Scott, Stiles, Allison and Scott's Cousin Mike, whom Scott had accidently turned to a werewolf during the supermoon, were on their way back from a trip to a lake to christen Scott's 67 Mustang that he had just finished restoring. It had been a project that he and his Dad had planned to work on just before the divorce. It was about the only time they got along when they were working on it. Unfortunately it ended up sitting in the garage for a while with very little work being done on it, mainly because Scott couldn't get it to run, until now. He actually ended up getting help from the twins. Ethan and Aiden, to finally finish it.

As they were driving back Scott had gotten lost as he had gotten lost in his thoughts about the night he had turned Mike.

It was the night of June 23 2013 it was what everyone was calling a supermoon, which meant the earth was closer to the earth then normal. For Scott, Isaac, Derek and Cora that meant that not shifting would be harder to control. They had planned to meet in a clearing in the nature preserve near the old hale house to stay away from others. Things got complicated for Scott as his 14 year old cousin Mike was staying with them well his parents went away on their second honeymoon. Mike like Scott was an only child and the two of them were always fairly close to each other when they meet up. In fact the only thing Scott had never told him was that he was a wear wolf. Mike had actually mentioned to Scott that he had heard some stories about their being wear wolves in Beacon Hills. Scott casually questioned him about it and figured that he had just heard the legend of the Hale family and told him that it wasn't true.

Later that night after Scott had slipped out of the house well Mike was sleeping. Mike had gotten up to use the washroom, he knew that his Aunt Mellissa was working late and he also figured that Scott was asleep too. From the open window in the bathroom he heard a low sounding howl, at first he thought it was dog but he hadn't ever heard one howl like that before. Something almost beckoned him to come out of the house and head out into the nature preserve and he didn't know why. It was after midnight as he glanced up at the clock on the wall in the kitchen, he had also noticed that Scott wasn't anywhere to be found. He wondered if what ever made that sound Scott had gone to go investigate it. Mike was a little sacred at first as he was only 4 feet 4 inches tall, he had been born as an achondroplastic dwarf, and most things in the world were bigger than him. Again something in the back of his mind beckoned him to search out what had made the sound. As he stepped off the back deck he heard it again this time he heard something else answerer it, again he couldn't really tell what it was and he was drawn into the woods. As he came towards a clearing he saw four creatures and one of them charged towards him. Before he could do anything Mike was on the ground and the creature had taken a bite out of him. He could feel blood flowing from his abdomen and his side hurt like Hell he tried to get away but the creature was too strong for him. Just then he heard a cell phone ring.

A familiar voice answered it and said "Hey mum, what are you calling me for?'

The creature who had attacked Mike got off of him and continued to talk on the phone, during the phone call Mike began to regain some consciousness and he could hear the voice of his Aunt Melissa in the phone telling Scott that she couldn't reach Mike on his phone or at home as his parents just got brought into the ER. The creature turned and looked at Mike who was both paralyzed with fear and his side still hurt like hell. He then heard Scott's voice and said "Mom I'll cal you back when I find him."

The creature then shifted back to its own form dropped to his knees and grabbed Mike in his arms and started to cry and said "Oh God, Mike I'm so sorry." He put his hand on to Mikes side were there was still some blood but he could feel it closing he also felt some of Mike's pain, it was a lot like when he had been bitten by Peter.

Mike looked Scott in the eyes and said "what happened, why did you bite me?"

Scott looked at him and wiped the tears from his eyes and said "I'm sorry I saw movement and reacted. I hope you can forgive me for cursing you like this."

Mike Looked at him and said "what do you mean by cursed me?"

Scott then said "I'm a wear wolf."

Mike then looked at him and said "cool so does that mean I'm turning in to one as well?"

Scott said "most likely" as Derek, Isaac and Cora came over.

Derek looked at Mike and then to Scott and said "congratulations it looks like you have a beta."

Scott then asked Mike if he could stand Mike slowly got to his feet with some help from Scott his would had mostly healed and the bleeding had stopped. Scott looked him in the eye pulled him into a hug and said "I just got a phone call from my mom and she said your parents just got brought into the ER."

Mike said "I know I heard her on your phone call, I didn't mean to eves drop I just started hearing it."

Scott said "it's Ok; don't be sorry that's part of being a wear wolf hear things you can't hear normally, smelling things you can't smell normally."

Scott then said "first we need to get you back to the house and cleaned up then we need to get to the hospital and find out about your parents." Scott bent down and Mike climbed onto his back as he was still too sore to walk.

Once they got back to the house Scott took him into the bathroom to clean Mike up. He noticed that the wound had closed up quickly. Scott commented "looks like you heal fast."

Mike looked at him with a gold colour to his eyes which confirmed to Scott that his cousin was now a werewolf. He was now binging to dread how he was going to explain it to his mom. After they had cleaned the blood off of Mike went to the guest bedroom he was staying in and grabbed a clean shirt and pair of shorts Scott also grabbed a clean shirt as the one he was wearing had some of Mikes blood on it. Once they had both changed they took Scott's bike.

When they arrived at the Hospital Mellissa meet them and took them into one of the private family rooms to wait for more info from the Doctors who were treating Mikes parents. She noticed that the two boys seemed quit and kept glancing at each other. She then said "what's going on with you two, when I called the house and then Mike's phone I didn't get an answer?"

Mike then looked at her with tears in his eyes and said "Aunt Mellissa I got p to go to the bathroom and heard a noise and went outside to see what it was and then followed it to a clearing in the woods."

Scott the nervously looked at his mom with his head down and his face in his hands and said " I kind of bit him and turned him"

Mellissa looked at him and said "you did what?"

Mike then said "Scott made me into a werewolf see" as he said the last part he shifted his hand into a pair of claws.

Scott turned to him and said "Mike lesson one in control don't pull out your claws unless you need too."

Mike then looked at him and said "sorry Scott." Scott then told him how to relax to retract them. Mellissa well still angry at Scott was proud of him at the same time as how good he seemed to be at teaching Mike what to do. A few minutes later the Doctors came in and had some grim news Mike's parents were dead. They also brought in someone from social services that said normally in this case they would put someone Mikes age in a foster home but since Mellissa was a living relative she could take him in if she wanted. Given that she knew the events that had happed she really had no choice.

Over the next couple of weeks Mellissa got used to having two teenage werewolves in the house and she had eventually gotten the paperwork together to adopt Mike.

Scott was thinking about it as he missed the exit and countered down the smaller highway, it got to a point where couldn't figure out where they were, at the same time he didn't want to admit he was lost and now he was getting hungry. Since Scott had become a werewolf he was almost always hungry add being lost to the equation he was starting to get a little upset. As they passed by a sign for a town called Pleasantville that had a sign advertising some place called the chicken bucket. As Scott pulled of the highway Stiles turned to him and said "you're either lost or hungry right?"

Scott laughed and said "both actually and there's some sort of chicken place around here."

Alison looked at him from the back seat and just said "I don't know which is worse you lost or hungry."

Stiles then turned to her and said "the combo of the two actually makes the situation worse; the only thing that could make it worse would be Scott lost, hungry and taking prednisone, you got to watch out for that combo."

Scott then said "nah a worse combo is Hungry, Lost, and werewolf on a full moon Scott on prednisone."

Stiles and Allison laughed at that, Allison then said "you win" as she remembered back to the time last winter when she used some lavender scented massage oil on Scott, that unknown to them her mum had laced with wolfs bane. It actually made him have a fairly bad asthma attack and her and Stiles ended up taking him to the ER. Well Scott was getting better and his werewolf immune system was fighting off the asthma attack he ended up getting bronchitis so his doctor put him on prednisone which is a steroid used to help treat his bronchitis. The results of that hadn't been fun for anyone even Derek had a hard time controlling Scott during the full moon. It wasn't that Scott was going after anyone he was just extremely aggressive when he shifted during the full moon.

Scott easily found the Chicken Bucket and pulled into the parking lot, he parked as far away from any other cars as he could get, as he didn't want his baby to get starched by some careless person opening their door. They then walked over to the Chicken Bucket; Scott looked at the menu board and placed an order for six chicken sandwiches. Mike also got five chicken sandwiches. The others just ordered some fries and drinks as they weren't as hungry as Scott. When they picked up their order the person behind the counter commented to Scott "someone must be hungry, any of you related to Tommy Dawkins?"

Scott told her no, at the same time the name sounded familiar to him, but he couldn't remember where. When they all sat down Scott mentioned it to Stiles since the two of them had known each other since kindergarten. Stiles said that it sounded familiar too but couldn't remember where either.

At that same moment Scott could feel the presence of another werewolf, something started to tingle in the hairs on the back of his neck. It wasn't the same as when he was around the Alpha pack, nor was it the same as he felt around Derek or Isaac or even Cora or even Mike. It was different somehow he couldn't explain it. Mike seemed to notice it too.