Yotsuba & Family

Summary: Asagi starts to develop feelings for a certain father of a green haired girl. Will love bloom? How will other take such a relationship? And what will Yotsuba do when she finds out? All these questions answered... eventually. Plus shenanigans.

Disclaimer: i do not own Yotsuba or any of it's characters or elements.

Chapter 1: Pictures

Asagi was looking through some pictures one afternoon. The pictures were taken by her friend Torako sometime ago.

Her house was empty that afternoon, her father was out at work, her mother was out doing some shopping and her sisters were out somewhere. The family home was filled with little more than silence. With little else to do Asagi flipped through those pictures. The pictures were from their trip to a hot air ballon race. The picture she was looking at the moment was of herself and a small girl named Yotsuba. In the picture Asagi was holding the green haired girl who as smiled broadly before trying to run off to the next thing that got her attention.

Asagi really did like that girl, no matter what she was filled with joy and energy always looking for something fun, it was like nothing could get her down. Her very presence seemed to bring that joy to others. Asagi thought that maybe that kind of spirit needed to be protected and that was why no matter what prank or jokes she would play on her she would stop if she thought it would make Yotsuba cry.

That girl was special to her in a way she didn't understand. Sure she was protective of her sisters but it felt different, maybe it was because Fuka was so very responsible and Ena was mature that Asagi didn't need to protect them as much they could take care of themselves most of the time.

Asagi thought maybe it was because Yotsuba's own father didn't seem to have everything together and she felt like helping. Maybe it was just fun to play with Yotsuba. Maybe it was because Koiwai certainly had some admirable traits, he might have had responsibilities and been a grown up but he still seemed a little laid back. Asagi liked to think that meant she wouldn't have to be entirely responsible and that even as a grown up she could be a kid at heart.

Asagi finished looking through the pictures, Torako gave them to her to she could drop them off with Koiwai. Torako had thought she gave them all the pictures but she had accidentally forgot to print out all of them pictures and then she found them again and handed them off to Asagi.

With little to do Asagi decided to walk over and deliver the photos herself. Normally she would send it with Yotsuba or Fuka but they weren't around. Asagi walked over and knocked on the door and waited for the answer. It didn't take long for a man with messy hair to answer it. Asagi was happy to see that he was wearing pants after hearing some of the stories Fuka told her about him. Though on second she was a little disappointed he was wearing pants, she quickly shook the thought off.

"Asagi?" Koiwai asked confused.

"Hello." Asagi gave him a pleasant smile. "I have something for you."

"Come in." He waved her in a little confused to see her there.

Asagi walked in taking her shoes off in the entrance, "Where is Yotsuba?"

"She's at the park with Ena and Fuka. They said something was happening there and they wanted to take her."

"Oh, so that's where they are. Anyway Torako found some photos from the ballon race she forgot to print out and gave them to me and I came to drop them off."

"Thank you." He started to look through the photos. "You know I just made some coffee, do you want some?


The heavy duty looking coffee grinder had by it's side a freshly made pot of coffee waiting. As she took her cup Asagi took a sniff of the brew, there was something different about this and the coffee.

"Wow, this might actually wake me up in the morning."

"Yeah, we can't all be energetic as Yotsuba in the morning."

Asagi started to sip on her cup of coffee when she noticed several papers on the table and she assumed it was for his work. Without thinking she just asked, "Is that your work?"

"Something like that." Koiwai said looking at the papers. "I just found out I have to go somewhere soon."

"Huh? Wait, are you moving?" Asagi worried that she'd have to say good bye.

"No, just my boss wants me to travel with him to be his translator."

"Oh, so that's what you do." Asagi mumbled to herself. "That sounds like fun, I'm sure Yotsuba will enjoy it."

"Not really. It's only for a few days and I'm going to be busy the whole time. She'd be stuck in a hotel the whole time I think I'll just drop her off at her grandma's while I'm gone."

Asagi pouted a little, "How about you leave her with us?"


"Just leave Yotsuba at my house, I'm sure my mom would love to have around."

"That would be too much trouble. It's one thing for her to come over everyday but leave her with you for a few days is something else."

"No, it won't be any trouble. Besides it's fun to have Yotsuba around."

"I don't know."

"Oh, come on. I promise you we can take good care of her and she will have more fun with us."

Koiwai scratched his head as if actually thinking it over.

Asagi flashed him a bright smile, "Yotsuba can be a handful so wouldn't it be better for for her to stay where me, my mom and my sisters are to take care of her than leave her with just your mom."

He paused for a moment thinking, Asagi smiled she knew she could convince people to do what she really wanted them to do if she tried.

"Alright if you your mom says it's okay then she can stay with you while I'm away."

Asagi pushed her blonde hair out of eyes as she looked at Koiwai and thought about something. "Can I ask something?"

"Sure, go ahead." Koiwai didn't hesitate to reply.

"How do you do this?"

"Do what?"

"You seem so laid back about this, you're pretty much a big kid, how can you keep a job and raise a little girl?"

Koiwai sighed before he spoke again, "I really don't know. One day I was just a translator in another country doing my job and then there was this little girl who was lost and alone. I can't say I had my life all together, I'm not sure I do now, but I couldn't leave her alone. So I took Yotsuba in and took care of her. I fed her, gave her clothes and toys, played with her and made smiled when she smiled. I adopted her and came back to Japan." He said obviously never having put to much thought into this. "We lived with my mother for a while and she helped me get things together and arranged it with my bosses so I could stay in the country instead of traveling around so often and even work from home so I could take care of her every day. I don't know maybe it's the thing about becoming a parent that you just do what you have to do. I don't think it makes you mature or anything it just instinct and you do what you have to. A life depends on you taking care of them so you just have to do it. It was something I had to do, to take care of my little girl."

Asagi looked at him for a moment, "You're such a dad."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"You saw a girl who needed a father and you took care of her. You just did it. I think that's very sweet. I guess you didn't become all mature because you didn't have to just to take care of her." Asagi smiled at the small realization, she liked the idea of being an adult but not loosing that fun child like spirit.

She enjoyed that she was basically a big kid and she could have fun. Still she knew one day she'd come accept some sort of responsibility and she just didn't want to lose that fun loving spirit and she figured if Koiwai could keep his while taking the responsibility of a whole life then she might be able to manage.

"Daddy!" A familiar and ever energetic voice rang through the house.

The green haired girl ran into the kitchen and jumped at her father wrapping her arms around her.

"Yotsuba, what's on your face?" He asked his own daughter.

Yotsuba was now sporting face paint that gave her kitty whiskers and a matching nose. "I'm a cat now." Yotsuba even got into a anime neko pose.

"Yes you are now all you're missing are the ears."

"Asagi!" Yotsuba cried out as she noticed the the older girl.

Asagi pulled out her cell phone, "You're so cute."

Yotsuba smiled widely as the sound of the phone's camera snapping away. Yotsuba smiled brightly as the sun as the pictures were taken.

"Yotsuba?" Ena a moment later walked in holding Yotsuba's bag that she had left behind.

Ena had some face paint on too, it made her look like panda bear. Unlike Yotsuba's paint which was just a few marks Ena's face was entirely black and white.

"You got one too?" Asagi quickly turned the camera onto her sister.

Ena tried to smile despite her embarrassment, she was blushing bright enough that it could almost be seen through the paint.

"I'm getting my camera." Koiwai quickly ran off to get his camera.

"Get next to each other." Asagi told them getting the camera ready.

Yotsuba quickly went to stand the girl a little older than her.

That was when the third sister came with face paint that made her look like a tanuki. The black paint around her eyes made it look like she had a mask on. The second that Asagi saw Fuka with that face paint she broke down laughing.

Fuka in a desperate attempt to hide her face used her hands. "No, don't look!"

"A Tanuki?" Asagi asked in between her laughs.

"Yotsuba thought it looked cute." Fuka said trying to wipe off the paint but there was to much to simply wipe off.

"Smile." Koiwai came back with the camera.

"Nooooooo!" Fuka yelled out.

That was when both Asagi and Koiwai started to take pictures of them. Yotsuba smiled, Ena shyly did the same and Fuka begged them not to take any more pictures.

A half an hour later Fuka was in her own home and in the bathroom furiously wiping away the paint from her face. She found that water and soup only helped so much.

"You still don't have it off." Her older sister's voice came from behind her. Even without turning around Fuka could tell by her teasing tone that Asagi was enjoying her misery.

"No, there was a lot of paint. Please don't show those pictures to anyone."

"Sorry, I already posted them online and sent copies to grandma and grandpa."

Fuka cringed knowing that her grandparents would never let her live that down.

"So I talked to mom and she said it will be okay for Yotsuba to stay with us for a few days while her dad is away for work."

"It will be nice to have Yotsuba around for a few days."

"Yeah, it does seem like it's going to be fun." Asagi told her sister.

With that Asagi walked towards the neighbor's house to let Koiwai know about her mother's answer. As she walked over she was certainly looking forward to spending some more time with the girl the afternoon conversation with Koiwai had got her thinking about her neighbors. Asagi realize she didn't know too much about them she was hopping to find out more.

Asagi felt something was going to happen soon, something good. A warm feeling over took as she thought about the odd but fun pair. She was hopping to find out more of them soon.

Authors notes: Hello readers. I got this Yotsuba idea in my head and decided to write it down. Basically Asagi starts to develop feelings for Koiwai and then she has got to come to terms with it and some hi jinks that followed. I mean I thought those two have an interesting chemistry and i like them as a couple. Plus I think it will be fun to see how Jumbo and the others react when things get started, Anyway I hope you like it and if you do leave a review.