Chapter four: Our teacher is Bipolar.

Nico di Angelo's first day of class was very, very annoying, with those students that was asking a teacher if they're single or not, or how many girlfriends he had. 'I think every female teenagers here are really, sexually deprive and I think the males here doesn't know how to pleasure a girl, how pity.' Nico with a deep sigh he was in his classroom, thinking a plan to eliminate Umbridge in the school, 'pff, a spy yeah right, that isn't spying, what kind of spy that shows she is a spy, I think it's just a joke that not even the Stoll brothers or any other Hermes' children gave time for it.'

As he was sitting facing a painting made by Rachel showing the children of the elder three, smiling, and a harmony of peace. As he was in deep thought he senses a presence coming in his back. Facing the intruder, it was just the pink toad Umbridge.

Standing up, he swift his wand conjuring a fluffy chair, a pink fluffy chair, making Nico to gag. With a fake smile he greeted her. "Professor Umbridge, what nice seeing you on this evening."

Umbridge returned him a sweet-gagging-fake smile to Nico, sitting down. "Good evening too Professor, what a lovely office you have, and what a nice painting you have are those your friends or a family members." Nico gave her a nod, accepting her compliment even though, he knew it was not true but nonetheless he accepted it.

"Thank you professor. You look well today. The painting was painted by my close friend a seer actually, and yes those are my cousins and the curly brown hair there is my half-sister. Ma'am do you want some tea?" Swishing his wand, the tea kettle and two tea cups.

"Yes that would be lovely, now Professor di Angelo. I would like to ask you, where did you get your education on magic and fighting, if I may ask." Giving him the sweetest smile, making her more repulsive, 'yuck' Nico's thought.

"Well you see, Professor," drinking his tea mix with nectar of course. "I was home schooled by my father and aunt, I finish my education when I was 16, after that I traveled the whole world. And of course you and the high officials and thewizengamot knows that I am the last of the di Angelo pure blood family and heir. So I could afford my expenses." Finishing his tea.

Umbridge knows that, angering an heir of an ancient and nobble house like the di Angelo's. She knew that Nico has ties upon other countries and powerful bloodlines. So she needs to make friends with him, she doesn't want an enemy that has power. "Of course, of course. But may I ask, again. Why do you not want the other wizards that you are a pureblood and an ancient and nobble one that is?" She was curios and she wants to know more, to gain power over him.

Nico inwardly smirk, she bite the bait. Nico thought,' I'm sure she will give this information on the daily prophet' "You see I do not need fame or any more attention, really I just want to teach this students that some schools never teach, I read and heard that wizard and witch craft education here are very high standard, isn't it professor." Eyebrow race, giving her a look.

Nico knew what capable of di Angelo family, all the ties and influence the family could do. And with the daily prophet's help, Voldemort would be looking for me, asking him to join him and that would be the plan b. 'PFFT, yeh right.'

Before Umbridge could ask more questions. She was cut when Nico stood. "Ma'am i think it's dinner time, it would not be nice if the staffs are not present, right?" They both went out the room. 'And I'm hungry, so much bratty students here to teach.'

Harry couldn't sleep, last night. One because of his dream and two because on his dream. He dreamed about his professor on the new subject. He'll need to talk to Ron and Hermione later he said to himself. Standing up, his left hand was sore. He's detention with Ambridge was torturous, using blood quill to right his mistake about lying that Voldemort is alive and kicking. And he needs to ask his godfather Sirius Black, about Nico di Angelo if he knew something.

Standing up, it was seven in the morning; he first wrote the letter, asking stuffs and all. Then after finish writing, he started doing what a teenager does in the morning before waking up Ron. After finishing he went to the common room, waiting for Ron and Hermion, ffter his two best friends arrive. \

He greeted them. "Good morning Hermione, Ron." He paused waiting for them to sit down on the comfy sofa. "amm -, Hermione did you found anyting about the di Angelo?" He asked

Hermione just shook her head. "I didn't found anything but the di Angelo is Italian meaning 'of the angel' but nice name actually he looks more of a sculptured god and an angel."

Ron was silent for a moment, biting his lips. Hermione and Harry notice this and asked. "Ron are you ok?" at the same time Hermione asked, demanded really. "You know something do you? Do you?"

Ron just shook his head, he couldn't tell them, it's not his place and his parents asked him not to share this, even Ginny doesn't know. "Sorry guys, but I can't tell you, even I want but I can't. I'm sorry." He hung his head in shame and defeat.

Harry and Hermione look at each other and then to Ron. With a sigh Harry just stand up. "It's 8:30 we'll finish this talk but for now I know you're hungry so am i. Hermione you coming.

The three best friends walk side by side. But Hermione thought 'I need to know!'

They went to the great hall, then they notice Professor di Angelo was wearing a blood red muscled V-neck on the inside and a black robes on the outside. Every girl were ogling him again, well except those staffs and teachers, the way he wore, he look like a bad boy, who sweeps up a girl on her feet rather that a teacher.

Even the guys was muttering themselves, whispering that they'll wear a muscled V-necks too, other students were whispering, giggling, pointing Professor di Angelo like he was an art.

After eating, Dumbledore made an announcement. "I want you to know my dear pupils that there will be a new club, created by Professor di Angelo." Sitting down.

The students were quiet, waiting for what kind of club the new Professor will make. Nico cleared his throat. "Good morning students, I want you to know that there will be a new club, Physical Training. If you're asking what will the physical training does. I'll just show you." He lifted his blood red V-neck t-shirt showing his 8 pack abs. How defined, how well sculptured, how godly he looks like.

Every girl was really drooling, wanting to touch the heavenly goodness the professor has. The male students were awe struck. Looking at the muscled stomach then looking at their, then looking at the stomach again, jealousy was eating them alive. Professor drop his t-shirt. "Now if you want to please wright your names on this paper and I will choose only 30 students both males and females only fifth grade and up. Thank you."

Everybody was whispering, and giggling. Few the girls were still on trance. The older male populations were ready to run and right their names even the females.

After the mob, Harry now wroth his name he was on the number 45. Hoping that he was one of the chosen to be on the club.

He went to class, and was ready for another day, on History of Magic and Potion. With a sigh, he was hoping and felt miserable at the same time.

The potion class and History of Magic were fine and dandy and all. It was a boring day when he remembered he had a class on Professor di Angelo with the Slytherin

When the Gryffindors and Slytherins were outside the room, they heard another piano music and it was different, the sound of the music was sad and lonely but there was still passion in there. Then the music stop and the doors burst open. The students look inside, what they see was the piano but it was painted on red. There were dummies and swords inside.

Professor looked in the students' way. "Come inside. Now all of you will get a sword."

When the students got a sword, their Professor started it. "Now, sword fighting is not, something like wands, swords are a tool, not to kill but for defense, defending yourselves and the people you love." He paused for a second and he started. "Swordplay is an art, it shows grace and rhythm. Speed and power. Attach and defense. Now I called a friend of mine or a cousin. Percy come out now" Nico called the Percy guy.

The doors burst open and a male came inside. He was as tall as their Professor, the same hair, his eyes was sea green, ever changing, and beautiful yet deadly, he was handsome, so handsome like he was made of sculpture, a model that came out in the magazines, he was wearing just a blue t-shirt, jeans and snickers, unlike their Professor Nico. Like it will drown you for a minute. The Percy guy gave an easy going wave on his hands, standing next to Nico. "Good, now Percy and I shall show you how to fight swords."

Then they, pulled out their respective sword, Percy took out a pen then turned into a sword and Nico took out his sword on his back then they duel, with swords, they were stabbing, attaching with grace and speed. Percy was in the upper hand. Every move they make, every time the two swords collide, sparks fly. Nico was in defense and Percy was the offence. Then out of nowhere Percy and Nico disarmed each other. The whole room was quiet. Then all the students applaud, they never seen such beauty on swords play ever.

Nico was still panting but said. "Thank you Percy. Hope we'll see each other's again soon. Now students attack the dummies, but use swords not wands and do not attack your fellow classmate. "

Percy looked at his watch and said. "I need to go bro, Annabeth will be looking at me. Bye cuz." With that he run out the doors and castle before he vapor travel. Nico look at his students. "Now attack until, I say so." He bark on the with a commanding voice.

"grip your swords well, don't let it fall, you are to slow, faster…" Nico commented every student, very mistakes, every wrong ways. All the students were hungry and tired.

After their class was finish. "Now drop the swords on the table. Our next class will be one on one and do not worry I have wood swords. So you could not kill your own classmates. You may go." He said with authority and command.

When everybody went to bed, their shoulders hurt, hands hurt and body hurts. Ron complained. "That was hard, is he planning on killing us or what. Ouch – ouch. "Harry gave him a look and shook his head. "Will go to Madam Pomfrey for a potion for body ache." After that they went to sleep. Remembering how the two cousins fight. 'I hope I could do that.'

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