Teen Mom

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The car ride became dramatic as we pulled into the driveway of hell A.K.A my parents house. Priscilla fell asleep on the way there I swear she can sleep for days if she wanted, but at least she's growing. As the car stopped I began to shake I didn't want to approach that damned door I watched Alejandro ring the doorbell I handed him Priscilla she slept on his shoulder laying her head down on him. I never wanted to face parents more than ever to tell them how badly I wanted them to go to hell and never return. The door swung open and my mother looked at our trio she moved out of the door frame allowing us entrance surprisingly "there not so bad" Alejandro whispered to me.

"Just wait for it" I said walking through the hell house. My mom motioned to Alejandro to hold Priscilla I shook my head "I don't think so" I said softly taking Priscilla in my arms.

"We should talk" my mom said.

"Yes we should" I answered sitting in the living room with my parents and Alejandro. I put Priscilla in my old bedroom just encase It gets rowdy. "Hello mother and father did you miss me?" I asked sarcastically. I made eye contact with Alejandro he looked confused but confident as always.

"You know when we kicked you out we didn't mean it" my mom said making me give a fake laugh.

"If you didn't mean it then why haven't you tried to come in contact with me after all those months?" I asked angry Alejandro made sure to secure me with his arms that way I wouldn't go crazy on my parents.

"Your father and I didn't want to bother you" my mom told me which is complete bullshit. They didn't try. My mom looked at Alejandro "who is this young man?"


"None of your business mom!" I shouted but Alejandro calmed me down and answered the correct way.

"Alejandro" he said with his charm making my mom even blush and my dad impressed.

"Why did you hide him from us Heather? He seems to be the perfect father" my mom said holding Alejandro's hand.

"Is he the biological father?" my dad asked.

"No." I answered.

"A man who steps up to do another mans job is 魅力的な (attractive)" my mom spoke.

"どうもありがとうございました (thank you very much)" Alejandro said making my mom squeal.

"You speak Japanese how attractive" my mom said blushing I can't believe I'm watching my mom hit on my boyfriend in front of me.

"I also speak Spanish" Alejandro bragged making my dad and I watch in envy.

"You're a Spaniard that explains a lot" my mom said my dad coughed making them turn to us.

"So what are you getting from my little Heather Feather in order to make you do this?" my dad asked.

"Why I'm insulted, Heather and I never even had sex" Alejandro responded making my mom smile even harder.

"What a gentlemen how old are you again?" my mom asked drawing the last straw.

"Does that matter he's taken mom!" I yelled.

"Lower your voice at once!" my dad yelled at me.

"How about you lower your fucking attitude" I've never cursed at my parents until now and it silenced everyone. "You guys never cared about me! Anyone I think ever cares about me leaves me and never returns! It's always the people who are close to you that hurt you the most!" I shouted I didn't cry but I sure as hell wanted to.

"Heather we're..."

"Shut up and listen for once damn!" I paused looking around. "You guys only want to take any happiness I have away from me like Alejandro we've only been in here for about 30 minutes and my own mother tried to take my boyfriend away from me. Now I know where I got my whore traits from. I came here for love and support, but it turns out I can't even get that from my own family I feel more apart of Alejandro's family than my own."

"We never knew you felt that way" my mom said making me scoff and snicker.

"BULLSHIT!" I shouted laughing it off.

"We're sorry" my dad said.

"Don't be because if it wasn't for you two horrible parents I wouldn't be the big BITCH I am today" I smiled folding my arms leaning back and kissing Alejandro on the cheek.

"Anything else you would like to get off your chest?" my dad asked.

"No I'm fine in fact we're leaving" I said Alejandro went to get Priscilla. I looked at my parents shaking my head "I hope I'm never the same parents as you two and by the way when your ready to see your grandchild give me a call and get your act together" I said leaving with Alejandro.

"It was nice meeting you" Alejandro said walking out my parents didn't respond they looked shell-shocked still. As we got into the car it was quiet I expected to be told I was wrong for what I did back there, but I wasn't. "You did great" Alejandro told me.

"Thank you I've wanted to do that for so long" I said finally letting tears shed with Alejandro wiping them off my face.

"Just know that I will always love you" Alejandro said kissing me I kissed back.

"I will always love you to" I said.

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