A.N.: Hey guys, this is Kittywizarrr and I need your, Yes, your help! I'm trying to write this story called Soul Creatures as you may already know, here's the full summary:

Summary: When a famous YouTube group called The Creature Hub are spending what seems to be a normal day together, they suddenly get set to another world, where some people can turn into weapons. As they try to figure out how to go home, they face witches, rivals, and evil gods known as kishin. But is the whole situation just an accident or something more?

A.N.: Yeah, I suck at summaries -_-. But I'm learning slowly. Sounds pretty good, right? In case you don't know who are apart of the creatures, they are: Danz Newz (Danz), ImmortalHD (Immortal), Kootra (Koots), Slyfoxhound (Slyfox, Sly), Sp00nerism (Sp00n), SSoHPKC (Seamus), UnberHaxorNova (Nova), and Ze Royal Viking (Ze). Yeah, just in case you didn't know who they are or which characters I will be using. I might use some non-creatures, but these are indeed the characters I'll be using. I will also have the original cast of Soul Eater like Maka, Soul, Death the Kid, etc. Next, because of my weird, creative mind, some of the creatures will be Weapons. Here's a list on who's a weapon and who's a meister.



Danz Newz







Ze Royal Viking

A.N.: I'm not sure what the Weapons should be able turn into, so that's your choice! Yes, you can choose what kind of weapon they will be. So that's cool. You can also choose which Weapon goes to which Meister, except Slyfox and Immortal. Their already a good team in real life, so if they get stuck in the Soul Eater world, they would easily match soul wavelengths :)! You can decide the others, though. I think I'll start a poll for who goes with who. Please review if you have any ideas for the characters or just the story itself. I think this story will be base off of your ideals so it'll be great if you guys help me out! Thanks and I'll see Ya'll in my writing.

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