A Dwarf-raised fem Harry. Imagine a combination of Anna from Frozen, Catti-Brie from Forgotten Realms, and Merida from Brave and you have Roan Oakenshield.

The Company of Thorin Oakenshield was exhausted after their sleepless night, particularly since they had almost been eaten by trolls, chased by orcs almost immediately after, and had to deal with being 'fed' by elves who insisted on giving them plants instead of proper meat. To be fair, the elves did eat meat, but the recent infestation of orcs in the lands made hunting a bit more difficult and most of it was consumed long before it made to Rivendell.

So you could imagine Thorin's surprise and disbelief when he saw a familiar face there, looking quite irritated with him.

"Roan! What are you doing here?" said Balin.

"Like I'd let ye leave me on such an important quest!" Roan snarked. "I mae not 'ave been born in those ancient halls, but the desire to reclaim father's throne from that blasted lizards is just as important to me as it is to you!"

Bilbo looked at the irritated form of Roan, who while short did not look very...dwarfish. Admittedly this was the first time he'd come into contact with dwarves himself, so he might be wrong.

The man had dark auburn hair, thick arms and was slightly taller than the dwarves. He wore clothing very similar to Thorin and the others, and his eyes were a vibrant green that reminded Bilbo of his garden. He wore stout boots and had a pair of swords on his back. Around his waist was a sensible satchel and he had a sturdy bag next to him that was filled with supplies. Later he would note that Roan smelled (not unpleasantly mind you) of herbs, fire and metal.

"I told you to stay!" said Thorin sternly.

Roan glared right back at him.

"Are you telling me that such an important quest would nae benefit from having a trained healer among them?" Roan countered sarcastically.

The other dwarves said nothing, as this was clearly a spat between Thorin and Roan.

"So who is he?" asked Bilbo.

"That's Roan, Thorin's heir," said Kili. "Thorin told us he had been delivering supplies when he made the call, which was why he wasn't with us earlier."

"More like Thorin is overprotective!" said Balin gruffly. "Roan is as fierce a fighter as any, and having them with us would only benefit us in the long run!"

Dwalin snorted at that. Now that Roan had found them, there was no way in hell the red head would allow them to leave without taking Roan with them. The stubbornness of dwarves ran true in Roan!

Gandalf, for the most part, was neutral on the matter. Adding Roan would hardly hurt their efforts to reclaim Erebor from Smaug, though Thorin clearly disapproved of their presence.

Bilbo noticed Roan slept very lightly, because the second Thorin prepared to leave early...with or without Gandalf, as it was clear he had not cleared this expedition with the master of his Order or the Elves...they were already up and getting their things.

Thorin looked annoyed, but kept silence as they wanted to leave immediately before any stopped them.

Roan had to sigh with exasperation, because honestly how on earth could their luck be so poor as to find the ONE cave in the Misty Mountains that happened to lead directly onto the goblin kingdom's front porch?

Thorin tensed, for if the goblins had their way Roan's fate would be the worst of them all...particularly if they took off the vest they never went anywhere without.

It was an unspoken rule among dwarves that womenfolk were to be kept far away from everyone else. Those that did go outside among other races disguised as 'men'.

If the goblins noted how the dwarves kept the youngest and Roan in the center of their group, they made no sign of it.

Roan tensed...things were only getting worse and they could only use their special tricks for a limited time before they were too exhausted to fight.

They were all relieved when Gandalf finally showed up.

Roan drew their scimitars from their sheaves, and at the signal began felling the goblins in droves. Roan honestly hated the greedy blighters... they were almost as disgusting as orcs.

Steeping foot into the light of day, Roan noticed Bilbo still wasn't with them. A fact Gandalf was rather quick to point out.

"Where is he? Where is our Hobbit?" said Gandalf.

"I'll tell you. Master Baggins saw his chance and he took it. He's thought of nothing but his soft bed and warm hearth since first he left his door. He's long gone," spat Thorin.

Roan would openly admit they were almost as startled as everyone else when Bilbo popped out of nowhere. However unlike the rest, Roan had been sensing some form of foul magic following them closely the moment they left the mountain.

Gandalf seemed relieved to see the hobbit there, but Thorin still had his doubts. Why on earth would Bilbo continue to follow them despite the constant danger to himself, when he had only known peace?

"What does it matter? He's back," said Gandalf, as if that settled the matter.

"It does matter," said Roan, before Thorin could. "Why would someone who's only ever lived in peace and has never seen battle before this return now? What's his motivation for facing an actual dragon?"

Bilbo seemed to steel himself, as he would openly admit he had no personal reason to go to Erebor, much less face a beast like Smaug.

What he said next cemented himself as someone Roan and the company could trust with their life.

"Look, I know you doubt me, I know you always have. And you're right. I often think of Bag End. I miss my books. And my armchair. And my garden. See, that's where I belong. That's home. That's why I came back, 'cause you don't have one. A home. It was taken from you. But I will help you take it back if I can."

Roan would openly admit it was first time they had seen some of the dwarves a bit misty-eyed. Bilbo hadn't made a very strong impression on them...but his words were honest and genuine.

Then Roan sensed it. Their head jerked towards the direction of the way they had left.

Roan swore, loudly.

"Bloody orcs! They must have been closed to get the goblin's message so fast!"

Bilbo drew his sword, and realized Roan was right.

The company drew their swords, until they realized they had nowhere to run should things turn ill.

"To the trees!" shouted Gandalf. Reluctantly, the others fled upwards in a vain hope of staying alive.

Roan was pissed, and if not for the fact they hadn't packed their bow and quiver they would be shooting orcs and wargs right now.

All hope seems lost as the trees around them dwindled from the wargs onslaught. Soon only one was left standing, and it began to tilt towards the open cliff. With the extra weight of the dwarves, as well as that of the wargs pressing against it, their demise seemed imminent.

Roan refused to die like this. They had wanted to share this with Thorin for ages, but never had a proper chance due to the rumors about Thrain.

With that in mind, Roan let go of their branch allowing them to freefall.

"Rarona!" shouted Thorin in horror.

Rarona drew upon the hidden well of power inside her body...and pulled.

A bright light as if from a star appeared in the vast night.

For a moment all was silent as the light shown throughout the forest like a beacon. And then a strange whinny was heard.

Something flew past the weakening tree. When it flew up towards the moonlight, the Company had a good look at what it was.

It was a horse. Or it had the form of one. The creature had the form of a Clydesdale horse with a single long horn that looked wickedly sharp. Great wings framed the moon, and the eyes were a fierce green.

The creature let out another whinny, before charging at the orcs, wings beating strongly. Closer inspection revealed the creature's fur was a mixture of deep red and white.

If Gandalf wasn't occupied by trying to keep two of the dwarves from falling to their deaths, he would have frowned. He really should have a better eye on Rarona Oakenshield if she was capable of this sort of magic.

Saruman had refused to train the girl on the grounds that she would be too stubborn to work with. The one time he had mentioned it to her, she had declined as she wished to stay closer to her family and learning magic would only ostracize further than she already was.

The horn went through orcs like the sharpest knife, the kicks crushed the orcs and wargs heads like they were wet paper.

Emboldened by this sudden turn of events, Thorin got up from the tree and drew his sword. He'd be damned if he let Azog live another day.

Instinctively he knew the horse was his daughter Rarona...though how she had this power was a mystery to him.

Thorin faced the pale orc...and lost. And then a miracle happened...Bilbo, the weakest of the company, stood up to Azog and refused to stand aside.

Her estimation of the hobbit's courage went up considerably.

Rarona had to wonder if Bilbo's strength was similar to that of the mighty oak. It would bend and sway in the wind, but in the mightiest of storms did not break against the wind.

Seeing the eagles arrive, Rarona kept up her attacks before flying alongside the eagle carrying her father. She was sure he'd have a few choice words for her once she switched back, not that she cared.

Some time later...

Everyone's eyes were on the roan horse with wings that calmly landed on the rock. Seeing it turn back into Rarona, Thorin had a furious expression on his face.

"Where did you come by such magic?" he demanded.

Roan stood her ground.

"I would like to know that as well. I for one was under the impression that only one skin changer remained in Middle Earth," said Gandalf sternly.

"I...don't know. I just wanted to be as fast as my pony, and then suddenly I was one," said Roan. "I still don't know what sort of horse I even am."

Thorin looked to Gandalf, who definitely had a headache.

"It would seem that once this adventure is over, we will need to have an overdue talk about your powers," said Gandalf.

"You're not going to seal them, are you?" said Roan suspiciously.

"Only if you intend to misuse them. But they clearly need to be trained...anyone with magical sense could feel that transformation of yours from miles off," said Gandalf firmly.

"There's one thing that confuses me," said Bilbo, changing the subject. "Earlier you called them Rarona, but isn't that a woman's name?"

"That's because I am a woman," said Roan.

Bilbo stared. She huffed in annoyance.

"Dwarf tradition clearly states that if a woman of the clans goes outside dwarven lands or among other races, that they are to be addressed as men. As a result, most races believe there are only male dwarves, which means that the womenfolk are protected for the most part. Which is why everyone addresses me as Roan," she replied calmly. She turned slightly somber. "This is mostly because there are so few dwarf females that they are the most protected, and look quite alike to the men."

"So you're not against a female being part of the company?" said Bilbo to Thorin, who turned sour.

"Roan is among our fiercest warriors, and she's been trained as a healer," said Thorin. "As a companion I have no complaint."

"Aye, but as a father he's mighty overprotective of her!" laughed Balin.

The other dwarves nodded in absolute agreement to that, to Thorin's ire and Bilbo's open amusement.

In order to pass the time, Gandalf decided to see how far Roan's abilities extended. So far she limited herself to minor magics...including one that had the dwarves bitterly regretting the fact they hadn't included her earlier, as she could create a shield against heavy rain without affecting the local weather patterns... but the most intensive magic she was able to pull off was the odd transformation magic she had used earlier.

Unlike Beorn, she retain her full mind as a being and was able to differentiate friend from foe. And she could use blasts of minor magic from the horn.

Personally she just liked the ability to run even faster and experience everything her personal horse Roark could while running on the plains.

Her real skill, in her personal opinion, was creating herbal remedies and forging magical blades. Though she was still quite the amateur compared to her father and uncles.

It was going to be a long road ahead.