One last hug, and one last kiss

It was after her debut in Broadway that she heard the news. She couldn't believe it. Kurt was lying, he had to be. But when she saw the tears running down his face she knew it was true. Finn, her Finn was dead. She cried, she weeped and she hold Kurt as hard as she could.

Hours later she was in the apartment, Crying on her bed. Santana was there too, crying as well. Their friend, how was this even possible? No one could stop thinking about it.

It wasn't long when the apartment was filled with the new directions, everybody was in there, even Mr. Shue and Emma, even Puckerman who didn't want anyone to see him crying but, what the hell? His best friend was dead. Everybody was in there for the same reason.

The lost of one of their own. Finn Hudson.
Rachel didn't wanted to think about that so she tried to remember the good times while bitter sweet tears ran down her cheeks. And she remembered the last words he said to her...

-flash back-

"Good luck tomorrow, you'll be great" said Finn with his always charming smile that belonged only to Rachel.

"Finn! Don't say that, say that I'll break a leg, in theater saying Good Luck brings bad luck" she replied laughing a bit.

"Ok then. Break a Leg" he said kindly "I'll be there, but for now, give me one last hug, and kiss me one last time" the love in his voice was such that she did as he said.

-end of flash back-

"Oh Finn, you don't know how much it hurts, I miss you so much already" she said letting one more tear go down her cheek. Little did she know that right behind her there was the spirit of the one she truly ever loved, hearing everything she was saying "I love you".

"I love you too Rachel" said the invisible soul of Finn. Before hugging her from the back and kissing her on the cheek "I'll be waiting for you, always".

The End