I set this one much earlier than my previous attempts at Dragonball. A story where fem Harry is raised alongside Goku as his sister!

It was the end of a war, or so everyone would like to believe. A madman with a penchant for wiping out entire families had gone on a rampage, only to be killed off by an innocent babe. No one was sure what had really happened, just that he had targeted the family personally and failed.

The girl was rendered an orphan, her godfather became bent on revenge, and there was no one really looking out for her best interests at heart.

Which was why the infamous Dumbledore ordered one of his most loyal followers to bring the girl to him so that she could be left with her aunt, believing blood protections would keep her safe until she was old enough to return to their world. While his intentions seemed good, his follow through was severely lacking.

The wards were a complete joke, he didn't even consider asking the aunt if she wanted to raise the girl, and there would be next to no contact with their world should something go horribly wrong.

Somehow everyone realized the Dark Lord had been killed off, so within hours everyone was celebrating.

It was to this scene that Hagrid, the one sent to retrieve the infant who ended everything, ran into a major snag.

He was quite inexperienced with driving the motorcycle Black had loaned him, and it was hard to balance an infant in your arms and dogde all the celebratory nonsense being thrown up into the sky. As such, it was inevitable accidents would happen.

Namely, he would lose the infant while trying to keep the motorcycle away from the magical fireworks.

In Surrey, three hours later...

"YOU LOST HER?!" was the enraged and horrified shriek. It would set the tone of events to come.

Kami looked at the small toddler. The girl was young, but had incredible potential hiding within her small frame. He had already disposed of the soul fragment...the attachment was too recent and already fighting against the remaining protection the mother had used to keep her child safe. It never failed to surprise him, the depths humanity would sink in their search for power.

The child seemed relatively unscathed, and without the parasite she would grow into a considerable mage once she was older. The problem was that the Lookout was not equipped to handle small children, and they could hardly spend time taking care of a young child. Korin had found the entire thing incredibly amusing, as once the girl had woken up she had toddled after him...mostly to hug his tail.

So far they were making do by leaving her with Korin. Putting simple barriers kept her from toddling off the tower and falling, and she seemed very entertained by the Sage. Kami was doing his best to find a place where she could grow up without any potential interference.

It wouldn't be until the girl turned two that a solution presented itself.

Son Gohan was a martial arts master. One who had recently found an intruder on Earth. The child had been a threat originally, but a minor accident had put an end to it. Mostly.

He took one look at the girl and then at his slumbering grandson. He didn't need to be told, and when he left Kami's home it was with two children.

Eleven years later...

"Goku, wait up!"

Goku laughed and stuck out his tongue at his sister. Sakura was fast in her own right, but she was also carrying a basket filled with plants from the forest so she couldn't run as quickly. She didn't want them to spill after all.

The twins ran to their small cottage, which was their home. After their grandfather's death, they had only each other to rely on.

Goku was strong, but when it came to book smarts he could be somewhat dense. Sakura, on the other hand, loved to read but was still a strong martial artist. She and Goku sparred practically every day to stay strong and protect their home.

The only downside to living in the forest was that the only books Sakura and Goku had to read were the ones left behind by their grandfather...and a good chunk of them were mostly martial arts books. Besides, they had no idea where the nearest city was and they had no money to trade with. It was a fact that often frustrated her.

Today was almost like any other day. The twins would go out, gather food, and maybe practice their martial arts.

Except today would be different. Today would be the day that the outside world intruded on their little sanctuary, and they were introduced to a whole new world.

While Sakura remained at the house and prepared the plants, Goku went to catch the meat.

So you could imagine her surprise and disbelief when Goku brought someone home.

"Hey nee-san, we have a visitor! She's from the big city!" said Goku.

"Maybe she knows why Grandpa's treasure is glowing funny," she called out.

"Nee-san? You have a sister?"

"Uh-huh. Sakura is way smarter than me! She can read all the difficult stuff grandpa left behind," said Goku.

Sakura listened patiently to the explanation about the Dragonballs.

"You want to use our dragonball to make a wish, right?" said Sakura.

"Yup!" said Bulma.

"No way, Grandpa said never to let it out of our sight!" said Goku.

"Yeah, but he never said anything about going with her to collect the others," said Sakura. "And to be honest I've always wanted to see the city."

Sakura had to admit, Bulma was ridiculously weak. But she seemed nice enough, if a bit selfish.

The shriek Bulma let off upon finding out their tails were real was actually pretty hilarious.

"No way! I thought you were cosplaying or something!" said Bulma.

"Nope. We've had tails for as long as I can remember, right Goku?" said Sakura.

"Yeah! I'm surprised you don't have one Bulma."

"Maybe it has something to do with that 'special power' grandpa told us about. You know, the one he said he was going to get me training for?" said Sakura.

"Special power?" said Bulma.

Sakura scrunched up her nose, and suddenly her long hair turned the same shade of blue as Bulma's.

"No way, how did you do that?"

"Grandpa said I had a special gift, but he couldn't teach me how to use it because he wasn't born with it. And he died before he could introduce us to anyone."

"I guess there's a lot of things we don't know about the world," said Bulma. "In any case, how about you join me in a bath Sakura?"

"Why her?" asked Goku.

Bulma once again had to remind her how closed off the siblings were.

"Look, it's considered rude for boys and girls to bath together after a certain age," said Bulma patiently. "The only reason I helped you out earlier is because you had no idea what a bath even was."

"So...it's okay for you to bath with nee-san?" said Goku confused.

"We're the same gender, so it's considered okay," said Bulma.

Sakura thought back to how her grandfather had a pained look on his face the day that weird stuff came out of her. Ever since that time she had to suffer stomach pains once a month. Then she remembered what her grandfather had been able to tell her about it.

"Oh, I get it! It has to do with that whole mating thing grandpa told me about! How females get heats and boys don't!" said Sakura brightly.

Bulma had a headache.

"Close enough...wait... how old are you two anyway?"

"Well, I'm 13 and Goku is 14," said Sakura.

"Fourteen?!" said Bulma incredulous. She had thought Goku was like ten or something, and Sakura was twelve. "Wait, please tell me you already know about periods."

Sakura blinked.

"You mean those annoying monthly heats?" she asked. "I hate those...my stomach always feels bad."

Bulma could only feel relief that Sakura had some idea about it. She might have to clarify a few things though.

"Oh yeah, isn't that about to start again?" said Goku.

"Don't remind me!" said Sakura miserably.

"Don't worry, I have a few things that will help with it," said Bulma. "Anyway, boys and girls shouldn't show off their naked bodies to each other unless they want to mate...or in your case, I suppose unless they're family."

"So it's okay for me and Sakura?" said Goku.

"You two are siblings, so it's frowned upon, but allowed because you are family," said Bulma.

Sakura had an idea.

"Hey Goku, why don't you get some meat for us to eat? I doubt Bulma would be able to handle the amount of food we can put away, since that cold place of hers was pretty small."

"Okay!" said Goku, getting dressed to go hunt.

"Smart move."

"Goku isn't the brightest when it comes to book learning, but he is pretty intuitive. You're literally the first person we've ever seen since Grandpa died," said Sakura.

"Yeah about that, what happened to him? And where are your parents?" asked Bulma.

"Grandpa was killed protecting me from a beast," said Sakura quietly. "As for my parents, I never knew them. Grandpa told me that someone had asked him to take care of me after they were killed. Goku was found in the wilderness so I doubt he would know who they were either."

Bulma wisely dropped the subject.

She was amazed at how nice Sakura's hair was considering she used no hair products.

Sakura was more interested in how Bulma managed to fix her hair like that...she never had any luck with it besides a simple tail to keep it out of her face.

"So you want a braid like mine?" said Bulma. "Hold still while I fix it up then!"

With Sakura's hair still blue, she could have passed for Bulma's sister instead of Goku's. It was nice...Bulma had no siblings at all.

"Wow nee-san, you have the same hair as Bulma now!" said Goku.

"I know right?" said Sakura cheerfully.

"I'm almost afraid to ask what sort of meat you brought back."

"Come check it out!" said Goku proudly.

Bulma took one look at the wolves and went "nope". Sadly, Sakura had a different opinion.

"Wow! We haven't had wolf in a while!" she said happily.

"I know right?" said Goku cheerfully.

"Ugh, no thanks!" said Bulma.

She tried to put the fact they were eating wolf out of mind while she got the beds ready. Though the fact there was nothing but bones left did explain Sakura's comment about the fridge not being able to keep up.

"Come on Sakura, you can sleep next to me once you brush your teeth," said Bulma.

"What about me?" asked Goku.

"You can sleep on the floor. Remember what we talked about regarding boys and girls?" said Bulma.

Goku looked disappointed, but didn't argue.

The next morning...

"She didn't turn into a turtle, you goofball!" said Sakura.

"You sure?" said Goku.

"What's all the ruckus?" asked Bulma yawning.

"Bulma, look, a turtle!" said Goku.

"That's weird. We're way too far from the sea," said Bulma.

Bulma ended up finding herself outvoted by the siblings. It seemed they would be helping the turtle home.

As they were heading towards the sea, Bulma decided to talk with Sakura, since she opted to ride with Bulma.

"So how long can you keep that color in your hair up?" asked Bulma.

"Dunno. I never really played around with it before...as long as I want?" said Sakura. Bulma had insisted she fix the girl's braid, so they still looked like sisters.

Bulma had a much better opinion of the sister than she did the brother. While they were good kids, they were a bit too naive. It was bad enough Goku had somehow taken Bulma's underwear off while she was asleep!

"Wow...it's so big!" said Sakura with delight.

"Thanks for bringing me. I would really like to reward you for your help!" said the Turtle. "Just wait right here, okay?"

"Sure!" said Goku.

When the turtle returned, he wasn't alone. He had a strange old man with him. Goku was pretty excited about the flying cloud the man known as "Master Roshi" gave him. Sakura looked disappointed, because he only had one.

"Hmm...what about these? They're pretty old but they should still work!" said Roshi, pulling out a pair of old boots. "The enchantment should still be working at least!"

"Ew, how gross. You're not seriously going to try those on, are you?" asked Bulma. She couldn't imagine wearing such old looking shoes as a gift.

Sakura, however, could care less about what was fashionable. Besides, it was supposed to be a gift and her grandpa had always taught her to be grateful to people giving you things.

To the amazement of everyone, the boots (which went all the way to her knees considering they were made for an adult) started to glow brightly. Sakura could feel something happening as they suddenly shrank to fit her feet and changed shape to look brand new!

"Oh wow!" said Sakura with surprise.

Roshi looked at Sakura for a moment.

"Oh that explains it. You must be one of the magical folk. It seems the boots have chosen you as their new master," said Roshi.

"Magical folk?" said Sakura and Goku in unison.

"There's a sub-community that hides from normal folk who can use magic. Every so often a normal child is born with it and they bring them in for training, but it leaves them so out of touch with the real world that they have trouble fitting back in. I've heard it's particularly bad in England," said Roshi.

"Wow...how do you know all this mister?" asked Bulma.

"My sister does her shopping there. They have the best source of potion ingredients," said Roshi. "So what exactly are you kids trying to do anyway?"

"We're trying to collect the Dragonballs!" said Goku.

"Dragonballs? Doesn't sound familiar."

"I find that ironic considering you're wearing one around your neck," said Bulma.

"This old thing? It washed up the shore years ago on my island."

Sakura looked like she wanted to ask more about the magical folk. A long buried desire started to stir regarding her parents and why she had been sent to live with Gohan.

"Tell you what...whenever you're done with your little journey come find me again and I'll tell you what I know about them. Maybe Baba would be interested in a possible apprentice," said Roshi.

"Thanks mister!" said Sakura.

"Oh yeah, about those boots. To activate their special ability, just tap three times then jump like you plan to land on a branch," said Roshi.

"Like this?" said Sakura, tapping three times then jumping as high as she could.

To the complete amazement of everyone, she was able to land on nothing at all.

"Wow! I'm flying!"

"Those are Cloud Jumping boots. The method of making them was lost a long time ago, but if you can bond with them you can run on air. The only catch is that they do tend to weaken if used for too long and take a few hours to recharge, but it's pretty handy for a quick escape," said Roshi.

Bulma made do with the fact Roshi gave her the Dragonball, though she had been pretty rude to his friend.

Either way a small side trip ended up having a lot of major benefits for the oddball group.