Blue: Vomiting sucks.

Batsy: And so does sobbing on the couch. There was nowhere for me to sit!

Blue: Meanie!

Batsy: This pansy breaks down every time she sees the X-Men: Days of Future Past trailer. Because apparently: "The music's so dramatic and it's sad."

Blue: *sniffs*

Batsy: Blue owns absolutely nothing. Not even a life- OW!


Grant glared at the ground impatiently as the jet soared through the air.

"It's brand new." Cyborg had said. "I began working on it after the Brotherhood incident. Figured we'd need more room."

Which was lucky, he supposed. Robin and Cyborg were piloting the jet up in the front. Everyone else was seated in the rows of chairs lining each side in the back. Most of the Titans sat up near the head pf the jet, but Grant sat in the very last seat, head bowed. Jinx had opted to sit next to him, ignoring a few incredulous looks. Kid Flash, of course, was next to her and a shy looking Kole was sitting across from him.

He could hear Robin's mumbling, but not clear enough to make out words. Beast Boy was humming something that sounded suspiciously like a Justin Bieber song. But other than that, there was complete silence. Awkward silence. Grant wasn't bothered by it, though it was so thick, it could have been cut by one of Rose's blades. It helped him focus. He knew how everyone felt, how they were reacting without looking at them.

He could tell Jinx was anxious, her breath was faster than usual, albeit barely. Kid Flash was shifting in his chair, clearing antsy. Grant knew he was itching to run ahead, get there faster. He could relate… well, except for the running part. Kole's was twisting her fingers, just as the rest of the Titans were nervously tapping their feet or looking around.

Grant sighed, and looked back and forth agitatedly. Seriously, there wasn't a single window back here. Would it have been that hard to cut a hole in the side of this tin can?

Without warning, the jet banked sharply to the left, causing everyone to gasp and a few to nearly fall out of their seats.

"OW!" Wait, Beast Boy actually did.

"Grant?" Cyborg called.


"Can Ravager fly a plane?" The worry was clear in the half machine's voice.

"Yeah… oh, God."

"Everyone, hang on!" Robin called. "Things are about to get rough."

Grant gripped his armrests. When this was over, he was going to have a serious talk with his sister. If, that is, he could find her. Sometimes, he felt like she was more like Slade than Slade himself. If that made sense. At least she hadn't cut out her eye, simply wearing the eye patch and mask was enough.

The jet turned again, and he could hear something fly past, and a crash shook the plane. The whole plane got hotter; Hot Spot had reverted to his lava form. Raven and Argent began to glow black and red, respectively.

"Alright." Grant yanked off his seatbelt and strode up the length of the plane. Reaching the front, he shoved Cyborg to the side and sat down. "I'm the only one who can get us out of this."

"Fly!" Robin ordered. Cyborg scrambled to sit down, as Grant turned the plane around. Narrowing his eyes, he drove straight at the oncoming jet. He couldn't see Rose from here, but he only knew two other people who could fly like that, and Slade didn't do his own dirty work.

She fired on him with deadly accuracy. Great. Instead of sloppy, she worked better when she was angry. He evaded the bullets, but stayed on course.

"Grant." Robin said warningly. He ignored the Titan's leader, and continued to fly head on at Rose. He could see her now, eye like a slit, mouth in a straight line. When he got close enough to see the white of her eye- okay, he'd been reading too many history textbooks… or something…- he dipped slightly. Skimming the bottom of her plane with the top of his, he flew right under her. He yanked the controls with all of his strength. The plane rolled over, to a few screams, and turned so sharply it probably gave everyone whiplash.

He pulled up behind her and quickly pressed the launch button. A small missile rocketed towards the slightly larger jet. She immediately swerved, but the missile followed and clipped one of her wings. The explosion sent the plane spiraling, and although she tried to keep it steady, the altitude started to decrease and a small figure ejected, disappearing into a patch of trees. Her plane crashed harmlessly into a lake, sending up a massive spray of water. That was a relief. Grant didn't feel like doing damage control.

A collective sigh of relief echoed through the cabin. Grant relaxed, and stepped back, allowing Cyborg and Robin to pilot once again. He slumped back to his seat and flopped down. He tiredly lifted his head to see all of the Titans staring at him.

"Uh, hi?"

"Where did you learn to fly like that?" Kid Flash blurted.

Grant rubbed the back of his head. "Basic training. Dad trained us in everything from flying to engineering a laser."

"Dude." Well, that pretty much summed it up.

"How much longer?" He directed his question back to the front.

"Nearly there." Cyborg said grimly.

"About time." Grant muttered, but anyone could tell he was nervous. The boy tensed up and his easy going air disappeared. The awed atmosphere was replaced by awkwardness again. The plane began its descent.

"There's a field just behind the house." Grant directed. "You can land there."

Cyborg landed the plane with a gentle bump, and when the ramp lowered, Grant was already standing at the top. Taking a deep breath, he walked down it, and headed across the large field, towards the back of a small, yellow house.


Blue: Yeah, I know, there's been no Jericho for a while. What's on the agenda?!

Batsy: Well, tomorrow we have church, on Monday you have a doctor-

Blue: The writing agenda!

Batsy: Ah, yes, here it is. Your note reads: Write about Jericho.

Blue: Wow, really? I'm a great planner.