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Chapter 1

October 31 of 1981, was a day just like any other day in England. The weather was rainy and dreary as per usual during the time of year. Its inhabitants went about their daily routines. Farmers got up early to run their farms, and commuters drove the long highways into London. The only exception was in the hidden parts of England. Places where magic still existed in the world. Where witches and wizards were free to practice magic as they saw fit. No one but these people saw the flocks of owls flying all over England carrying the greatest news the Wizarding world has had in years. Wizards and Witches everywhere celebrated the disappearance of Lord Voldemort, and the mysterious way he had vanished. There were only a few who carried this news with heavy hearts. Knowing at what it had cost the wizarding world to be rid of him they almost wished it was not true. The loss of James and Lily Potter and the brutality of how their son was orphaned did not seem to matter much to some, but to those who knew and loved them it took its toll. Rumors buzzed of how someone had betrayed the Potters to He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. The rumors began to spread like wild fire once 14 people including James Potter's best friend Peter Pettigrew were blown up on a busy street corner in Muggle London by Sirius Black, Harry's Godfather. Not many were shocked at the news of Sirius Black turning on his best mate. After all he was from one of the vilest and cruelest pureblood families in the Wizarding world. The few who had felt the blow had been the two who had known the Potters and Sirius best, Remus Lupin, another close friend of James and Sirius, and Erin Potter, James' younger sister and Sirius Black's fiancée. Erin refused to believe that her older brother was gone, and her fiancée was to blame. 'It wasn't possible!' She thought as she threw on her cloak and appaparated to her brother's home in Godric's Hollow. Once she arrived her body tensed up in shock. Her family home was destroyed. The top half of the house that once held Harry's nursery was blown apart and on fire. "Harry!" She screamed as she ran for the house only to be caught by a pair of strong arms. "Let me go! Harry! I have to save him!" She screamed as she fought her capture. "Erin! Harry's fine! He is safe!" a gruff voice she knew to be Remus called out to her in her insanity turning her around to look at him. "He is fine love. Dumbledore took him to Lily's sister. He is ok," he explained in a soothing voice. Erin shook her head, "No he isn't Remus, his mother and father are gone and he is with that awful woman. He will never know how great his parents were." She sobbed into his shoulder as Remus pulled her close. "I know honey, but you have to calm down. This isn't good for you in your condition." He said as he placed a hand on her rounded stomach to feel his best mate's baby kicking him for the first time. Erin took a deep shaky breath as she felt her baby kick reminding her of the baby's father. Her heart gave a painful squeeze knowing that more than one child lost a parent on this night. Sirius would never know their daughter, just as James and Lily would never learn more about their son. "Eri are you ok?" Remus asked knowing it was a stupid question. Shaking her head she looked up at him and caught his melted gold eyes with her dark brown ones. "I don't think I will ever be ok. How am I supposed to do this on my own Remus…? Sirius was the one who read the baby book from cover to cover and all the pamphlets on how to breathe during childbirth. He even surprised me last week by completing the nursery. He had charmed this little mobile that had a dog, a stag, a wolf, and a rat chasing each other playing tag that sang a song he a wrote for her. It's the only song that calms her when she is kicking me so much that I can't sleep. Why would he do this? How could he?" She panicked. "I don't know Erin…Cornelius asked me if you and I would like to speak to Sirius before he is sent away…They aren't giving him a trial Erin." Remus explained as he waited for the reality to set in. Erin shook her head and sighed. "I don't even know what to say to him Moony." Remus hugged the small girl in his arms and it reminded her about when she was 11 and everyone felt as though she needed to be protected. Sirius and James took responsibility of protecting her from slytherians, and other guys while Remus and Lily took to protecting her from James and Sirius. Little did anyone know that she didn't need much protecting. She could protect herself from everyone and everything, but Sirius. Sirius Black had always thought of her as a little sister until she was 15 and he was 17. She had always been in love with him since she was 9 years old. It killed her as she grew up to be so close to him but see him running around with all of the Hogwarts sluts. Erin could remember when he finally started taking her seriously.


The train was crowded and stuffy as it pulled into Kings Cross Rail Station platform 3. Erin hated travelling the muggle way but it was the only way to and from her friend Mary's house in Scotland. She would have waited and gone with Mary back to Hogwarts, but her mother insisted that she spend a few weeks at home before she and her brother made their trip back to school so she didn't hesitate to get on the dreadful muggle train. As the metal contraption, not at all like the gleaming steam locomotive the Hogwarts Express was, came to startling halt Erin, caught a glimpse of raven hair and round glasses bobbing in and out of the crowed as if searching for something. A smile graced her lips as she grabbed her one bag and pushed her way out of the garbage can that the Muggles called a train. Out on the platform her brother James was the first to catch sight of his little sister and was blown away with how breath taking she had become in the few weeks she had been away. Her dark raven hair no longer short and unruly, but long and in smooth controllable curls. The girl that he thought would never touch makeup wore just enough to enhance her natural beauty instead of the over bearing amount that most girls wore, and he hated to admit that his little buddy had grown up into a woman. Shockingly he was not the only one who noticed his best mate who stood next to him with his mouth gaping open. "Uh Oh." James thought as he watched Sirius watching Erin's every step while glaring at the young man that helped her get off the train. Erin smiled causing her to glow once she saw her two favorite men. She quickly dropped her bag and ran up jumping into her brother welcoming arms. James spun her around in their usual greeting loving how that was the one thing that didn't seem to change over the summer. "James! I missed you!" She hollered as he kept spinning her. "I missed you too Eribear!" He replied as he sat her back down on her feet carefully noticing she was wearing heels. His eyes narrowed as he looked up at her. "Whats with the shoes?" He asked a little concerned knowing his baby sister couldn't walk in flats without tripping over something. Erin shrugged and smiled, "Just trying something new. That's all." Flashing him a quick grin and a wink before turning to Sirius. "You might want to close your mouth Siri, you are going to catch flies that way." She teased as she gave him a kiss on the cheek. "Can you think of a better way for a frog prince to catch his meal?" Sirius joked as he wrapped his arms around her tiny body. "You've changed so much since we last saw you." He whispered his voice sounded slightly unsure. Erin pulled away smiling. "I'm not that different Sirius. I am the same person just needed a change in appearance is all." She replied sending a wink his way as she made her way to her parents. "You have changed a lot more than you think princess." He whispered as he watched her go taking his heart with her. If she only knew how much he cared and if only he dared to let her know, but James would kill him if he had really known his intentions. Shaking his head he joined the Potter family and went home.

*End of flash back*

It was that day when she saw how he watched her that she knew he wanted her just as much as she wanted him. The roles they played in each other's life didn't change until a few months later when he finally asked her to be his. They had been together ever since until now. Her heart yearned to see him again to have him tell her he wasn't the cause of her brother and best friend's deaths. "Do you want to see him?" Remus asked concern and fear marred his face. Somehow he looked older than he actually was and it saddened her. Erin nodded as she took one last look at her family home. Slowly they turned around and vanished.

Erin was relieved that they hadn't taken Sirius to Azkaban yet she didn't know how she and the baby would do being around a lot of dementors. Sadly there were still two outside the place where he was being kept in the Ministry of Magic. It took a lot of her strength to bring her happiest moment to mind. The night she told Sirius that she was pregnant. It was a night she would never forget.

*flash back*

Erin stood inside her and Sirius's bathroom staring at a small stick of plastic that Lily had brought over earlier that day wondering how such a tiny piece of muggle machinery could predict something as momentous as this. The little blue plus sign sat mocking her as she continued to debate if the test was correct or not. Lily had said that there was never a false positive but there could be a false negative. She was hoping that this test was defective. Erin knew that they weren't ready. Not for this. They had barely been ready to live together but Sirius insisted on her moving in with him while doing healing training at Saint Mungos saying it would be cheaper than getting her own apartment. She honestly thought the only reason he insisted was so that he wouldn't have to worry about other guys, although she never gave him a reason to worry. Since she moved in though they got into more stupid little fights like which dish soap to buy and if they really needed his and her towels (his idea). Suddenly she busted into tears. Covering her mouth with her hand trying to quiet the sobs since Sirius was in the kitchen cooking dinner. A few minutes later there was a soft knock on the door. "Erin…are you ok?" His panicked voice called through the door. 'Shit.' She thought knowing she wouldn't be able to respond without him knowing something was wrong. "Love if you don't open this door I will force my way in." He called out again anger coming into his voice. "Give me a minute!" She called back as she went to hide the small plastic stick in the trash. Suddenly the door flew open with a panicked Sirius rushing through it in a pair of black sweat pants and a white beater on. He took one look at Erin's red tinted eyes and pulled her to him knowing she had been crying. "Baby whatever it is please we can fix it. Ok I know I have been a little annoying as of late and I am sorry. I promise if you don't want his and her towels …." "Sirius!" Erin interrupted as she pulled away causing a flash of pain to cross his face. He was going to lose her and that was what he was scared of most. "This isn't about towels." She whispered as she withdrew the pregnancy test offering it to him, "It's this." Confused Sirius took the small stick away from her and stared down at the little plus sign not knowing what she was trying to say. "It's a muggle pregnancy test…Sirius I'm pregnant." Within seconds of letting it out Sirius had her gently pinned to the wall kissing her passionately. His hands roamed her body before he gently placed them to her still flat abdomen. "Are you sure?" He whispered not able to hide the joy from his voice. She nodded giving him a small smile. He smiled widely before going to his knees resting his head on her stomach as if he could hear the tiny person inside her. "You're not mad?" She whispered not wanting to ruin the mood. Sirius' eyes darted to hers he slowly stood shaking his head. "How can I be mad when you are giving me the one thing I have always wanted?" He answered before placing a soft loving kiss on her lips. She smiled as he lifted her up from the floor and carried her to their bed.

*End of flash back*

The smile the memory had brought to her face was gone once she saw him. He sat huddled in a corner of a dark cell his feet and hands shackled together and chained to the wall behind him. His long hair covered his face. She could hardly tell that this was the man that she had fallen in love with all those years ago. His hair was damp from being in the rain, and his hands, face, and feet were covered in grim. The shirt that she had bought him was torn and covered in mud. The Sirius that she knew and loved would never be caught dead looking this way. "Sirius?" She whispered snapping him out of whatever world he had been in. His dark eyes watched her for a bit studying her for any sign that she blamed him, but there was nothing just love and concern. Guilt filled him as he went to move toward her. "Erin...Baby… I'm so sorry baby." He sobbed as she rushed over to his side to comfort him. Wrapping her arms around him she pressed her lips to his forehead and whispered. "It's ok baby. I know you didn't do this. You couldn't have done this love." Slowly he wrapped his arms around her as best as he could. "I need you to remember something baby…because I don't think that I will be getting a hearing for this. Peter was James and Lily's secret keeper. We switched to him at the last moment because we found out you were pregnant and I couldn't put you and the baby at risk. James agreed….He sold them out baby…and I killed him. All those muggles I never even saw them. I was just so angry. I did what I did to avenge your bother and my best friend, and I was selfish for I have left you to raise our daughter on your own. I didn't think baby…I'm sorry…I need you to know that I have loved you ever since I first laid eyes on you. I have never ever loved anyone else, but I need to stop being selfish. Let's face it…I'm never going to see our daughter come into this world, nor will I ever see you in that gorgeous wedding gown walking towards me to share our lives together, and that's my fault….baby…please…don't wait for me." He finished his voice breaking as tears ran down both their faces. Gently Erin placed her hand on his cheek making him look her in the eyes. "Sirius Orin Black, I have loved you since I was nine years old, and I don't plan on stopping now. Some way I will get you out of this, and when I do I will have your last name." She replied defiantly as the guards pulled her away.