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Feeling my friend's hands breaking up all the knots in my poor, aching, back, was one of the best things that had happened all month. I wish Ursula was in more often... Unfortunately she is a favorite at the court of the Black Kings. I sighed, perfectly content.

"So, what did you do to beat yourself up so bad? I've Healed about 10 big bruises so far." Ursula asked, breaking into my peaceful revere.

I swore, and shoot up. "Urs, for heart's sake! Don't waste your talent on ME! It's only bruises."

"Heart-Sis, It's not war, and I can waste my talent any old way I want! Besides," she softened "It's not wasting."

I swore a little more, and awnsrad her first question. "Trainees. Ratha- bless, Trainees!"

Urs winced in sympathy. She too, was a Silver Gryphon, and knew the perils of beating lessons into a green trainees THICK skull. "Poor girl... 'Ria, why not just ask Kit to scout-partner you, and head out? I know Kitha has been asking you to head out."

I settled back into the massage and ignored the question, but I felt the blush. I did NOT want to think of Kit while I was feeling far too much like my avian self.