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Inner Moka

Enjerikku Chieno

Chapter One: How do I know if this is NORMAL?!

My name is Tsukune Aono, and I'm a demon weapon. I was enrolled at the Death Weapon Mister Acadamey, or the DWMA. Right now I'm on a bus to my new school. Since the DWMA was nearly destroyed in the fight against the Kishen and Arachnai's forces, some of the demon weapons and miesters were sent to different locations to monitor the extent of the madness wavelength as a way to keep us students occupied. Some miesters and death weapons were placed in schools in different countries. But I wasn't sent to any country, but to a different world.

I was sent to the monster world to monitor to see if there was any repercussions of the Kishen's madness wavelength. Lord Death thought it would be a good idea to keep an eye on the monsters, or Yokai. They are extremely powerful, and if one was to succumb to the madness there would be grave consequences. Lord Death entrusted this task to me for a reason, I'm part witch. Because of this I have the ability to use some magic, but what makes me so special is that I can use magic without a wand. Most don't know about me being part witch, so far only Lord Death, Soul and Maka know. I still can't believe I'm going to a school for monsters.


"Hey there, I'm glad you were able to come to talk with me about this situation Tsukune." said Lord Death with his kid like voice, one of his most unique characteristics.

"Well I can't really say no to one of the people who helped turn my life around." I said, as I unconsciously rubbed the back of his head. I was called to meet Lord Death to discuss something really important. When I arrived he offered me a seat and some tea. It seemed weird at the moment, but I gratefully accepted.

"Do you know the nature of this meeting?" Lord Death asked me after a couple of sips.

"No, not really, but if I had to guess from all the students who have been leaving, you are closing the school temporarily." inquired Tsukune. There has been a lot of students packing as if for a long absence I thought.

"While that is true, they are not only leaving due to the school's need of renovations, they have also been given many tasks." at this Death (A/N let's just call him Death as I am getting tired of calling him Lord) allowed Tsukune to absorb the information.

"What kind of tasks, Lord Death?"

"Well, Tsukune, some of these task range from scouting for new weapons and miesters, to keeping an eye out for witch activity, and keeping an eye out for any effects of the Kishen's wavelength." again Death allowed Tsukune to think over the information.

"So is that why I am here? To go and monitor for any long term effects of the madness wavelength." I said as a statement rather than a question.

"Yes it is, but where you're going is really special. It is a school for monsters. You see not all monsters from mythology are fake. This school has a special goal which I find important. Its goal is to help monsters coexist with humans. This includes witches, or those witches who choose not to be evil and only wish to live peacefully, unlike Medusa."

I knew why he didn't mention Arachnae. "So, why me?" Like I have to ask.

"You being one of the only weapons who can fight without the need for miester. This means I don't have to send two students, and that the fact that any human who is discovered is sentenced to death. If that was the case I would have no power to save them. But with you being able to fight alone and that you can change into a weapon allows you to easily prove you are not human." Death stated.

"So where is this school?" I asked. To think I'm going to such a school, where would it even be located? "The means of entering the dimension it resides in is in multiple locations, but you will be entering from a portal in Japan." he paused taking a moment to sip his tea. At this time I made two discoveries 1) How does he drink his tea if he has a mask on with no mouth hole, and 2) How am I gonna understand anyone!?

After nearly choking on my tea I screamed out "How am I going to be able to understand anyone, or even write?! I don't know Japanese!"

Reverting to his original, scary as hell voice, Death said "CALM DOWN THIS INSTANCE!" At that point I was crying on the inside, wishing for a painless death. "I have the means of making you able to speak and write Japanese fluently." He said returning to his kid like voice again. How does he do that? Picking up a box from the floor and handing it to me, he said "These ear buds and cufflinks will allow you to speak and write fluently in any know language. All you have to do is put them on and think of the language in which you wish to read or write in and you will. Go ahead and try them, the ear buds allow you to understand any language said and speak in that language."

They had a skull, much like Death's mask on the face of the buds and cufflinks. So after I put the ear buds in Death said something that sound like Japanese.

"What?" I asked sounding as confused as a person in my situation should.

"Oh, silly me. I forgot, they run on magic, so you will have to imbue them with some of your own for them." Death told me.

I sweat dropped remembering what little training in magic I had. So I asked, "And how in the world am I to do that? I really wasn't taught how to use my magic so far as simple defensive and offensive spells."

Death sighed, "Try focusing your magic over the outside of the ear bud, same goes for the cufflinks, into a glyph. Depending on the witch the glyph will be different, like how Medusa's magic manifested into snakes. Attach the glyph to the ear bud. Over time the glyph will dissipate, for right now imbue it with a little of your magic, too much and you'll weaken yourself."

So doing what Death told me I focused my magic out of my hands, like if I was placing a rune. When I was done a glowing blue gear was attached to the bud with a bolt. "Interesting, a gear and bolt. Different from what I suspected, I thought it would be an insect of some sort. I haven't seen that in a while. Interesting in deed." I wonder if he can live up to the old user of those glyphs, wondered Death. "How is Enjerikku Chieno doing, has he recovered from being nearly killed." asked Death.

"He still won't come out, he hardly talks either. If he does its either in cryptic riddles or proverbs. He still helps though when I need him in a fight." Tsukune says in a rejected tone.

"Oh well, he'll get better sooner or later. So how has Kid been..."

*End of Flashback*

What broke me from my focus was the creepy-ass bus driver had said something. "Sorry, what did you say?" I asked.

"I asked if you were going to Yokai Academy."

Oh yeah, that's the name of the school Death is sending me to. "Yeah." I said, a bit creeped out since I was the only one on the bus.

"Well kid, if I were you I'd be careful. Yokai Academy is a very scary place." he said as we stopped.

"Well, I think I've seen scarier." I said as I got off I heard him chuckle out "Sure you have."

As the bus pulled off, I took the time to observe my surroundings. There was the tunnel the bus came from behind me, a pumpkin headed scarecrow and a cliff to a blood red sea to my right, a scary dead looking forest to my left, and a forested graveyard and a would-be Haunted Mansion in front of me. 'That must be the school.' 'No duh, Shitlock Holmes.' 'You grace me with your presence finally. What took you, and whats with the hurtful language?' 'There is still some Ragnarok floating in your blood. I've been trying to get rid of it. It's been effecting me.' 'Well I hope you get it all out. With Ragnarok still in me I'm also affected. He's giving me perverted thoughts.'

After a few seconds of our discussion, I noticed school would be starting soon so I started off. 'What do you mean? You've always had perverted thoughts.' 'Okay maybe a bit, but not as much compared to right now.' 'Crona has Ragnarok in him, and does he have perverted thoughts, no.' 'Well still, he's, well, Crona.' 'Yeah, yeah, yeah. Excuses, excuses, it's all you are.' I then heard a strange squeaking noise. 'Do you know what that is?' 'I don't know, use your soul perception.' I focused till I could sense my and Enjerikku's souls. There seemed to be a pinkish soul and a silver soul so close it was as though they shared the same body, yet the silver-ish one looked suppressed. Not that it was not impossible. They had what looked like bat wings and fangs. 'Oh it's just two people heading our way.'

"Hey look out!" shouted an obviously female voice.

"What?" I said as I turn toward the owner of the voice as what I think was a bike tire collided with my face. I and the rider were both thrown in the same direction. As I tried to get up my hand landed on something soft, so I curiously squeezed my hand. I heard a squeak, I turned toward the origin and found myself with the cutest girl I've ever seen. She had bubblegum pink hair, beautiful alabaster skin, and the greenest eyes I've ever seen. 'Yo, Romeo look at where your hand is.' 'Huh?' I looked down at my hand and blushed, my hand was on her thigh.

If Enjerikku wasn't part of my blood, I would had a nose bleed. I jumped back spurting out, "I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to touch your thigh. I'm not some pervert!" 'Think again.' 'Shut up!' 'Just stating the facts.' 'We'll talk about this later!' I turned my attention back to the girl, she seemed to have regained so sense.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to hit you with my bike. I have anemia and I got a little dizzy." she said with a voice that would put angels to shame.

"No, it was my fault. I was just standing there." I quickly apologized.

"Oh no, you're hurt." she said pointing at my cheek, which must had been scratch when I face planted.

"Oh, I'm okay. It's just a scratch." as I lifted my hand to assess the damage she stopped my hand and shook her head.

"No. It's my fault you're hurt." She then took out a handkerchief and licked it, and then wiped the scraped clean. When she was done she stopped breathing mid breath. "I'm sorry, that scent so.." she stopped mid-sentence and leaned forward over me. "I'm sorry. It's 'cause, I'm a vampire." she said before she flashed her fangs before plunging her fangs into his neck.

'SHIT! Harden the blood. If she drinks it she could succumb to madness.' 'Already on it, Shitlock Romeo Holmes!' I felt my blood stiffen in my neck, but still doing its job at keeping me alive. I felt her try to suck some more blood, but couldn't. She pulled away and pouted.

"Meanie, why can't I suck your blood?" she said rather childish. Then Enjerikku, the black and crimson blood demon, burst forth from my back. Enjerikku has a black body, bandages around where his eyes used to be, a halo held up on two horns, studs on his shoulders and forearms, gauntlets, blocky hands, dragon-like wings, armor like plates on his chest, and shifting diagonal stripes of crimson across his entire body.

"What the Hell was that for? You trying to kill me?" He yelled at the poor girl.

"Wh-what are you?" she asked.

"It's who, not what, and I'm Enjerikku Chieno, and this," pointing down to my head, "is Tsukune Aono. Who the hell are you?"

"I'm Moka Akashiya, and like I said, I'm vampire. I'm sorry Tsukune's blood just tasted so delicious. Even though I was only able to get some of the crust, it still tasted so good." Moka said.

"What do I look like to you food?"

"Wh-what? What do you mean? I was talking about Tsukune's blood. What are you anyway?" She asked curiously.

"I am his blood you stupid bitch!" This earned a Moka on the verge of crying.

"What the fuck was that for Enjerikku? She said she was sorry," turning to Moka I said, "Sorry, he hasn't been himself lately. He nearly died at the hands of his 'brother'. He still is sorta under the influence of his brother. He sorta got a bit corrupted from our battle with him." This earned a not so teary eyed Moka.

"Can you make him apologize?" she asked childishly. "Enjerikku apologize to Akashiya-san now. If you don't I'll tell Maka that you made a girl cry." I said smiling evilly.

"Why the hell would you mention that girl. And I didn't make her cry Shitlock Holmes." he shouted at me.

"Which one of us would you think Maka will believe me, or you?" I said slyly.

"Fuck you, you heartless bastard." He yelled back at me.

"If I didn't have a heart you would be dead."

"You know what I mean. I'll apologize." he said defeated. After a while I noticed he wasn't talking.

"Aren't you going to apologize to Ms. Akashiya-san?" I asked angrily.

"Right after you grope her boobs." he said maniacally. This made both me and Moka blush.

"WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU SAY THAT? YOU FUCKING PERVERTED BASTARD!" I screamed putting him in a headlock. He then hardened the blood in my arm and hand and force it to move up and forward. He then forced my hand onto Moka's breast and made clench, making Moka squeak and turn crimson.

"And you called me a pervert." He said with a deadpan look and an accusing voice.

"THAT WAS YOU, YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE OF BLOOD DEMON! IF I DIDN'T NEED YOU, I WOULD KILL YOU! I'm sorry Moka, he is in my blood, so he can sometimes can take control of my body parts. It's extremely annoying at times." I then notice that she is laughing at us, sometime after I released my hand.


"You guys argue like siblings. I just couldn't help it, you were just too funny." Moka said.

"Well I'm glad that you are feel a lot better. Let's get going to school." I said helping her up.

"Um, Tsukune how do you feel about my kind, you know vampires." she asked nervously while turning a heel and looking at the ground. "I haven't really met any real vampires.' 'I don't think Mosquito really counts as a Vampire' "So I'm really not prejudice against them, but I guess there pretty unique and cool." I answered.

"That's good, maybe we could be friends," Moka said happily, "I haven't really had a friend before." she then added sadly.

"I would like to be your friend." I said back with a smile. She then tackled me to the ground,

"That would be great Tsukune. I hope we become great friends." she said ecstatically.

"Yo, Romeo and Juliet, I think we need to get going now, the welcoming ceremony will start soon." Enjerikku smartly stated.

"Who's Romeo and Juliet?" Moka asked innocently.

"Oh there no one special, just some old characters from an English play." I said knowing what Enjerikku meant. "Let's go then!" she said happily. She grabbed my hand and started to pull me up to start back off to school. "Let's try to meet up after the entrance ceremony." she said as we neared the school gates.

"Okay, guess." I said as she left to go find a seat. "Will you quit with the comments!" I said to Enjerikku.

"What do you mean, I was just voicing my opinions." he said in a mock tone.

"One of those comments she might understand." I spat back at him.

"I'm going back in to sleep. Everyone is starring at me." he said as he retreated back into my blood stream.

"Good, to think I might get to recover some of my sanity." I said sounding tired.

"We can't have that happening now, can we?"

"Well, it would be nice to, but it doesn't seem like it. I'm starting to feel like multiple people are silently wishing for my death."

"Really, now who would want that? I mean you were hand and hand with a nice cut of fine ass."

"You really looked at her butt. Dang. Ragnarok must really be influencing you." "

I know right. I hope I can flush the rest of him from out of your bloodstream soon."

"I know right? Damn it, I was talking out loud again wasn't I?" 'Great just what I need. People thinking I'm messed up in the head.' 'Thinking? They know you are.'He then laughed and went to sleep. "Well might as well go find a seat." I said dejectedly.

After this creepy guy, known as the Exorcist, finished his speech everyone exited the gym. When I started to go to my homeroom. Then I thought, 'How the hell am I supposed to know were my room is if I can't understand the numbers?' 'Ask someone.' So I walked up to someone who I think was a teacher and asked were room 3-1 was. She had orange hair, with two toughs on each side of her head. 'Maybe she's a cat like Blair.'

"Um, excuse me, do you know room 3-1 is?"

"Oh that would be my classroom. I was just about to go there. Follow me!" she said cheerily. "But," she said in a slightly disappointed tone, "You need a note to be able to wear that." she said looking at my clothes.

I was wearing a black trench coat, a black t-shirt with a blue gear d-cal on the front, black faded jeans, and black Nikes with blue stripes. You could say my clothing was unorthodox as a student, but I liked it. "Oh really. Wait, I have a note somewhere. Oh, here you go." I said taking it from one of my inner coat pockets. When she read the signature she said,

"You know Lord Death, the Headmasters friend."

"Yah, you could say that. Oh and one thing don't tell anyone I know him. I don't like receiving special treatment just because I know someone."

When we got to the room I took the second to last seat in the row closest to the window. Just as I sat down the bell rang. Everyone else took their seats. I looked around, 'I guess Moka isn't in our class. Too bad. I liked her.' 'More like you liked here boobs.' Enjerikku said childishly. 'I thought you were asleep?!' I questioned angrily. 'I wouldn't talk to someone who has control over your bodily functions. I could make your voice high-pitched, or even worse, give you a never-ending boner! Imagine everyone's face. Ha.' 'You wouldn't.' 'You want to bet.' he stated rather than asked. Just then the door opened.

"Sorry that I'm late. After the ceremony I got lost."

At the sound of the voice I thought, 'That's Moka's voice.' Next thing I heard was all of the guys in class saying things like, "She's beautiful." "Forget beautiful, she's drop dead hot." One comment got my attention. "I'd like to get a piece of that fine ass." Said a blonde haired, brute sitting in the seat next to me. 'Note to self; Keep him away from Moka. Scratch that; Keep all guys away from Moka. She is way too helpless.' 'You're just saying that so you don't get her taken away. You know you want her to.' 'Okay fine what if I do? At least I got some manners, unlike the dumb-asses surrounding us.' 'True dat. I'm going to sleep. Learning is boring.'

"Oh, that's okay. I also get lost sometimes here, and I'm a teacher. How about you introduce yourself." the teacher said with her ever present happiness. "Just take a seat behind Aono-kun when you're done."

At that Moka turned toward the class. "Hello, I'm Moka Akashiya. I hope we can all get along." When she spotted Tsukune she jumped at him saying. "Hey Tsukune, isn't this great we're in the same class."

"Yah Moka, isn't it great." I said with a dejected tone as I feel the killing intent from all of the guys in the class and hearing comments like "What's his connection with her." "I hope he leaves." "If not I'll kill him." Moka, being Moka, was blissfully unaware of all the commotion around her.

As she sat down Mrs. Nekonome started talking to the class. "As you all know this is a school for monsters, by monsters. This school was created with one sole goal in mind, coexistence with humans. As you all are aware of, humans rule most of the planet. The parts they don't is where we monsters are forced to live. In order to survive we are forced to blend in with the humans." As she says this she drew a drawing of the Earth with stick-humans and stick-monsters with 'Coexistence' above it.

Just then the brute next to me chimed in with, "Wouldn't it just be easier to just kill the humans and molest the girls."

Mrs. Nekonome then said while looking at the attendance book, "You're Saizo Komiya right? Well to answer your question we can't. The humans outnumber us ten to one. There is just too many of them."

I decide to interrupt with, "Before you say you're stronger than any human. Humans," I say with emphasize, "have a knack to adapt to the occasion and overcome most obstacles deemed impossible by others. They also have no natural weaknesses unlike some monsters. They also like leveling the playing field with said weaknesses and weapons of mass destruction. So to go against the entire human race would lead to the genocide of the monster races. No matter what side you're on."

"Well said Mr. Aono, but next time please raise your hand."

"Yes Mrs. Nekonome-sensei." I said while noticing the humiliated Saizo directing an impressive amount of killing intent at me. When class ended, since it was the first day there was no more classes, Moka dragged me around looking at the school. When we got to the vending machine she got some Tomato Juice, while I got Dr. Pepper. After a while of just sitting down enjoying our drinks I was lifted into the air by Saizo Komiya.

While I was lifted into the air I started to hear murmurs in the crowd. "Hey, isn't that Saizo Komiya?"

"Yah, from what I've heard he was sent here against his will."

"Yah, he molested and killed a whole bunch of human girls and was forced to come here."

"He must be quite the ladies' man..." I pretended not to hear that last one, or I would be forced to kill the person who said that being able to molest a whole bunch of girls makes you a ladies man.

"Why are you hanging around with a wimp-ass like this punk when you can be having fun with me? I'm Saizo Komiya." At this point I was restraining Enjerikku from ripping his head off.

'Just let me show him who the wimp-ass is. He deserves it with what he has done. His soul is dark.' 'We just can't kill him right in the middle of a crowd like this... but we can still scare him.' 'That's what I'm talking about. Yah Judgment Day for this fuck-tard is coming.' Make my eyes pitch black. That will scare him shit-less, just like when I did it to Black*Star.' 'I like that idea. I still remember the look on his face, he still doesn't trust us, but it was hilarious!'

"Hey fuck-tard, are you gonna let me go or am I gonna have to kill you?" I said to Saizo.

He looked at me and said "What the fuck?! What's up with your eyes?"

"If you don't put me down, I'll take your eyes right out of your head while you scream. I'm your worst nightmare." I then grabbed his wrist and snapped it. He dropped and looked as though he was struggling to not scream.

Before anything else could be done Moka grabbed my hand and said, "Sorry, but I'm already having fun with Tsukune." while pulling me away.

When we got to the roof she let go panting. "That was pretty scary huh? By the way how did you do that with your eyes? Is that what your eyes look like in monster form?"

"No, I had Enjerikku change my eye color. I can have them look like any color. Hey Moka, you don't really look like a Vampire. How come?"

"Well you see this?" she said while opening her collar exposing some cleavage. "Um, Moka, what am I supposed to be looking at."

Just than Enjerikku burst forth from my back. "Hey, how come he gets to look at your boobs? Why can't I?"

At that comment Moka turned blood red. "He's supposed to look at my Rosary."

"Oh, that cross with the weird eye gem that gives me the heebie-jeebies. How much that worth?" he then start to try to take it off.

"It's not some piece of jewelry. It is a limiter on my powers. Without it I become a scary Vampire. It can't even take it off, so please stop it hurts." I then hit Enjerikku with my wavelength to get him to stop trying to take of the Rosary. Since he is my blood I get back lashed by the shock.

'That hurts, oh well it was the only way of stopping him.' I thought. "What the hell was that for?"

"It was the only way to get you to stop. I got hurt too, so we're even."

"Fine. But I get candy later." he said stopping his attempts.

"Wow, was that you're Yokai?" she asked in awe.

"No, that was my soul wave length. I am able to directly able to produce it and project it without any help."

"What's a soul wave length?" She asked.

"Well how do I put it? Ah, think of it as everyone has a soul, and it emits an un-hearable sound to most. Each soul has a different sound. I can see that sound. Everyone's looks different."

"Really? What does mine look like?"

"Wait, and I'll tell you." I then closed my eyes and emptied my mine till I saw mine and Enjerikku souls. I then looked toward Moka's.

"Well yours is different. It's as though you have to souls."

"Is that bad?" she asked looking scared.

"Not necessarily. It may just be that it looks like that. It is pink with bat wings, fangs, and a halo. The other one though is similar. It is silver with bat wings, longer fangs, horns, and a tail. Weird though since it doesn't look like it's possessing you, more like suppressed. Like it's sealed away."

"Wow. That's cool. What does yours look like?"

"Well mine isn't that pretty. When someone is pure of heart and mind there soul is too. What someone's body looks like plays a role also. When someone has succumb to madness and darkness the soul is twisted and warped. My soul has been put through some hardships."

"Like what?" she asked innocently.

"I'd rather not talk about it." I said looking away.

"Oh that's okay. Well, what kind of monster are you?"

"I don't know what to call myself. I'm one of a kind." I said looking back at her.

"Really that sounds lonely." She said looking dejected.

"Well not really I've had Enjerikku my whole life." I said while trying to cheer her up.

"What did you call him earlier, a blood demon? Is he like possessing you?" she asked curiously.

"No. When I was little, my blood was replaced with blood infused with him in it. It made him able to harden my blood like earlier, and give me strength to."

"So that's why I couldn't drink your blood earlier. He hardened it just so I couldn't get any." she said with a pout.

"You got yourself a real keeper there huh. She thinks I hardened myself to keep her from drinking me up. Well here's a news flash for you girly, you don't just drink someone's blood without asking. Plus it might have driven you into madness. And I would hate to have to kill such I fine assed girl."

"What do you mean it would had driven me into madness?" she asked look a bit confused.

"Well you see, my blood is special, it is known as crimson blood, the final stage of black blood. Black blood is in essence maddening. It drives its host into madness. When that happens a monster, a true monster, a mindless killing machines is made. It will seek out all souls to quench its thirst for power. After a while it has the chance to turn into the ultimate evil, a Kishen."

"A Kisen, that's silly. That's just a scary story told to monsters when they are young. There's no way for a something that evil to exist." she said a bit scared.

"I assure you, they are real. The last Kishen alive was named Asura, one of Deaths old guard. He strayed from Death to gain power which Death could not give him." I said in a serious tone.

"Keshin are so powerful, they can't be killed by normal means, only sealed. The only thing able to seal one is its own skin. The way to seal one is to skin it alive, drain it of its blood and make a bag of its skin and put it in. And more powerful one is, the more sealed chains is need to keep it still. If the seals are broken, it has the ability to be reawakened. Lord Death was only able to seal Asura once. Asura was finally killed a few weeks ago after being awakened the year before, by one of Death's followers."

"Oh no. So for a year a Kishen was on the loose. How come no one knew?" she asked shocked.

"Oh, people knew, just not many." I said.

"So whoever killed him they must have been really powerful. Wait, you said that black blood made people mad, how come you aren't?" she asked.

"I was, but I was helped out by a follower of Death. He just couldn't have another Kishen running around." I said.

"Is there another way a Kishen is made?" she asked truly curiously.

"Well, if someone was to eat human souls their souls become Kishen eggs. After a while they can change if they've eaten enough."

"Wow. That's a lot to process." she said.

"Well you did ask." I said clearly amused.

"Hey how about we go look at the dorms Aono-san?" she suggested.

"Tsukune." I said.

"What?" she asked with a tilt of her head. 'She looks so cute confused.'

"Call me Tsukune, Moka-san."

"Okay, Tsukune. Let's go."

*Time skip:One day*


'Damn alarm clock. Made me go and break it. So Enjerikku how's the purge going. 'How do you think it's going you fuck-tard?' 'Is insulting me the only way for you at this point to say no.' 'No. BUT IT'S FUN...HA. It seems the less in me the more it effects me.' 'Well, keep on it. I want you back to normal 'brother'. It's been annoying with you like this.' 'I'm working on it. I don't like it either. It's degrading.'

After that I got up and got ready for school. When I got out of the dorms I was pushed up against the wall by Saizo. "Looked like you had fun yesterday with Moka. You're gonna pay for that. Your form, your monster form. What is it?" He asked while punching the wall next to me.

'This retard doesn't learn does he? Well looks like I might have to put on a light show. Vampires have silver hair, slit red eyes and a big aura from what I remember reading around in that monster dictionary. Make my hair silver and my eyes slit and I'll emit a high frequency wave length. You ready?' 'Hell fuck yah. Let's make this fuck-tard piss his pants.' "Well Saizo, why tell you when I can show you."

At that point my hair bleed a steely silver, my eyes slit and bleed into crimson, and I was emitting a crazy high soul wave length. 'Let's hope he pisses his pants and runs away quick. It's getting hard to maintain this high of a frequency.'

"No way! You can't be a vampire!" he said as he backed away slowly.

"Well believe it. This is proof. Now leave me alone, if not you'll die a slow and painful death. That's not a threat, it's a promise." Due to the frequency of my soul my voice came out deep and scary sounding.

And with that he ran away saying, "This isn't over."

When he was gone Moka came up to me and said, "You're a Vampire too?"

Whispering I said, "Not really, all show. And now I pass out" I said as I fall into her arms. 'She smells nice, like flowers...' were my last thoughts as I pass out.


When I woke up my head was on something soft, so I decide to squeeze it. I was reward with a familiar squeak. 'Huh sounded like when I accidentally squeezed Moka thigh...WAIT MOKA'S THIGH!' I then shot up saying, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sor-muh," I was silence with a hand over my mouth.

"It's okay Tsukune. I know you didn't mean it. Now no more apologizing, ok." she said. I nodded and her hand was removed from my mouth. "Now we can go to class."

"Shit, I'm sorry Moka I didn't mean to" I was then lightly slapped. "What was that for?" I asked Moka.

"I said no more apologizing. No matter what."

"Ok Moka-san. I didn't mean to make you late for class. How long was I out?" I asked her.

"Well, you were passed out for ten minutes and the bell rang five minutes ago." she said with her finger on her chin in a thinking position.

"Well at least we won't get there too late. What will we say?" I asked her.

She got back into the thinking pose again. 'She looks cute like that.' "Well, since it's the second day, we could say we got lost." she said after a while.

"Great idea, let's go." With that we got there Mrs. Nekonome asked us in her infinitely happy voice, "Where have you been, class started five minutes ago?"

"Sorry Mrs. Nekonome-sensei, we got lost." Moka said bowing.

"Well that's okay, just don't let it happen again, 'kay?"

"Yes, Mrs. Nekonome-sensei." We said. After that we sat down and class continued. When lunch time came Moka asked, "Hey Tsukune, do you want to eat lunch on the roof?" she said timidly pressing her fingers together.

"Sure, why not?" I replied. So when we got to the roof we got out our lunch and started eating. Haft way through Moka started to scoot a little closer to me.

"Hey Tsukune, you said that you aren't a Vampire, but early you looked like a Vampire and you had an aura similar to one." she asked.

"Well Moka, do you remember yesterday when I said that Enjerikku could change my eye color?" I said. She nodded, "Well Enjerikku made my eyes slit and red, and he can also change my hair color, so he changed it silver. And the aura I made with my soul wave length. Doing that I tired myself out, so I passed out."

"Okay." she said. She then moved closer, "Tsukune~" she said. Noticing how close she had gotten I jumped back. "M-m-moka-san." She got closer, "Tsu-ku-ne~" she said getting even closer. "Moka-san." She got closer and was about to kiss me. 'What do I do?!' 'Kiss her, don't wuss out.' so with that I closed my eyes and leaned in. Just when I thought she was going to kiss me I felt a pain in my neck. 'What the fuck?' I then opened my eyes to see pink. 'SHIT! SHE TRICKED ME! QUICK HARDEN THE BLOOD!' 'FUCK! THAT BITCH IS EATING ME!'

With that Enjerikku exploded from my back and hit Moka in the head. He then yelled in her ear, "I'm not fucking food! Get the fuck off!"

She then detached her fangs from my neck with a glazed look in her eye. She then purred out, "That was the best tasting blood I've ever had." She then closed her eyes, held her head in her hands, and gained a blush. "That was also my first time sucking blood from a person. I'll never forget it." 'I bet you want to be one of her other firsts too.' 'I already am.' 'When did you get laid, I don't remember that happening.' 'I'm her first friend.' 'Wow, not surprising.'

"Moka, how do you feel?" I asked her getting ready.

"I feel fine Tsukune. Why?" she then asked.

"Do you not remember the whole conversation on how black blood maddens people? I'm surprised to see she is still capable of rational though, by now my blood would be so maddening it would make someone into a bloodthirsty killing machine."

"Maybe it has to do with being corrupt with Ragnarok, since he was purified by Moka when Crona and they fought under Death City." I said after a moment of thought.

"That's right! Since he was purified, and that in small amounts his blood is apparently more potent than usual, that it is somewhat calming the madness. But still she should be pretty blood thirsty." After a second Enjerikku yelled, "Wait a minute, I'm no longer wanting to grope Moka or terrorize you with meaninglessly stupid pranks. I think when she drank your blood she drank the rest of the corrupt." he said sounding like his old self.

"It's good to have you back buddy. Well since she also drank the rest of Ragnarok the blood is even less maddening. And since Vampires have a natural blood thirst it shouldn't be any more than usual."

"Maybe, but you should place a blood tracker on her." he said after a moment of thinking.

"Um, what's a blood tracker?" she asked completely confused.

"Well, a blood tracker is basically an object that is made up of blood, usually a ring or bracelet, and it allows me to sense your soul wave length without limits. It will also inform me of your physical and mental condition, weather you are hurt, tortured, knocked unconscious, or distressed. It is extremely helpful." I paused for her to absorb the information.

"So how long will I have to wear this?" she asked.

"Well, that's the problem, I have no clue. It could be for a week, a month, a year, or possibly a decade. So do you want one, it is extremely helpful, I could know when you're in trouble right away. If you do want one which would you want it to be, a bracelet, a ring, a hair clip, necklace. I would prefer the ring sense it is not in the way and is not as easily removed." I wanted it to be the ring, people would think that she was married somehow or was in an arranged marriage and they would stop trying to molest her and take advantage of her innocent nature.

"S-sure, I'd like it as a ring." she said hesitantly. 'Yes! That should keep those shame-less pervs off of her. I was starting to think I was going to have to stalk her to be sure of her personal safety. If anything happened to one of my only friends I would likely succumb to the madness...'

"Sure thing Moka, it'll only take a second." I then had Enjerikku make a small wound on my finger tip and led the blood flow onto my open palm.

I then proceeded to shape it, I decided to a smaller version of her rosary on it. When I was satisfied with my work I started to inscribe it with some runes, unlike my normal ones that I make above an object I carved them into it leaving faintly glowing blue trails. I made the standard blood tracker runes I asked Moka, "Would you want to drink my blood on a normal basis?"

She sorta blushed a bit before saying, "Sure, but didn't you say whatever kept it from being maddening was no longer there?" 'She catches on quick.'

"Yes, but if I were to inscribe a few extra runes on the ring you would be able to drink my blood. There is one drawback of the blood tracker, it must be empowered with the maker's energy on a regular basis. I could every morning empower it with my magic with enough for the day till I refill it due to the fact that it is somewhat tiring if too much is empower it with too much at once." I explained.

"Okay Tsukune. Just don't try too much. I don't want you to pass out again." she said.

"It's okay. It will help me anyway with some much needed practice." When I was done I admired my handy work. 'What do you think?' 'It's good enough to but the most expensive of rings look like garbage. And since your idea was to make others think that she is married, it will make her imaginary husband/soon to be husband is rich discouraging most.' 'Yes! This is possibly the most amazing tracker I've made. Maka's, Soul's and the rest were never this good. I'm getting a lot better.'

"Moka-san, what do you think?" I asked her while showing her the ring. Many emotions were on her face, surprise, wonder, and gratitude.

"It's so beautiful Tsukune." Moka squealed as she tackle/hugged me.

"Calm down some, okay. Let me put it on." With that Moka got off of me a held out her hand. I put it on and started to infuse it with some energy. When I was done I was mildly tired. "There now I can sense you without any limits. Now come class is going to start soon." I said to a very happy Moka busy admiring her new addition to her wardrobe.

"O~kay Tsukune." With that we started to go to class.

When we got to class it started. Class went on as usual. When class ended I walked Moka back to the dorms. When we got half-way through the forest a giant hand back slapped me into a grave stone. "Tsukune!" Moka screamed while running toward me.

"Ah, Moka did you get the number of the truck that hit me?" I asked still a bit dazed. 'Focus! They could be anywhere.' 'I know.' Just then Saizo walked out of the woods saying,

"Pathetic, and to think you were a Vampire. I told you I would make you pay and take Moka away." With that he started to change, his shirt ripped open, he grew a foot taller, plate like greyish green scales grew on his chest and he gained about forty pounds in muscle.

"Well Saizo, I have to admit, I thought you were ugly. Now I know it. Well since intimidating won't work this time I'll just have to fight you. I'll tell you this though, I cannot guaranty the safety of that piece of shit you call a soul." With that I charged at Saizo throwing a punch at him. When my fist landed I forced my soul wavelength into him.

"AH, what the fuck was that." He screamed stumbling away.

"That was your soul. It is rotten to the core. You are a danger to all here. In the name of Lord Death I claim your soul as that of the damned. NOW DIE" I then charged at Saizo, ready to kill him with a well-placed soul punch to the jugular. A foot from him he kicked me back. I ran at him again, but yielded the same results. 'Wait, look around with your soul perception.' 'Okay, I don't know what you're going at, but I'll do it.' So with that I look stopped and focused on using my soul precept. When I did I was surprised. 'The bastards got us surrounded. Well looks like we have to either go in weapon mode, use magic, or use the blood?' 'Let's use magic, they'll think you're just a witch. It's better others don't know that about us.' 'Yah, I agree. People don't need to know that.'

"You can all come out. I know your there." I said to the area around us. Then about twenty of them came out of the bushes all in human form.

"Well now that you know that we we're here let's just kill you. Get him, no purebred can make fun of an outcast ayashi and get away with It." said the leader of them. With that they all changed into their monster forms. Most had blades growing out of their bodies while other looked like hybrids of different monsters.

"Well if being an outcast ayashi means that you're a hybrid, then there must be a lot of you then. But enough of this, now let's turn the tables around. Vector Gear!" I then slammed my hands onto the ground onto the ground. Seconds later a giant blue gear appeared on the ground big enough to get under the ring of out casts surrounding the group. It started to glow brighter and then they all started to going flying around above the gear faster and faster till they got fast enough to thrown far away.

"You're a witch, what are you doing pretending you were the kind that hates border-beings the most?" asked Saizo.

"What I do is my business. Now it is your time to die. Vector Bolt!" A bolt shaped rune appeared under me with the tip facing Saizo. I was then thrown at him. He reacted faster than I though and shoved me out of the way and toward Moka. "Moka-san!" When I hit her I maneuvered myself in order to make it so I take the fall.

When we hit the ground Moka was thrown of me with a plink. I then felt a unfamiliar weight in my hand. When I looked I saw Moka's Rosary. 'Shit' Me and Enjerikku thought before a bright pink light erupted from the direction of where Moka was thrown.

The sky turned red and the moon appeared bleed red. A powerful soul wavelength exploded from Moka as her hair bled to silver, and her bust and hips grew in size. When she opened her eyes they were red with a slit. Her wave length radiated with pride and nobility. She then stared at Saizo with annoyance. "So, you are the reason I was woke up? Pathetic. And you call yourself a monster." she said with a voice full of pride and nobility.

"Silver hair, red slit eyes, the massive aura, a S-class Super Vampire." he muttered in fear. "So what if you're a Vampire I'm still going to defeat you and make you my woman." he said slowly getting his wits back.

"Well, if that's what you want then come and get me." she said as she put her had on her hip. With that Saizo charged at her with his hand raised ready to hit her. When he got close enough he punched her. She didn't even budge. "Is that it? Weak. Pathetic. Let me show you what true strength is." She then high kicked him in to the side of the cliff. "Know your place!" she said while moving a strand of hair from her face. "What's this?" she said examining the blood tracker on her ring finger.

"So, you're the suppressed soul I saw earlier. Didn't think a person could have to souls. That would be the blood tracker I put on your other self. It allows me to see your soul and lets me know your physical and mental state. I put it on for her and your personal protection." I said getting up.

"And who are you to say you did it for my protection?" The other Moka said.

"I am Tsukune Aono. I am also your other self's friend." I said as I walked closer.

"What are you anyway? From my other self's memory you said that you are one of a kind. You are not a witch because there are multiple of witches, so what are you really?" she said as I came closer.

"I am a demon weapon witch hybrid. I also have the blood demon Enjerikku Chieno residing in me. Here is your rosary back." I said as I gave her back the rosary.

"Why are you not scared of me? I am a vampire, the elite of monsters. But you are nothing but a hybrid, why are you not scared?" she asked.

"Why should I be? You have given me no reason to do so. And you are still Moka Akashyia, my friend. Why should I be afraid of a friend?"

"You are an interesting person Tsukune. I am tired, I have not been out for a long time. Watch over my other self or I'll show you your place." She said as she reverted back to her other self and fainted.

I rushed over and caught her. "I've got you Moka." I said while taking of my coat and balling it up and putting it under her head. I sat down against a headstone and started to talk with Enjerikku. 'What do you think about Moka?' 'What about her? She has two personalities, she is nice and friendly yet cold and calculating. What else do you mean?' 'Do you think there is any fear of either personality becoming maddened and going on a rampage?' 'I don't think so. She seems to be okay right now, so we shouldn't worry. So what did I do while I was corrupted, it's kind of fuzzy.'

After I told him what he did he said to me, 'I'm so disgraced with myself. I need to apologize for what 'I' did to her and you. Did I really make you grope her boobs?' 'Yes, and you also tried to steal her rosary.' 'Damn it! Damned Raganarok and his stupid perverted thoughts. I think she is waking up.' Moka was waking up from her nap. She looked around confused. When she saw me she jumped at me and hugged me.

"Thank you Tsukune for protecting me from those guys. I'm sorry you had to fight because of me." she said looking teary eyed. 'Is she really sorry for me saving her?' I then lightly flicked her in the nose. "Huh, what was that for?" she said holding her nose.

"You told me no saying sorry no matter what. I did that because you need to know I am not sorry for protecting you. You need to know that since you are my friend I will protect you when it is needed." I said to her looking her in the eyes. "Plus, it was fun. Did you see the look on Saizo's face when all of his pals were thrown away?" I asked in a less serious happy go lucky voice.

She seemed to cheer up a bit and giggle out, "Yah, it was pretty funny. Oh, hears your coat back." I took my coat back and putting it on but not before noticing it smelled of flowers. 'Smells just like her...' "How were you able to do all that magic without a wand? I thought witches need a one to perform magic."

"Well, I don't know. I've always been able to do magic without a wand. It might be due to the fact that I'm part demon weapon. I've thought about it before, but never got a good guess." 'It may be due to the fact that my mother was one of the most powerful witches who ever lived...'

"Well, maybe we should start going to the dorms. It's getting late." she said after a look at the setting sun.

"Sure. Oh yah, Enjerikku wanted to say something." with that said mentioned blood demon exploded from my back. When he was all the way out he put his hands together and bowed.

"I am so sorry for my previous behavior. I was not myself and should had more control. I hope you were not insulted or embarrassed from any of my comments and actions." he said still bowing.

Waving her hands in front of her she said, "No, no. It wasn't your fault, you were not yourself. So it is not your fault. So there is nothing to be sorry for."

With that Enjerikku nodded and retreated into my back, but not before saying, "Thank you Moka-san. I am glad you took nothing to heart at what I did."

"So, how about we leave, huh Moka-san?" I asked getting up and offering her a hand. She took it and nodded. While we were walking she put her head on my shoulder and started to slow down. 'Must still be tired.' "Moka-san. You do know that if you're still tired I can carry you? I don't really mind. You are still pretty tired, aren't you?"

"No, no, I couldn't ask you that. Besides, you're probably tired too." she said looking down.

"No not really." I said lying. "Plus, it'll be a lot faster."

After a while she said in a low voice while blushing, "O-okay." With that I picked her up bridal style and jumped up a bit before casting a vector bolt pointing toward the dorms under us. We were sent fly toward the dorms. Moka closed her eyes so tight while blushing.

When we landed in the area between the dorms. I put down Moka who still had her eyes closed. "We're here Moka. You can open your eyes now." I said chuckling.

"Th-thanks Tsukune." She then ran back to her dorm. 'Well, today was... fun.' 'Well, we were given a death threat, we gave a death threat, we were jump by about twenty monsters, and met Inner Moka. It was certainly different, though I wouldn't call it fun. Just not boring.' 'Yah, fun would just be too much. It was a lot better than that damned music box. At least nothing like that will ever happen again.' 'Come on, let's go to bed. You have school tomorrow.' 'Yah, you're right.'

With that I went back to the dorms and went to my room. My room didn't really have anything other than a bed, a dresser and a desk. It wasn't like I had anything to put up or anything. I never really had anything other than what was needed. I took of my coat and put it down in the chair at my desk. I sat down on my bed and took off my shoes.

I had to contact Lord Death so I created a rune on the floor and it started glowing. After a while Lord Death appeared. "Why hello Tsukune. How's it been? How was the first day of school?"

"It was okay I guess. I made a friend. Enjerikku is back to his old self. How's the other's they doing all right?"

"Yes. They all are doing fine. Maka, Soul, Ragnarok, and Crona are still out hunting down the rest of Arachae's forces. Kidd, Liz and Patty are hunting down Free and the other witches that helped out Medusa. Black*Star and Tsubaki are trying to track down Mosquito with Stein and Marie."

"How's the rebuilding going?" I asked. Death seemed to get annoyed. How you can tell with the mask on is a mystery. What's he look like under the mask anyway?

"Blair isn't really helping at all. I thought since she has magic she could help, but it starting to seem like a mistake. So what's your friend's name? What's he like?"

"Um... well it's a she, and he name is Moka Akashyia." I said as a blush started growing on my face.

"Oh. Sorry. What's she like? Is she smart, cute?" he asked interested. 'Maybe Kid doesn't really talk about friends. Or have friends to talk about.'

"She is nice. She is also a bi-polar schizophrenic vampire. She also drank my blood." I said with some hesitate. "She has shown no signs of madness, but I made her a blood tracker just in case. A fail safe just like all the other trackers I've made is also there. If she was to succumb to madness, her soul would be expelled from her body, killing her. But only after an allotted time zone. If I were to be able to bring her back. That would be good." Death thought for a few moments before talking back.

"Does she seem like the kind of person who would succumb to the madness? We don't need one of the most powerful kinds of Yokai turning into a Kishen. I'm afraid nothing in this world or any other could stop her." he said in a serious voice. One very close to his scary as hell voice that made you silently wish for a painless quick death.

"No sir, I think the maddening effect is lessened."

"Oh how is this?"

"She has two souls Lord Death. One for each personality. I seems like they are sharing the body. So they might be distributing the burden between them. That and Tsukune inscribed calming wavelength emitters into the tracker she is wearing."

"Nice to see you again Enjerikku Chieno. How have you been? Have you recovered?" He said directing his attention to the now present blood demon on my back. He changed back to his cheery kid-like voice. 'How does he go from serious to carefree?' 'There is no explaining it. He just is.'

"I'm doing just fine. Yes I have recovered. As I saying, I don't think we need to worry about Mrs. Akashiya."

"Very well. Well, I have to go. Blair is 'distracting' the workers who are actually doing something." as he fades from view you can see him turning around Reaper Chopin Blair. He then yells out in his old S.A.H. ( A.s ) voice, "What are you thinking Blair? You're supposed to be working not ..." 'I would hate to be Blair right now.' Me and Enjerikku quiver in fear at the thought of it.

I took off my shirt and jeans and put on some flannel pajama pants. I laid down on my bed and thought for a while. 'Hey Enjerikku. Do you think we'll ever be able to live a normal life? With like a family and friends? From what we've been through, I don't think so.' 'I don't know. So much has happen to you no person your age should have to go through. So I don't really know.' 'Whatever we go through, I'm glad you'll go through it with me. Good night brother.' 'Good night.'

*Flash back*

"Mommy, mommy. Look I made a golem." said a four year old Tsukune. He wore sneakers, a t-shirt with a gear decal on it, and jean shorts. He was holding up a small squirming statue that was alive.

"That's wonderful Tsukune. I'm sure your 'uncle' will be proud. You're growing up so fast. Just promise me you'll always stay the same." said Tsukune's mother with a small sad smile.

"Of course mommy. I'll always be your Tsukki-chan. So don't look sad. I like it when your happy" said the small Tsukune hugging his mom. "Oh yah, mommy. I and Enjerikku came up with a new trick. Do you want to see it?" said the still energetic Tsukune.

"Sure, what is it? I know you and Enjerikku have been working on something. What is it?" she asked interested. Tsukune's face lit up into a smile.

"It's a surprise close your eyes. And no peaking." So following her son's orders, she closed her eyes.

'Ready Enjerikku? This will make mommy smile.' 'I'm ready Tsukune.' With that Enjerikku did the trick. "Okay mommy you can open your eyes now." Opening her eye's Tsukune's mom saw an amazing black rose. It was perfect. Slowly a smile grew on her face that made Tsukune feel so happy. He made his mom smile.

"You and Enjerikku did this." She said taking the black crystal like rose from her son's hand. It was flawless. It was colored like a real rose you would think that it was a real one.

"Yes mommy. Do you like it mommy? We worked really hard on it."

"Yes, Tsukki-chan I love it. It is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. Well, how about you go back to making golems. Try putting some of Enjerikku in the soil and he will be able to control it like his own body."

"Really? I can do that. That is so cool. Bye mommy I'll go try it."

I woke up in a cold sweat. 'It... It was all a dream. Just a dream. Enjerikku did you see that?' 'Yes, do you want to talk about it?' 'No. Let's just go back to sleep. Maybe I should try that again...' Was my last though as I fell into a dreamless sleep.

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