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Chapter 2

12 years later

"I don't understand. What do you mean Arianna has been expelled from this school?" Erin seethed as she stood with her twelve year old daughter in the Headmistress' office at Beauxbaton Academy. She honestly could not believe it when she received a letter just a few hours ago explaining that her daughter was being sent home only after the first week of school. It was an outrage. "Honestly, Ms. Potter, trouble making of this kind is prohibited at this school." The headmistress replied with a calm voice but a hard glance in Arianna's direction. "Honestly, it's only the first week. How much trouble could she have caused?" Erin asked her voice full of confusion. "Madame, Your daughter was caught in a duel with upper classmen on the first day, she has pulled several disastrous pranks on faculty members and fellow students, just last night she snuck a baby dragon into her room, and to top it all off she dyed a young girls hair bubble gum pink the muggle way while the poor girl was sleeping. Arianna is an amazingly bright witch and could have a very successful career as an Auror, but this is not the first time she has caused trouble at this school. I warned you at the end of last year something needed to be done otherwise she would not be able to come back to this institution. I'm sorry Ms. Potter but this was the last straw." Erin couldn't help the shock and rage that ran through her already hot tempered veins as each account was read off to her. "A dragon?" She mumbled out sending her daughter and I cannot believe it look. "Don't think of it as expulsion Ms. Potter. Think of it as more of a transfer. Miss. Potter has a lot of potential and I for one would like to see her succeed, just not here. I took the liberty of talking with Albus and he has handsomely offered her a spot as Hogwarts. The school is also closer to home, and it is the one your brother and yourself were taught am I correct?" Hogwarts?! She thought Oh merlin Arianna I cannot believe you have done this. Erin thought as she took a few deep breaths before addressing the headmistress. "That is correct, and it was very kind of you to get in touch with my old headmaster. Honestly, I should have enrolled her there in the first place…I just thought that she would be better protected here." Erin replied looking up at her daughter who at this very moment looked like a spitting image of her father. There was no denying which families she had been born into. She had inherited her mischief from her father and her uncle. "I understand Ms. Potter." Erin turned one last time to the giant woman and bowed before taking her daughters hand and dragging her out of the school. "Mum I…", "No…Just don't Arianna…please…wait until we are at home…please." She interrupted not wanting to hear any excuses.

After a long and excruciating broom ride home, Arianna went straight to her room slamming the door behind her thinking that her mother didn't care about her at all. The truth however was Erin just didn't know what to do with her anymore. She had literally thought it would have been better for her to go to the all-girls academy than Hogwarts, but she had been wrong. The professors at Beauxbaton had no clue what to make of her beautiful and talented daughter, but at Hogwarts there were people that knew who her parents were very well. She had wanted to spare Arianna the grief of beginning compared to her father, or her uncle. She wanted to keep her safe. Arianna did not know of Harry's existence. A piece of information that she thought best to keep secret due to her daughter's curious nature. She knew she would want to know more. Now that she had been enrolled in Hogwarts doors would be opened to her. Doors that Erin had tried very hard to keep locked. The worst part was, Erin knew when Arianna found out the truth she would despise her. She needed to be the one to tell her. Gathering up all the courage her years as a Gryffindor had provided she went to her bedroom closet. Throwing open the door she looked down at the old oak hope chest that she had shared with James as a child. It had been years since it had been opened causing the lid to creak when she opened it, revealing boxes of opened and unopened letters, pictures that seemed to dust themselves off as they became alive again, and a small blue velvet box that held the thin silver band that had been used as her engagement ring. Taking a deep breath she dug through all of her old pictures and letters searching for the ones she and Sirius had written to each other during the war and those that she had written to James and Lily before Harry was born. The old pictures that she found were the ones from her Hogwarts days and of her brother's wedding. Erin smiled down at the younger version of self at her 16th birthday party wrapped in Sirius' loving arms. It was taken by Peter, the low life, right after Sirius kissed her in front of a steaming James. They were 17 and he didn't think that it was right for his best mate to be with his sister. Erin laughed slightly as the memory flashed before her eyes. Gathering up the pictures, letters, and her engagement ring she closed her closet door and walked down the small hallway to Arianna's. Placing her hand on the door knob she wondered what she would say to her. What would be the best course of action to take? The possibilities were astronomical and she knew she could lose her daughter's trust. Slowly she knocked on the soft oak door. "Ari…may I come in?" she asked as she heard the sound of footsteps cross the room. There was a deep sigh before the door swung open. "If you must." Was her daughter's response. Taking a deep breath Erin crossed the threshold. "Before you go to Hogwarts there are a few things that you need to know." Erin explained as she laid out the pictures and letters on her daughter's bed. "Things I never told you before, but should have…There is a reason I wanted you going to a foreign school." Arianna walked over to her mother and looked down at the pictures she had laid out. Some she had seen before like the few her mother had of her Aunt Lily, Uncle James, and Uncle Remus, others she hadn't. One in particular sparked her interest. It was one of her mother while she was pregnant with her. It must have been taken early on in her pregnancy because she wasn't showing much but she was standing in the very room that was now hers. Time had changed the room but one thing remained a small charmed mobile that was now hanging in her window like a chime. In the photo Erin wore a white summer dress that went to her knees, she wore no shoes but she wore a surprised smile on her face as she looked around the brightly lit nursery. A tall muscular man with long black curls ran into the picture picking her mother up and twirling her around. His grey eyes were bright with happiness as he kissed Erin's smiling lips. Arianna had never seen her mother so happy. It made her wonder if this was her father. "That was taken a few days before he was arrested. You'll hear a different story than the one I am about to tell you when you reach Hogwarts and it will be your choice whether or not you believe me or others." Erin began as she picked up the picture with a sad smile. "He was my father wasn't he?" Arianna asked taking a close look at the other pictures she had. Erin nodded. "Yes. His name was Sirius Orion Black. He was your Uncles James and Remus' best mate. I fell in love with him when I was 9 years old, but we didn't officially get together until I was 16 and he was 17. Your Uncle James hated it. He said that it was wrong for his best mate to fall in love with his little sister, but Sirius and I didn't care. No matter how many people told us that we were too young and that neither of us knew what we wanted we stuck together. It was harder once he graduated and I still had one year left, but that summer was the greatest summer of my life though." A grin formed on Erin's face as she recalled the events of that summer, "Sirius rented a flat just outside the city in the warehouse district. That's where I stayed most of the time. James and Lily were married at the end of that summer just a few days before I was to leave for my final year. The next day the war officially started and Sirius, Remus, James, Lily and their other friend Peter joined a secret order called the Order of the Phoenix. That night your father and I broke up." Her voice broke a little as she continued her story, "He didn't want me to get hurt if something were to happen to him, but I swore to never give up on us. I sent letters three times a week once I returned to Hogwarts and for the first month they were sent back, but once he realized that I wasn't going to give up he started replying. Hope finally returned to me when I started to think all was lost. Though he could never tell me where he was or what he filled his days with he told me of his nights, and how he dreamed of me every night." A dreamy look washed over her that left just as quickly as it came. Arianna wondered why her mother had never spoken of him or Uncle James like this before. Pondering on it she listened as her mother continued. "He was the first person I saw when I entered the great hall for graduation, and that was when he got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife. I quickly said yes. A few months later James and Lily found out that they were pregnant and 9 months later your cousin Harry was born. Things couldn't have gotten any better and we could almost believe that there wasn't a war going on around us, but Voldemort's attacks became more frequent and closer to our homes in London. A year later James and Lily took Harry to a safe house in Godric's Hollow and Sirius and I were to move in with my parent's home. Two weeks before we had to move I found out I was pregnant with you. Sirius was so happy. He had been hoping that we would have a child since Harry was born. A few days later there was an attack on the Potter family home. Now orphaned James and I began to realize that Voldemort's attacks weren't just random." Erin paused remembering the look of horror on her brother's face when they had figured it out. "What happened Mum?" Arianna asked fully engrossed in the story. Erin smiled down at her daughter sadness filled her brown eyes. "James, Sirius and Dumbledore came up with a plan. The use of secret keepers to keep our homes hidden from anyone. James would be our secret keeper and Sirius would be theirs. James and Sirius preformed the magic on our house first. Your father had just bought it and set everything up a few days before and James wanted to make sure it had all the protection it would need. Once I was settled in they went to Godric Hollows to do the spell there. What I didn't know was that they had changed the plans on me. They used Peter as James and Lily's secret keeper instead of Sirius. Not even a few months later did the unthinkable happen," Arianna had never seen the look of hatred and disgust that her mother held now as she mentioned her father's old friend. "Voldemort attacked James and Lily's home." She finished a tear running down her face. Pain flashed across Arianna's face as she mourned the family she had never known. "And Harry?" She whispered hoping that somehow her cousin had made it out. Erin bit her lower lip and shook her head. "Because Lily threw herself in front of him it created a powerful form of magic. Magic that was fueled by love. Voldemort couldn't touch him, and when he tried his spell bounced off of him and turned back to himself. No one has seen the dark lord since. Not long after Sirius was found on a muggle street corner blowing up Peter Pettigrew and 13 muggles. He was sent to Azkaban without a trial, and no matter how much I tried I couldn't get Harry back from Lily's muggle relations." Erin explained feeling exhausted as she finished explaining what had happened. Arianna looked up at her mother and had never seen her so broken. It made her understand her and the things she had done for her even more. 'She had been trying to protect me from the evil things people might have said about my father.' She thought as she tried to wrap her head around everything. "Why didn't you tell me before?" she finally asked causing Erin to sigh and shake her head. "I don't know. I thought I was protecting you, but when the headmistress transferred you than I couldn't hide it from you anymore. You will be going into your second year and Harry will be there in his third. He doesn't even know we exist no matter how much I tried to get in touch with him." Arianna sat there for a few more minutes soaking it in. The thought that she and her mother were not the last of the Potter thrilled her, but the thought of her father being in prison scared her. She didn't know what to really think about that, and before she could even ask her mother there was a loud bang coming from downstairs. Suddenly Erin was on her feet with her wand out. "Get your wand, your broom, stay here and Lock the door. If someone other than I tries to get in here you curse them, and get out of here. Do you understand me?" She ordered as she opened the door. Arianna nodded letting her know that she understood. "Good. Now lock the door." Erin whispered shutting the door behind her as quietly as she could. She waited to hear the soft click of the lock before she walked down the hall to the head of the stairs. Looking around she noted that no one was in the living area or the foyer, but there was someone there. She could feel it. Slowly she descended the stairs stopping at the foot of them when she heard someone in the kitchen. Her heart pounded as she stalked slowly into the kitchen only to see a ragged looking black dog by her refrigerator. Her eyes narrowed for a moment as she watched it sniffing a bag of Cheetos that had fallen off the counter. She felt like she needed to get closer. Taking a step she didn't see the mess of Cheetos that were spread around her and stepped on them causing a loud crunching sound. The horrible black dog jumped and twirled around snarling causing Erin to take a step back her heart flying up to her throat as her brown eye met his grey ones…."Sirius?"