Yay I'm working on yet another story! I actually wrote this a long time ago but am just publishing it, its actually the first fanfic I've ever wrote but have edited it and am doing my best to make it better.

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Chapter 1: The Time Warp

GX Time

"Jaden!" Alexis screamed. She was soon joined by Atticus, Syrus and Chazz. They looked to be held together back to back by a giant invisible hand.

"Hey Jesse! A little help here!" Jaden called looking over his shoulder to where his teal haired friend was, but he was there no longer.

"Sorry Jai! You're going to have to get us down on your own!" Jesse called from where he and the others were. How and when he had got there was lost on Jaden. Suddenly there was a bright flash of white light enveloping Jaden's friends.

"NOOO!" Jaden cried. But before he could do anything, quick as it appeared, it disappeared.

Taking his friends with it.

5D's Time

"Yusei still not back yet?" Crow asked walking into the tool shed he shared with Yusei and Jack.

"No." Was all the reply he got from the former turbo duel champ.

"Who's not back yet?" Akiza asked as she walked in with Leo and Luna.

At that exact moment a bright light appeared in the roof of the tool shen and five people fell out if it screaming. One of them was a girl and the others were boys. Akiza smiled feeling her pain (having to be around boys all the time. At least she had Luna).

They all wore similar clothes.

The girl wore a white top and mini skirt with light blue piping, her boots were a simple white. Her features were prominent and she wore her hair down past her shoulders. She was, in one word, beautiful.

One of the boys looked like her but had brown hair. His coat was in a similar fashion to her outfit and was worn open. He had a black shirt and white pants.

Another boy had light blue hair and childish features. He wore spectacle like glasses on the bridge of his nose. His coat was buttoned up and was a dark blue with white piping. He was much shorter than the others.

The other boy had black hair. His clothes and coat were all black. He had a paler complexion than the others and a meaner one too.

The last boy had teal blue hair and eyes but his eyes were a lighter shade than his hair and slightly greener. Instead of a coat he wore a white vest and had a lilac, lacy shirt. He had prominent features yet a childish demeanor. He seemed like a cowboy yet a city boy (one who belonged in tops) at the same time.

"What's going on?" the one with black hair muttered.

So that's that. Sorry its so short I wasn't sure what to add. Sorry for using the English names I just don't know them all in the Japanese version.