Hi guys…I'm back…I just finished watching the Fairy Tail movie…and I just stopped crying. Yeah…The ending really hits the spot. I also cried when…you know what…I'll let you guys figure it out yourself. Anyway…Back with another Hetalia fanficic about the movie. It is…I guess you can call it a crossover except replacing Éclair with Sakura (Nyo!Japan) and Lucy with Chun-Yan (Nyo!China). I'm thinking of adding Francis instead of Kreema…and…you know what…I'll let you guys figure it out. Again. If you haven't watched the movie…WATCH IT! I challenge you to not cry. But if you're not a fan of Fairy Tail, then you don't have to watch it—

Italy Romano: Yeah-yeah. We get the point idiot! Can we please go on to the story?

Sigh…Fine. Ok! Have fun!

Run. Run! RUN! And run I did. Even with the wound in my side I still ran. Not once have I looked back to the village I have left behind. Soon, darkness overtook my vision and I blacked out from blood loss. When I woke up, I have no idea where or what I was doing. I noticed a stone gripped in my hand. I never did remember where that came from. All I remembered was that I was supposed to run to keep the stone safe. So I kept running. I came across a town, and found a stall selling necklaces. I asked them if they have spare string and holder I could use. Of course they had them and offered them to me. I gratefully accepted and clipped the stone onto the necklace and put it on my neck for safety. Then I ran again.

It has been five days now, and I have made a new friend, a bird named Arthur. He was small but fierce, he would risk anything to help me. He was my only companion through the journey. He was independent though, so whenever we rested, he would go fly away, but always came back. Soon, I came across another town. I kept walking however, not noticing the difference in the air of this particular town than the first one. I walked past a girl with black hair in buns before I passed out again. the last thing I heard was Arthur's voice calling my name, and another unknown female voice asking if I was okay.

And scene! Wow. This is short. Oh well…anyway…hope you enjoyed!

Nyo!Japan: Wow…I can't believe you wrote this chapter without breaking the point of view! You even were able to write the bird!

Yeah…No matter how much I loved Momon (again…WHY DID HE HAVE TO DIE!) I wanted to at least keep to the story so I felt that I had to change the bird's character too to keep it fair. Please review, follow, favorite, all of the above, or none of the above. Thank you!