It was now nearing the end of July a couple of weeks had passed since Scott, Mike, Stiles and Alison had made an impromptu visit to Pleasantville and met up with Tommy, Merton and Lori. They had all gotten texts from them asking if they could come and visit as things were pretty quite there and also things in Beacon Hills were quite too.

They had arranged for them to meet at Scott's house, and maybe see if they could go and visit the rest of the pack. Just as they were discussing when they would arrive Scott got a call from Tommy saying" Hey Scott it's Tommy were about five minutes away the only thing is Merton's GPS is having a little trouble finding your house."

Scott replied back "yeah that's normal as Beacon Hills is a little bit odd; as long as you have the street you'll find my house it right at the end of the street,"

About 2 minutes later a black hurse drove up and parked in the drive way next to Stiles' Jeep. Stiles commented "looks like they came in the hurse."

Just as he said it Merton, Tommy and Lori stepped out of it, Merton looked around and said "so this is California, it's beautiful."

Scott looked over at the, and said "actually you're in Nevada, the border between California and Nevada is just at the end of the last two houses before this one, which is why GPS acts kind of funny finding this place."

Allison turned to Scott and said "I never knew your house was in Nevada."

Scott turned to her and said "you never asked. However the only part of this part of town that's actually under Nevada's jurisdiction is the nature preserve behind the backyard. California has a say over our house and my mom votes in California."

Tommy turned to him and said "your house backs onto a nature preserve, wow that must be a great place to go during the full moon?"

Scott nodded and said "yeah it has its benefits' for that if I just can't control it when that happens."

Tommy looked at him and said "I'm still working on that the tips you gave me are helping a lot."

Scott said "That's good just remember all you need is a solid anchor to your human side."

Merton looked at him and sad, "now why didn't I think of that?"

Scott said "it's something I learned from Derek, who was born a werewolf."

Tommy then said "like I said when we meat for the first time the only other werewolves I've meet are evil."

Scott looked at him and said "yeah, I remember that I guess it must have been hard for you not to have any other werewolves you can turn too."

Before they went in Stiles introduced Malia to them and told them a bit about her and how she had spent eight years of her life as a coyote.

The seven of them went into the house where Scott gave the new comers the grand tour. After showing them his and Mike's bedroom and the bathrooms, his mom's room and Isaac, Logan and the twin's rooms he took them back down to the kitchen. Merton then asked "so where's you lair, in the basement or something?"

Scott looked at him and said "sorry to burst your bubble on that one there's not much of a basement here it's more of a crawl space except for the utility room as were in Nevada there's no frost line so we don't need to have deep basements."

Stiles looked at Scott and said "Dude for the first time in your life you give an actual intelligent response to a question and it's about basements?"

Merton looked at Stiles and said "so Scott's a little slow on the uptake, it must be a werewolf thing as Tommy's the same way."

Scott and Tommy looked at him and said "hey I resent that comment" The two of them turned to each other and laughed as they slapped paws, yes they let one of their hands turn in to a werewolf paw.

Scott then turned to everyone and said "so who's hungry for lunch?'

Tommy looked at him and said "what are we having I'm starved?"

Scott turned to him and said "I got some chicken we can grill up."

Tommy turned to him and said "I take mine rare."

Scott looked at him and said "rare chicken, seriously? I don't even think Derek eats it like that."

Tommy looked at him and said "what you've never tried it?"

They all tuned to look at Scott who looked kind of uncomfortable as everyone was staring at him, he looked back at him and said "not really I've never had a craving for anything rare other then steak; even then I'm still kind of a medium rare kind of guy. I just don't really like the taste of rare meet; it kind of grosses me out."

Tommy shrugged and said "hey who am I to judge other werewolves tastes."

Scott went out back with Tommy and the lit the barbeque; well it was heating up the two of them talked about themselves. Well they were doing that Tommy noticed how much Chicken Scott had out and said "man that looks like enough to feed a small army."

Scott replied "yup, counting you and me we have nine werewolves and a werecoyote. Plus Allison, Stiles, Mason, Lydia and Danny are coming over too. "

Tommy then said "wait you said nine werewolves including us."

Scott nodded and said "yeah Mike, Isaac, Logan, Liam, Jeff and the twins are out grabbing some things at the store."

Just after he had said that they could hear car doors slamming. Scott then said "Lidia and Danny are here."

Tommy asked "are they related to each other?"

Scott shock his head no and said "nah Danny's house is on Lidia's way here. She just gave him a lift. There dating the Twins though."

The two of them came out of the house after meeting Lori and Merton inside. Scott then introduced them to Tommy. Just as Scott was finishing his introductions there was the sound of the doors of another car slamming, accompanied by the sound of motorcycles arriving.

Scott then said sounds like "Logan, Jeff, Mike, Isaac, Liam and the twins are back from shopping."

Stiles came out of the house and said "you should probably introduce the twins and Isaac to Tommy and his pack before they decided to attack and ask questions later."

Tommy tuned to Scott and said "he's joking right."

Scott said "yeah a little Ethan and Aiden are a little more aggressive."

Mike came up to Scott first and hugged him before putting his hand out to Tommy. Isaac gave Tommy an odd look until Scott introduced him.

Scott also introduced them to Jeff, Logan and Liam and Masson who had also gone with them.

The twins were a different story they came in and dropped the shopping bags they had unloaded from the car before going to Lydia and Danny. They then turned to Tommy and growled at him as they sensed that not only was he a werewolf but an Alpha. They did let their guard down once Scott introduced Tommy to them. Tommy then introduced Merton and Lori to the rest of Scott's pack.

Merton then said "so how do you tell the twins apart, as I take it they are identical right?"

Aiden replied "where semi Identical, mostly everyone in the pack can tell us apart from our sent."

Ethan then said "yeah it's not like we stand naked in front of each other and see what's different from each other. However there are some differences between us. Other then I'm gay and he's straight."

Aiden looked at his brother sort of saying what are you talking about? Ethan then said "for one Aidan's about an inch taller than me and is left handed well I'm right handed."

Aiden then said "wait we have different dominant hands? I've never noticed that before."

Ethan then grabbed an orange and threw it at his brother who caught it locked at him and said "why did you do that."

Ethan then said "to prove my point now throw it back to me." Aiden threw it back to him and noticed he did it with his left hand and said "wow I do use my left hand more than my right."

Ethan then said "although the odd thing is when we do homework for each other we use the same hand that the other one would use."

Merton then said "wait you do each other's homework?"

Aiden replied "yeah I do his math he does English for me."

Tommy then said to Merton "Do you think Tim and Travis are like that?"

Merton replied "I doubt it; I think they might only share one brain cell between the two of them."

Ethan then said "it's not that common among twins for one to be the mirror image of the other. It's something that kind of just happens. As for the brain sharing thing it's more like a psychic bond sort of thing."

Just then Danny, Lydia and Stiles came in, Stiles turned to Scott and said "chickens on the grill. I put some aside for Tommy cause he likes it rare."

Aiden and Ethan looked at each other and shock their heads no before saying together "ok now that's weird we haven't come across any werewolves that like rare chicken before."

Tommy then said "I guess I must be the odd one out."

Ethan then said "hey everyone has their odd little things. For example I'm 7 minutes older than Aiden but we don't share the same birthday."

Everyone in the room other then the members of Scott's pack had look of confusion on their face as they already knew that about their pack mates. They both reached into their back pockets and pulled out their drivers licences. Aidan had his in his left hand and Ethan had his in his right. Ethan's had the date of July 31st on it and said he was 5 foot 10 inches; well Aidan's had the date of August 1st and said he was 6 foot even.

Merton then said "interesting. So do you guys ever sleep with each other?"

Aidan replied "yeah but not in a sexual way. We just like to have each other's company, plus Ethan has some issues that only I can deal with."

Ethan then said "it's hard sometimes for me to be away from Aiden, it's complicated."

Scott and the rest of the pack knew the reasons why, and they also knew that Ethan didn't always want to share them with everyone he met. Ethan then said "I just don't want to talk about it right now. By the way I think someone should check on the chicken."

Scott and Ethan went out to do that well Lori ended up asking Aiden who the dominant twin was? Aiden thought about it for a second and said "it kind of varies, mostly it's me now, when we were young Ethan would take charge more often being the oldest. Like he said before it's complicated."

Well they were waiting for Scott and Ethan to finish cooking the chicken the others got the paper plates and salads that Logan, Jeff, Isaac, Liam, Mike and the twins had bought earlier. Once that was done and the chicken was ready they all sat down to eat.

Well they were having lunch Derek called to find out how many steaks he needed to get for dinner at his place that night. He told them he was figuring about three steaks per werewolf and only one or two for the humans. Scott and Tommy had a good laugh at that when Merton said "wow that's a lot of meat"

Stiles then said "well considering will have 11 werewolves, a werecoyote and 6 humans that should just about cover us. Besides look at how much chicken the 10 of them just ate."

Merton then added "good point werewolves always seem to be hungry."

Stiles replied "yeah I'm almost tempted sometimes to carry a bag of snacks around with me."

Masson then added "I usually carry some with me cause Liam is always constantly hungry sometimes."

Liam looked up and said "I am not I just like to sank between meals."

Ethan then said "it's mainly because he's still young and only hit puberty about a year or so ago."

Merton then said "so puberty affects you being a werewolf?"

Jeff then said "yeah born werewolves don't start fully shifting until we reach puberty and bitten ones don't fully mutterer as one until after puberty."

Merton then said "that's really interesting."

Jeff said "yeah it can be going through your first werewolf changes well your body's changing can be pretty hard though. That's one of the big reasons why I still trip over my own feet sometimes."

Merton laughed at that as Jeff said "it's kind of funny but I've got big feet and I'm 6 foot 6, I had a lot of growth spurts well I was young and never really got used to a height until I was like 19 and had stopped growing."

After Lunch they went on a tour of Beacon Hills. Scott, Mike, Tommy, Allison and Lori went in Scott's 1967 Mustang Well Merton and stiles went in the hurse as Merton refused to leave it behind. The twins fallowed on their motorcycles. The others went in Jeff's, Logan's and Lydia's cars.

There first stop was the police station to introduce them to Stiles dad, after that they made a stop at the vets office. Merton was fascinated by Dr Deaton and learned a lot about werewolves from him. Tommy who had never been exposed to Mountain Ash found it to be an odd experience. Scott and Dr Deaton told him how it controls the supernatural and keeps werewolves at bay.

Since the Hospital where Scott's mom worked wasn't too far from the Vets they left the cars there, so that and they didn't think parking a hurse by a hospital was such as good idea. They paid a quick visit with Melissa well she was on her break, she was amazed about Tommy and how he was an alpha and had never turned anyone intentionally to make them part of his pack.

Next they passed by the high school on their way to a house out in the woods.

Authors note the birth dates I gave for the twins are based off of the birth dates of the Carver Twins who play them in the show, as is the other info on their differences. Just a minor tweak on the heights of the twins based on a random google search. A few more changes to reflect what happened in my other stories that this links to.