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Inner Moka

Enjerikku Chieno

Spells and Soul Resonance Moves

Chapter Two: "Is this a dream come true, or a living nightmare?!


'Damn, stupid alarm clock. I though it learned the last time. Oh well. Another normal day.' 'Which sense of the word normal. The normal here or the ... well here?' 'Shut it. Damn it! Why can't I have a normal human life?' 'Because, a normal life is boring and another thing, you wouldn't have me!'

'It's to good to be true. How come you're messing with me? You never done this before.' 'Because I never knew that it was this fun.' 'Now how can my life get any more complicated?' 'You know, why do people say that?' 'I don't know, but when I say it Life just takes it as a challenge.'

I then got up and did my morning routine. I got up put on my jeans and my t-shirt from the day before since it still smelt alright. I went and brush my teeth and use mouthwash. I made and drank some coffee. I then put on my Nikes and went outside my room. I looked around and some of the other students are either in monster form or a fusion between the two. 'You'd think they had more control.' 'Yah at this rate they have no chance at coexistence.'

I got out of the dorms and started down the path to the school. As I was walking down the path I came across a crowd of mostly guys. 'There is only one reason all these perverts would crowd around together,' 'and that is for a cute girl. It doesn't seem like your plan has helped at all.' 'Damn idiots. It seems like I am going to have to remedy that.'

"Hey, Moka. How are you?" That seemed to get the pinkett's attention. She smiled and started to walk over to me. Naturally the guys in the crowd I was behind seemed to think she was smiling at them. Oh how wrong they were. She went right around them and said hello to Tsukune. This seemed to enrage the guys. Let's listen to them.

"Just who is that guy, thinking he can hang out with Moka?" said guy #1. "I know why can't Moka hang out with me." said hombre numero dos. "You, no she should hang out with me!" said guy number three. (I know I could have just said guy #? for all of them, but where is the fun in that.) They then decide by the guy code (Never used it before myself, for easy to see reasons.) that they would fight then and there to see who gets Moka. Let's leave them at this and see what Tsukune and Moka are up to.

"I'm fine Tsukune. How are you?" she asked. She seemed happier today. 'Wonder what's up with her?' 'Maybe she's happy that you're her friend, or that she gets to drink your blood.' 'Maybe both.'

"I'm good Moka. Let me recharge the blood tracker. After that you can drink some of my blood." to this Moka seemed to get flustered and embarrassed. 'She looks cute like that. Why is she so embarrassed? I only offered my blood?'

"Really? I can suck your blood?" she said looking at the ground while pushing her fingers together. She seemed to get more embarrassed by her own words. How does that even happen?

"Yes, but first I need to recharge the blood tracker. Without it charged no blood for Moka. No matter how flustered and cute she may get." That comment seemed to get her even more embarrassed and flustered. She held her hand right hand and I took with my left. While I used the right hand to imbue it with magic. "You know, I think the ring suits you. It matches your rosary."

"Thank you for making it. Thank you also for letting me drink your blood." She said still looking a bit flustered. When I was done I let go of her hand and tilted my head to the side so she could suck my blood easier. She leaned in and bite down. There was a moment of pain that was washed away with the feeling that you get when you walk with a numb foot.

After a while Enjerikku hardened the blood to tell Moka it was enough. So Moka let go and backed up with a dreamy look on her face. "That is the best blood that I have ever had, it's has the perfect balance of vitamins and minerals. It also has this underlying taste that I can place, but it makes it so much better. Thanks Tsukune." she said after opening her eyes.

"And?" Enjerikku piped in while exited my blood stream.

"Thank you too Enjerikku." She said giggling. "So how about we start walking to school?"

"I was just about to ask. Come on Moka, let's go we don't want to be late." I said starting to walk to school.

"Okay Tsukune." With that we went to class. Let's check with the trio of idiots. They were all unconscious with various injuries. Out of some bushes came a person who looked around at the trio of sleepers and huffed. "This means war Moka Akashiya." The bell rang and the figure jumped. "Oh no I'm going to be late."

For Moka and Tsukune the day went by like normal till lunch. They were outside sitting on the stairs eating, "Hey Moka." I said gaining the attention of the pinkett. She jumped a bit till she noticed it was Tsukune. 'Why is she so jumpy?' 'Maybe she's just not used to having a friend to talk to.' 'Well that ends now. She won't be so alone anymore.'

"Yes Tsukune?" she said looking up from her can of tomato juice.

"How come someone like you had never had a friend before me? You're pretty nice. I don't get how didn't have any friends." I said after taking a bite of my peanut butter and jelly sandwich, my favorite.

"Well Tsukune, before I came here I used to go to human schools. They used to make fun of me because I believed in monsters. The also made fun of me because of how smart I was." She seemed to get consumed by memories of the school. "It was so hard. I felt so alone. I felt like it would be better if I wasn't even there."

"Well Moka, you don't have to worry about that anymore. As long as I'm here, you'll always have a friend." 'No one should ever have to feel like she did at such a young age.'

"Really Tsukune? Thank you so much!" she said happily as she tack-hugged him. What she did not notice was by doing so she pushed her, ah, 'assets' onto him. 'Does she know what she is doing?' 'Most likely not.' She stopped suddenly and took a deep breath. "Tsukune you smell so good..."

'Oh no! I know that look!'

"Well Moka it was really nice to eat lunch with, but uh, I need to go and, uh, work on so stuff so by." I said as fast as I could before running off into the woods. I kept walking till I came across a small pond. 'Why did she zone out like that? She only does that when I'm bleeding.' 'Well I may had been letting a bit of myself seep through your nose when she hugged you. You reacted how any person would when put in a position like that, with a nose bleed! Ha.' 'Damn it Enjerikku. Why did you do that?'

Before I could get an answer from him I heard someone moan. I looked around in the forever present fog at the academy for the source of the noise. After a while I say on the opposite side of the pond was a girl hunched over on the ground. I went over and bent down next to her. "Are you okay?" I asked finally getting a look at the girl.

She had electric blue hair with a bow with stars and sparkles hold it in a ponytail, had the regulation uniform skirt, a button up white shirt, a yellow sweater vest in place of the green uniform jacket and yellow leg warmers. She had big, um, *cough* 'assets', a heart shaped face, a button nose, slightly pointed ears.

"Not really Tsukune. I was walking and all of a sudden my chest started hurting. It felt like it would burst. See?" she then proceeded to push her chest into mine. While not unpleasant it was not something I was used to. Being in that accursed music box can do that. She seemed to notice my discomfort. "Is something wrong?" she asked with an innocent look. 'Is she doing this on purpose?'

"No. Hey wait how do you know my name?" I asked getting a bit suspicious.

"Because silly I'm in you class. I sit to seats back and in the row next to you." she said smiling.

"Oh. Well let's get you to the nurse's office." I helped her up from the ground and held her up while we walked back to the school. Half way there she stopped. So I turned to her and asked, "What's wrong?"

"I never gave you my name. My name is Kurumu Kurono and I want to be your friend." she said while looking into to my eyes. 'She has such nice purple eyes...' I though lazily. 'Snap out of it she is doing something to you!' 'You're just jealous that she likes me and not you!' 'Why would I be... just forget it. It seems like you won't snap out of it so I'll just bide my time for now.'

With that conversation done Tsukune became dead to the world basically if it didn't involve Kurumu. After a while Tsukune seemed to regain the free will of his thoughts. 'Why the hell can't I control my body?!' 'Well it seems that you were charmed by Kurumu. It seems like she is a succubus from what I remember before I became your blood. I came into contact with many monsters before your mother trapped me and turned you into your blood.'

'Is there anything I can do get free of it?' 'No, it will wear off after a while. But I can harden all the blood in your body to restrict your movement.' 'Thanks, I don't want to do something I'll regret.' Enjerikku hardened the blood and I stopped moving. Kurumu didn't notice so she still kept walking holding onto his arm and kept pulling him and he fell over.

'Shit that hurt. Why didn't she notice?' 'I think she has something going on in that pretty little head of hers.' 'Should I be worried?' 'For you no, for whoever she was thinking about probably.' 'And she walking. Let's see how long till she notices.' Kurumu kept walking for five feet till she notice her walking handbag was gone.

"Tsukune where are you?" She looked in every direction except down. She even looked up, like WTF, is she stupid. "Oh well, it seems you've disappeared. Well I'll find you later." and with that she continued on her way. 'I'm considering calling out so she see how stupid she is.' 'That wouldn't work. If she walked for that long and looked everywhere but down, she won't feel stupid.' 'You actually make sense. Well it looks like we're stuck here till the charm wears off or someone finds us.'

*Five hours later...*

'No one has come by here in five hours, what the fuck?' 'Well maybe we're lucky.' 'Oh how so?' 'Well anyone other than Kurumu or Moka would probably left you here, or beat you up.' 'You're right. Damn it, where's Moka? I thought Moka would be looking for me by now. "Tsukune~!" a familiar voice calls out.

'Moka my savior, finally someone.' Moka came though were Kurumu had left five hours earlier. "Tsukune~!" she called out again. She, somehow just like Kurumu looked everywhere, even up, but not down. 'Is every girl here clueless?' 'Maybe?' Seemingly done with her 'thorough' search started walking toward me.

'If she steps on me, and doesn't notice, I'm going to go and jump off the dorms.' 'You know that'll hurt a lot. Do you?' 'Yeah, but maybe stuff here will finally make sense.' Moka kept walking and tripped on Tsukune. She cried out and did what any falling person would do, put their hands out in front of them.

At that moment I seemed to be able to make sound as I screamed in pain from being kicked in the collar bone. Since Moka threw her hands out to stop her they landed on Tsukune's ass. "I really like you and all, but you can at least buy a guy dinner first." I said teasingly. That comment made Moka turn ten shades of red in the matter of seconds ending on the color of her favorite snack.

"I-I'm s-s-sorry Tsukune I didn't mean it. Wait, what are you doing on the ground? Where have you been for the past five hours?" She asked getting off of Tsukune, being careful of where she put her hands.

"Well, before now I could do nothing except look around. Now I can talk again. As for what I'm doing on the ground, Enjerikku hardened all the blood in my body so I won't do something I'll regret. As for where I've been, well I guess here." I said, still not able to move of my own free will.

"What do you mean something you'll regret?" Moka asked.

"Well believe it or not a girl I tried to help since she seemed ill, turned out to be a Succubus. She charmed me and I was unable to have free will till the charm weakened enough for me to be able to think properly. He told me what she was and hardened the blood. I tripped, took her five feet of walking to find out I was gone then looked around exactly like you did, not looking down at all, then left."

"So you've been laying on the ground for the past five hours. Can I help you?" she asked in a worried tone.

"Yes, you can stand me up so that I'm not eating dirt. And watch the wandering hands girl." She stood me up, but not without blushing the entire time. "Thanks. Now Enjerikku, please let the blood flow freely." The crimson blood unhardened and Tsukune started to hug Moka.

"Damn it. The charm is still active." I said still hugging Moka to my chest.

"Well, it seems since the charm was to adore the closest female. Well Moka, apparently you got yourself a temporary butler. Just say what you want poor Tsukune to do and he'll do it. If Tsukune tries hard enough to reject the command he should be able to break free." He said with a bit of mischief.

Moka seemed a bit embarrassed of the situation by the amount she was blushing. "Um, well can you stop hugging me?" she asked. As a testament of what Enjerikku had said I did exactly what Moka said. "Wow, it actually worked!" she said with a bit of surprise. "Now, go back to your dorm and stay there till the charm wears off." she ordered.

As what happened earlier, I did exactly what Moka told me to. When I got back I could move of my own free will. "At least now I can move. I'm glad that she didn't take advantage of the situation." I stayed sitting in room for what felt like hours, until I came across a thought. "How will I know the charm has worn off?"

"Well, does it feel like you should listen to Moka still?" asked the blood demon.

"Well, yes, but I get that every time I look at her because of her infinitely cute innocence." I said after a moment of thought. I then asked, "Is there a spell to prevent the Charm spell from working? If so please teach it to me!" I asked the experienced blood demon.

"Well, I do know of a spell that can do that, but any magic user or charm user will know you have it on. It is called Repel. What is need to do is you draw a pentagram on a piece of clothing than inscribe this on it..." he said as he showed me the symbols. "Then all you have to do is force a small to large amount of magical energy when a charm is going to be used or is being used at the moment. It cannot get rid of it, but I can stop it."

"Can you make that with the blood under the skin in like my hand and it so that it run constant due to the fact that magic flows throw the blood? Once I feel the pull of more magic I can get away from the caster." I asked the demon.

"You know that I never thought of that. It could work. Let me try." and with that the demon got to work on inscribe the spell on the back of my right hand. "There that should do the trick. Now we just wait to see if it works against the Kurumu."

"Good. Thanks. I think it's time to go to bed." I said looking at the clock. I changed into my flannel pants and went to sleep.


'What the fuck? That's not how it usually goes. Why is it so different from yesterday?' 'Don't you remember? You never let it go past the third ring so you never knew what it sounded like afterward.' 'Really? I never realized that. Well it's time to get up. Hopefully the rune will work next time Kurumu tries to charm me.' And with that I performed my morning routine. Today I wore black jeans, a white button up undershirt, a black un-button long sleeved shirt with a hood, and my black boots. I got my books and exited my room.

In the halls today, the other students just waking up didn't seem to have transformations down yet so there was still some that were in monster form and some that were fusions between the two. I exited the dorm and started to walk to school. A certain blue haired airhead decided to show when i pass the girls dorm.

"Hey, Tsukune! What happened yesterday? You just disappeared. I looked everywhere for you and I couldn't find you. I was so worried when I couldn't find you."

'Did you look down?' I thought sarcastically. "Well, Kurumu I had to go and do something really important. I'm sorry about leaving you." I said to the somewhat slow bluenett.

"Oh, Ok. I just wanted to know what happened. See you later." And she was off. 'Why didn't she try to use the charm?' 'Maybe she just though it was so important that it had a higher priority, or she thought you went and did something for her.'

While I and Enjerikku had our little talk inside my head, a crowd of jealous looking guys formed around me. "Who the hell do you think you are?" asked the ring leader.

"Tsukune Aono, and who might you be?" I asked confused. 'Where the hell did they come from?' 'They might had come and surrounded you when you were distracted talking to me.'

"I think he's mocking us!" said one of the guys in the crowd. 'Damn it! I'll have to get out of here before a fight happens. If what I heard about how witches are treated in the monster world I'll have to refrain from using any magic. Maybe I'll be able to run away, before they noticeā€¦' "Hey we're talking to you here." said one of the others in the now slightly angrier mob.

"Who do you think you are getting both Moka and Kurumu to yourself?" said the ring leader. "Yah, leave some of the hot girls for others to try to get!" said someone in the crowd. 'So, they think that I'm dating both Moka and Kurumu? This was all just for something stupid like that, knew it.'

"Alright, everyone listen to me because I won't say it again, I am not in a relationship with either Moka or Kurumu. Moka is my friend and I just met Kurumu yesterday. Now can you please leave me alone? I really don't want to get into another fight this early on in high school. I already had to beat the shit out of Saizo and all of his friends, I'd rather not have to do that again, but I will if I must."

They didn't seem like they would be leaving anytime soon so I then jumped into the air and kicked one of them in the face, then used the force of the kick and back flipped and kicked another in the face. I then grabbed another's head and swung around using his head and kicked another in the gut. He fell onto his back and I followed him standing on his stomach and slammed the one's whose head I was holding onto his back. I looked around and there seemed to be a few who were a bit reluctant.

"So, do we really need to fight? I mean, I just took down five of you in about five seconds. Do we really need to continue this and have people get hurt, i.e. you?" They looked at me for a few seconds then ran off to who knows where. 'Good, I really didn't want to fight this early in the morning. Ah, well time to meet Moka.'

I started walking down the path toward the girl's dorm and the school. While I was walking I thought about my friends back at Death City. 'I wish I could see them. Even though I only got to know them for a while it was fun while it lasted. I wonder what they would say to me meeting a real life vampire. They would probably not believe me, oh well too bad for them.' I then noticed I was right outside the girl's dorm. Moka should be around here somewhere. Then out of nowhere a pink blur hit me in the chest knocking me down.

'There she is.' I thought when I stood up. "Hey Moka, how are you?" I asked Moka.

She smiled brightly. "I'm fine Tsukune. How are you?" she asked me. We got up and then I took her right hand into mine and started to imbue the ring with my magic.

"I'm doing great Moka. Thanks for asking. So do you want something before you drink my blood?" This seemed to spark a moment of thought before she shook her head. "Okay, go ahead and eat. Though I got to say, I'm starting to feel like a food platter." I said as I tilted my head to the left. She moved in and bit my neck.

There was the moment of pain, which was replaced with a pins and needles feeling. This continued till Enjerikku hardened the blood in my neck. Moka unhooked her fangs from my neck and leaned back with a content look on her face. 'Now I really feel like a food platter.' 'At least you're not the one being eaten. I still feel the blood in her. I wonder if she can hear me. Hey pinky! Can you hear me?' Enjerikku asked over the blood bond.

Moka jumped and started to look around. "I guess that is a yes." I said out loud. She looked at me confused. "Enjerikku wanted to know if he could talk to you through the blood bond. This way if you in trouble you can tell him and then he can tell me."

'I can also tell you when he thinks perverted things of you.' said the obnoxious blood-demon only to the vampire over the blood bond. Moka started to blush. I looked at the pink haired vampire with confusion.

"Hey Moka, are you okay? You're turning red. Are you okay?" I put the back of my hand on her forehead. 'No fever, then why is she so red?' "You don't have a fever. Are you to hot?" I asked Moka. She jumped and started to shake her head and hands in front of her.

"No, why would you think that?" she said nervously. 'Something is up. Oh well, it's not like she'll tell me.'

"Okay then. Let's get going to school. I don't want to be late." After I said this she seemed to notice most of the people around us were already gone. She grabbed my hand and started to run. 'Why me?'

"Come on Tsukune!" she yelled as she dra-helped me along. We got to class just in time, right before the bell rang. After class I headed to the vending machine to get a drink. 'I might as well get Moka a tomato juice so that she won't have a snack on me.' I was just walking back to give Moka her drink when I saw her talking to Kurumu. 'This can't be good. Ah well, might as well as get it over with.'

I walk up to the two girls. "Hey Moka! Sorry about the wait, I got you a tomato juice in case you're thirsty." I told Moka as I arrived in front of them. Kurumu seemed to notice me as I talked to Moka.

"Tsukune-kun, where have you been? I've been looking everywhere." She said while lunging at me to hug me. She looked into my eye and tried to use Charm on me. I started to feel the tug on my magical reserves, and my hand started to glow a bit. I noticed that the charm took no affect on me but in order to keep the facade of the charm working I hugged her back.

"Hey Kurumu-chan~! I have been doing some really important stuff, but now that that is over I can spend some time with you." I told her with a slight dazed look. I saw Moka look at me surprised.

"Tsukune get away from her! She's a Succubus, a monster that preys on men. She'll eat you!" Moka said frantically. I looked at her and winked. She looked confused.

"But aren't you the one who always drinks my blood?" I asked her zombie like. 'Hey Enjerikku, tell Moka the plan.' 'Already on it.' He told me.

'Hey Moka! Don't worry about Tsukune, he isn't under the effects of the charm spell. He is waiting to see what she is doing this for. Just don't worry.' And with that Enjerikku finished speaking to Moka. Kurumu led Tsukune to the infirmary. Tsukune sat down on the chair while she go on the bed. She started to cheer.

"Ha! Did you see the look on her face? She look like she was going to cry. Now that she is all sad and mopey all the guys will stop thinking about her and start thinking about me again. Then I can start looking for my Destined One again." Her tail came out from the sheer happiness she was in. 'Looks like finding one's 'Destined One' is important to Succubi.' She looked over at me, and I guess I must have been looking depressed or something. "Ah, Tsukune." After saying that she hugged my head into her chest.

"You look pretty sad. Don't worry, Kurumu will make it all better." 'What the hell!? I she trying to kill me?' 'You are in what is called 'Marsh-mellow Hell' right now.' Kurumu pulled back and looked into Tsukune's eyes. She started to get closer. "With this kiss, you will be mine forever." 'Shit, Tsukune whatever you do, do not get kissed! If that happens you will be her slave forever!'

Seeing as couldn't move do to her having a grip on my shoulders I wrapped my arms around her and hugged her putting my chin on her shoulder. "I'm sorry Kurumu. I can't let you kiss me, I'd like to keep my free will." I said into her ear.

"What!? You were under my charm spell. How can you still be able to move on your own?" She pushed me back into the chair.

"Easy, when you know what kind of monster a person is then all you have to do is use something that protects you from there most used power. In your case, it would be the spell Repel." I said showing her the palm of my hand where the magic circle was.

"But that would require you to cast the spell before the caster casts Charm. I am sure I had you under my Charm spell when you looked into my eyes earlier. There is no way you could have cast it without me figuring out, but no matter if I can't have no one will!" With that her wings erupted from her back and the nails lengthened into blades that where capable of cutting through steel. She lunged at me and would have stabbed me if it weren't for Moka bursting into the room and pushing Kurumu out of the window.

"Moka stay here. I'll deal with her." I tell Moka as I get ready to jump out the window after Kurumu.

"No Tsukune. She is targeting me Tsukune. I have to deal with her." She told me looking me in the eyes. I could tell that it would take a while to change her mind. 'Why are girls so stubborn?' I sighed.

"Fine, all right hop." I said still in my crouch ready to jump out the window. I motioned for her to get on my back. She seemed to be embarrassed but got on anyway. I jumped out the window and created a gear rune under my feet to slow my fall, even though a fall like this wouldn't hurt I didn't think Moka would appreciate the turbulence.

When we were back on the ground I let Moka off and looked toward where Kurumu was getting here barrings in mid-air. I then yelled at her, "Unless those claws of yours can cut through diamonds, then don't even try to cut me. You'll only end up breaking them." Why did I tell her you may wonder, I know how pissed girls can get when you break there nails.

She seemed to be thinking about something when it hit her. "If I can't cut you then I'll just have to kill Moka then. She is the one in my way of finding my Destined One. My race is dying and the only way to find them is to gather a large following of guys under my charm. With her hear guys aren't falling for my charm because they're to busy thinking of her."

She then started to get a little higher in the air then suddenly dived to ward me and Moka. "Get behind me Moka!" I yelled out right before I pushed her behind me. As I pushed her behind me I her a clink~. 'The rosary came off.'

I just felt a massive soul frequency go off behind me. Kurumu was pushed back slightly from the force of the wave. I turned my head to look behind me as I saw Moka change into her monster form. When it was finished she opened her eyes and looked at me. "So this is why I was woken up."

Kurumu looked at Moka in disbelief. "No way a super vampire. That doesn't matter. Time to die Moka!" she then dove back into her dive toward us. Moka had an annoyed look as she dissapeared from view and then reappearing behind Kurumu. "You're fast." she said with a look of shock on her face.

"And your slow." Moka said as she grabbed her tail and threw her at the ground. She landed on the ground a few feet away from Kurumu than started to walk toward here. "I'm going to rip them off. Your wings and tail that it." she said this as she was walking toward here. As she was about to grab her tail I appeared right in front of her and grabbed her arm.

"It's not necessary to go that far Moka. She has learned her lessen." I told her. She seemed to annoyed at me. She grabbed her rosary from my hand and reattached it to her choker. She turned back into Outer Moka and fainted. I caught her then created a gear rune to lay her on. I then turned around to look at a fearful Kurumu.

I crouched down and grabbed her hand and looked at her face. "I am going to tell you that you don't need a charm spell to find your Destined One. If the feelings they feel for you is only from the spell then they don't deserve you. If they are meant to be your Destined One all you have to do is wait for them to come to you. You will find them and I hope they deserve you."

After I finished talking to her I walked over to Moka and picked her up and took her back to her room since it was the end of the day. After I laid her down in her bed I walked over to the window and opened I then climbed out onto the small narrow ledge. I the jumped toward my window and landed on the ledge under my window. I opened the window and climbed into my room. I stripped down and changed into my flannel pants and got ready for bed.


'Good morning world, please disappear. I want more sleep.' I got out of bed because I knew that the world would not leave. I got dressed into a black t-shirt with a white decal of Death's mask on it, some blue jeans with black flames at the bottom and my boots. I finished getting ready for the day and walked outside.

As I was walking to meet Moka at our usual spot I got the feeling of impending doom. 'That's new, at least relatively speaking.' 'Since when was any of this relative to anything?' When I saw Moka coming I decided to say good morning. "Hey Moka, good morning. Did you have a good sleep?"

She nodded and gave me here right hand and I started to infuse the ring with some more magic. When I was done I checked her soul to see if any changes had occurred to them. Her soul didn't seem to had changed all that much but inner Moka's soul has seemed like it was getting further from outer Moka's. 'This could be bad. I'll check it tomorrow and see if it fluctuates normally.'

I tilted my head to left to indicate she could drink some of my blood. When she stopped drinking my blood I got the sense of impending doom again. 'What does this feeling mean?' I was then thrust into darkness. 'I think your revisiting Mash-Mellow Hell again.' I then pulled my head out of said hell and looked a Kurumu holding a basket with cookies in it.

"Hey Tsukune!~ I've made some cookies for you." she handed me the cookies and I decided to try one. 'These are awesome, my aunt once made cookies and they tasted pretty good. But then again they were poisoned so these are way better than those.' While I was munching on the awesome cookies Kurumu continued to talk. "Do you remember when I said I was still searching for my Destined One? Well I have decided that you Tsukune are my Destined One."

'And cue choking due to hidden surprise in the cookie.' "What do you mean I'm your Destined One?" I asked dumbly.

"You were so nice to me and saved me from scary Moka." she said with a cute smile. I then did the most sane thing to in my situation. I ran, and they followed.

"Marry me Tsukune!" Kurumu yelled at me while trying to catch me.

"He can't marry you Kurumu. He's not your Destined One." Moka yelled chasing after me and Kurumu.

'I didn't think this would happened!' 'What do you expect you saved her from being maimed and told her some fluffy words, of course this would happen.' 'Then why didn't you warn me?' 'Because this is funnier!'

End of Chapter 2: "Is this a dream come true, or a living nightmare?!

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