normally do. She was very good looking, 6-foot-1 with collar length dark hair and sparkling blue eyes. Dylan wasn't shy about the fact she was a lesbian and so had a huge gay following.

After one particular show, a TV producer asked to see her and offered her a segment on a popular late night talk show. Dylan felt she was finally getting somewhere. The segment was a hit and the network was soon offering Dylan her own show. Dylan remembered one particular conversation she had with the network.

'You're not going to put me back in the closet, because I've never been in one.

'Don't worry Dylan; I don't think we could even attempt it! You kind of scream butch dyke!' he laughed.

'Well I don't take that as an insult, you know. I'm out and proud.'

'We know Dylan. Listen. The network wants your show, you are so popular right now and we think we can make you huge. In addition, gay is cool right now, with Ellen and Portia never out of the headlines. Out and proud as you say.'

They reworked the show format and the rest was history. The network presented her show in prime time every Friday and Saturday night during the season. The format was always the same. First, a celebrity guest would be introduced, they would chat a bit, perform some sketches and end with the final dare where Dylan took on the celebrity and a member of the public. If the celebrity or Dylan won, the money would go to charity. If the audience member won, they would take home the cash. It became a huge hit, and five years and four Emmys later, The Dylan Morgan Show was at its height.

Along with fame came money. Ads and sponsorship money made her a worldwide star. She had everything and was the most eligible single gay woman in the world. Although Dylan came to life on screen, she was the same awkward loner who preferred her own company when the cameras were turned off. Women threw themselves at her but she didn't indulge, looking for that illusive woman who would get her, understand her.

Dylan dated and was always seen at premieres with someone; usually an up and coming actress whom her agent would force upon her. But any person who dated her expected the Dylan Morgan from the show. In reality, she was quiet, read, worked out intensely and craved a family life, not a glitzy glamorous relationship.

Her agent had once remarked, when telling her which actress or celebrity she was taking to the latest awards show or premiere.

'Dylan, you could have anyone you want. Women throw themselves at you. Why not just indulge yourself and enjoy it?'

To which Dylan replied. 'If I ever meet anyone who is interesting or at least isn't interested in my bank balance, I'll do just that. In the meantime, you can sort out my dates for events.'

Two years ago, Dylan's younger brother died. After coming out to his mom and dad, who hadn't taken it too well, Joey came to live in the village to be near his sister and enjoy the gay scene. Hanging on to her celebrity status, he was invited to celebrity parties and events. He got into drinking and drugs very badly. Dylan and her Father tried to help him but he finally fell victim to an overdose. Her parents had not spoken to Dylan since, blaming the death of her brother on her lifestyle and fame. Being estranged from her dad hurt her deeply, and her mom who had always stuck up for her, couldn't bring herself to go against her husband this time. The man she had given up her childhood to please now wanted nothing to do with her.

All this brought Dylan to the roof of the speeding car, trying her utmost to win her latest crazy challenge.

Dylan led the field leaping over the first three barriers, with Danny Boyd coming up just behind her; the third contestant had fallen at the first hurdle. Struggling to keep her balance, she leapt over the final hurdle and burst through the paper finish line. Unbeknownst to Dylan, Danny had clipped the last hurdle and fallen, not making it to the end of the course.

The crowd whooped and applauded. There's gonna come a day I get too old for this! she thought as she pulled herself up from the foam mats. As she took the applause, she received the message from the floor that they had gone to break.

The studio was alive with people and paramedics checking over all three participants. Dylan ran her hands through her sweat-drenched hair.

"Dylan we have one minute." someone from the floor shouted.

"Thanks for doing that, Danny." She shook the actor's hand.

"No problem Dylan, I had a blast! I need to fit that stunt into one of my movies!"

She turned to the audience member, who was struggling to get his breath, and clapped him on the back.

"Good try Bob. If you stand on this mark here, we'll wind up the show and then you can get cleaned up.

"10 seconds, Dylan!" came the cry.

Dylan put her game face back on, ready for action. Danny Boyd looked Dylan up and down taking in the long muscled legs, emphasized by tight shorts, with a black crop top and thought, No wonder the guys and girls love you, Dylan. I don't think you even realize the effect you have on people! He knew from people in the industry that she was no player, even though she had every opportunity. You're one of a kind Dylan Morgan.

Dylan got the word from the floor and launched into her wrap up.

"Welcome back. I think that may be one of the most fun and exhausting Dylan's Dares we've done so far!"

The crowd responded with laughter and cheers as they watched a replay on the big arena screen. At the break, she was given a microphone that she held out to the audience member.

"Well Bob, you didn't win the cash prize but we've got this for you from our friends at Apple." The screen in the studio cut to footage of Dylan making calls on her iPhone and playing games on her iPod.

"I hope that'll make up for the grey hair! Big hand for Bob, everyone!" The crowd rose to their feet, clapping. She then turned to the actor.

"Danny, was that harder than fighting the Aliens in Monster Blast?"

"I tell you Dylan, it came pretty darn close. I'm exhausted!" The girls in the audience screamed for him.

"Well, thanks so much for being on the show the past two nights and remember everyone, you can see Danny Boyd in Monster Blast at all good movie theatres starting next Friday. I will see you next Friday when I'll be trying to hit the target with the star of the new hit comedy, Head of the House, and one more lucky audience member will get a chance to win our top cash prize. Goodnight and take care till we meet again next week!"

The three waved to the cameras and audience as the titles rolled. After Dylan was finally given the signal that they were off air, she turned to Bob and said, "Thanks again Bob, it's you guys that make the show".

"Thanks a lot, Dylan! Do you think I could get an autograph? For my girlfriend, you know," he asked excitedly.

"Sure thing, I'll have some stuff sent to your dressing room, okay?"

Turning back to the movie star, she said, "Thanks Danny. I hope you'll be back for a rematch?"

"You try and stop me, Dylan. I don't like being beaten by a girl!" he joked, as his PA came over with a robe. "Do you want to get a drink after the show, Dylan?" he asked, walking away.

A member of the floor staff was helping her into a robe. "No thanks. I need to have my wrap up with the studio audience. But thanks." Dylan knew as she said it that it was an excuse.

Her Personal Assistant, Lynn Roberts, said she was positively antisocial and needed to get out more. Dylan had always lacked the skills to make social situations comfortable, unless she was on stage; that was where she excelled.

After thanking the audience for their support and part in the show, she made her way off stage and was met by her PA. Lynn organized Dylan's life; she told her where to be and when to be there. She had no idea how she would cope without her. Lynn was in her late fifties, exceptional at her job and could handle Dylan's changeable moods. She was more like a mother than an employee.

The short, well dressed woman watched Dylan coming towards her. The 'game face' as Dylan called it, was already starting to fall. Lynn worried about her. At twenty-eight, she had no one in her life and ever since the problems with her parents, Dylan had become even more isolated. Her career was all she had.

"Hey Lynn! Did I do okay?"

"You were funny and charming as always, as you well know, Dylan. Go on! Get yourself into the shower."

After her shower, she dressed in her usual blue jeans and, today, a black t-shirt.

"So, when you come in on Tuesday and meet with your guests, you'll get your training schedule for archery. I think they lined up an Olympic medalist."

"Sounds fine, I've got some good sketch ideas, what's this actress' name?"

"Katie Phillips. She doesn't have a rep for being difficult, so she should be up for whatever you have in mind. We had an interview request from a reporter for Monday morning; the network is pushing for it." Lynn knew before she asked what the reaction would be.

"No. Tell them no. It's my day off, for God's sake! I need time to train. What do they think, that I'm some sort of performing monkey? I need to put the work in to do what I do, you know that!"

"I do. I'll tell them Dylan, don't worry."

Dylan's week was strictly organized and she liked it that way. Sunday and Monday were her days off. Sunday she would laze around her apartment, catching up with the news, TV, playing computer games or shopping for gadgets. Dylan was a total technology geek and nothing relaxed her or made her happier than puttering around a computer store or the Apple store, seeing what new toy she could buy. She didn't really have a lot else to spend her money on. Since her ad campaign with Apple, she received free products before the public release date.

She ran every day, but Mondays were her gym days when she worked on her martial arts. Mondays were sacred to her. Dylan believed it was her discipline that kept her sane in this mad business of celebrity and television.

Since returning from the Olympics, she had taken up some other techniques, namely kickboxing and Mixed Martial Arts. At one time, she had considered getting into Ultimate Fighting Championship competition, but then the show came along.

Tuesdays, she would go to the studio, meet with the celebrity she would be working with that week, discuss her ideas for the sketches and her monologue with the writing team, and start rehearsal.

Wednesdays, she and the celebrity would be trained on whatever the task was for the week and have a full day of practice.

Thursdays she split between event training and sketch rehearsals. The week for the crew was not easy. It was known to be the most physically demanding show to work on. They had to be fit to keep up with Dylan.

"Oh before I forget, can you get some show merchandise to Bob's dressing room? I said I would sort out some autographed stuff for Bobs girlfriend."

"Sure thing. Anything else?"

"No that's it. I think I'll head off."

"I'll call for the car." Lynn started to dial her cell.

"Don't bother, I think I'll walk tonight for a bit and maybe grab a cab."

"You know I hate it when you do that, Dylan. I don't think you realize how recognizable you are. Your show and your face are up in Times Square for God's sake."

"I'll put sunglasses on. Nobody cares in New York, Lynn, calm down. I just feel like a walk."

The truth was she wanted to put off going back to her empty condo in Greenwich Village. She felt her solitary nature the most at night. Dylan grabbed her leather jacket and set off. "I'll see you Tuesday, Lynn. Have a good weekend."

Lynn sighed, knowing the woman would probably spend it alone. As Dylan made her way out the stage door, she sent a tweet to her followers. Twitter was the sort of social interaction she could manage, short messages at a distance. It was an excellent way to keep in touch with her fans and to bring some publicity to the causes she believed in.

Out on the street, the usual journalist and his photographer were waiting for her. Jimmy Daniels both hated and admired Dylan Morgan. She'd had the world at her feet for five years, the public loved her, and even the incident with her brother had made her more popular. The public saw in the papers the faithful sister trying to save her brother from himself, and since his death she had done great things working with substance abuse charities. She was too good to be true. When his editor had first charged him with the task of finding some scandal, he thought it would be easy. Famous rich lesbian? There must be tons of scandal on her, but no. Three years later he still had nothing.

Yes, she turned up at the right places with a date on her arm, but there was never anything more. He had offered money to all sorts of people in the industry and found nothing. Either she was very ordinary or people were keeping quiet. The magazines had even tried to Photoshop her into various salacious pictures, but she'd slapped a lawsuit on them and won.

Jimmy made it his mission to get something on her.

"Got any words for your fans, Dylan?"

"Now, now, Jimmy, we both know you don't want any words for my fans but I'll be sure to tweet them to let them know you care." Asshole, she mumbled under her breath.

Jimmy's tactic recently had been to be there every time she left the studio or her house; be there at every event, firing out questions, hoping she would lose her temper with him or his camera guy. At least that would be something on Miss Perfect.

He started to follow her then heard her shout back. "You can follow me all you want, Jimmy, I'm just walking home; nothing more and you know it."

"What do you want to do, Jimmy?" his cameraman asked.

"Just leave it. This is a waste of our time. I'll get something on you, Dylan Morgan. You've got to have an Achilles' heel." He watched as she walked down towards Times Square.

Dylan wandered through Times Square, not in any hurry to get home. She looked at all the people milling around the Square. Some were tourists enjoying themselves in the bright lights. There were couples having fun, families having fun, other people making their way home to loved ones. At times like these, she felt her isolation. She always could get company if she wanted it, and she succumbed to the occasional one-night stand. It never worked. She didn't seem to have the skills to relate to women in a relationship. They expected the Dylan Morgan from TV and she just wasn't that person offscreen.

She wandered on, hefting her backpack back up on her shoulder. It started to rain and was getting heavier. Her leather jacket wasn't giving her much protection. She thought of hailing a cab but then a little diner on the corner caught her eye. I might as well grab a coffee where it's dry, rather than head home to no one, she thought.

She entered the diner and took a stool at the counter. It was very quiet, being 11 o'clock at night and much less glitzy than its competitors in Times Square around the corner.

There was a server behind the counter, who currently had her back to Dylan.

The TV host put her bag up on the counter and brought out her iPhone to check her email and twitter then she heard. "Hi, how can I help you?"

Dylan brought her head up to be met by the most beautiful pair of green eyes she had ever seen. Wow! She is stunning! Dylan's eyes wandered down the petite women's figure.

She was about 5-foot-3, and had the most luscious blonde hair that, when the light was right, had reddish strands running through it. The silken locks were currently tied back but looked long enough to go down to the middle of her back.

Dylan sat with her mouth open, struggling to form words. What did she ask? What did I want? Yes, that was it! Uh you? No can't say that. Um...go for coffee. That's easy to say. Now say it! Come on Dylan! Speak!

Emily Taylor looked over her dark brooding customer. She was tall, huge in fact, and looked well built. A whole big hunk of good looking woman. Yes, you make my heart pound faster! thought the waitress. Then she realized the woman was still wearing sunglasses. I bet you know you're good looking as well. Oh well, my hunt for Princess Charming goes on! When Emily asked for her order, the big woman seemed lost for words. Awkward, goofy even, and it made the young woman smile. I'll try again.

"Can I get you something to eat? To drink?"

Dylan's eyes fixed on the server's nametag and said, "Emily. Your name is Emily."

Oh my God! Why did I say that!

The girl giggled. "Yes, my name is Emily, now what can I get you?"

"Um ... coffee please. Black." Oh well done, Dylan! No one would believe you spoke for a living!

"Sure be right back."

Dylan watched the young woman's hips sway as she walked away. This isn't normal. Women don't normally affect me like this. She's just...just perfect and she doesn't seem to recognize me.

The coffee was put in front of her and Emily asked, "Are you sure you don't want anything to eat?"

"Um ... yeah I guess, I haven't really eaten since lunch time and it's quite late. I usually just zap a meal in the microwave when I get home; I can't cook you see, but it started to rain and I thought I'd duck in here." I'm an idiot! Just tell her your life story why don't you?

"Wow. You are funny. One minute you can barely string two words together and the next you're talking like a machine gun!" she laughed.

She thinks you're an idiot.

"I'm sorry; I guess I'm just not very good at talking to people."

"Well, let me see if I can help you. Since it's late, how about the breakfast plate? Omelet, bacon, hash browns?"

"Sounds delicious. Yeah, I'd love that. I don't know the last time I had that."

Emily found the woman sweet in a childlike way. "Coming up, won't be long."

Dylan dreamily watched Emily cook up her food quickly at the grill, her head propped up on her hand. Emily returned with an overfilled plate and placed it down in front of the dark woman.

"This looks amazing!"

"It's just plain home cooking."

"I don't get that, so it's amazing to me."

Emily looked down at the big woman devouring the huge plate of food with gusto.

She's so goofy but so intriguing. Seems like she needs looking after . "Can I ask you something, uh...?"

"Oh, sorry. Dylan. Dylan Morgan." She waited for the inevitable recognition and change in the petite server. People always changed when they knew who she was. But it never came.

"Okay Dylan. Why do you wear sunglasses indoors? Usually it means you're a gangster or extremely full of yourself."

"I'm neither, I hope. It's just in case I'm recognized, I'm a very private person."

"So, you're famous or something?" Emily joked.

"Yeah, I guess so." Dylan put her head down shyly.

So bashful and sweet , Emily thought.

"Sorry." Dylan lifted her glasses to the top of her head.

Oh my goodness! She's gorgeous! Handsome. Hmmm and those blue eyes!

"I'm sorry I don't recognize you. You on TV or something?"

Dylan was delighted she didn't know her. It was so refreshing. No expectations.

"Yeah, I have a TV show. An entertainment, comedy sort of thing. I've come from the studio just now."

Emily was astonished. She couldn't imagine this tall awkward woman fronting a TV show. Well, what do I know?!

"Unless you're on a children's show, I wouldn't know you. That's all I get to watch these days."

Dylan's stomach dropped. She has a kid, must be straight. Well of course she is, idiot! She wasn't gonna be interested in you anyway. "You have a kid?"

Emily had no idea why she was being so open with this woman, but there was just something about her. "Yeah, a little girl. She's three. If I'm not working here, I'm taking care of her at home."

Dylan looked around the deserted dinner. There was only one guy propped up at the other end of the counter.

"You always work this late?"

"No, just my turn, that's all."

Dylan eyed the young woman carefully. She was sure there was a story there. She was well-spoken and looked very bright. I wonder why she's working in a diner. "Your husband look after her when you're here?"

Emily smiled shyly. "No. No husband. Never has been, never will be a man in my life. I have a very good sitter."

Dylan brightened at the statement. Never will be a man in my life. I wonder. "Well this was great. I'm stuffed."

"You sure can eat!"

"Well I use a lot of energy."

"I can see that." Emily looked over Dylan's bulky figure.

Dylan flashed a smile. She was amazed at how easy it was to talk to Emily and before they knew it, it was 12:30 a.m.

"Well, look at the time. I better get the place cleaned up."

"Oh I'm sorry, I'm keeping you back." The other customer had long departed.

"Don't worry, it was really nice talking to you. The end of my shift flew by."

Dylan hated to think she wouldn't see her again. She felt an ease with Emily, one she'd never felt with anyone else.

"Uh ... do you lock up by yourself? Is that safe?"

"Don't worry about me, Ms. Morgan. I've been doing this for four years."

"Dylan, please. You said your little girl was three? Did you work here when you were pregnant?"

Dylan saw a look of pain cross Emily's face. "Yes, you've got to pay the bills. I'll be cleaned up in no time and catch my bus."

"Of course, well I'll get out of your hair. Could I get you a cab?"

Dylan hated the thought of the young woman on buses and on the streets at one in the morning.

"I don't mean to be rude, but I do this all the time."

"I'm sorry if I offended you. Will you be working tomorrow?" asked the tall woman, already planning a visit.

"No, Sunday's my day off," she smiled.

"Mine too." Dylan thought quickly and said. "I don't suppose ... no, nothing. Sorry."

"Tell me, what were you going to say?"

"I ... wondered if I could take you out tomorrow ... maybe lunch or dinner or both or ..."

Emily's heart soared at the thought of seeing Dylan again, but then reality set in.

"I would have loved to, but I have my little girl and it's my only day to spend time with her. I'm sorry."

Dylan was stumped. Then before her brain engaged, her mouth spat out, "Bring your little girl. I'll take you both out. I'd love that."

Emily looked at her skeptically.

"Dylan, as much as I've loved meeting you, I don't know anything about you, and to bring my little girl, well you have to be really careful."

"But ... but look, go out into Times Square, you'll see my face and name up on a billboard. Um ... here's my studio pass. Look, if I were going to murder you or something, I hardly think I could keep it a secret. I know, look."

Emily smiled as the big woman fumbled with her phone. Why is she trying so hard to take me out? She's famous, probably rich, unbelievably good looking. She could have anybody she wanted.

Dylan had looked up a clip of her show on YouTube and showed it to Emily. It was a clip of Dylan doing a sketch with Julia Roberts.

"Wow! That's you?"

"Yeah. See. You know exactly who I am now. It's safe, I promise."

"Why do you want to take me out, you could have anyone? Do you feel sorry for me?"

"God, no. I'm not what people see on TV. I don't speak too well, I find talking and socializing torture but I came in here and just felt so at ease and relaxed talking to you. Come out with me. I'll take you both to the zoo, three year olds like the zoo don't they? And then I'll buy you lunch."

I know I shouldn't but I think I can trust her and I'd love to get to know you, Dylan Morgan.

"Yes, she'd love that. Alright then, I'll write down my address and phone number for you. I live in Maspeth, Queens, here's my address. What time should we be ready?"

Yes! Yes! I'm going on a date with Emily...? Shit I don't even know her last name...

"Is 10 o'clock alright?"

"That's fine. I look forward to it."

Dylan lifted her backpack onto her shoulder. "By the way, what's your last name?"

"Taylor. Emily Taylor."

Dylan flashed a smile that made Emily's heart skip a beat.

"Goodnight Emily Taylor." Then she headed out, leaving Emily a bit stunned.

"Well. That was some evening shift!"

Dylan jumped in a cab and made her way home to her condo on Fifth Avenue, in the heart of Greenwich Village. The building was pre-war with a 24-hour doorman, state of the art security and a full fitness center. When Dylan had been looking for something a bit nicer than her old place, she didn't want to leave the Village. She had lived there ever since acting school and she loved to live in an area that was so gay friendly, with the bars, clubs and restaurants.

She was sitting on the sofa in her large living room. It was a very light room, cream walls and hardwood floors and some wonderful pieces of artwork. Dylan had no idea how to furnish a place like this and had gotten Lynn to hire a decorator.

Dylan picked up her phone and dialled the first number on her speed dial.

"Lynn, sorry to wake you, and please apologize to Tom but I need some help." Lynn and her husband Tom were used to odd phone call requests. That was part of a PA's job.

"It's 1:30 in the morning, Dylan. What do you need?"

"I'm going to take someone out tomorrow and I need to take flowers; I have no idea what to choose at a florist. Could you order some first thing in the morning and have them delivered to me?"

"You're taking someone out? You never go out."

"Well, I am tomorrow. Could you get some kind of toy delivered as well, one for a three year old girl?"

"Dylan what happened to you between leaving the studio and getting home?"

"I met someone. Someone I really like, and I'm taking her and her daughter to the zoo tomorrow."

"You need to be careful, Dylan; she could want anything from you."

"Lynn, she is the first person I've ever connected with and it happened in a few hours so I don't want to hear anymore."

"Alright Dylan. Calm down. Now what sort of toy? What does she like?"

"I don't know. What do little girls usually like? You know I know nothing about kids." In truth, Dylan was nervous about meeting the little girl, as she had never been around kids before. "Something that'll make her think I'm great."

"Oh! I'll come up with something, Dylan, I always do. Now the flowers, is it a roses situation? Or?"

"Roses are a bit too much for a first date, aren't they? I don't want to scare her off. Just a big, really nice, normal sort of bunch."

"That's a great help, Dylan. What time do you need them?"

"I'm picking her up at ten."

"Okay, I'll take care of it first thing."

"You're the best, Lynn. I'll send you and Tom somewhere nice next summer, I promise."

"You better. Goodnight Dylan."

"Good night." Dylan clapped her hands together and whistled as she made her way to bed.

Dylan was up and out early for her run this morning, she wanted to make sure she wouldn't be late for her date. She came to a halt outside her plush apartment building, bracing her arms on her legs as she tried to catch her breath.

"Morning, Ms. Morgan. Nice day," the friendly man said.

Dylan looked up and smiled. "Yeah Morris, I think today's gonna be a great day. Better get going." She ran off into the elevator with a spring in her step.

Morris looked at the tall woman quizzically. I don't think I've ever seen that woman so cheerful.

Dylan entered the large apartment and went straight for the kitchen to grab a bottle of water. She leaned against the counter and checked her phone, and with a smirk sent out a twitter message. 'Nothing better than an early run on a bright September New York morning! Happy Sunday my twitter buddies!' "My God, they'll think I've been hit on the head with a happy stick! Okay then; get showered, get dressed and get ready to go!"

"Come on Molly. We need to get up early this morning." Emily tried to rouse her little daughter for the third time. She got no response but a whine, so she lifted the dark haired girl out from her warm covers onto her lap. Molly immediately cuddled in tight to her mother. "Sweetie, come on. We're going out. Don't you want to go out?"

"We go the park, Mama?" the girl said tiredly. The park was their usual Sunday outing. Molly and her mom treasured the time they spent together, as Emily worked so hard and couldn't spend as much time with her daughter as she wanted. Plus the park was free and money was tight.

"We're not going to the park today, sweetie. Mama met a new friend named Dylan, and she would like to take us to the zoo to see the animals. Would that be okay?"

Molly thought hard for a minute, she wasn't used to sharing her Mama. "She's really nice, Molls."

"See penguns?"

"Penguins? Yes, we'll see them and lots of other animals. What do you think?"

"Otay Mama."

"Great! Let's get you dressed." I hope you two hit it off Molls or this could be over before it's begun!

Dylan agonized over what to wear but finally settled on jeans with a designer hooded, sleeveless black ski vest, hooded sweater and black boots. As she looked in the mirror, she worried as she always did. What if her daughter doesn't like me? That would be a disaster. I mean how do you act around kids? What do you say to them? Shit.

Dylan's little brother had only been a year younger so she had zero experience with kids. She heard her iPhone ring and grabbed it quickly seeing it was Lynn.

"Hey Lynn, what did you get me?"

"Good morning to you too, Dylan. You sound anxious. You okay?"

"Sure. I'm fine." She lied.

"Well if you say so. A rather large bouquet of flowers is winging its way to you as we speak; I hope she likes them. I did some intensive research with my granddaughter. Apparently, the girl toy of the moment is a Fijit Friend, and I got the DVD of Mr. Popper's Penguins. I think that should please a three year old, although as I know from experience, you'll be praying for the Fijit's batteries to run down!"

"What would I do without you, Lynn?"

"Um ... wander around aimlessly looking for where you need to be?"

"Probably. Oh, I hear the doorbell, better go. Have a good day off, Lynn."

"You too. Be careful Dylan."

Lynn knew her employer and friend was an innocent in the love department. I hope this woman doesn't hurt you, Dylan. I've never heard her so enthusiastic.

"I will. See you Tuesday, Lynn. Bye."

Dylan ran to get the door and signed for the packages. The flowers looked great and the toy and DVD were gift wrapped in cellophane with a balloon attached.

"Lynn, you've outdone yourself! She's gotta love me!" She grabbed her keys and wallet and went to get her car.

"Let's get your shoes on, sweetie." Emily had just managed to get her little girl dressed.

"Okay, go and play until Dylan gets here."

"Otay, Mama." Emily watched as the little girl trotted off to play with her toys on the floor. Sometimes she thought her heart would burst when she looked at her little girl. She was all she had in the world, and even though they didn't have much, they had each other. She looked around their small two bedroom apartment. The main room was open plan with the small kitchen and dining area at one end of the room, at the other the couch and TV area. She wished she could provide Molly with more but she worked all the hours she could as it was.

Life wasn't supposed to be this hard, Molls, Emily thought sadly.

A knock at the door interrupted her sad thoughts. Emily jumped up and opened the door to Dylan, who was obscured by gifts.

"Dylan is that you?"

"Yeah, these packages are bigger than I thought. Could you take the flowers? They're for you. Uh ... I hope you like them."

Emily took the large bouquet from the big woman. "They're beautiful, Dylan. You shouldn't have."

Emily spied the other big package. "Uh … I got this for Molly. Is it okay?" Dylan said a little shyly.

"Yes of course, but it's too much. Honestly."

"Well, I haven't had the chance to buy toys before."

Emily smiled. "Come in then. I'll pop these in the kitchen and introduce you to my little girl."

Dylan stood nervously looking over at Molly who hadn't spotted her yet. She was quite surprised. She had expected a little blonde girl, but Molly had dark brown hair that hung just below her shoulders.

Must take after her dad. Wonder who that was? She's really pretty and cute, too. Hope she likes me.

Emily came back from the kitchen area and went over to get her daughter.

"Molly, I'd like you to come and meet my new friend Dylan."

"Otay." Molly lifted her head and when she saw Dylan's face, her eyes went wide. She jumped up and came running over shouting. "Dien! Dien! Big bird! Where big bird?" the little was jumping up and down on her toes reaching up for Dylan.

Emily and Dylan looked at each other strangely. "That's odd, she seems to think she knows you and what's this big bird thing?"

"I have no idea what that's about."

"Up! Dien! Up!"

The big woman put down the gift and lifted Molly. "Hey Molly, nice to meet you."

Molly hugged Dylan and said. "Ou no bing big bird wiv ou?"

"Uh ... no, but I do have a friend for you."

"Dylan, why don't you two sit down and open up her gift and I'll get these flowers in water."

"Sure." Dylan carried Molly over to the couch. At least she seems to like me. Whoever she thinks I am. " Uh ... Molly I brought this little friend for you. Here let me help you open it up."

"What's its name, Dien?"

"Well this one's called Logan, I think. Um ... it talks to you and dances. Here, I'll get it out of the package for you. And look, there's a movie too. Maybe we can watch it sometime?"

Dylan jumped up when Emily came over.

"You didn't have to do that Dylan, but that's really kind. Thank you."

"Mama! Popper's peguns!" the little girl squealed.

"That's great Molly, did you say thank you to Dylan for your presents?"

"Thank ou, Dien," taking hold of her new toy from the big woman.

"No problem, little Smurf."

Molly giggled. "Me no Smurf, Dien!"

"Sure you are! A cute little Smurflet." Dylan's heart fluttered as she looked up and took in Emily. She was dressed simply in blue jeans and a white low cut top, which showed off her ample cleavage nicely. "You look really nice, Emily." Dylan said shyly.

"You too." Emily said with a cheeky smile that made Dylan blush. You look good enough to eat, Dylan Morgan, and just my type as well! Big, tall, hmm, yum!

"So ... you want to head out? I've got my car out front."

"Sure let me get Molly's jacket on and we'll be ready. Come on, Molls!"

The three new friends came out of the building with Dylan still carrying Molly, and the little girl had her new Fijit friend under her arm. Emily was pleased at how quickly her daughter took to Dylan. They actually looked more related than she did, the same dark brown hair and sparkling blue eyes.

"This is me here." Dylan pointed to a top of the line, black Jeep Grand Cherokee.

"Wow, that's some car!"

"Is it okay if I strap her in?"

Emily smiled. "Sure, go ahead."

"Come on, little Smurf, let's get you strapped in." Once Molly was settled, Dylan went around and held the door open for her date.

A gentleman, too. Dylan, can you get any more perfect?

Dylan joined her in the front seat and watched as Emily looked around the luxury car, obviously impressed. It was big inside and had a full tan leather interior and every gadget under the sun on the dash.

"Wow! This is really nice. I've never been in anything like this."

"Thanks. I don't splurge on many things but I do like my toys." As Dylan pulled into the street, she said, "I was reading on the net that Central Park Zoo's got four new emperor penguins, polar bears and a rain forest zone. Sounds cool. I hope you both enjoy it," she said nervously.

"I'm sure we'll love it. We don't get many days out like this."

Emily found it hard to believe that the woman next to her was a famous TV personality. She was so unsure of herself, in such a sweet way.

"So Dylan, when's your show on. Now that Molly and I know you, we'll need to watch."

"It's on Fridays and Saturdays at 9. It's just a kind of entertainment show. You know, chat, comedy and then I compete against a celebrity in some challenges."

"You know something Dylan; you don't seem that sort of person. You know, the famous, outgoing type."

"I guess I'm not. When I'm at work I put on my game face and I suppose a different, well, more confident me comes out. But this is who I am, I'm not into all that showbiz stuff, I just want to do my work and have a quiet life."

"That's unusual in a celebrity, isn't it?"

"I guess. I think I disappoint people when they meet me in real life." Emily saw the look of sadness cross Dylan's face.

"I can't imagine why. I've only known you a day but you seem really sweet to me."

Dylan blushed again.

"Dien! We go see penguns?"

"We sure are, Smurf! And then we'll get lunch somewhere nice, okay?"

"Logan and me like dat."

"Cool. Won't be long now."

Little did Dylan know that she was being followed closely.

Well Dylan, this is new. I wonder who your new friends are? This could be the break I've been waiting for! Jimmy thought.

The trio soon found a place to park, and were making their way over to the zoo.

"Dien! Up! Lif me?"

"Sure thing Smurf, up you come." The little girl was whisked into Dylan's arms.

Emily frowned at her daughter. "Molly, Dylan can't carry you around everywhere. It's not fair." Molly pouted at her mother.

"Don't worry about it, Emily. Its fine, I like to carry my new little friend; besides isn't it safer up here?" Dylan had been worried about Emily's reaction if anybody came up to her, as they always did. I hope my craziness doesn't scare you off, Emmie.

Emily smiled and grasped Dylan's free hand lightly. "You're right. I'm always afraid she'll run off. She's so inquisitive, she sees something and she's off." She looks so right up in your arms. I hope you are genuine, Dylan, because my little girl could get hurt.

Dylan's heart pounded and her hand seemed to burn from Emily's touch. "Don't worry, Emmie, you've got an extra pair of eyes and arms to help you."

The blonde woman smirked at the sweet nickname and Dylan looked worried all of a sudden.

"Uh ... is it okay to call you that? It just came out?"

"Sure. No one's ever given me a nickname before. I like it."

"Great. You ready to see the penguins, Smurf?"

"Yeah! Penguns!"

Dylan marched up to the ticket booth. "Emmie, can you hold onto Molly for a minute?"

"Sure, listen let me ..."

"No. I asked you two out. This day is my treat, okay?"

Emily was a little uncomfortable. She'd been independent for so long it was hard to accept Dylan's generosity.

"Okay. Thank you. Come here, Molls."

Dylan turned and said, "Two adults and one child, please."

The zoo employee looked up and her eyes went wide. Wow! That's Dylan Morgan! Oh wow! Oh wow! Right, stay calm, act cool.

" Do ... do you want the ordinary tickets or the total experience? Which includes the Dora the Explorer show at the 4D theatre?"

Dylan turned to Molly. "Hey Smurf, you like Dora?"

"Yeah! Dora! Swiper! No swiping!"

Dylan looked at Emily with a confused look.

Emily laughed. "That's a yes, Dylan."

"Ok. Cool. We'll take everything, thanks." Dylan pulled out her wallet and paid.

"No problem, Ms. Morgan, hold on to these tickets and they'll get you in to the 4D theatre as well."

As Dylan was gathering up the stuff, the young woman looked at her nervously. "Ms. Morgan? Um ... do you think I could have an autograph?"

"Sure, you got some paper and a pen?"

Emily looked on, finding it amazing that the big goofy woman that she was getting to know was this famous celebrity that everyone was in awe of. She also felt the scrutiny of the ticket seller's gaze, she clearly wondered who this young woman with the famous Dylan Morgan was.

"Have a good day, Ms. Morgan."

"Thanks. Right, Smurf, let's get going. Up you go." Dylan scooped the young girl up and then held out her hand to Emily. "You ready to see some penguins, Emmie?"

Emily smiled and took the big woman's hand. "You bet."

They made their way around the exhibits, both women sharing an easy, friendly companionship. Emily smiled as she watched her daughter up on Dylan's shoulders, allowing her to see into the polar bear exhibit better. It's remarkable how well they get along, and me too. I feel like I've known her before. It's so easy being with her.

The couple laughed and chatted their way around the zoo, each finding out a bit more about the other. Dylan was very attentive, always keeping hold of Molly and making sure Emily was alright at the same time by keeping her hand on the small of Emily's back, especially when members of the public approached Dylan for autographs. When they asked for pictures she made sure that they were not included in any pictures.

You're just too perfect, Dylan! Emily thought.

"Mama, look at the baby bear!"

"I see him, sweetie. He's very cute."

"Do you two want to grab lunch now? We could head over to see the Dora movie after?"

"Yeah me hungry, Mama," The little girl whined.

"Sure, I'm quite hungry myself." They found a place just outside the park that would suit Molly. Burgers, over stuffed sandwiches and ice cream. Molly dived into her burger and fries, giving the adults a chance to talk.

Dylan watched as Emily looked around nervously. They had been the center of attention in the restaurant since they arrived. "I'm sorry about all the attention we've had today. To me it's just my life, but I promise to keep Molly and you away from it as much as I can."

"You don't need to be sorry Dylan; it just takes some getting used to."

"I know, it was weird for me at first, too. As you've probably noticed, I'm quiet in my private life but I've had to get used to the intrusion and the press. I do love the public, it's why I love my show so much, they're often better guests than the stars we have on, so I try to be accessible."

Emily nodded in understanding. "Do you have any family, Dylan?" Emily saw a look of pain on the big woman's face. "It's okay if you don't want to talk about it," she said quickly.

"No. It's fine, honestly. Yeah, Mom and Dad live in Brooklyn but we don't see each other. Uh ... I had a brother. He got into some difficulties with drinking and drugs, and ... well ... he died."

Emily immediately reached across the table, taking Dylan's hand. "I'm so sorry! I really shouldn't have asked."

"No, I'd like to tell you. When I made it big, he followed me here and tried to get into acting. He got a few small parts, but he didn't have any acting training. I didn't think it was the right choice for him. He hadn't shown any interest before. He wanted the fame without the hard work. People gave him a chance because he was my brother, I think, but he got fired from most jobs after a few days when they realized he wasn't up to it. It didn't stop him from getting invites to all the wrong sorts of parties because of who his sister was. He wanted to live the showbiz lifestyle, and he did. When he got into debt I bailed him out until I knew he using drugs. The drugs changed him so much. He was my baby brother, and we were so close growing up. He was gay too, so we always covered for each other with dad, before we came out to Mom and Dad. He became so angry when I refused to give him more money. I tried to get him into rehab but he just didn't want the help. One morning, I went over to check on him. I ... I found him dead; an overdose. I'll never forget that as long as I live. Mom and Dad blame me, said I brought this lifestyle into the family."

Emily felt sadness at what her new friend had gone through but also anger at the treatment by her parents. "It wasn't your fault, Dylan! I hope you don't believe them."

"Well, it's hard you know. I couldn't stop him but he was my baby brother."

"You told me you tried to get him help; if he wasn't willing to take it, what more could you do?"

"Nothing, I suppose. It hurts though. My father and I were always close. He was a taekwondo teacher, had his own Dojang ... uh training class," she said when Emily looked puzzled. "He trained me since I was little," Dylan explained.

"Wow, did you get belts and things, like karate?"

"Yeah. I'm a black belt 6th dan. I made a deal with my dad that I would concentrate on my training and try and make it to the Olympics, if I did I could get involved with comedy and acting like I'd always wanted to."

"And what happened?"

"I got there. Won a gold medal," Dylan said shyly.

"That's amazing! I've never met an Olympian before." Dylan Morgan, you are some woman!

"I am proud of it and I love the sport. I've kept it up faithfully through acting school and now. I even went into some other disciplines. Kickboxing and mixed martial arts. I train every Monday. It is a big part of my life and it allows me to do most of the stuff I do on the show, but I love entertaining. I hoped he would be proud of me for the career I've built, but he never was. He thinks I wasted my talent."

Emily didn't know what to say to help the hurt she knew Dylan was feeling, so she simply squeezed her hand tight in support.

I can't believe I'm telling her this. You trust her, that's why. I never trust anyone. You are special, Emily Taylor, thought Dylan. "I've never told anyone all this. You're a good listener. Still, that's enough about me. You okay, Smurf? You want an ice cream sundae with extra sprinkles?"

"Yeah! Spwinkles!"

"What about you, Emmie?"

"Oh yes, I love extra sprinkles!" Emily said enthusiastically.

"Great!" Dylan signaled the waiter.

Molly was asleep in the back seat of the Jeep, cuddling a stuffed penguin that Dylan had bought her, as well as her fijit friend.

Dylan pulled up in front of Emily's building. They had seen every animal and every exhibit in the zoo, it seemed. Emily laughed at Dylan's antics of entertaining her little girl.

"That was a wonderful day, Dylan, thank you. I can't remember when we've had as much fun or laughed as much. You spoiled Molly too much though, buying her the penguin as well."

"I had so much fun, Emmie, I never get to have days out like that. To be honest, I don't really know too many people that I could do things like that with.

It's nice to have a friend." Dylan looked into Emily's eyes, the electricity between them crackling.

They were becoming lost in each other. "Yes, it's nice to have a friend."

Dylan took her hand and said. "Emmie, I'd like to see you again. Uh ... I think you can guess I like you, I mean really like you."

Emily thought for a second. "Dylan. I really like you too, and I would like to explore our friendship more but I have to be careful. I have Molly to think about."

"You don't think I would hurt ..."

"No I don't think that, but Dylan I'm a single mother who works as a waitress. Why would someone like me be interesting to you? Do you feel sorry for us? Are we some sort of project to you?"

Dylan looked very serious all of a sudden. "Have I given you that impression?"

Emily felt bad she had even suggested it. "No ... It's just, I have to be careful. You must understand. I've been let down badly before," Emily admitted sadly.

Dylan gripped Emily's hand a little tighter. "Emmie, when I first laid eyes on you yesterday, I was lost in you. I have never met anyone more beautiful, both inside and out. When I talked to you, I felt a connection. A connection I've never felt with any other woman. I was able to talk to you, just talk without wondering what I would say next. Do you know how rare that is for me? You didn't judge me for who I am or what I do for a living, why would I do that to you? Today, walking around the park with you and Molly, it just felt so natural. I can't describe it any other way. Do you understand?"

Emily nodded in agreement, smiling and feeling reassured at Dylan's explanation.

"Yes, I understand, thank you for explaining. I'm sorry. I had to ask."

"I know. I will never be anything but honest with you. You have my word. So when can I see you two again?" Please say soon! thought the TV star.

"I'm working days this week, so it would need to be in the evening and I'd need to bring Molly. I couldn't leave her with the sitter all day and night."

"Don't worry, I love spending time with her, too. What about tomorrow or Tuesday? Is that too soon? Things get kinda crazy during the week, getting ready for the show. I could take you both out to dinner; um ... what else do kids like doing?"

"Listen, you took us out today and I can't manage anything like that, so why don't you come over for dinner tomorrow night. If there's one thing I can do, it's cook. We could watch the movie you brought Molls then, when she goes to bed we can have some time to talk."

Dylan's face was beaming. Her heart soared at the thought of spending time with her two new favorite girls. "Great! What time?"

"6 o'clock?"

"I'll be there. I'll carry little Smurf upstairs for you."

"Thanks, she's getting too heavy for me these days!"

Dylan sat at her kitchen table drinking her protein shake and watching the morning news before she left for the gym. She trained every Monday with a couple of guys she met when learning mixed martial arts. Her phone came alive and the sounds of Lady Gaga's 'Born This Way' rang out.

"Hey Lynn. What's up?"

"I'm sorry to bother you Dylan, I know you're heading for the gym."

"It's okay. I'm not going for another half hour."

"Good. How did your date go?"

"It was fantastic! Emily's a great girl and her daughter is just a little cutie pie. She's asked me to dinner tonight, as well."

"Wow Dylan. A second date? That's virtually unheard of." I don't think I've ever heard you so enthusiastic, thought Lynn. She had set the big woman up with countless dates for different events and they were never heard of again.

"She's a special person. I hope I have lots more dates. In fact, I was going to ask, can you find some things I could take them to that are kid friendly? Molly is with a babysitter all day; Emily can't really leave her at night too."

Lynn was a little nervous about bringing this up when her friend was so happy but it was her job. "Sure. I'll do that. Um. Are you being careful? I mean you don't really know this woman too well and um ... people in your position have to keep their guard up. There could be ulterior motives."

Dylan understood Lynn's worry, but knew Emily was genuine. "Lynn, she is an honest woman, she doesn't care about all the fame and stuff. I had to convince her of my intentions; she has a daughter to consider."

"I'm sorry. It's my job to worry about you."

"I know Lynn, and I thank you for it, but I'm fine."

"Alright. I'm calling because first thing this morning I got a message from a journalist asking for a comment about the rumors that you are in a relationship with a single mother."

"How did they find out? I've only had one date?"

"Well, you were in a whole park full of people yesterday, I'm sure your old buddy Jimmy got a tip off or was keeping tabs on you himself. I think you need to talk to Emily about what to expect. They will find out who she is eventually and she will need to deal with the press approaching her, whether you pursue this relationship or not."

Dylan sighed. "Yes. You're right. I'll talk to her tonight. I hope this isn't all too much for her."

On the contrary, my friend, I'll gauge this young woman's intentions by her reaction. We'll see if she is simply interested in your money and fame, or just you. If you aren't genuine, Miss Taylor, you won't know what's hit you.

"So it's a 'No Comment' to any enquiries?"

"Yeah. Head them off as much as you can. Look, I better get to the gym. The guys will be waiting. See you tomorrow at the studio, Lynn."

"Okay Dylan, have a good day."

"Thanks. You too."

Dylan grabbed her bag and headed to the gym.

Emily dropped Molly with her sitter, Mrs. Hill, and made her way to work. She walked in the diner to see her supervisor Maggie and the part time girl Jane working behind the counter.

"Morning girls. How's the breakfast rush been?"

"Quiet. Any more mornings like this and Mr. Jarvis will start asking questions."

"I'll just be a minute, Maggie." Emily went to the back room and changed into her apron. I pray to God this place picks up. I can't lose this job! Tom Jarvis was the owner of the diner and profits had being going down steadily over the last few months. The economy was in a nosedive all around the world, and money was tight for everyone.

Emily came out front and had no idea she was being watched from a booth in the corner.

"Jimmy? Yeah, I found out where she works. A little diner just off Times Square. First name's Emily," the man said into his cell phone.

"Great work. There's a story here, I just know it. If nothing else, the magazines will lap up a fairytale story. 'Famous star sweeps waitress off her feet.' We need to find out more. Give me the name of the place."

"It's called Jimmy's Diner and it's really quiet. It doesn't look like it's doing too well."

"Excellent, maybe the owner will cooperate with a little incentive. I'll get on it."

"You sending a camera over?"

"No, I want her story before I let anyone know about this. Thanks Sam."

I'm gonna make some bucks off you at last, Dylan Morgan.