Chapter 1

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"Sierra", I can hear someone say.. "Sierra" I can hear someone say again.. I can hear my name echoing everywhere but can see no one but the beautiful place around me. This is some beautiful land full of roses and orchids and I can see clouds just few feets above the ground. A perfect waterfall falling off a mountain edge and stream of water splitting into tiny droplets as the waterfall clashes with ground level water. "sierra, please come here.", I can hear again. But I can see no one but just the mesmerizing scenery. When I turn around I wae deadly terrified. I can see nothing but volcanic lava everywhere I was feared so I begin to step backwards I noticed that wherever I kept my foot that place turned into a death place. The curse upon me turned that heavenly like place into equally hellish. I can feal that heat burning me. I can feal my flesh was melting.

Suddenly, I heard a sound as if two dongs were hardly clanged against each other and then my eyes were wide opened when someone poured hot water on my thighs. I cried in pain and bursted into tears. A pig like devilish face pulled my hand out of bed and dragged me through the door and in a couple of seconds i was in front of a big donga. "you filthy creature I am hungry, I want food,now" he shouted and I started to cut the meat, the meat of a human. A slave, this is what I have been in my entire life, as long as I could remember it. My master is the lord of eurokia. He is the most cruel prol of all. Prol is the name of his species and I am a human. This is what he says, that he is a powerful prol and I am a weak human and that he will eat me one day when my food wont satisfy his hunger.

It took me half an hour to cook his favorite meal. The pot of meat is in my hand. I can see water falling out of his mouth. I am trembling right now. He snatched the pot from my hand and started eating like the hungriest of all the prols. His eyes were of the colour which is not named yet. Hence very difficult to describe. But it will be good enough to say that the colour is somewhat between yellow and black. I know this does not sound even like a real colour but they are somewhat in between the two. Those eyes are filled with blood and thirst and I am shivering simply by looking at them. His teeth are zigzag, no shape at all. They are the teeth of a killer.