"Sammy calm down your going to fall off the slide and you ow mommy can't catch you." Suddenly she felt breath on her neck and just before she flipped them for getting near her she realized that it was Sean. "Hey there Michele how are we today?" "Well Sammy is going to break something and tommy seems to think that my stomach is a jumping gym" Sean put his hand on my evergrowing stomach and rubbed just the right spot that seemed to calm tommy down just enough to let me relax. As he continued to rub my stomach I dozed off remembering when I had finally edmitted to being in love with my crazy but loveable partner and now 5 years we have matching rings a four year old and other kid on the way. Sean saw that I had gone into lala land and asked if I was okay I explained that I was just thinking about how these past 5 years my life had become so pulled me in for a kiss and then we watched as Sammy played on the monkey bars.