Yotsuba & Family

Summary: Asagi starts to develop feelings for a certain father of a green haired girl. Will love bloom? How will other take such a relationship? And what will Yotsuba do when she finds out? All these questions answered... eventually. Plus shenanigans.

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Chapter 7: Reacting

It was about a month after everything came out. Things had been a bit rough at the start. Things could have gone better but things could certainly could have gone much worse too.

Asagi's parents didn't make a fuss about her new boyfriend. They had met Koiwai before and he seemed like a nice man and responsible one too if he managed to raise a girl by himself. In the end her parents had to agree that their girl was old enough to make her own romantic decisions.

Maybe they were just happy that she wasn't dating some punk that was living out of his van. Though vans are pretty cool.

He might not have all his things together but he was doing pretty well. He had a good paying steady job, his own home, he wasn't bad looking, he even was responsible to raise a daughter. Those were some pretty good qualities. Really he could only get better if he remembered to wear pants more often, and really Asagi didn't complain much about that.

The man had nice legs.

Anyway, Ena was supportive about the relationship and tried to see if Yotsuba new anything on the couple. She might have imagined the relationship into a much grander romance in her head. Ena also tried to explain it to Yotsuba, the young girl was cheerful as ever but they thought she might not have understood the whole thing. Ena continued to try and explain it to her.

Fuka had grown somewhat distant to her older sister. It wasn't like she didn't speak to Asagi, they still spoke about the day to day things like normal. She just seemed a tiny bit colder to her. Then there was what happened when Koiwai was brought up, Fuka would try to change topics or go quiet or sometimes just leave the room.

It put a damper on things.

Maybe not as much as what happened to Jumbo.

Back to the date that he found out.

Asagi talked to Koiwai about telling everyone and they talk about a few things before she headed back home.

"Is Jumbo broken?" Yotsuba poked the big man's head.

He'd been staring off to space with a silent expression.

"Ah, maybe a little." Koiwai admitted, sheepishly.

Yotsuba smacked Jumbo's face.

"What?!" Koiwai asked. "Why did you do that?"

"That what we do when the tv isn't working."

He cleared his throat. "Maybe we shouldn't be doing that." He leaned in and checked on his friend who still didn't react.

Koiwai didn't have an idea of what to do.

"Ah, sorry?" He had no clue what to say.

"I'm hungry." Yotsuba tugged on her father's shirt.

They had something to eat, then they watched tv. Yotsuba played for a little and they read a book. The Koiwai tucked her back into bed. He returned and sat down beside his friend.


Jumbo continued to stare off into space.

Koiwai scratched his head in confusion. "I'm sorry. I really am. I didn't want to upset you, this whole thing just sort of happened. I mean she's a nice girl and we got along. Things just happened. I wanted to tell you once I made sure we were going to last more than week."

Jumbo still didn't respond.

Koiwai sighed, "I could give you a ride home." Not getting anything. "Okay, I'm going to bed and turning off the lights, I guess."

Guys aren't not typically well versed in sharing emotions. That was about as much as he could muster. Koiwai got up and turned off the light and went to bed. He stayed up a little and never heard Jumbo get up.

Koiwai woke up the following morning and went to the table. Jumbo was gone by morning.

In the end Koiwai could only hope that some time would help.

So yeah, kinda a bummer.

Okay, let's go to something less bummer-ey.

Okay, so a month had passed like I said before.

Asagi was having lunch with her boyfriend and his daughter at their house. It wasn't a tradition but she did find herself doing it more often, more when she had the time off classes.

"Come here." Asagi got Yotsuba's attention.

Asagi gently wiped away a smudge of food from the corner of Yotsuba's mouth.

"There." Asagi smiled at the girl.

"Thank you." Yotsuba smiled back at her.

Asagi couldn't say that she agreed with her mother on everything but she had to admit Yotsuba was awfully cute while eating. Honestly this small lunches had become something she had enjoyed having.

Now a few day after that she had lunch with Torako.

Torako was the one that noticed something.

She asked in her usual monotones. "Don't you usually have lunch with your boyfriend?"

"What do you think I wouldn't ever spend time with you now?" Asagi asked her. "Is someone jealous that I haven't been spending time with them?"

"No, I'm just wondering why not this time?" She sipped her drink for a second. "Was he busy?"


"He was busy."

Asagi blushed slightly. "Maybe he had to take Yotsuba to the store." She scratched her head. "He went to get a bed for her. She's been sleeping next to him but now it seemed like time for her to get her own bed and really have her own room."

Torako let out a small chuckle which surprised Asagi a little bit. "I suppose she needed her own bed if you're going to sharing his bed."

Asagi who was drinking her soda choked hearing that. She coughed after a second. "Ah! We- I mean- we haven't!"

Asagi quickly became a stammering mess, her cheeks flushed, and when she was really on the spot she tended to puff out her cheeks before letting all the air out. A flash of light filled her eyes as she realized Torako had taken a quick picture of her. Whenever they had these talks Torako knew that her camera next to her and ready, her reaction shots were pretty astounding.

"That's pretty funny." That too. After a moment Torako resumed their talk. "You do like him."

A moment of silence Asagi answered, "I do."

Torako didn't say anything but saw that something was changing about her friend. Torako thought herself as a bit of an observer as she had noticed the change. Asagi wasn't a cruel person but she did enjoy to toy around with people. Torako had noticed how Asagi had become a little more careful around Yotsuba and tried not to upset her. The whole thing was causing her to be a little more open with herself but also more caring about others.

Plus it was really funny to see her flustered.

That night Asagi went over to the Koiwai household. She arrived just in time to find Yotsuba all dressed for bed.

"Asagi!" She cheered as she saw the older girl. "Did you come to see my new bed?"

"Yeah, I did it. Is it nice?"

"Its awesome!" Yotsuba threw her arms into the air.

Yotsuba was excited over the prospect of having her own room and to be fair she was a little scared that she would be on her own during the night. Her dad reassured her that he would be close by if she needed anything. Asagi helped tuck her in and told her a story she used to tell her sister to get them to bed.

After a while Yotsuba was snoozing in her new bed cuddling her teddy bear.

Koiwai closed the door letting her sleep.

Asagi and Koiwai gathered around the kitchen just talking for a bit. Asagi was reminded of her own sister because of the story she told the small girl.

"Are things bad with your sister?" He asked her.

"We had a talk about eggs this morning." Asagi sighed. "So a little progress."

"I'm sorry. I'm sure that this will pass, I think she's just a little upset about all this. Still, I'm sorry to cause this."

"It's not really your fault." Asagi reassured him. "It's not like you don't have something you're dealing with. Have you talked to Jumbo?"

"No, I've tried calling him but he doesn't answer. I thought about going to his work but I don't want to cause any trouble for his dad."

Koiwai sighed, "I'm sure that they'll talk to us in time." He paused for a moment. "Your sister probably first. Jumbo can really hold a grudge.

Asagi chuckled at that, "Thanks, I needed a laugh."

"That's no joke he still holds it against me that I accidentally ate his lunch in school."

Asagi still smiled, he still made her smile even when things weren't ideal and she really liked that.

She looked away for a moment, "Do you still want to date?"


"I mean, because of me you're fighting your best friend."

"And because of me your sister is being cold to you." Koiwai pointed out. "Do you not want to?"

"No, I still want to date you. I like being with you, Asagi."

Asagi smiled gently, "I like being with you too, Yousuke."

After a moment's hesitation she moved closer to him and kissed him. Asagi enjoyed the warmth of his lips against hers, the room fell silent except for the rapidly speeding beating of her heart in her ears.

Things weren't perfect, in relationship things hardly ever are, at the moment they decided just to enjoy being together.

Authors Notes: This is a slow story to update but I will keep at it. Anyway, I was working on this last week and when we got the update I finished up adding Koiwai's first name into it. What did you think? I kinda want to bring in the grandmother in for a chapter or two. Anyone have thoughts about it?