Chapter 1: The Entrance

Harry's POV

It was September's cloudless yet starry night. It was the school year in Hogwarts School of witchcraft and wizardry. The second to the seventh years ride the carriage pulled by Thestrals, they are creatures that are invisible to those who didn't see death, they could only be seen by those who seen death. The first years are on the boats crossing the lake with Hagrid the gamekeeper and Professor care of Magical creatures, it was tradition for the first years to sail.

It was Harry's and his friends' fifth year at Hogwarts. Of course after the incident of two dementors, a foul creature that feeds on happiness and souls, attacked Little Whinging. Then the ministry of magic demanded him to attend the disciplinary hearing. With the help of Dumbledore and a mysterious wizard in wizengamot that defended him. Now he was free from the charge.

The Great hall was still on its full glory, candles floating med-air, the roof that shows the young starry night, golden plates gleaming every single table. What beautiful scenery, fit for royalty for kings and queens. The four house Tables were packed and happy, students chattering and fooling around. They were waiting the first years to be sorted on the sorting hat. Rivalries and friends chatter, a harmonious night for young students.

On the Gryffindor door table, there was the boy-who-lived or lied as it was a ministry stated. He was chattering with Ron and Hermione, happy he was still attending this school year. He then scanned the staff table looking at the new and old staff members, then he notice a little pink toad like woman sitting that next with Snape, she recognize her at the hearing. 'She must be the new DADA professor' Harry thought. Then he notices another chair next to Professor McGonagall where she seated.

"Hermione," He whispered. "Do you know who'll be sitting on the empty chair?"

Hermione look at him eyebrow furrowed, confused that she didn't even notice an empty chair. She looks at the table then to Harry. She whispered. "I don't know. The entire subject teachers are here already. May be there are new Professor or something, let's just wait ok."

Harry just shrugged but still curios. He looked at the other house tables, and then he saw Cho Chang on the Ravenclaw table, his heart made a little summersault. He was cut on his daydreaming when he heard his two best friends bickering like an old married couples. A happy grin sketched on his young face.

Then the doors of the great halls opened, little first years were lined by two's. They were nervous and scared at the sorting on house. The older students were snickering, laughing on the faces of the young wizards and witches.

Ron whispered on Harry. "They look like they'll wet their pants." He snickered with Harry.

Professor McGonagall placed a three legged stool on the ground along a dirty old hat. The first years were giving the hat an add look, and questioning stare. When the hat started singing.

Harry and Ron was still whispering each other when Hermione wacked them on their heads using a rolled the daily Prophet newspaper, looking at them with a stern look. "Shut up you two, the sorting –" she was on cut when the sorting hat was start singing. When the hat gave its warning and all the stuff.

Professor was holding a long scroll reading the names of first years alphabetically. When she called all the names and sorted them all on their respective houses.

The head master then started his welcoming speech, twinkling eyes and old yet welcoming smile. "To our newcomers, welcome! To our old hands - welcome back! There is a time for speech making, but this is not it. Tuck in!" Then the food just appeared out of tin-air, making the other hungry students to droll. All the students started chattering, getting food. It was a great night.

After the feast was finish, Dumbledore started his speech and warning. When introducing the new professor. "I want you to all meet the new Professor on DADA, Professor Umbrigde," Umbridge gave them a very sweet smile, making the other students to gag. "And I am please to introduce you to our new Professor, Professor di Angelo," When the students heard the name, they went whispering each other and it was getting lauder specially the Slytherin house. Harry and Ron gave a question look to Hermione, asking if she knew anything about this new professor. "Let's talk later." Hermione whispered to Harry and Ron.

Dumbledore raise his hand silencing the students, effectively making the students to shut up. "He will be your ne teacher on our new course in Hogwarts, 'Physical combat and defense' –." He was cut when the doors burst open creating a big thunderous noise. The students and staff look at interest at the person who interfering the professor's speech.

The person that created the noise was standing there in all his glory was a 21 year old man. Then he started walking, the way he was walking was like a predator stalking his prey, Harry look at the person with interest and curiosity. Harry took notice that the new person was wearing a dark leather jacket, dark ripped pants, and hunting boots. He has a dagger earing on his right ear and a skull silver ring with red ruby for a pair of eyes. The students were whispering.

When the new comer was in front of Dumbledore he gave the headmaster a bow. "Ah, good evening professor di Angelo," gasp from the Slytherin house was heard, even the Ravenclaws were now chattering each other, but the other students houses gave them an odd look. Dumbledore continued. "Students I am pleased to present you out new Physical combat and defense."

The new Professor faced the students. Every female and male students gasp, from the male beauty and angelic no godly face of the new professor, he looked like a royalty. The female population was ogling him especially he gave them a smirk, but the male students were giving him daggers, because of jealousy and envy. The others who had a girlfriend snake their hands tighter on their girlfriend waist than usual.

Hermione was staring at the new Professor, he look like those sculptured gods she visited in the museums, he look like a god himself. He was tall may be 6feet and 3 inches, pale ivory skin, perfect black shaggy hair and dark endless pit eyes you couldn't distinguished the irises and the pupil. He has an athletic body figure, muscled and lethal.

The new professor has a dark raven with ruby eyes on his right shoulder. Harry could see an aura of power and authority, yet there was fear and death coming from the new teacher even the ghost was bowing their head like he was the king of ghost or something on the new professor.

Then he remembered something like it was a punck in the gut. He whispered to Hermione. "Guys that's the person who help me on my trial." Hermione gave him an awe and incredible look. She didn't answered when Dumbledore started speaking again.

"Please professor have a seat, now where am I? ahh I see –." The new professor went to seat where the empty chair near Professor McGonagall. ""...tryouts for the house Quidditch teams will take place on the-" he was cut by the new DADA professor. Giving her an incredible look. Never have been a teacher cut the headmaster that way. Giving them a very sweet disturbing smile to the students.

"Hem-Hem... Thank you, headmaster, for those kind words of welcome. [...] The Ministry of Magic has always considered the education of young witches and wizards to be of a vital importance. Although each headmaster has brought something new to this... historic school, progress for the sake of progress must be discouraged. Let us preserve what must be preserved, perfect what can be perfected and prune practices that ought to be –."

She was cut by Professor di Angelo. Giving him a murderous glare, if glares could kill, he was 6 feet under the ground; her face was 50 shades of red, 'a red toad, funny.' Nico thought.

"Thank you, Professor." His voice was whole yet velvet, he has an Italian accent, making the girls swoon on him more. Melting their hearts by his voice. "It was really wonderful speech and all but please let the headmaster speak first right? Right," Giving her a mocking smile. "The floor is all yours headmaster." Giving Dumbledore a nod.

"Thank you for that wonderful speech you gave us, Professor Umbridge, Professor di Angelo" Dumbledore said, bowing to Umbridge, giving a wink on Nico after her speech. "Now, as I was saying, Quidditch tryouts will be held….. And about the forbidding forest please do not go there…."

Hermione started saying. "Well that means many things about what Umbridge, reasons why she came here." Giving them a very calculating stare and longing look to Nico.

Harry was shocked hearing this, and he asked. "What does it means anyway?" Thinking it was just some unimportant thing. Yet Ron replied. "Who cares it's just a boring speech. Pfft."

"Guys this is serious, it means that the Ministry of Magic are interfering Hogwarts." Giving Ron a glare before turning his head to Professor Dumbledore, listening on what he was saying. She didn't care the shocked expression on her friends face.

After the speech, all the students went to their respective dormitories, they got their timetables. Some of the students compared theirs to their other classmates. The Prefects were taking the younger students their dormitories and such.

The golden trio and Neville were in the common room discussing about the new Professor. "What's so important about the professor?" Harry ask, he was curious about why the Slytherin gasp and in awe.

Neville answered it. "The di Angelo's are one of the ancient and noble house, my grams said that the di Angelo's should have been dead long time ago." With an awe and shaky voice.

"Yeah, I read the newspaper, so I search for the di Angelo on some books; I bought the books in Flourish and Blotts. I found out that the di Angelo's was one of the most wealthiest and powerful pureblood families but they were the most kindest and the most beautiful, not even the veela's allure and beauty could challenge the di Angelo's. And they say that they were really an angel, their name suits them really." Hermione said, giving them a look.

Neville just nods in response but Ron just snorts. "Ha! I think he'll become another Snape. Look at his eyes and hair. He looks like an angel for you but he looks like a devil's spawn to me." Ron exclaimed.

Hermione just shook her head. "You don't understand, there family are the ones who first accepted muggle borns like me. But nobody could stop them, even some say they were blood traitors but you know what they did, they made them poor."

Harry was shock hearing those. He needs to ask Sirius about this. "I think I'll letter Sirius. I need to ask him about the di Angelo's"

Hermione and Ron just nods. Neville spoke. "What do you think about the new subject? Hermione?"

Hermione just shrugged her shoulders. "I think it will be useless. We have magic right? So why need to study Physical Combat and Defense." she said.

Ron just yawn. "I'm sleepy, come on guys." Then he look at Harry have you finish your letter?"

Harry just gave him a nod and went to Hedwig. Harry said. "Did you notice the raven on his shoulder, those are creepy raven it has red eyes." Hermione just shrugs "I don't know, I'll just look at the library tomorrow."

They went to bed, changed and ready to sleep. Harry said before closing his eyes. "Ron I think this year will be a long and strange year don't you think?"

Ron answered. "Yes, yes it will."