I rewrote this bloody chapter twice as I wasn't happy with it at all. Anyway, here's the last chapter and the end of what has been a hell of a ride. A big thanks to everyone who's commented on this little story of mine. Now I need to go back to the next chapter of the Terran Jedi! And I do not own these characters...

Six months later

DiNozzo was panting slightly as he rounded the corner and then faced the assembled NCIS agents. "I'm back boss," he gasped rather redundantly and then paused to get his breath back. "But there's good news and bad news."

"What's the good news?" Gibbs asked as he peered around the corner with a small periscope at the warehouse.

"Selim's in there. And he has the remote to that bomb that's he's smuggled in. That's the good news."

"And the bad news?"

"He's been recruiting in the dirtier lower depths of the local underworld. I counted six vampires and some kind of giant armoured demon thing. Plus a really scared looking guy who looked quite like Selim."

"Probably his brother, who's supposed to be smarter." Gibbs folded the periscope up carefully. "Well, at least this makes things a little simpler. Good thing that Fornell's crew are checking out that other suspected location. Poor bastard doesn't know about vampires yet." He looked at DiNozzo. "Where's McGee?"

DiNozzo shrugged slightly. "He said he needed to get a better look at the place from on high boss. I guess that means that he did that whole Jedi leap thing up to the roof."

"Yeah well, Ziva's due to report in herself from the far side. I want to make sure that those other doors really are bricked up. If we go in fast because this nutjob's threatening to explode his dirty bomb I want to catch all the rats in one trap."

"Um, boss, how are we going to explain the vampires and the demon to the Director?"

"Leave that to me, DiNozzo, leave that to me." His phone chose that moment to buzz and he pulled it out, peered at the caller ID and then answered it. "Talk to me McGee."

"Boss, I'm on the roof and I have a clear line of sight through a slat on Selim and his remote. He's got it on the bench in front of him. If he goes near it and looks like he's about to press anything on it I'll use the Force to pull it up and out of his hands."

Gibbs grinned for the first time that morning. "Good. Stay there and stay sharp Tim. The moment we know that we have all the holes stopped up we're going in."

"Copy that boss. Once the remote's in my hands I'll join the party. Be aware that I'm on the North part of the roof."

"North side, I hear you." He disconnected and then looked around. "Ok, McGee's in place." Then he turned his head to see Ziva join them. She'd run twice the distance that Tony had but looked as fresh as a daisy. "Well?"

"The bricked-up doorway is indeed bricked up Gibbs. No concealed entrance there. Where do we stand?"

"McGee's on the roof with a clear line of sight to Selim and the remote control that detonates the bomb he built. But according to DiNozzo Selim's got some heavies in there. Undead heavies – vampires and some kind of armoured demon. Plus his brother's in there."

Ziva pursed her lips for a moment in thought. "Then we're going in hard I take it? McGee can take the remote out and we can all then deal with them all." She pulled out her sidearm and ejected the ammunition clip, before replacing it with a reserve one from her pocket. "Time for 'Razzle-Dazzle' as you say Tony."

"Razzle-dazzle it is," DiNozzo grinned as he reloaded his own sidearm with a similar clip, composed of incendiary, explosive and armour-piercing rounds that only came out when they were dealing with the undead. Then he reached into his other pocket and pulled out a glass globe filled with a clear liquid. "Plus one of Abby's little surprises."

Gibbs looked at the globe, rolled his eyes slightly at Abby's latest brainstorm before reloading his own gun. He then held his hand out palm-upwards. After a moment of hard concentration a small fireball appeared in the hollow of his hand. Heh. Ducky would be proud of him, although he'd probably also criticise the amount of time it had taken to produce. "Right. Let's go save the city."