Hello people well I'm here to answer your reviews.

Guest- She's in her late teens?Dang, cause I know 14 year olds that are filled out more than her. Maybe it's the dress that makes her seem younger. And I wasn't joking about rape. That truly was my reaction when I read that part of the manga. Heck the manga even hints toward rape. SO I don't see how what I wrote is inappropriate if you've read the manga. The manga is worse with innuendo than my little one-shot.

Shadow Fox 2013- Glad you liked it and your name is super familiar. Are you on deviantart?

DCreed- Thanks for the warning.

OTAKUbooknerd-OBN- No way I know you, you wrote that amazing story about Alice and Julius. I feel honored that you read this lousy thing.

Know-it-all Nerd- I'm aware of the time frame the customs but since Alice's parents aren't there she's not allowed to marry any of them, so in term she isn't allowed to sleep with any of them. Which is what I was trying to get at but I guess it came out wrong. Oh well. And I love long reviews, let's me know somebody cares enough to waste their time writing something for me. :)

Serenity Charm- Le gasp you liked that scene? I musn't speak to you. Just kidding you have your opinions and I'm grateful you didn't flame because we don't see eye to eye. Much obliged and sadly I know Julius and Alice never get together. It's sad but that's what fanfiction's for.