"Sam, stop fussing it. Gilly will like it fine."

Jon Snow shook his head as he patted his fat friend on the back. Samwell Tarly was a self proclaimed coward, but the sorting hat had made him Gryffindor at eleven, just like Jon. Gilly Craster was a Hufflepuff that Sam was smitten with since second year. She was a fourth year, and Sam and Jon were fifth.

Samwell swallowed and glanced at Jon.
"Are you sure? What if she's seeing someone?"
"You long for her from across the hall all the time. There's no man in her life or he'd have come by and punched you already." Jon sighed and turned over her shoulder. "Grenn, Pyp! Come help me move him to action!"

Pyp and Grenn were there in a moment, both of the same house. They were most cooperate, shoving Samwell toward the fountain as he protested, holding a bouquet of flowers that Gilly had been named for. Jon laughed and chuckled, shaking his head as he crossed his arms and observing.

As Sam stumbled toward Gilly with a shove, slender arms slid around Jon's shoulder, one hand tracing over his trousers. He flushed and turned in the sixth year Slytherin's embrace, cracking a small smile.
"Ygritte." He whispered as the ginger haired girl leaned up and kissed him.
"Jon." She grinned. "What's going on today?"
"Sam is asking out Gilly. We hope." He chuckled.
"To that big fancy ball at the end of the year?"
"That's the one." Jon nodded and paused. "I don't suppose you have a dress...?"
"Funny question to ask me." Ygritte made face and gave him an odd look. "Why do you?"
"Well I was considering inviting you to the Yule Ball." Jon smiled softly. "You know. If you wanted."
"You and me. Dancing." Ygritte snorted. "A Slytherin and a Gryffindor. We'd cause a scandal."
"Is that a no?" Jon felt his heart sink. He had known she was wild at heart, it shouldn't surprise him that it wasn't her scene. "I understand...I just thought I'd.."
Ygritte's warm lips silenced him with another kiss and she cracked a grin, the slight gap in her teeth he'd come to love visible.
"You know nothing, Jon Snow."

"She said yes!"
Somehow Jon hadn't heard Sam bounding over, and he turned with Ygritte still in his arms. She chuckled a bit as Sam reached them with a dumb grin.
"Gilly! She agreed to go with me!"
"Figured she would." Jon chuckled.
"She'd be a fool not to." Ygritte cracked another grin. "Yer the type to fight for the woman ye love."
"Ah, good day, Ygritte." Samwell flushed, because his first meeting with Ygritte had contained an amount of nudity when he went looking for Jon in the dungeons.
"Hello, Tarly." Ygritte grinned. "Mind if I steal Snow for a bit?"
"Go ahead." Sam grinned dumbly. "Gilly and I are going to Hogsmeade for butterbeers!"

Ygritte laughed as the other boy waddled off and she stole Jon's lips again. Jon grinned into it as his fingers tangled into her orange hair, a single thought crossed his mind. Kissed by fire, she called herself the first time they were together. They'd been dating in someway or other since the beginning of the year. They'd crossed paths on the train when some of her friends bully Sam, and Jon had stood up for his best friend. That night she'd made her intent clear after the feast, and may herself present in his life constantly. It had been the first time someone didn't care he was illegitimate, and that had meant everything. He'd even asked her about it, told her the truth that he was half muggle. He'd been worried that would send her away because she was a Slytherin and most of them seemed to be of that nature. She rolled her eyes and shut him up with a heated kiss.
"You know nothing, Jon Snow."