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Chapter Three: And a Sound Body

None of the creatures were really sure on how to react. A couple of them looked very confused while the others, such as Sly, were shocked. However, Ze was just staring at the ground with his head still in pain. You can tell that by the way he held his head in his hands.

Aleks was the most surprised out of everyone else. He had no idea what or where the spike thing came from. Nor did he know that he was able to use it. It wasn't really a struggle on getting out of Black*Star's grip, so Aleks just slipped out.

Then suddenly, without him meaning to, Aleks began glowing with a blinding light. Though it was bright, Sly could tell that his friend began to shape into something else.

Oh sh*t, thought Sly, Is he… evolving? He knew that it was a stupid thing to think, but how was he supposed to know what the hell was happening.

Finally, the light began to fade, revealing that what Aleks turned into was…

"A SHOVEL?!" Everyone shouted in unison.

"What the hell?!" Aleks yelled, "Why the f*ck am I a shovel?!"

Even though this situation was supposed to be serious, Sly couldn't help but laugh.

"OH MY GOD!" Sly giggled, not able to stop for a breather, "I can't believe you actually turned into a shovel."

Sly picked up his friend and continued to laugh at his misfortune. Aleks' shovel blade had a thick coded diamond color to it, which shined from the street lamp. The handle had a dull dark-brownish color to it. Despite this, however, the whole shovel seemed to glow entrancingly. Though, this doesn't end Sly's contagious laugher.

"Hey Aleks, this is actually a good thing. Now, you can shovel a lot more sh*t about people!" Sly joked, now choking on every giggle he made.

"F*ck you!" Aleks yelled angrily, "Now how the hell do I turn back?"

"Ha, I knew it!" Black*Star remarked, "You are a Meister and Weapon!"

Sly raised an eyebrow, "Meister and Weapon? What do you mean by that?"

The blue haired show-off didn't answer his question. "Well, now I know who you truly are…" He paused so he could crack his fist, "I can easily destroy…"

"That's enough, Black*Star," a voice interrupted. The Creatures turned around to see that it was a young girl with tannish, pig tailed hair. Her eyes were light green and she wore black and red clothing. She held on to a huge and clunky-looking scythe that was the same color as her clothes.

She seemed to be very strict from her facial expression.

"Why the hell are you here, Maka?" Black*Star asked angrily, "This is my scene, not yours. How 'bout you go read a book or some crap like that."

"Stop complaining," spoken another voice. This time it was a male. The scythe held by the one known as Maka suddenly becomes a young man with white spiky hair and red eyes. He continued speaking, revealing his white, pointy teeth as he spoke, "These people aren't Kishin so you shouldn't just attack them… Am I right about that, Maka?"

Maka nodded, "Even though their souls are a bit different from others," she claimed, "Their still not Kishin."

"Wait, you're saying that you can see our souls?" Kootra questioned, "How?"

"Because I'm a Meister," Maka simply replied, "It's one of my techniques. By the way, this is my Weapon/partner, Soul." She gestured to the boy standing beside her.

Dan waved to Soul, "Um, hello."

"Sup," he responded.

Nova stepped in, "Well, this has been a nice (and disappointed) chat. But think we need to get going. C'mon, everyone."

"What the hell are doing, James?" whispered Kootra.

"Saving our asses from these crazy kids, Hoardan," Nova whispered back, pronouncing Kootra's name differently as usual, "You can thank me later."

"But what if these kids can help us? Hopefully, they know where we're at."

"Seriously guys! Can somebody PLEASE explain to me why I'm a shovel?!" Aleks yelled in the background, with Sly still holding on to him.

Before both Kootra and Aleks get a response, another person yet again appears. It was a young lady. Though, unlike the other three, she looked around her 20s and had a median sized bust. Her silky black hair went down as a pony tail and had two, calming blue eyes.

"There you are, Black*Star," the woman spoke out tiredly, but her voice was very smooth and calm. Ze could comment about how smooth it was if he didn't have a massive headache.

She then took her attention to the Creatures and walked up to them. "Hello there, my name is Tsubaki," she introduced herself, "What's yours?" she directed that question to Nova.

Even though he was a hot headed guy, he thought that Tsubaki was very relaxing. "Oh, it's James," he responded, "But you can call me Nova if you like. And these are my friends Dan, Hoardan, Ze, Sly, Aleks, and Sp00n." Nova pointed at each person as he said their names.

Tsubaki smiled, "Well, it's nice to meet, Nova and your friends." This made Nova grin, too.

"Yeah, isn't that a girl's name?" Black*Star asked in a sassy tone. Nova furiously swag his head to see the blue haired kid.

"Don't make me come over there to whoop that ass of yours!" he screamed.

"Oh, Black*Star," Tsubaki groaned sadly, "We're you bothering these poor people?"

"Yes, he was!" shouted Sly, "First of all, he attacked Kootra with no good reason! Secondly, he attacked me as I was trying to tell him that we were friendly! But he didn't even listen!"

"So, can we all agree that the verdict is guilty?" Sp00n queried, now in a Judge's uniform and held a gavel.

Aleks popped his head out of the blade of the shovel, "Sp00n, where the hell did you get that outfit?!"

"What the f*ck, how are you able to do that, Aleks?!" questioned Sly.

"I asked first!" Sp00n specified, pointing his gavel at the two best friends.

Tsubaki leaned down and made a sort of bow, "I'm very sorry for this happening," she apologized, "You see, Black*Star can be a bit… Misunderstanding sometimes."

"Oh please!" Black*Star said bravely and cockily, "They started it, first."

"You know, I think I had enough of your sh*t!" yelled Nova once again, charging at Black*Star.

But as he charged, his right arm unexpectedly became a katana's razorblade. This left everyone (mainly the Creatures) very surprised. However, Nova didn't notice because he was focused on trying to kill Black*Star.

It also left the group on a rampage attempting to calm down Nova, which wasn't easy to manage because of his hot headedness. Leaving Maka and Soul (and Ze) standing in the dust.

)( )( )(

"This is so uncool," Soul admitted.

Maka sighed and agreed, "Same here." She then took another look at the men's soul. Each one was different. For example, one was hyper and energetic and another seemed to have raging issues (A.N.: Hopefully, you know who I'm talking bout. XD). But there was one soul Maka had trouble reading, which belonged to the one known as Sp00n.

I wonder how they all got here? Maka pondered.

"Hey, where the hell is Kidd at? Shouldn't he be here?" asked Soul.

Kootra: Meanwhile! Cats Meow!

"C'mon, Kidd," Liz impatiently groaned, "We need to see where that weird meteor landed."

Her little sister, Patty, jumped up and down like a child. "Yeah, Kidd, let's go, let's go, let's GO! Please!" she then released her blue puppy eyes, showing how much she wants to go.

Unfortunately, Death the kid shook his head. "We can't," he said, "Not until everything is perfectly symmetrical."

After the blue meteorite thing fell, it made all of Kidd's furniture, especially the paintings, go slightly asymmetrical. Because of his OCD, this is something that bothers Kidd the most.

"You jerk!" Patty cried, "You're no fun!"

Liz sighed, "Good job, Kidd. Now you made Patty cry. You know, why are you so in to symmetry so much if your hair isn't symmetrical at… Oops."

Kidd suddenly goes into a meltdown.

"You're right!" he cried like a baby, slamming his fist on the ground, "I'm complete garbage! ASYMMETRICAL GARBAGE! I should just die! I failed at everything! How can I be a Grim Reaper if I get defeated by my own looks?!" he continued to put himself down because of the three, uneven lines in his hair.

"And here we go again…" Liz sighed, which was interrupted by Patty's endless snickers.

Kootra: Back to our Heroes! Cats Meow! Meow meow meow meow meow!

"James, stop it!" Kootra commanded, holding back his friend from trying to kill Black*Star.

Novas, exhausted from his wasted energy, stopped struggling to rest and finally notice his arm. "What the f*ck?! Why is this… What the hell?!" he stumbled on his words. Like Aleks, he accidently turns into a katana, handles and all. Luckily, Kootra was able to chase before he hit the ground.

"Serious guys, knock it off!" Kootra yelled aggressively, getting everyone's attention, "Why is everyone fighting each other so much? Can't we all just get along and…" He was interrupted by a strange feeling in his gut.

It felt like his stomach just exploded. Kootra swigged his head to see the fountain… And that's where he saw it.

A purple orb seemed to float in the middle of the fountain. It's background was completely black, or so it seemed to Koots, and it was getting brighter every second.

Sly tilted his head, "What's wrong, Kootra?"

"Was there something we missed?" asked Seamus.

"He can see it to…" Maka said wisely.

But before the Creatures could ask what she met, the fountain began to burst open! Though most of the people were blinded by the amount of water in their faces, Kootra still saw the orb rising up from the earth.

"It's a witch…" finished Maka.

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