Black Butler/HP cross. Let's just say fem Harry spent a lot of time with Luna and Narcissa learning the old ways, because it meant she'd spent a lot of time studying and nowhere near people.

Ever since that day, her life had been nothing but pain. The pain of knowing her love was dead. The pain of knowing her child would never have a chance to grow up. The pain that came from the knowledge that her chance to be a mother was gone forever. All because of one stupid accident she had the bad luck to be caught in.

She was known as Madam Red for her hair. It was a color she despised, for multiple reasons. It had taken a considerable amount of time for her to even step into a coach again.

She idly thought of the odd ritual she had all but begged her 'friend' to perform for her. It basically amounted to a plea to whatever god would listen to give her a child, to make her feel whole again.

They had been utterly exhausted, but definitively stated that something had happened. However rituals were not an exact silence. She would know the results within three days at the minimum and seven at the most.

Honestly, she second guessed herself after it was all said and done and felt rather silly for believing in things like magic.

It had been seven days since that time, and nothing had happened.

She was jerked out of her musings by the coach suddenly stopping. Memories of the accident came forward as she feared the worst.

There was a child in the road, and as they hadn't been going particularly fast the driver had stopped...mostly to move the kid out of the way as they knew their Lady would be very unhappy if they simply ran the brat over.

Seeing the familiar shade of red mixed with black, her heart nearly stopped. Her instincts as a doctor kicked in, and the child was brought into the carriage. Considering the rain, the poor thing was absolutely freezing and was wearing barely more than rags to conceal their modesty.

Closer inspection revealed the child was female.

Something inside told her that this child was the answer to the ritual she had the 'friend' cast.

Inside a hospital room

Everything hurt. Then again, she was so used to pain that she was able to ignore it with practiced ease. Did not mean she had to like it though.

She was being treated in a place that had the distinct smell only a hospital could gain. Terrific...but at least she was being given proper medical care right?

Taking stock of her situation, she could tell her core was beyond was going to take weeks if not a full month for it to be usable again. Her limbs felt heavy, and her breathing labored, almost as if she was suffering from a nasty fever on top of all the crap she was putting up with. A warm hand covered her own, and it took her a moment to realize that the other person wasn't a giant...she had likely de-aged back to a child.

Well...she did want a second chance to experience childhood properly with a family that wanted her, as opposed to the hell she went through.

It took a few days for her magic to stabilize, and the first thing she saw when she finally deigned to open her eyes was red. The woman before her had the most brilliant red hair she had ever seen. It wasn't a warm auburn, like her birth mother Lily, or the fiery ginger that was the trademark of the Weasley clan. No, this was a crimson red the color of spilled blood.

Her name was Countess Angelique Dalles, but everyone knew her as Madam Red.

She could feel the magic around the woman, though it was obvious she was a muggle. She must have had someone else cast the spell then, because the one she used was entangled with the magic around the woman.

Well. If this was how magic answered her request, she wasn't going to complain.

By the time she leaves the hospital, she was given the name Rosemary Dalles. No one was going to question the eccentric Madam Red for adopting a child out of the blue with questionable parentage.

If anything, her biological family seemed more...relieved...than anything about the whole matter, as she had been extremely depressed over her loss.

Two weeks later...

"Rose, meet your cousins," said Madam Red, smiling broadly.

Rosemary remembered rather vividly the hell Narcissa put her through learning proper pureblood protocol. She was willing to bet it was similar enough to noble protocol to pull off. Madam Red was more concerned about getting her daughter used to living with her that she hadn't quite arranged tutors just yet.

While her curtsy was clumsy, it was still appropriate for a young child who had no known training in how to act.

Rose was rather quiet and spent most of the time getting to know her cousins. In reality she was observing them to determine their personalities. By the time she left, her only thought was... I could get used to being part of this family.

Fire. Crimson fire that burned all that was good to ash and left nothing but pain behind. That was her only thought when they arrived at the burning remains of the Phantomhive manor. Her mother sank to her knees, uncaring of who saw her. Tears streamed down her face in rivers, as a terrifying wail filled the air.

Rose wrapped her arms around her mother, allowing Angelique to sob as she feared the worst. Seeing Tanaka, Angelique went to him hoping for information. He had been unable to see everything, but he was able to confirm one thing...Vincent and Rachel were dead. He did not know if the twins were safe, but he feared the worst.

Her mother held her close, until Rose gave her a cup of tea laced with dreamless sleep.

Her mother's "friend" had confirmed she had magic, and thus she had special tutoring lessons with them, as Angelique refused to be separated from her daughter for well over nine months a year until she was seventeen. So long as she passed the required tests, the Ministry was unlikely to care.

Especially considering the woman's connections to the infamous Phantomhive family.

While it was rare, sometimes the Ministry was unable to apprehend someone because they were too high up or because they were too entangled with the muggles to safely extract them without violating the Statute of Secrecy.

That was where the Phantomhive came in...they could arrest both parties involved and sort things out discreetly in a way that would preserve the peace.

Thus Lord Phantomhive was given an exclusive status that could not be revoked by any Ministry or government official from either side unless the Statute was breached due to their direct actions.

In short, it was a mess all around, especially if the line was dead.

The thing was...Rose knew perfectly well that the twins were alive. She did not believe in luck...which was why she made her own.

In her hands was a simple compact mirror. When she opened it, it did not reflect anything...however if one were to look closely they would see strange etching all over the surface.

More importantly was the soft colors that dimly glowed. Two of them were so far off that they were at the very edge of the small mirror, to the point it was almost impossible to see. The third glow was in a different direction, while a vibrant red glow was in the direct center.

She had gotten the idea off of something she had been introduced to by a friend. A magical compass that would point the direction of the owner's desires. While it wasn't quite the same as the compass, when it came to locating those who were keyed into it, it was far more accurate and useful. For one thing, the mark was completely invisible and only someone holding the receiving end could see it. For another the mark was powered by the ambient magic that was within all living beings, and thus would only die off if the one marked died as well. Even then it would still hold a residual charge until the body was given proper rites and buried.

Confirming the twins were at least alive was some comfort...but it wasn't like she could explain this to her mother. Angelique had been rather supportive of her learning magic, but she didn't know how the woman would handle learning her daughter was at least twice her own age in the body of a child.

Besides, she didn't feel like explaining where she gained the knowledge to pull off half the things she could, when she had only just started learning magic.

She could take both exams right now and pass them with beyond flying colors.

For the next few weeks, she kept close eye on the mirror. The dots stayed the same, only changing direction when she did.

She needed to wait for the right time to retrieve them...the real headache would be weaving a story that would settle into the minds of others and become 'fact'.

She didn't know why her mother spent so many nights alone... she was busy trying to set things up so she could find the twins and bring them home. She knew something terrible was happening to them, and that if she didn't act soon it would be too late.

Her mother didn't try to force her out to visit Lizzie or her other aunt. She was just as in shock over the matter as Rose was. If her daughter wanted to throw herself into her studies, in the hopes of a spell to at least find her nephews and bring their bodies home, that was all right by her.

The problem was that three months after the fire, her mother brought home a new 'butler'.

Rose took one look at him and immediately shied away from him. Her mother could play at him being a butler all she damn well pleased, Rose knew a reaper when she saw one. Grell played the incompetent butler (to the neverending frustration of the head butler who simply couldn't believe his mistress dared to bring such an idiot into her employ), but to those who knew how to read the signs and could See it was abundantly obvious what he really was.

After a quiet discussion with her mother, Angelique reluctantly agreed to let her attend to herself in the mornings or in the evening. Aside from when she needed help dressing for special occasions, or any special tasks needed for her magical training, she was given a lot more personal freedom than most girls her age. She knew for a fact Lizzie had maids who usually helped her dress or get bathed, which always sounded utterly ridiculous to her.

The idea of leaving something like that to another person just gave her nightmares of being a caged bird without a will of her own.

Something had to give.

"You're going away for a few days?" asked Rose.

"There's some boring social parties for the next few days. Two of them are for the adults and since you're still a child it would be dreadfully dull for you. I'll bring you to the ones next week," said Angelique.

Liar, thought Rose. However she wasn't going to argue the matter...from what her mother implied, she would be taking Grell with her, so this was her best chance.

"Let's go dress shopping when you get back!" said Rose, smiling. Angelique glomped her daughter, holding her tightly.

She didn't know this, but Rose knew the scent of blood and madness anywhere. There was a chance that her mother could have been saved, but with Grell around it was no longer a possibility. Reapers were always drawn to death and misfortune, and Grell had apparently attached itself to her mother.

She could confront them both about it, but right now she was too busy trying to save the twins.

Her mother and Grell disappeared and she gave the staff firm orders not to disturb her as she would be studying.

So long as she ate dinner properly, the staff would not say anything. It wasn't like she buried herself in books all the time after all.

The night fell. The staff all went to sleep at their regular hours, as she was known to be a fairly self-sufficient lady.

The moon was full, the air was clear. She had her broom and her mirror, and since this was before radar and modern flying machines were not yet a thing (or at least available to the public), there was limited worry of being spotted.

Her initial plan was to fly there directly, to find them.

Except she was a witch, and considering how far off the mirror their signals were, it was unlikely she would reach them in time.

So she was going to try something a bit trickier and not something any 'modern' witch would consider as it was very old fashioned. That and most of the methods used to do this were lost thanks to the idiocy of the Ministry banning rituals.

Rose pulled out her staff. For some reason, everything she had in her pocket dimension followed her to this time period. She just didn't bring them out often because most of them would expose the fact she was a time traveler. At least most of her magical items were still usable.

She waited for the moon to reach it's peak. Taking a deep breath, she began to sing in a language almost forgotten to the modern world. It was the language of the druids, nearly lost to the sands of time due to the church.

She could feel the green magic rising, the moon amplifying the effect.

In her mind's eye (that which she used to see the real world, not just the pretty surface lie everyone else saw) a doorway began to open. Using the markers as her destination point, as she had no idea where they were, and leaving her mirror for the return marker, she began to walk confidently through the hidden paths of the world.

Wherever the twins were, it seemed to be in a nexus point for magic. Something told her this was not by accident or chance.

It had taken some doing to find one close enough to the mansion that she could cast the spell without Grell picking up on it when he got back. After all, a witch who only started their training shouldn't know how to do something this precise...especially at this age. Never mind that her mirror was obviously created by her and was made by someone who knew what they were doing.

Her strides became longer, and it took her a moment to realize that in the path, she assumed her original age not the one she had taken in this time period.

It would make rescuing the twins easier, and hide the culprit of the resulting mess much easier for the long term.

When she reached the twins, it was to a scene that could only be described as hell.

It was obvious that someone very bad who had only half an idea of what they were doing had been using them for their own gain. It pissed her off.

The knife came down. She made it skew to the point it hit a lesser organ rather than the heart. She would have to remove his appendix later, but he would survive.

The older twin screamed in pain, as the forcibly taken blood fueled the sacrifice and allowed a demon to find passage into this plane of existence.

The world faded away, and she calmly walked to the demon who was about ready to eat the elder and make a pact with the younger.

"A moment, demon," she calmly said.

The twins could not hear her...the younger could only see the demon and the elder was fading from blood loss."

The demon turned to her curious.

"I don't mind you making the younger your entertainment for the next few decades, but would you mind terribly if I were to claim the eldest? I have plans for him you see."

The plan being that he live long enough to screw over whoever did this. The twins had magic, but had been taken before they were able to attend formal schooling.

The younger would likely make a contract, and the demon would absorb enough of the excess he was unlikely to need training. The elder on the other hand...

"What's in it for me?" he asked.

She smiled.

"So you're saying you don't want to see the reapers scramble once they realize what I really am?"

The demon regarded her for a long moment, before a wicked laugh came from it's mouth.

"Very well, Sorceress. You may take your new apprentice with you. However he might not live the night at the rate he's going," said the demon.

She made a few mental calculations.

"I offer you his gallbladder, appendix and one of his kidneys as payment for use of your healing ability," she replied.

"Done," said the demon, and the deal was struck. The elder gasped as parts of his body were forcibly consumed...he would have to be very careful for the next few months at least while his body adjusted.

She claimed the elder and the demon turned it's attention back to the younger twin. She did not stay for the contract to be signed...she knew he would be returning on his own terms soon enough.