I know this is unexpected, but I made another story. I had a dream last night about this story and I couldn't let it go I had to share this. The chapter is short, but this is because this is the intro further chapters will be longer. Don't hold back to leave me a review or P.M about ideas because this story is really much still thoughts. I can get a little bored on this site at times LOL. Anyway here's the story. Gordonboy14

Zero Hour

''I just got back from San Francisco and I can't wait to see Cece again'' I thought as I got into the cab. Yeah, me Rocky Blue just got back from San Francisco. I left Chicago about seven months ago to go and live with my aunt, but now I'm back. I stare out the window as I pass the old buildings that I know until the cab stops infront the of my apartment. "I pay the driver and grab all of my stuff and bolt up the stairs. I make it to my apartment and run inside.

"Hey mom and dad!'' I scream running up to them giving them a hug. I look around and notice sommething diffrent, all Ty's stuff is gone. ''Why all Ty's stuff is gone?'' I ask slowly. My parents look around the room trying to find the right words to say. After about three minutes the room grows quiet, until my dad finally speaks up. ''One night Ty came home late and I started to scold him for it. He got mad and started breaking things and he packed up all of his things, and moved out'' I was shocked, yeah my dad scolds us almost all the time and we do nothing about it, but Ty doing that was completely out of the picture.

''Well where does he stay?'' I ask. Then again there's another awkward silence until this time my mom speaks up. ''Well we don't know. He calls from pay phones, but he never tells us where he's staying" ''Okay, I'm going go unpack'' I say as I walk to my room. I unpack and get everything together in about thirty minutes. I still can't believe what happened with Ty, but I have to admit it was bound to come considering the way our parents treated us. With everything going on I almost forgot about the most important to me, Cece.

To tell you the truth I was kinda nervous about meeting my best-friend again, I mean we haven't talked since the day I left Chicago, and a lot of things can change in seven months. I try to call her on her phone, but it goes straight to voice-mail. "Shit'' I say to myself as I try again, same result. I decided that I should rest for now and then go to Cece's apartment to catch up. I lay down on my bed and listen to music untill I fall asleep. I wake up and I look at the time 5:45. ''I better get going now if I want to talk to Cece.

I put on my black boots and run up the stairs. I know I would usually take the fire escape, but I was gone for seven months, I gonna have to gain that back. I make it to Cece's apartment and I knock on the door, and a short while later Flynn opens the door. ''Hi Flynn!'' I say as I kneel down and give him a hug. ''Oh, hey Rocky'' Flynn says slowly. I look at Flynn who looks like he's not happy to see me. ''What's wrong? I say ''Your like your not excited to see me'' ''I am, but I wasn't expecting to see you here'' Flynn says. ''What do you mean?'' I ask.

Flynn looks as if he's going to say something, but plainly says ''Nothing''. ''Okay where's Cece?'' I ask. Flynn again looks a bit shocked and disturbed before quickly saying ''I dunno'' I suspect he's lying, but don't confront him about it. ''Okay, tell Cece I stopped by'' I say, and I'm gone. When I make it back to my own apartment, I'm really tired. I didn't sleep long the night before because of the move back to Chicago. I take a quick shower and change into night clothes before jumping in my bed. I turn to my side and look at a picture of me and Cece smiling and having a good time. Tomorrow will be my first day back to school in Chicago, so I will surely be able to talk to Cece. I clear my thoughts and fall asleep. I really hope that Cece hasn't change to much for me, I really hope.