Dante Price: Multiverse Jumper Chronicles

The First Question

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Chapter 3: Down to Earth

By lostsoldierS636

There were few things that left the Doctor speechless. This was one of them. Finding his voice again he asked, "How do you know about all that?"

"Well, how do I put it in a way that you can understand?", Dante pondered. "Well you're not…real. No, wait you exist but only as a TV show that's been going on for 50 plus years. By the way where we?"

"Well, we seem to be back in my universe." The Doctor responded.

Dante was surprised that the Doctor wasn't at all shocked about knowing this. 'He already knows?' Dante thought. 'That's surprising. But I wonder…'

"By the way what's your name?" The Timelord asked.

"Uh, Dante. Dante Price."

"Well then I might as well take you along for the ride," The Doctor said grinning. "After all, I can't have you running about and saying this is a fictional world. It would just cause you to get into more trouble then I get into."

"Right. By the way you didn't answer my question."

"And what would that be?"

"Have you found Clara Oswald yet? I mean first time you meet her, she was Oswin, a human turned Dalek. Then the second time, she was a bartender pretending to be a governess."

The Doctor winced at the returning memories of both those times. The first time it was with the Ponds, which made it hurt more. Then he seclude himself in the Victorian age, which turned out that a sentient being that was snow tried to create an invincible army of snowmen. She fell off the top of a cloud from the TARDIS and died soon after.

The 1000 year old time lord recollected his thoughts and replied, "Yes, well I was but I needed to make a quick stop at your universe. And yes that would've made the TARDIS shut down completely like the time with-"

"Rose, Mickey and the Cybermen?"

Again he winced at the painful memory, and the knowing that Rose was still and always will be stuck in that universe with the clone of his last regeneration.

"Yes," he replied sadly, "By the way how do you know all this?"

"I watch the show," Dante said, "I've watched every season up till now."

"So you're a fanboy?"

The 17 year old nodded.

"That's just brilliant," he said sarcastically. "But now we need to get that stabilizer off you."

Dante felt the bracelet like device that was clamped on his wrist and looked at it. It looked like a black gauntlet with some kind of hourglass symbol near the end of it. The 17 year old did a double as he realized that it was an Ultramatrix. Not the Ultramatrix that Ben Tennyson wears, but it did look like his. Only deference was that the hour glass was red and the rest was colored black. The Doctor in the meantime was rummaging through his compartment that was located underneath the console. He finally found the device that could take it off until…

"What's happening to me?!"

The Doctor rushed back up the stairs and saw that Dante was glowing.

"What did you press?!" exclaimed The Doctor.

"I just wanted to see what it could do!," Dante replied.

The glowing stopped and the Doctor realized it was too late.

"Well now you've done it."

"Done what?"

"Thanks to your tinkering, that things not gonna come off and you are not going to be able return your universe until it comes off."

"Well what's the good news?"

"Unfortunately, that was the good news. The bad news is that you now have become half time lord."

Dante blinked, "What?"

The Doctor sighed, "Normally if a human were to become part time lord, their brains would burn up and they would die. But thanks to the Ultramatrix, it has stabilized you and made you compatible with it."

"So, I'm half time lord?" Dante aksed looking at his feet.

The Doctor nodded.

"That…is…AWESOME!" the 17 year old fanboy exclaimed.

The 1000 year old time lord was surprised by his reaction, "You like it?"

"Like it? I freaking love it!"

"But what about your home, your family?"

"TIME machine, remember?"

The Doctor paused for a moment and said, "Touché. Well I suppose Clara could wait. Like you said it is a time machine. So what do you want to see, eh? Where do you want to go?"

Dante paused and thought for a moment before he said, "Somewhere incredible."

"Alright then," said The Doctor who now was turning knobs, pushing buttons and pulling levers. But before he pulled the final lever, he paused and said, "Geronimo."

To Be Continued in Dante Price Multiverse Jumper: Rosario Vampire Season 1

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