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~Wings of a different sort~

I stared after my heart-sis, Anroria. She had been so bored! Some one else might not know, and she might even be fooling herself, but I'm a Silver, and a Kestra'chern. I'm her friend too.

She should be out scouting. She love that job, and mopes in any thing else. She's very good out alone, except for her partner. I think (believe) she revels in it, and always comes back full of energy.

I shuddered, thinking how much I would hate that; I need people... Breaking out of my reverie, I finished cleaning up. Away went all the massage oils, the sheet, and the table/cot that folded away in my cabinet, along with a few bits that had acculated through the day. The Cabinet, as I think of it, is big. Around 5 feet tall and almost 4 across, I keep my clothing and tools of the trade in there. Armor and weapons, along with practice gear and those so use full cleaning items in the bottom drawer, with my oils and Kestra'chern stuff above in the left side. Clothing to the right, and a secret drawer in the back. There I hide a few songs, but know one needs to know about that, even less so about the poetry...

Noticing the sky starting to darken, I growled softly. A whole rest day almost gone! And I had wanted to talk to Kit, and Deria. I fluffed the heavy canvas pillows around my low table and got out the supper I was going to have.

I was struck by an idea. What if I hade Deria over for dinner?


Wandering into my dorm in the Silver's main building was an experience. First off, I had to go through the training rooms, some quite messy, getting stared at by some of the more observant. I have no idea what the idea was, making no HALLS! I grumbled about that through the last one, occupied only by Fuzzy-butt, the tabby Cat. Finally entering my room, past the stairs to the roof, I found something odd. It was clean! My room is rarely clean, as I don't allow Hertesi in, and am not naturally neat. Normally, a messy desk to the far right, two walls packed full books, a wardrobe and a bed. Simple, messy and one cannot see the floor (almost). A large bed, covered in purple sheets and a black swirled comforter seemed to be the only neat object in the room. Of course, the shoes made it a minefield...

You see, if the Hertesi found some of the stuff in my room... Far too many things could be found and misinterpreted... or I could be thrown out of White Gryphon. But apparently, they got too annoyed about having my room THAT messy...

I swore and ran to the wardrobe, flung it open and saw all my potions, poisons, and formulas gone! Some of those were rare! Not from this plane, or this planet! I swore a little more fervently... And some one knocked at the door. Composting myself, I went and opened it. Deria stood framed in the door, an odd mask expression on her face. "Silver Gryphon Anroria M'K'Z. You are wanted by the Conceil pertaining to unlawful substances in your possession. If you would report to my office in half a candlemark, we could begin proceedings.