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The wagon slows to a halt and the prisoners get off. These prisoners consist of many Nords and one Breton. An Imperial soldier calls out the names of prisoners and one is shot. The Breton is not on the list.
"Who are you?" The Imperial asks. The Breton hands him a white card. It reads:
My name is Kelt. I am a mute Breton. I mean to meet up with my far off relatives in Hammerfell.

The Imperial looks at his list and frowns. The name Kelt is not there. He confers with his superior and the Breton gains a look of hope in his eyes. That is disintegrated when the captain decides to kill him anyway. The Imperial apologises and ensures that his remains will be sent to High Rock. The now empty eyes fill with a look a hatred as he walks to the execution area. One by one the heads of many Nords roll away from the block, until the only Nords left are the gagged one and three of his lackeys. Kelt is called to the block. The axe rises. Kelt swallows. A flame atronach appears in front of the block.
Chaos erupts.

The atronach torches the headsman as she realises that her master is in a fatal position. She takes time to glance upon him. His tongue is black, stained with ink. She realises that she was summoned via a scroll that was in his mouth. Disgusting. She realises that his hands are bound and she frees him. Imperials rush at them from all sides and she destroys them. After seeing a gesture from her master she frees the gagged man and his servants. They run into a guard tower and she kills the men inside. As she finds her soul fading back to Oblivion she takes a look at her pitiful master who is locking the door against the soldiers. She scans mentally for any magic skill. She finds only basic spells and the trace of many different scrolls. He was a scroll-mage. A fraud who calls themselves a sorcerer when their power comes from many different scrolls and staves. The most magical thing he had probably ever done was fill a soul gem with an enchanted weapon. She spirals back to the plains and leaves her master to fend for himself.

Kelt runs to a chest labelled "Prisoner Belongings". He grabs everything he can recognise. His steel sword, his scaled armour, elven shield, fur boots and gauntlets. He also grabs his many flame atronach scrolls and few soul gems. His plan had been excellent; keep a scroll in his mouth and swallow it when he needed it. To avoid talking say that he is mute. Then escape. The fact that the Nords had offered help benefitted the plan too. One Nord taps him on the shoulder.
"Yes Ralof?" He sighs.
"What happens now? We are severely outnumbered by enemies and trapped in this tower." Ralof points out. Kelt smiles and speaks.
"We find a way to the exit and escape. You go back to your stupid war. I find my accomplices, my treasure maps, hints and sources. I get valuable things through any means and eventually cross into Cyrodiil. Everything else either gets in the way or doesn't." Ralof mutters something about Talos under his breath; probably "Talos help me." and runs up the stairs onto the top floor. Kelt follows. Archers fire at them and Ralof returns fire. Kelt finds a scroll of Oakflesh and a few scrolls of Paralyze. Several archers fall to the ground, frozen. Ralof runs out of arrows and he runs downstairs. Kelt conjures his atronach again and it deals with the archers. Ralof returns with three books. Spell tomes of Fireball, Telekinesis and Greater Ward. Kelt is shocked by this.
"I thought Nords were like, the ultimate mage-haters." He declares.
"Some are," Ralof replies. Reading quickly. Soon the yellow and green books have disappeared and all that remains is the red one. "But not all hate magic. I am very good at it but I rarely use it."
"Stormcloaks normally don't like magic. The only magic that Ulfric doesn't cringe totally about is bound weapons. He was tortured during the great war and those who did it often burned him then froze him while healing him just enough to keep him alive. I try not to use it in front of him but at a time like this what else can I do?" Ralof explains. Finishing the red book. He casts Telekinesis and finds a bow for Kelt and many arrows for the both of them. He casts his Ward and the magical onslaught from the wizards is reduced. His Fireballs also help. At this point the atronach returns to Oblivion safely.
"There are some more books on those wizards downstairs if you want them. I only grabbed a few." Ralof offers. Kelt shakes his head and shows his bag of scrolls. Ralof frowns at his laziness and shoots an Ice Spike into the crowd below. Ralof stops and gapes at the sky. A black dragon descends on Helgen. Scattering the soldiers.
"This is our chance!" Kelt shouts. "Run!"

The dragon smashes its ugly head through the tower wall. Ralof smacks it on the nose with his axe and casts a Ward against its fire. the dragon leaves. Ulfric walks up the stairs with Kelt, who looks rather pleased with himself.
"I've told him that we need to stay and heal the wounded, but he should escape." Ulfric shouts, before returning to the others.
"Jump through here Kelt. Make your way to the keep. I will be waiting." Ralof says. Kelt nods.
"Here Nord, I found a few tomes for you." Kelt says as he brings out five books. Two green and three purple. "They are for Frost Atronach, Storm Atronach, Bound Bow, Ice Storm and Chain Lightning." Ralof takes them and thanks him. He notices that Kelt's scroll bag seems to be bulging and guesses that he got very lucky when searching the bodies of the wizards. Kelt turns to the hole and jumps.

The bed smashes under his weight and he grunts with the pain. He silently congratulates himself on convincing Ralof that he wasn't all bad. One less potential snitch. Maybe once Alima finds a Dead Thrall staff me and Ralof can become... reacquainted. He thinks to himself. But first I have to get out of this mess. Then I can think about finding artefacts and killing people to have as an un-dead servant. Kelt jumps down the stairs and sees the Imperial who was calling out names. He hears someone calling him Hadvar and decides to follow him to safety. He gets to the keep and finds Ralof there too. He ditches Hadvar and follows Ralof into the keep. Once inside he and Ralof have a short discussion on what to do next. They hear footsteps and duck away. Kelt draws his sword and grabs a scroll, hoping that the footsteps belong to someone friendly.
Or Hadvar.

The atronach appears next to her master and senses a hostile presence. She feels extremely worn out. It was not normal to be summoned for the first time, them again two minutes later, then again after five minutes. It really took it out of any atronach. She prepares a firebolt and two soldiers burst in. One female wearing heavy armour and one male wearing studded armour and no helmet. Letting his brown hair flow past his ears. She recognises him as the one by the execution block. The one that looked sick when she appeared and relieved when she killed the headsman. She hears her master whisper the word Hadvar and she wonders if that is his name. She shrugs mentally and throws the fire at the woman, who dies instantly. Her master has the man on the floor. The poor soul is begging with her master; presumably for his life. His master smiles and grabs a scroll of Soul Trap. He casts it and raises his sword above the chest of the man who is now looking at her with tears in his eyes. She wants to help him but she is loyal to her master. She shakes her head and the man closes his eyes. She watches as the sword pierces the man's chest and his soul is contained in a gem. At that very moment she fades back to Oblivion. Yet she is summoned again minutes later.
She fights soldiers, spiders and a bear. As her master runs out of the cave into the wilds of Skyrim, she notices that he had dropped a black soul gem. The one that has the man's soul in it. She picks it up and delves quickly into Oblivion. The soul shines brightly but has an aura of blue surrounding it. She destroys the aura and returns to Tamriel. The spirit of the man spouts from the broken gem. He smiles at her and mouths "Thank you". She nods and his soul races to the sky, heading to his resting place. She fades back to Oblivion with a joy in her fiery soul.

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