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Timeframe: This story is going to take place fifteen years before the start of the Harry Potter storyline. In the Harry Potter part of the crossover it will only have been 14-15 years since Female Harry disappeared from their world, while in the One Piece part of the crossover, it's been over 26 years since she arrived in the One Piece world making her between the age 26-27 when she gets dragged back. I'm also making it so that Harry and everyone he would have known in Hogwarts in his first year are all born in the 1990's instead of the 1980's.

Author's Notes: Okay, so to clarify things, Female Harry gets sent to the One Piece world the night Voldemort attacks her family grows up to become Portgas D. Rogue, future wife of Gol D. Roger and the mother of Portgas D. Ace who died shortly after giving birth to her son. But in this story she gets dragged back home to the Harry Potter universe before she gives birth. There isn't much information on the original Portgas D. Rogue anywhere, except that she had strawberry blond hair and wears a pink hibiscus flower in it, brown eyes, so my version of Rogue is going to have bright red hair, green eyes, and has the Pika-Pika (Light-Light) Logia type Devil fruit power, and is just as dangerous a pirate as everyone else.

Special Announcement: Okay, Yoruko Rhapsodos pointed out something that I think I forgot to mention in the last chapter about the age Rogue got deaged to when she was brought back to her home dimension, so I want to clarify things. Yes, I had her brought back during the Triwizard tournament, which in canon series happened thirteen years after canon boy Harry was orphaned, and takes place during her fourth year at Hogwarts when she was fourteen. I'm guessing some of you think she must be fourteen again as why some of you are disagreeing about the whole deaging thing. But you're all totally wrong. Please remember that from the beginning, in my summary I said that fifteen years have gone by in the Harry Potter universe since Rogue was sent away, not thirteen. Rogue has been deaged to the body of a sixteen year old girl, not a fourteen year old girl, and I've moved the Triwizard tournament up to being in what should be her sixth year at Hogwarts, not her fourth. So she's just barely half a year from being declared an adult at age seventeen in the magical world. lol Another change I made were the other champions. I know they are like 2-3 years older than her in canon, but I deaged them too, so that they are now just a year older than her, as the reason why they are still in school when they should be long gone from school by the time she comes home. I'm doing it this way because I really didn't feel like creating brand new and unknown characters to take their places for the tournament. lol

To all of my readers who've read this story already - January 25, 2014: I updated the scene involving Lily Potter, to include one of the things that's mentioned in this chapter for those who've read the Prologue already, along with a small update chapter at the very bottom of the Prologue, when Rogue is still in Ohara, where I give her a locket and a ring that she's wearing when she was sent back 'home' to the Harry Potter universe, and I decided to add a new scene to explain how she managed to get away with 'suddenly' becoming pregnant on Ohara nearly a whole year after Roger is killed, with no visible sign of a man in her life, without her longtime friends and neighbors outright questioning how or why her 'sudden' pregnancy even started. lol

Another Update announcement - January 17, 2016: I updated this chapter by putting a few new paragraphs after Lily and Severus got married, to show that Sirius and Remus didn't remain bachelors and childless over the years themselves when they were searching for Rogue. The Black and Lupin kids show up in the upcoming new chapter 3 that's being put up soon with the Potter-Snape kids. I figure the two remaining Marauders deserve to have their own families as well instead of just James Potter having kids.

Warnings: Small spoiler alert, for those who don't know the real reason about what really happened with Gol D. Roger and the marines all those years ago that led to his eventual execution.

TheBlackSeaReaper's & Sakura Lisel (me)'s Harry Potter-One Piece crossover Challenge #79 idea - Female Harry gets sent to the One Piece world at a YOUNG age, and becomes Portgas D. Rogue. She grows up in the One Piece world like in canon, meets Gol D. Roger, and becomes pregnant with Ace. Before or after Ace is born, Rogue gets summoned back to her home dimension, to fight a war she doesn't want anything to do with.

-smart, independent, intelligent, powerful
Slytherin Female Harry (if she gets forced into going to Hogwarts)
-Baby Ace
HAS to be brought along with her back to the Harry Potter universe
Refuses to take back her OLD name, especially IF she's married to Gol D. Roger, and her last name is now technically Gol by marriage, more than it is Potter or Portgas. lol
(optional) the summoning physically deages her to the age she should have been if she had grown up in the Harry Potter universe (and freak out the wizards as they wander what kind of girl is she to be getting pregnant at THAT age lol), or she remains the same age she was when she got pregnant with Ace.
-has a Logia-type Devil Fruit power (you pick which one)
-has red hair and the freckles that Ace inherits from her, and still has green eyes
-Dumbledore, Molly, Ron, Ginny bashing

Word Count: 9,828

Summary: (HP!OP xover) 15 years ago, Cataleya Potter disappeared from the wreckage of her family home on the night Voldemort attacked and is sent to another world. 26 years later Portgas D. Rogue is expecting her first child when she suddenly finds herself dragged away from everything she knows and into an unfamiliar new world. What's the magical world to do when their missing 'child' savior is nothing like what they thought she would be? -(Independent!Powerful!Grey!FEMALE Harry) -(slight Manipulative Dumbledore bashing, extreme Ron, Molly, Ginny Weasley bashing)-

'Hi' - thinking
"§§Hi§§" - Parseltongue

Tame Me Not
Chapter 1: Little Girl Lost & Now Found
By: Sakura Lisel

In the fifteen years since Cataleya Potter had been missing, her mother Lily Amelia Potter nee Evans had been working tirelessly to try and find her oldest daughter ever since the night of Voldemort's attack which left her a widow and her eldest daughter missing.

That same night, aurors had shown up at the Potter house to try and arrest Sirius on Dumbledore's orders for betraying the Potter family to the Dark lord, but after talking to Lily who finally convinced them of who had really had betrayed her family, the ministry had immediately sent out an arrest warrant for Peter Pettigrew who was the Potter's real secret keeper, and within hours Peter had been caught by a small group of aurors led by Sirius and was sentenced to life at Azkaban after making him take Veritruism to get a confession out of him in court, though no matter how much questioning they put him through about what he may have known about Cataleya's disappearance or who might have her, they came up with nothing as the traitor didn't seem to know anything about Cataleya Potter's disappearance beyond what he had heard everyone else say about it, and no other Death Eaters who had been caught in the ongoing months knew anything about Cataleya's whereabouts either.

When Albus Dumbledore had arrived shortly after, he had at first shown shock at seeing Lily Potter still alive, as well as anger when he realized that his plans for the Potter girl were ruined if the girl's mother was alive, especially since his plans of sending Sirius Black to Azkaban had also failed since Lily had cleared Sirius name. When he heard what had happened that night, and that Cataleya Potter was missing, the old man had quickly hidden his anger under his grandfatherly façade, as he congratulated her on being alive and offered all of his services to help in finding the young savior of the wizarding world and returning her to her family with the Order of the Phoenix and ministry's help.

Sirius Black and Remus Lupin had been with her every step of the way as they pulled out all the stops they could to try and find the missing girl, offering rewards and information to anyone who might have any idea of who might have Cataleya, but always turned up dead ends.

At first they had accepted the offer of help in their search for Cataleya from Albus Dumbledore and the Order of the Phoenix, but then the trio cut off all their ties with their former headmaster and the Order, when Albus showed up at Lily's home one morning with some Order members for a meeting, as Lily, Sirius, and Remus could only stared incredulously as the headmaster started making comments about how once they found Cataleya, that he wanted Lily's permission to start training Cataleya as soon as possible so that the young girl would be able to 'face her destiny' to fight Voldemort once more if the Dark Lord ever returned because of what he believed the prophecy said.

It also hadn't helped matters when the old man had then proceeded to tell her that he wanted to also set up a marriage contract between Cataleya and the Weasley families youngest son, Ronald Weasley, to ensure that Cataleya only stayed with the 'right sort of people' by marrying her into a Light family when she was old enough, and had even brought in the filled out paperwork for the marriage contract that had already been signed by him and Molly Weasley and contained Ronald and Cataleya's names on it, and just needed Lily's final signature on the contract to make it finalized as Cataleya's only remaining blood family, while Molly Weasley stood off to the side looking smug and nodding her head in agreement to what the headmaster was saying as she told Lily about how great it would be for their two families to be joined this way.

The resulting argument when Lily had outright refused to even consider letting Albus Dumbledore do anything with her daughter when she was found, and also refused to sign the contract as she used her wand to cast the incinerating spell on it and destroyed it within seconds, as she told the headmaster about the nerve he had for thinking she would even consider signing the blasted thing that would take away her daughters choice in who she wanted to marry one day, and got into a screaming match with Molly that led to Lily hexing the older woman into the next millennium before she threw the two of them out of her home with Sirius and Remus' help.

As the days turned into weeks, and the weeks turned into months with no word of her daughters location in sight, even the Ministry of Magic had finally called off the search after three and a half months when nothing new was discovered about where Cataleya might have been, even though Lily became even more determined in her search for her daughter as she and the Marauders traveled around seeking out clues and rumors they had heard but always coming up in dead ends.

Much to Lily, Sirius and Remus anger, they soon discovered that some moron in the wizarding worlds book and toy industries had started writing and publishing children's books and toys depicting Cataleya Potter as some fictional heroine who did things that no normal young witch should be capable of doing, and were even selling toys and action figures in Cataleya's 'honor', showing unrealistic images depicting what the world thought the missing Potter heir looked like in the products.

It had taken months in court and a good goblin lawyer to sue the book and toy companies for illegally creating the merchandise, since they didn't have the signed permission of Cataleya Potter's family or guardians to create and sell merchandise using her name, and demanded that the distribution of the books and toys either be stopped or they as the family of the girl depicted in the products be given half the proceeds of any and all items being sold in Cataleya Potter's name.

They had won the court case, but weren't able to completely stop the sales of the books and toys, but managed to get a signed magically binding contract and was awarded half the proceeds that was already currently being made selling the products, as well as a signed contract with the book and toy companies that would continue giving them half the profits of the products being sold every two to three months.

About four and a half months after that fateful night on February 27, 1992, Lily went into labor early that morning and soon gave birth to her youngest children, a boy she named Ciel James Potter who had his father's pitch black hair and her green eyes, and a young girl she named Diana Ciara Potter who had Lily's red hair, but possessed James hazel colored eyes and freckles.

In between continuing her search for Cataleya with Sirius and Remus, Lily also spent all of her remaining free time doting on her youngest children as she spent every moment she could with them to make sure they were both safe and happy, as she became overly protective of them, especially when they went out of the house into public, as people still greeted her on the streets and offered their condolences for the lost of both James and Cataleya while cooing over Ciel and Diana at the same time. She had even caught a photographer or two trying to sneak pictures of her and the twins.

Nearly one and a half years after Lily lost her husband and oldest child, she ran into Severus Snape while shopping in the muggle world with Ciel and Diana riding in their stroller. Severus had been out of the country for the last three years working and had only just returned home to England that day, and had been both polite and cordial with her that day and offered his condolences, and offered to take her out for lunch at a nearby restaurant.

At first she had been reluctant to go anywhere with Severus since she hadn't really kept in touch with Severus much in a couple of years since Cataleya's disappearance, but she soon changed her mind and accepted his invitation, and spent the next couple of hours hanging out and talking with each other like old times.

Back in school, things had been rough between them since their sixth year of school, when they had a fight in school when he had called her a mudblood in a fit of anger caused by him being angry at the latest prank that James Potter had done to him and he had taken his anger out on Lily when she had only tried to help him, but she had eventually forgiven him for what had happened and was back on speaking terms with him by the time she had gotten pregnant with Cataleya, and had named him as one of her daughters godfathers much to her husband's surprise and dismay.

Near the end of his sixth year in Hogwarts, Severus had been 'invited' to join Voldemort's Death Eater forces because of his growing skills as a potions master, but had instantly refused because he hadn't wanted anything to do with the Dark Lords ideals, and despite some threats to his person for rejecting the Dark Lord, Severus had little to no trouble with the Dark Lord's followers, and had managed to become a successful and famous potions master in England once he graduated from school.

Like Lily and the remaining Marauders, Severus was also against anything that Dumbledore had to say on the matter on the missing Potter child, especially after the old man had somehow found out about him being invited to join Lord Voldemort's forces, and tried to pressure him into accepting because he thought Severus would make a good spy for the Order if he was on the inside, but Severus had outright refused, not wanting to risk his life being a spy, especially if the Dark Lord found out about him being a spy.

After that first lunch date, Lily and Severus continued to see each other every chance they got, either to just hang out together with her and the twins somewhere or for some time alone together while either Sirius or Remus babysat the twins while they were out, and Lily and Severus slowly found themselves falling in love with each other as time went by, and Severus had even taken on a job offer at Hogwarts as the new potions master and head of Slytherin when the former house head and school potions master, Horace Slughorn, decided to retire and nominated him for the job to the headmaster who had reluctantly hired Severus on the spot after reviewing his credentials for the job.

By that time both Ciel and Diana were already walking and talking, had grown to love having Severus around, and could always be found running to greet him when he came over to visit, and despite his old school rivalry with James Potter, Severus found himself warming up to Ciel and Diana and became close to them.

At first, when Sirius had found out about her dating again and exactly who it was she was dating, he had been furious as he accused her of betraying James memory by dating Severus Snape and told her she should dump Severus, and focus more on trying to continue to search for Cataleya and raising the twins.

Lily had proceeded to slap Sirius hard, and start yelling at the dog animagus off about where he could take his opinion about her and Severus and shove it, and called him every foul word she could think of as she demanded to know where he got off telling her what she could do with her own life, or that she was 'betraying' James memory by being with Severus, as she reminded Sirius that she was a widow and James had been dead for one and a half years without her dating anyone until Severus came back into her life, and that even if things weren't serious between the two of them, she had no intention of staying single her entire life when she could move on if she chose to, if she found somebody else she could love as much as she loved James like she did with Severus.

As she proceeded to inform Sirius that she loved Severus and wasn't going to dump him because of what Sirius thought about the matter, as she had informed him that until Severus had come back into her life she had been alone and miserable for the last one and a half years since the loss of James and Cataleya, and that when she and Severus had first started seeing each other. She hadn't intended to fall for Severus but was now glad that she had especially after just one and a half years since her husband had been killed, and that she would always love and miss James Potter, but she wasn't going to stay single and raise her kids alone just to keep James memory alive, when she could move on, and that James would have wanted her to move on, and refused to leave Severus because of some petty school rivalry the Marauders had with him back in school, which had nothing to do with her as far as she was concerned, since Severus was her best friend long before she met either James Potter or the rest of the Marauders, and wouldn't give him up for anyone.

After the argument, both Sirius and Remus had left Lily alone for a week to so Sirius could sulk, but Remus had been able to convince his friend that they should support Lily's decision in who she wanted to be with, as long as both her and the twins were happy, they should be happy for her, and Sirius had reluctantly agreed, as the duo called a truce with Severus who had reluctantly agreed in order to make Lily happy as well, as he joined in their search for Cataleya.

Nearly six months after Severus and Lily started dating each other, Severus finally proposed to Lily with a 24-karat diamond ring that he had bought in Diagon Alley, and she had eagerly accepted, and within two months the duo had been married, with Severus officially adopting Ciel and Diana and changing their last names in Potter-Snapes, and the remaining Marauders calling a reluctant truce with Severus in order to keep the peace between everyone.

About half a year after Lily and Severus tied the knot, found Sirius Black also walking down the aisle with his longtime girlfriend, Madame Amelia Bones who was in charge of the Ministry's law enforcement Auror department, and even he adopted Amelia's niece, Susan, as his own child though Susan still kept her birth last name, and about seven months later the family welcomed into the world a bouncing baby boy born with Amelia's bright red hair though it had a few black streaks in it, and Sirius' gray-blue eyes, who they named Loki Black who was born on June 19, 1994. Even Remus found someone for himself, as he married a young witch named Winry Quistis, a halfblood witch who the group had known back in Hogwarts and always had a crush on Remus in school, who knew about his 'condition', but didn't care what anyone else had to say on the matter who might be against her being with a werewolf.

It had taken Winry months to get Remus to finally accept her affections, and the two of them were married in a quiet ceremony with all their friends and family attending just a few weeks after Sirius and Amelia's own wedding, and within the year they welcomed a pair of twins, a boy and a girl who they named Serenity and Aidan Lupin, who both had their fathers dark brown hair, and had a golden look in their pale blue eyes that they inherited from their mom, but despite peoples worries that the twins might inherit the werewolf gene from Remus, both babies tested negative for the virus, though they did sometimes get non-life threatening rashes if they came in contact with silver, and both were born on August 25, 1994.

The six children grew up together, and were the best of friends, always pulling pranks and causing mischief where ever they went when they were together, as they grew up hearing about their parents past exploits at Hogwarts, and when the group was old enough to properly understand, they were told the sad story of what happened to Ciel and Diana's birth father and their missing older sister.

Nine years had gone by since then with the family of four growing by at least two more boys being born between Severus and Lily who they named Damien and Quint Snape, who were born two years after Lily and Severus had been born.

By the time Cataleya's first year at Hogwarts had started, everyone had been waiting with bated breath in hopes that the missing Potter heir would miraculously show up at Hogwarts, and had been on the lookout for any redheaded, green eyed girls who even remotely looked like Lily Potter-Snape, but there hadn't been anyone matching the description of what they thought Cataleya Potter might look like.

In what should have been Cataleya Potters first year, Albus had taken his old friend Nicholas Flamel's Philosopher's Stone from its bank vault in Gringotts, and hid it away inside of Hogwarts, in hopes of using it to test the missing Potter girl if she had shown up in school, because he had heard rumors that Voldemort might be back and was seeking the Philosophers Stone to use it to create a new body for himself. When Cataleya Potter failed to arrive for school, Albus had to double security on the stone.

That same year, a young muggleborn girl named Hermione Granger had nearly been killed in the girls bathroom on Halloween night by a troll after an argument with young Ronald Weasley had left the girl running away in tears, but it had been the quick thinking of Neville Longbottom who had overheard some girls talking about Hermione, that Hermione was saved in time when they informed the teachers about Hermione not being in the Great Hall when news of the troll being in the school came out. Ever since then Hermione and Neville had become good friends and were inseparable once she found out it had been Neville who had told the teachers where she was.

By the end of the year, the Philosophers Stone had nearly been stolen by Professor Quirinus Quirrell, who was being possessed by Lord Voldemort who wraith like spirit was attached to the back of the Defense Against Dark Arts teachers head. Quirrell had been apprehended by the teachers just as he was about to take the stone, but Lord Voldemort had escaped before he could be captured, leaving Quirrell in a coma and is now a permanent resident in St. Mungo's hospital, and the Philosophers Stone was returned to the Flamels who refused to let Albus keep it for any reason, and refused his suggestions of having it destroyed for the 'greater good of all' in order to prevent any other attempts of it being stolen.

By the time young Ciel and Diana Potter-Snape had started school on September 1, 2002, with Ciel winding up in Slytherin while Diana wound up in Ravenclaw, the twins had already been warned away from Albus Dumbledore by their parents and godparents, and been told not to trust the old man unless they had to, and any attempts to call them up to his office for a talk so he could find out how their family was doing in their search for their missing sister were always ruined, because the twins refused to come meet him unless their either their mother, stepfather, uncles or head of house was called in as well.

That same year when the Potter-Snape twins came to Hogwarts, during what should have been Cataleya's second year, the Chamber of Secrets had been opened by a young pureblood witch named Ginerva Weasley, who was being possessed by a Horcrux diary that was once owned by a former student named Tom Marvolo Riddle, who was now known as Lord Voldemort.

Young Ginny had been under the control of the diary for weeks and had been forced to control a dangerous basilisk who was petrifying the students, before her two friends Luna Lovegood and Diana Potter-Snape had finally confronted her about how oddly she was acting, and had to practically drag the redhead to the headmasters office with Ciel Potter-Snape's help once they found out about the diary, where the diary was confiscated, and the attacks had stopped immediately, with only one fatality in the whole situation being Gilderoy Lockhart, who was the new DADA teacher that year, being found with a packed suitcase turned to stone in a corridor when he didn't turn up for classes, but Ginny's involvement in the incident had been hushed up so the girl wouldn't get into serious trouble.

Ginny had to be pulled out of school for what was left of the school year, and was placed into St. Mungo's for psychiatric evaluation to make sure there were no adverse side effects to what had happened to her, and was allowed back in school long enough to finish the last of her first year schooling so she would be caught up with her year mates the following year.

Up until that moment, Albus had even considered trying to mold young Neville Longbottom or even one of the Potter twins into becoming the new savior of the magical world since Cataleya was still missing, but all attempts he had made had been thwarted by the three children's families, who outright refused to let him turn their kids into weapons for any reason. Even young Neville who seemed like a demure and obedient child, had full out refused to his face that he wasn't interested in being trained to fight the dark lord, and his grandmother, Augusta Longbottom, had fully supported her grandsons decision when Albus had gone to her for help in trying to change her grandsons mind and wouldn't listen to a word Albus said on the matter, and rudely told him where he could go shove his 'greater good' involving her grandsons safety and future.

In what should have been Cataleya Potter's third year, nothing really exciting happened that year, other than Remus Lupin becoming the new DADA teacher, and doing a spectacular job of it compared to the last two teachers, and surprisingly half of the Slytherin students as well as the rest of houses loved him and everyone were sad to see him go at the end of the year because word got out that he was a werewolf somehow so he had to be laid off from being DADA.

In fourth year, the Lupin and Black kids finally joined the school and were sorted into different houses, and Peter Pettigrew broke out of Azkaban and was on the run for months before he was caught outside of Hogsmeade trying to rob a potions supplies shop for rare ingredients for a potion, but before he was taken in by the aurors, the rat animagus cast a horrible exploding spell that destroyed the area he was in, with a few badly injured witches and wizards who were caught in the blast, and he was declared dead at the scene, even though the remains of his body wasn't recovered.

During fifth year, Ciel Potter-Snape had gotten into a fight with Ronald Weasley, when the youngest Weasley boy had started bragging about how he was going to marry into the Potter family when either Cataleya was found, or when Diana was old enough to marry, because his mother had told him so, which landed the Weasley boy in the infirmary for two weeks after the beating Ciel had given him, as well as having his manhood stomped on by Diana who had been nearby and heard everything as well including the more 'graphic' things Ron was telling his friends he was hoping to do to her and/or Cataleya, while yelling at Ron that it would be a cold day in hell before she would marry him ever. The twins had gotten two months' worth of detention. The detentions had only become two months after the twins had outright refused to apologize for what they had done to Ron, with Molly sending Howlers practically demanding that Diana at least be expelled for nearly squashing her baby's pride and joy, but neither twins was expelled.

During what should have been Cataleya's sixth year, Albus hired his old friend, Alastor Moody who was a retired auror to be the new DADA teacher for that year. Also that year they were hosting the infamous Triwizard Tournament for the first time in centuries, and everyone was excited to see how the event would go. They had invited two other schools to compete in the tournament, which were called the Durmstrang Institute and Beauxbatons Academy of Magic.

A few weeks after the other schools arrival, Albus had brought out the Goblet of Fire which would help in the selection process of which school would have a single student compete in the tournament, and there had been a rush from all students who were of eligible age to submit their names to the goblet in hopes of getting to compete.

On the night that the selection process was to proceed, everything had been going fine as far as everyone was concerned. First the goblet had spit out the names Cedric Diggory from Hogwarts, Fleur Delacour from Beauxbatons, and Victor Krum from Durmstrang, who were all seventh years of their respective schools, as the three chosen students who would be representing their schools in the Triwizard Tournament.

Amongst the cheers and applause from the hall, it was then to the surprise of everyone there when a fourth slip of paper baring the name Cataleya Potter on it was suddenly spit out of the goblet much to the shock of everyone.

At first Albus had thought it was some kind of prank, after all these years of the missing Potter heir not showing up, especially when no one stood up when the name was called, and just as he was trying to decide what was going on, this strange swirling portal appeared above the great hall, and spat out a unconscious heavily pregnant young girl with red and black hair. The girl would have been injured if it wasn't for the quick reflexes of Severus Snape who had cast an levitation spell on the falling girl to catch her before she hit the ground and gently placed her on the stone floor.

As the staff all rushed towards the unconscious girl, everyone who knew Lily Potter-Snape could immediately see the resemblance between the girl and Lily as soon as they laid eyes on the girl, as she was rushed to the hospital wing to be treated by Madame Poppy, who had discovered the pregnancy with her wand, and had also discovered that the girl was already in labor. A few hours later a pair of twins had been born.

~-Hogwarts, Scotland - October 22, 2006-~

Late one afternoon, Headmaster Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore was sitting inside of his office perusing some papers that needed to be filled out by the end of the day and submitted himself to the ministry concerning the latest occupant to his school who had arrived through some kind of portal nearly a week ago.

The latest arrival to the school was an unconscious young freckle faced, red headed girl in her midteens who was both heavily pregnant with twins and in labor when she arrived, and the Hogwarts staff had rushed to help the girl out and rushed her into the school infirmary where she had awoken from because of her labor pains, and managed to stay conscious long enough to help them delivered her babies. One baby was a small boy with his mother's green eyes and freckles and pitch black hair, and the other one was a little girl also with her mother's green eyes and red hair but didn't have freckles like her mother and brother did.

Though after the birth of the twins, the mystery girl nearly had them panicking afterwards when the girl had lost consciousness once more after giving birth and started bleeding heavily on her hospital bed from internal injuries caused by the birth, and would have bled to death if Madame Poppy hadn't thought to put a stasis charm on the girl's body to try and stabilize her, while casting every healing spell she knew on the girl to stop the bleeding while force feeding the girl blood replenishing potions to replace the blood loss.

That had been a week and a half ago, and the girl was now slowly on the mend with Poppy keeping a close eye on her, to make sure nothing went wrong, but the girl had yet to awaken from her slumber, but Poppy was certain that it would only be a matter of time before the girl finally woke up again now that she was out of the woods, even though the girl was showing signs of a slight fever at the moment.

At first the girl had been a mystery to everyone had already been knocked out when she arrived through the portal and had yet to awaken from her sleep in the three days since her arrival, though she was recognized by a few people by her resemblance to a former student of the school, and the fact that she had shown up right after the long lost Cataleya Potter's name had been called out of the Goblet of Fire. A quick magical DNA test on the girl using the blood they had collected while treating her had been enough to confirm his suspicions that the girl was indeed the long lost Potter child who they had all been looking for the last fifteen years.

The girl was known by the entire wizarding world as Cataleya Genesis Potter, the Girl Who Lived, who had defeated the Dark Lord Voldemort when she was just a fifteen month old baby and who had been missing since that fateful night for the last fifteen years until now, when her name mysteriously came out of the Goblet of Fire, and was now a young mother of twins.

For the past week, Albus had been staving off questions from both the minister of magic, and reporters who were demanding answers to who the mystery girl was, after students from all three schools had immediately started sending out letters to their parents telling them what had happened, and how they were dealing with the situation involving the girl. Already there had been letters and Howlers from demanding answers to whether or not the girl was a threat to the safety of the three schools, and he managed to answer as much questions as he could without giving out much answers. When it had finally been revealed about who the girls real identity was there had been an uproar as people clamored to know the condition of their long lost savior now that she had been found once he had released the news shortly after getting the DNA test results.

Much to his chagrin, not long after news of the girls identity got out, Albus had found himself swamped by three Howlers from both Lily Snape, Sirius Black and Remus Lupin practically ordering him to have no contact whatsoever with Cataleya beyond her schooling.

Young Ciel and Diana Potter-Snape had been in the school infirmary almost every day in between classes to check up on their older sister to see how she was doing and find out if she was awake yet, only to leave in disappointment when they were turned away because she was still unconscious, with reassurances that they would be informed when their sister was finally awake.

'I can't believe my luck, that the girl has appeared the way she did. Luckily Lily Potter-Snape is out of the country on business right now and can't come back soon, if what Severus says is true. When the girl wakes up, I can hopefully gain her trust and get her to do what I want before Lily can sway her.' Albus thought silently to himself with a smug look on his face as he was happy about how things had turned out so far, as he thought about what had been going on for the last week and a half since the Potter girls return, 'Maybe get her to befriend the Weasley children and pair her up with young Ronald if I can. It's all for the greater good that the girl follows me if the wizarding world has a chance of survival. We've had too many close calls in the past with Tom attempting to return for the girl not to do what she's destined to do now that she's been found. Though we have to decide what to do with those children of hers. It wouldn't look good if it got out that the girl has children already.'

Nearby in a spare chamber within office contained young Ms. Potter's newborn twin children, who were being tended to by a Hogwarts house elf who had previous working experience tending to young wizarding children, and was giving the sole job of playing nanny to the twins while their mother was being treated, with staff members taking turns in watching over the babies in between classes.

When Cataleya Potter had arrived, she had arrived wearing nothing except the soiled clothes on her back, and a chain necklace containing a locket and a gold ring with extremely rare black diamonds and rubies embedded into the band. He had taken the ring to an appraiser to see how much it was worth with the black diamonds on it and also see if the diamonds were even real, and what the appraiser had told him had been staggering on what the diamonds were worth alone seeing how they were extremely rare.

He had also opened up the locket had been surprised to see pictures of what looked to be an older version of the Potter girl, complete with lightning scar on her forehead, posing for the camera in one picture with what looked to be a much older bearded man with wild black hair similar to her newborn sons black hair, and wearing a red jacket, while in the lockets second picture it showed Cataleya posing with a laughing younger girl with black and blue hair who was sitting in Cataleya's lap and looked like she could be at least six or seven years old.

'Just what kind of life has she been living all this time, that has led her to having children at such a young age? What kind of people were raising her that they would let her sleep around and get pregnant, especially to someone as old as the man in the picture is? I also wonder who the other child is? Though its of no real matter in the long run.' Albus thought silently to himself as he thought about the two newborns who were in the next room having their naps, as a dark scowl appeared on his wizened features for a moment as he thought about the latest complication in his plans for the long lost Potter girl, as he tried to come up with a plan on what to do with her babies, 'I'm sure Lily will be willing to take her grandchildren in why Cataleya is in school, and if not I will just have to find a proper family to take the babies in. It wouldn't do for Cataleya to be distracted by babies when she should be focusing on her duties as savior...'

Just then the fireplace in his office flared brightly as the panicked face of the schools resident healer, Madame Pomphrey, appeared through the flames and focused on him.

"Oh... Poppy. I was just thinking of you right now." Albus said as he gave the irritated healer a benign smile as he steepled his hands in front of him on his desk as he turned to face her, "How is our special guest doing today? Has she finally woken up yet now that you've taken her off her potions?"

"Albus that's what I'm calling you for. Ms. Potter has woken up a few minutes ago, and the poor girl is causing trouble already. She won't stay in her hospital bed and rest. Minerva was already in here when she awoke and is now trying to calm her down," the frustrated mediwitch exclaimed angrily as she glanced over her shoulder at something that was going on out of sight of the floo call for a moment, before turning her gaze back on the headmaster once more, "We've explained things to her as best as we could, but she's angry and demanding to know where her children are, so I advise you to bring them with you when you come if we are going to have any peace in here."

"I'll be there in a few minutes with the babies then, Poppy. Try and keep Miss Potter calm until my arrival," Albus said reassuringly, as Poppy agreed to what he said and cut off the floo call as Albus stood up from behind his desk and started making his way towards the spare chamber and levitates the two children out of the room, carrying them with him as he left his office as a slow smirk appeared on his lips, 'so the girls finally awake? Now we can get down to business in getting her to settled into the magical world and onto her destiny as our savior...'

To be continued...

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1. Harry was adopted and raised by John Winchester alongside Sam and Dean and a witch girl John also adopted after saving her from her birth father who was going to have her killed as a baby for supposedly being born a squib. Both Harry and his new sister attend Hogwarts under their old birth names, with the sister in Slytherin and is best friends with Draco Malfoy, without telling anybody in school the truth about how they really grew up or being raised as siblings or who raised them before Hogwarts, for a few years before a small army of demons led by Meg infiltrate Hogwarts with a captured Sam and Dean in tow looking for the younger Winchesters, and the school turn the duo over before realizing who the mysterious Winchester kids really are.
2. Harry's been informed by Dumbledore that he has to marry Snape in order to get a boost in his power to win the war. In a fit of rage and attempt to get away from Dumbledore's plans, Harry accidentally apparates all the way to China and lands in one of Jusenkyo's cursed springs. The spring is a brand new one created a few months earlier, when Sailor Moon fell into the pool and drowned, and her spirit had been trapped inside the pool ever since until Harry fell in, and gained her body and powers and soul attached. The two become friends, and head for Japan trying being reunited with the Sailor Senshi and running into the Ranma gang, while using his new body to try and keep Harry from being found by both Voldemort and Dumbledore. Has a sequel as well.
3. Slytherin (but semi-good) Harry grows up in a world where his twin is the real boy who lived, and sometime in his fourth or fifth year in school, an alternate universe canon version of Harry uses a spell to transport himself to this universe, with the minds of Snape and Dumbledore merged with his own. The spell used was meant to merge alternate canon Harry with that universes 'Boy Who Lived', and giving him full control over the other person's body, and winds up accidentally in the body of Slytherin Harry's Boy Who Lived twins body because of the exact wording canon Harry used in the spell, and after confessing to Slytherin Harry, canon Harry is hassling him to let him redo the spell so he can have this universes version of his old body instead.
4. Before Albus Dumbledore left baby Harry at the Dursleys, he uses a spell/potion on baby Harry to change Harry's gender to make it harder for enemies to find him and intended to change Harry back to his proper gender when the time comes. That same night, John Winchester and Bobby Singer happen to be in England on 'business', and find and take in the little girl after the Dursleys abandon her, and Bobby adopts her into his family and takes her back to America with him. Girl-Harry grows up in America and is trained as a Hunter, and goes to magic school there, and falls in love with both Sam and Dean, and vice versa, when Dumbledore finally tracks her down.
5. Harry is basically neglected and abandoned by Lily and James in favor of his more famous twin. After graduating from Hogwarts, he cuts all ties with his former life and leaves England and moves to America to start over where years later he meets and marries Jethro Gibbs. They are expecting their first baby, when Harry's past comes calling at their doorstep. It turns out that while he was gone, Harry's twin had developed some form of magical cancer and is dying, and the only way to save him is by sacrificing Harry's life for a magical transfusion because of his ties as his brothers twin, and his parents and their allies are more than willing to do so whether Harry is willing to help or not if it will keep the twin alive.
6. When he was younger, Harry runs away from home and somehow finds an underground Lost World, where dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures live and decides to stay and live there. Years later, during the Triwizard Tournament Harry is forced to return to the human world after some wizards accidentally find the Lost World, and mistake some dinosaur eggs, that belong to some dinosaur friends of his, for Dragon eggs and take the eggs back with them to be used in the Triwizard Tournament.
7. (NCIS xover) Decades ago (before she was even conceived or born) Hermione Grangers mother made a seemingly innocent promise as a child with her childhood best friend that their future children would one day marry when they both came of age, and sealed the promise by exchanging blood with each other. Thanks to Hermione's magic, after the final war with Voldemort, that long ago promise made by her muggle mother and her muggle friend is turned into an unbreakable marriage contract that could kill her if she doesn't go through with it, so she travels to America to try and locate her would be groom to try and get him to marry her.
8. During the second war with Voldemort, Harry is informed that Draco Malfoy is a dominate Veela, and that Harry is his destined mate and that it was an 'honor' for him to accept immediately or else Draco would die from the rejection. Harry refuses to even consider it because he's straight and in love with Hermione, who now won't give him even a chance at getting together because of the whole Veela thing, and gives Dumbledore and the others an ultimatum that THEY had two choices. If they want him to fight Voldemort they will drop the matter of him and Draco or else he would willingly leave them all to Voldemort's 'tender' mercies as he would leave the country rather than be forced to marry Draco and never come back, OR they can chose to drop the Veela matter completely if they want him to stay and fight. After the war is over, they still try and force Harry into 'honoring' his 'duty' of being chosen as a Veela mate and marry Draco, but Harry flees the country first chance he gets before the marriage ceremony can happen, and heads for America where he gets a new identity and meets and marries a young woman, and has a child with her until the wife dies leaving him a single dad working as a government agent, when Hermione and the British magical world finally catches up with him years later.
9. (Yugi-oh and Harry Potter crossover) The shadow magic users of the Yugi-oh gang all start getting letters from various magic schools from around the world, though most of them come from Hogwarts, 'inviting' them to come get a magical education, along with letters from the different ministries that's basically telling them they have no choice in the matter of going or not. They still refuse, and keep refusing the invites, to the point that aurors start appearing to TRY and drag them to school, and the Yugi-oh gang retaliate by making the magical worlds life miserable with each failed attempt at getting them to come attend magic school.
10. Harry Potter falls into the Veil after saving Sirius Black from Bellatrix's attack, and is never heard from again. Months or years later, as the war with Voldemort escalates without their savior, Hermione, Draco and Ron go through the Veil as well and wind up in a Pokemon laboratory, where an adult Harry Potter works in.
11. Decades after the final battle with Voldemort, Harry Potter and Hermione Granger-Weasley discover that their spouses have been dosing them with love potions and spells for years, discovered with the help of Hermione's daughter Rose Weasley who is a Healer at St. Mungo's. Deciding to change the past, Harry and Hermione use a spell to go back in time to the start of their first year at school, with Rose tagging along, taking over the bodies of their younger selves and a deaged Rose becomes known as Hermione's 'twin' sister in the magical world with the help of the Granger parents/grandparents.
12. (Charmed and Harry Potter) Years ago, young Christopher Perry Halliewell traveled to England on a school trip, and while out sightseeing he discovers the British magical world, and learns that his family had ancient ties there. As the only Halliewell heir to show up in generations, Chris immediately inherits his ancestors fortune and becomes a Lord, then cuts off all ties to his family in America after he returns home from the trip and tells them what happened, and they try and make him relinquish his newfound titles over to Wyatt because he's the older brother and destined 'Chosen One' and they think that Wyatt 'deserves the titles and fortune more' than Chris does, and moves back to England to start a new life.

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