Rose had to admit, it was positively liberating the moment she came to a decision to quit caring about Dumbledore's nonsense. It was clear he had lost his damn mind when he openly stated he planned to have her learn Occulmency...the art of defending one's mind...from Snape of people.

As if she would let that creep anywhere near her mind! It was bad enough that she had to share potion's class with him!

Unfortunately it wasn't enough to compensate for the fact that she had to deal with a bitchy ministry stooge attempting to sabotage defense.

Umbridge clearly had it out for her, and was more than happy to try and rip her reputation apart because she tried to warn people of Voldemort's return.

Since no one really believed her, and the adults were pretending to have their heads in the sand, she decided it was easier to wait for the bastard to reveal himself first.

They already thought of her as an attention seeking brat, despite having no actual evidence of it. Hell, none of them had ever bothered to apologize for their treatment of her last year!

Which was why she did the sensible thing, and studied how to unlock her animagus form in between self-studying for certain subjects.

A little known rule was that students could opt for self-study if they felt they were being held back by the collective students in their class. Most lessons were catered to graduate as many as possible, so there were always some who were ahead of the curve.

Hermione, contrary to her own belief, was not one of them. Yes, she had many books memorized but she simply lacked the instinctive knack towards using magic freely. She was simply too structured, and it frustrated her to no end when Rose had promptly gotten permission to self-study from McGonagall.

Of course she had to prove she was ahead of the class, but both sides knew that it was the perfect way to keep Rose away from Umbitch since the woman already had it out for her. After all, the Ministry had limited jurisdiction on the school and they would have several people (particularly Ravenclaws) after them if it got out that they targeted a student who would rather study ahead for their O.W.L.s without the distraction of the classroom. They were pushing it as it was by forcing Umbridge to teach Defense.

To that end, she had enlisted the aid of Dobby, as there was always a chance the toad bitch would follow her and find some way to make her life even more miserable.

The Come and Go room wasn't well known, but it was still better than the Chamber of Secrets or an abandoned classroom. The last time she attempted to study in one, she found several people trying to butt their nose in where it wasn't wanted to find out what she was doing, reading or practicing.

Among them, annoyingly enough, was her 'friends'.

After two months of that, she snapped.

"Okay, what the bloody hell is going on with you two?" she demanded.

"What do you mean?" asked Ron.

"I mean why are you two stalking me every hour of the day! I can't get a single moment of privacy!" she snarled.

"We're your friends," said Hermione as if it were obvious.

"Friends do not stalk each other like this. Every time I try to get some peace and quiet to study or practice, you two insist on following me. And don't try denying it...I've seen you both on the map and it's pissing me off," said Rose angrily.

"We're your best friends. Why shouldn't we study together?" asked Ron.

"No, Hermione is my best friend. You lost that right last year after the stunt you pulled. And you, Hermione... I thought you were smarter than this. If I were a boy and decided I wanted to spend hours alone in a quiet classroom with books, what would be the first conclusion you'd come to?" she said to the girl.

Hermione blinked, ran that through her head, before grimacing.


"Yes, oh. Did it ever occur to you I'd like to read my novels without being bothered or hearing anyone speculate on my preferences?" she said annoyed. "They already bother me enough regarding my personal life...I would like to keep that private at least."

Ron was still confused.

"If you had just said something..."

"With gossips like Lavender and Parvati in our dorm?" countered Rose.

"I feel like an idiot," said Hermione. To her relief, the stalking finally stopped...even if she actually did spend a few hours reading trashy romance novels she managed to 'acquire' from some of the older girls who were more than happy to owl her new material.

It was close to Christmas when she finally made a proper breakthrough. She felt a strange energy...similar to her magic, but far more powerful and ancient...fill her body. It was both foreign and familiar, and she could sense a strange connection that seemed to drift off far outside England.

Then she had the vision of Mister Weasley being attacked and her joy at the success went straight to confusion and concern. Maybe Sirius would know what she was doing wrong.

Sirius did know what she was doing wrong, and was delighted at the fact she asked him for help. It was a welcome distraction from the scare over Arthur's near miss with death.

With a bit of coaching and explaining what she was doing wrong, Rose managed to transform into her animagus form inside Regulus' old room.

In a rare show of solidarity, Sirius and Kreacher had put their foot down on cleaning that particular room. Considering there were several others and they were guests, no one had argued on the matter.

As such it made a good place to practice in peace. Though Sirius was considering cleaning it out partially so Rose could have her own room. Her argument with Hermione was rather legitimate, even if she had complained mostly because she wanted some time to herself.

The first thing Sirius realized, once he registered the fact that something other than magic was pouring off his goddaughter in waves, was that her form was not a normal creature.

Which was why it was his solemn duty to warn her before she told her friends. The last thing his Rose needed was to have Dumbledore up to his usual bullshit because she had a dark creature for an animagus form. Hell, if Snivillus found out it would only lead to utter disaster!

The second thing he registered was the fact that while it was his goddaughter who had transformed, this was something that was Rose but not.

"Who are you?"

"We do not have a name...yet. We are the result of something unexpected," said the rather gorgeous demoness.

She had assets that would have had his younger self on her in a heartbeat before he even registered what she was. Eyes like liquid gold holding cold, calculating intellect. Hair like spun silver that draped down her body in sensual curls. Clothing that was both sensible, yet left no curve to the imagination. And to top it all off, a subtle power that told anyone with a lick of sense this was not someone you wanted to piss off if you liked living.

In short, she was sex personified coupled with terrifying intelligence.

Sirius reigned in his libido...sexual goddess or not, this was his little Rose. A baby he had changed the nappies on when she was little and allowed to ride on his back as Padfoot before he was sent away.

"What do you mean, something unexpected?"

"We may be a half-demon, but we are not the result of infidelity. We have been resting for over a decade after our brother took out the fool who killed our parents...though we were unable to stop the fat oaf that separated us."

"Fat oaf? Wait, you mean it wasn't Dumbledore that took Gabriel away?"

She shook her head.

"The fat oaf that our other self was forced to live with tried to dispose of us. He was forced to leave the country before he could discard our other self as well, but he successfully managed to rid himself of our elder brother," she replied. "As for why our elder brother has yet to reveal himself...he is the original source of the power other than magic. He is why I exist, though I do not have control over my other self."

Sirius had a headache.

"So just to clarify, Gabriel is the original demon and his presence somehow caused Rose to develop a secondary power known as Youki, am I getting this so far?"

"Our eldest brother was quite powerful, but that power could have killed our mother as well as ourselves because she was not meant to contain such energy. So our magic naturally siphoned it off and converted it into magical energy to protect us both, though we were born first."

Sirius had a roaring migraine and a pressing need for a stiff drink or thirty. He was getting too old to deal with this nonsense.

From what the demoness was implying, a demon had taken over the likely stillborn body of the younger Potter twin. Rose, in an instinctive act of self-preservation even in the womb, had siphoned off the excess and in the process contained the extra youki energy within herself. As a result the power level of the original demon dropped to 'survivable' levels, allowing both twins to be born.

Sirius could only speculate due to Rose's animagus form (at least before the youki within shifted and turned her into the more humanoid form) but it seemed the original demon was a kitsune of some sort.

A powerful kitsune, one that was taken out roughly around the time Lily would have been pregnant? He would have to do some digging, but he already had a pretty good idea who the demon that had taken over the dead infant was. Especially considering that Rose's youkai self had specifically stated that Lily wouldn't have been able to survive his full power if her unborn self hadn't siphoned off the majority of his power.

The demoness switched back with Rose, who was still somewhat clueless about her 'other' half. As far as she knew, her animagus form was that of a many-tailed fox, and a magically powerful one at that. Sirius wasn't about to enlighten her until he could confirm some of his findings though.

Though something happened that no one could have predicted...namely the accusation Hermione started making regarding Rose's chastity, which was absolutely baffling.

"What are you going on about?"

"Really Rose, I know I said we should respect your privacy a bit more but that's no reason to start shagging someone without telling us who you're dating!"

Rose was completely bewildered by this.


"Hold up...what exactly makes you think Rose has been shagging someone?" said Sirius, silently throwing a charm to keep Mrs. Weasley from her shrieking.

Everyone was curious as to the answer.

"Professor Dumbledore said her magical signature has changed. He explained that one of the most well known ways for that to happen is if a witch is pregnant," said Hermione.

Sirius looked at her like she had two heads. Mrs. Weasley looked ready to explode.

Rose's confusion turned to ire.

"Exactly how would Dumbledore know my magical signature changed in the first place, when he hasn't been around me directly for months?" said Rose icily.

Hermione blinked.

"He didn't say," she admitted.

"Quick question...around what time did Rose's magical signature change to the point any charms he had tracking it would notice?" asked Sirius.

Hermione blinked.

"I don't know."

Sirius made a note to have a pointed discussion with the headmaster. He had a pretty good idea what caused the change, and was not pleased the old goat was keeping such a close eye on his goddaughter.

Mrs. Weasley finally broke the spell, or rather someone did it for her.

"How could you be so irresponsible, getting pregnant so young?" she scolded.

"One, you are not my mother so you do not have the right to take that tone with me. Two, there's no possible way I'm pregnant considering that implies I've been having sex with the immature morons who attend the school. Someone would have been crowing to the rooftops about banging me by this point if I were sleeping with them," deadpanned Rose.

"She has a point," conceded Hermione. Someone would have said something the second they slept with Rose, mostly to brag or humiliate her.

Mrs. Weasley still gave Rose a disappointed look. Even Arthur's release from St. Mungo's didn't dissuade the idea that Rose was sleeping around.

At this point she deemed the woman a lost cause and decided to either invest in magical earplugs, or better yet pay the twins to create some that would allow her to ignore their mother's harping about her personal life.

If the stalking was annoying before, it was much worse now. While Hermione was easily distracted, she found the teachers were starting to watch her far too closely for her comfort.

It was only after a blatant check-up from Madam Pomphrey that they stopped...mostly because it revealed she was both not pregnant and still very much a virgin.

Not that it was any of their damn business, but it pissed her off that they acted like they had a right to know if she was sleeping around.

As a result, she was incredibly pissed off with the entire school as someone had figured out why she had to deal with that check-up and had made a point to insure EVERYONE knew. While the results themselves were private, the aftermath was a headache and a half.

She could not pass these damn exams fast enough...if she had to deal with one more ridiculous come-on or another fool believing she was an easy lay, she was going to kill someone.

It was really just bad timing and horrible luck that Umbridge finally found a legitimate excuse to give her detention...or that her idea of 'punishment' set off the sheer powder keg that was waiting to go off since this mess started.

Plus side, no one was going to look at Herbology as 'boring' again after what the teachers found in that office.