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'Almost 19 years since they've passed,' I thought sadly. I was brought out of my thoughts at the light from the portal that would take me to the Reikai; I shook my head and jumped in, my wings charmed and out of sight. I was instantly inside of Spirit World office,

"Nice!" I cheered quietly before sneaking around, stretching my senses to feel for the pendant. 'Perks of being a telepath,' I thought, 'I can easily find that pendant.' I envisioned it in a clear glass case, north of where I was. I grinned evilly, "Here I go." I snuck quietly as to not alert any guards of my presence. I made it to the vault it was being kept in, in no time. I used my thievery talents and broke into the vault, snatching the necklace quickly as the alarms went off. I set down my little note to Koenma before high-tailing it out of there and into the portal.

No one POV, with Koenma


"There was a note left for you sir," George handed him the white envelope. Koenma ripped it open, reading the contents and growing paler by each word.

"G-Get Y-Yusuke and the others, but DO NOT get Kurama," the prince ordered shakily. George nodded and went to inform Botan as Koenma read the note once more;

Dear Koenma,

It's been some time hasn't it? 18 years I believe yes? Anyways, I came here to see if the rumors were true, that you had it. You took my friend and the one I love so I'm taking this back,

You. Owe. Me.

Anyways, what's a little pendant to you? Why you even kept it is lost on me. Goodbye dear ruler, I'll probably see you soon!

The one and only,

Queen of Thieves

"This will not end well."


I flew back to Yoko's castle, having made it my home after they passed. I sighed happily as I got in, setting my cloak and the pendant down on my bed before quickly changing into some black sweatpants and a white shirt. When I turned around I saw that the pendant was glowing red. I walked over to it, picking it up. I smiled slightly, remembering my friends and my love,

"I miss you guys." I set it back down and laid on my bed, "Goodnight."

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