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Timeframe: This story is going to take place fifteen years before the start of the Harry Potter storyline. In the Harry Potter part of the crossover it will only have been 14-15 years since Female Harry disappeared from their world, while in the One Piece part of the crossover, it's been over 26 years since she arrived in the One Piece world making her between the age 26-27 when she gets dragged back. I'm also making it so that Harry and everyone he would have known in Hogwarts in his first year are all born in the 1990's instead of the 1980's.

Author's Notes: Okay, so to clarify things, Female Harry gets sent to the One Piece world the night Voldemort attacks her family grows up to become Portgas D. Rogue, future wife of Gol D. Roger and the mother of Portgas D. Ace who died shortly after giving birth to her son. But in this story she gets dragged back home to the Harry Potter universe before she gives birth. There isn't much information on the original Portgas D. Rogue anywhere, except that she had strawberry blond hair and wears a pink hibiscus flower in it, brown eyes, so my version of Rogue is going to have bright red hair, green eyes, and has the Pika-Pika (Light-Light) Logia type Devil fruit power, and is just as dangerous a pirate as everyone else.

Warnings: Small spoiler alert, for those who don't know the real reason about what really happened with Gol D. Roger and the marines all those years ago that led to his eventual execution.

To My Reviewers: Opinr - To answer the question that a lot of people seem to be asking for why she made her powers 'spark' in the first chapter, is because she was using a very low powered version of her devil fruit power. She wanted to both scare and hurt the woman, but not outright kill her at the same time, especially with the woman's own kids watching, into getting the idea of leaving her and Robin alone would be a good idea, so tamping down her power enough to the point she could do sparks that also burned the area she zapped. Come on she was pregnant and ready to pop at any time, and wasn't about to risk her pregnancy trying for something more powerful than a spark, especially against the annoying old hag who tormented Robin because of what happened between Robin and the lady's kids in the canon series in the same scene if Rogue hadn't been there. It's also why she didn't use it to fry Garp, even though she was itching to do it when he picked her up like a sack of potatoes and carried her through town after she went into labor. Rogue making her powers 'spark' is to show just how much in control of her power she has if she can keep it do some of the more destructive, and always lethal, stuff senile, middle aged old man Admiral Borsalino was capable of doing with it. Now that her pregnancy is over, you can all be assured that she's going to be doing MORE than simple sparks with her powers, as you will all see in this chapter. Besides in the Prologue chapter, she didn't just do sparks. Remember in one scene before she released the stasis on her pregnancy, I had her go after every single one of Robin's former guardians that ended with the line 'that led to the island having nightmares for months as they heard the agonizing screams of the abusers as Rogue dealt out punishment' with her powers. She didn't kill them since it would have gotten her more in trouble with the law just for the attack alone, but now they know not to mess with the Nico and Portgas girls. Thanks to her time with the Roger pirates if you make her mad, she's going to make Lord Voldemort, Admiral Borsalino (and maybe that other admiral with the magma powers) all look like a perfect, non-violent little angels compared to her when she's using her LightLight devil fruit powers especially now that her pregnancy is finally over and nothings stopping her now. How do you think she even got her bounty and marine issued nickname, if she wasn't as tough and ruthless as everybody else in the pirate world but also be willing to avoid using her devil fruit power to outright kill if she has to? lol Though right now, I'm trying to decide if I should give her Borsalino's own devil fruit attacks, or make up her own brand new attacks.

Or better yet, for all of you who want to be picky about how she control's her powers compared to how Admiral Borsalino does, consider it a combination of her magic and years of practice that's helping her make her LightLight attacks non-lethal if she doesn't want it to be non-lethal when she uses it on someone. After years of practice since eating the fruit, her natural magical powers help her hold back the intensity of her devil fruit power. lol Either way I'm still not changing her ability to make her power 'spark'. It's what make her different to what Admiral Borsalino normally uses the power for.

B0o0o - In answer to your first review, the answer I gave Opinr should answer your question. lol As for your second review, let's just say that it's ancient magic at work there that made her deage to the age she should have been if she had grown up in her homeworld, and besides its more fun. lol After what you've seen and read about Rogue so far in this story, you think becoming a teenager again is going to stop her from kicking the butts of anyone who tries to order her around, especially after they basically kidnapped her? She's a grown woman in a teenage body, who's not going to just be a 'good little girl' who's going to quietly obey and listen to people who treat her like a kid, just because she looks like one now. She's going to fight them the entire way on that little matter. lol Plus she's going to be doing all she can to get back her proper age if she can before or after she can finally go back home.

Guest #62 - lol Seeing how OLD Dumbledore is, and the kind of close-minded, bigoted, medieval mindset the wizard community has even in modern times, what else is Dumbledore and anyone else close to his age or younger is supposed to think when they see a sixteen year old young, pregnant 'teenage' and seemingly unmarried girl, and not think the worst about her and her morals, when back when THEY were her age, 'proper' young witch girls who were Rogue's age waited until they were properly old, or young, enough to get married before sharing a bed with a man and getting themselves pregnant and having babies out of wedlock. lol

Moi - lol Um... thanks for the advice in names for Ace's sister, but I think I'll just stick to the Anne name for her. It looks better.

TheBlackSeaReaper's & Sakura Lisel (me)'s Harry Potter-One Piece crossover Challenge #79 idea - Female Harry gets sent to the One Piece world at a YOUNG age, and becomes Portgas D. Rogue. She grows up in the One Piece world like in canon, meets Gol D. Roger, and becomes pregnant with Ace. Before or after Ace is born, Rogue gets summoned back to her home dimension, to fight a war she doesn't want anything to do with.

-smart, independent, intelligent, powerful Slytherin Female Harry (if she gets forced into going to Hogwarts)
-Baby Ace HAS to be brought along with her back to the Harry Potter universe
-Refuses to take back her OLD name, especially IF she's married to Gol D. Roger, and her last name is now technically Gol by marriage, more than it is Potter or Portgas. lol
-(optional) the summoning physically deages her to the age she should have been if she had grown up in the Harry Potter universe (and freak out the wizards as they wander what kind of girl is she to be getting pregnant at THAT age lol), or she remains the same age she was when she got pregnant with Ace.
-has a Logia-type Devil Fruit power (you pick which one)
-has red hair and the freckles that Ace inherits from her, and still has green eyes
-Dumbledore, Molly, Ron, Ginny bashing

Word Count: 15,852

Summary: (HP!OP xover) 15 years ago, Cataleya Potter disappeared from the wreckage of her family home on the night Voldemort attacked and is sent to another world. 26 years later Portgas D. Rogue is expecting her first child when she suddenly finds herself dragged away from everything she knows and into an unfamiliar new world. What's the magical world to do when their missing 'child' savior is nothing like what they thought she would be? -(Independent!Powerful!Grey!FEMALE Harry) -(slight Manipulative Dumbledore bashing, extreme Ron, Molly, Ginny Weasley bashing)-

'Hi' - thinking
"§§Hi§§" - Parseltongue

Tame Me Not
Chapter 2: My Name is Rogue!
By: Sakura Lisel

~-Hogwarts Infirmary, October 22, 2006~-

Hours after her arrival in Hogwarts, Rogue didn't know how long she was unconscious for as she drifted in and out of wakefulness, as she was half aware of her body was being moved about before being placed on a soft bed somewhere, as unfamiliar voices spoke around her, as she felt comforting hands rub her head, as they told her that everything was going to be all right, as she felt like she was burning up with a high fever.

All she really remembered was the agonizing pain that shot through her body as her labor pains grew stronger with each passing second, that seemed to go on forever before she finally gave birth, as she found herself pushing two small screaming masses from her body, just before someone forced her mouth open and made her swallow some foul tasting liquid that seemed to burn its way down her throat before the pain in her stomach seemed to stop instantly as darkness claimed her once more.

The next time Rogue woke up, her mind was feeling sluggish from the fever and the potion she had been given, as she half listened to the voices that were talking around her, as confusion filled her hazy mind at some of the things that she heard.

"...sure its safe to take her off the potions now?" an unfamiliar woman's voice was asking someone else, as the woman's voice pierce through Rogue's sleep fogged mind.

"One again, Minerva, I'm more than sure it's safe to take off the potions and wake her up. The test I ran on her for the last two days shows she's stabilizing quite nicely. The fever she developed while recovering has finally started going down," a second woman's voice said, chastising the first woman who had spoken, as the sound of footsteps moved around Rogue, as she felt a cool hand settle on her forehead as if checking her temperature before it was soon removed once more, "and it might be best in her continued health to wean her off the potions we've been feeding her so she can finally wake up. It's just a matter of time now before she's conscious again."

"So is the girl really Cataleya Potter? She looks so much like Lily that it's uncanny." A woman's voice was saying, causing Rogue's brow to furrow a bit in confusion at the woman's words.

"It would seem so, the blood tests we did on her are a perfect match to both Lily and James Potter." Another woman's voice said.

"That's great news! Has anyone contacted Lily to tell her we've found her daughter?" the first voice said, happiness evident in her voice as she spoke, "she would be more than glad to hear the news that her daughter has finally been found safe and sound."

"Not yet. We need to keep young Cataleya stabilized and get her fever down before we should let her mother know." The second woman said, as a loud sigh could be heard as she continued speaking to the first woman, "Albus thinks its best not to get Lily's hopes up before we find out more about this girl, and he managed to talk Severus and the twins into not confirming anything yet to her. I seriously don't understand what the man is thinking these days."

'What's going on? Who are they talking about?' Rogue wondered sleepily as she tried to focus her mind some more on what was going on, but she could feel herself already starting to drift away because of the drugs in her system, 'Who's Cataleya Potter, and why are they talking about her around me?'

"I wonder what Lily will say when she finds out she's a grandmother already?" the second voice said.

"Who knows? I think it's simply scandalous that someone so young is already a mother at age sixteen. I wonder who the father is and where is he? And such an ugly tattoo at her age on her arm?" the first woman's voice said, anger and disappointment filling her voice as she spoke, causing Rogue's eyes to narrow a bit as the two voices got farther and farther away until she could hear a door opening nearby and closing, "I'm sure, Lily will be so ashamed to find out the kind of person her daughter has grown up to be while she was where ever she's been all this time, and Lily will surely set the girl to rights when they meet..."

At the reminder of her pregnancy, Rogue instinctively reached out to rub her belly, only to find nothing but empty air where her bulging baby bump should have been, causing Rogue's eyes to fly open as she immediately sat up in her bed, ignoring the sudden wave of dizziness that suddenly hit her, as she looks down at her now flattened stomach in shock, taking a moment to notice that someone had removed her old clothes and replaced it with a clean white hospital gown before she frantically looks around the unfamiliar room she was in, for any sign of her baby but didn't see anything in sight, when she noticed something else was missing as her hand went to her neck to discover her necklace with her locket and ring were missing as well.

"What the hell?! Where am I? This doesn't look like my house or the clinic on Ohara," Rogue thought frantically to herself as she glanced around the room in shock for a moment, as she realized that she was in some kind of hospital room, as she kicked off the blanket that was covering her, and swung her legs over the edge of the bed, "where the hell is my baby and my necklace?!"

As soon as her feet touched the ground and she put her weight on them, she let out a cry of pain as her legs suddenly gave out on her, causing her to tumble to the stone floor with a loud thud. Growling a bit in anger, Rogue was struggling to get back to her feet only to stop when she glanced up and saw a nearby full length wall mirror across from her that was reflecting back her entire body, and her eyes widen in shock and horror as she took in her younger features staring back at her in the mirror, which was soon followed by a loud and vocal string of curses that would make even a tough and rugged pirate blush, as Rogue sat up and looked herself from all angles in the mirror in disbelief.

'What the heck?! Why the hell am I sixteen years old again?! I haven't looked like this in eleven years! Just what the heck,' Rogue thought frantically to herself, as she patted down her body and inspecting it from all over as she stared at her reflection in the mirror in shock, as she ran a hand through her long red hair nervously for a moment as she continued to stare at her reflection, as she cursed once more, 'did that blasted Garp do to me while I was asleep?! Did he get someone hit to me with a Modo Modo no mi devil fruit or that other one that affects people ages and deage me while I was asleep?'

'Since I'm not pregnant anymore, lets see how my devil fruit powers are being affected by my body's sudden change in age. Lets see if I can do a full body transformation,' Rogue thought silently to herself, as she closed her eyes and concentrate, and within seconds her entire body started to give a bright, blinding white light and energy that seemed to envelop her entire body until there wasn't anything recognizable about her except her humanoid shape, as her now long white hair stood up in the air, as glowing green eyes opened to look at her reflection once more, before the glow slowly died down and she was back to normal once more as she dusted off her clothes, as a satisfied smirk appeared on her lips, 'Good. At least my PikaPika powers haven't been affected by the change. Until I know the situation better and who's got me, I'll keep the power usage down to a minmum.'

Just then a nearby door was flung open and a portly looking woman with graying hair and dressed in a nurses outfit who was followed closely by another middle-aged woman dressed in emerald green robes, stormed into the room looking for the source of the noise, as another elderly woman in flowing gray robes followed close behind the first woman.

"Just what in blazes is going on in here? What was that bright light and all that cursing we heard? This is a school infirmary not a Quidditch stadium, and my patients need peace and quiet... Oh!" the woman started ranting, only to cut herself off when she realized where the source of the thud came from as she laid eyes on her now wide awake patient who had been lying in a coma since her arrival a few days ago, was now sitting on the floor and quickly rushed forward to try and help the younger girl up, "Ms. Potter! What do you think you are doing young lady?! You can't get out of bed yet."

"Hands off lady! I don't know you, and you have no business touching me. I don't know who you think you are talking to, but my last name is Portgas, not Potter!" Rogue exclaimed, before Madame Poppy could put her hands on Rogue, the younger woman immediately slapped her hands away from Rogue's body, as she slowly pushed herself shakily back to her feet as she glared menacingly at the older woman, "Where the hell am I, and where the hell is my baby and my necklace with my ring and locket, you thieves?! So help me if you are in league with the marines, I'll..."

"Ms. Potter, watch your language! I don't know how you were raised, but that kind of foul language that we heard you using before we came in," Minerva McGonagall said in reprimanding tone effectively cutting off whatever Rogue was about to say, causing the younger girl to turn her angry eyes onto Minerva, "won't be tolerated around here. Now kindly let our mediwitch check you out to make sure you didn't hurt yourself when you fell out of bed..."

"Bite me, lady. You're not the boss of me. I'll use whatever foul language I please, and there's nothing you can do to stop me. I don't need any help from your 'mediwitch'. I'm perfectly fine," Rogue said sneering at the two other women, as she shoved Poppy away from her as she glared at the two women while ignoring the scandalized looks she was getting from them as she pushed herself up onto shaking legs, and pushed away Poppy's attempts at helping her, "and for the last time, my last name is Portgas, not Potter. It's Portgas D. Rogue to be precise. If you can't get my name right then don't bother talking to me at all. Just who are the two of you anyways and where am I?"

"Respect your elders young lady! I won't be talked to like that by a child like you. My name is Professor Minerva McGonagall, and this is Madam Poppy Pomfrey." Minerva said as she stared worriedly at Rogue for a moment, as concern filled her as she wondered how to handle to current situation, while frustration also filled her at the teenager's blatant disrespect towards her as she pursed her lips in irritation, "You are currently residing inside of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, where you've been lying comatose here in our infirmary for the past week."

"I'll 'respect' you when you've earned it and not a second sooner, and what do you mean by I was comatose for the last week?! The last time I was awake I was perfectly fine and healthy," Rogue exclaimed as panic filled her at the latest bit of news, as she turned an accusing glare on Poppy for a moment as she glanced at the two woman for answers, as she waved off Poppy's attempts to examine her, "and about to give birth, and there was absolutely nothing wrong with me at the time that could have put me in a coma! So what was I doing in a coma?! Leave off will you? I told you I don't need a mediwitch, or whatever your supposed to be."

"Young lady, I'll have you know that I'm a professional healer, and I won't have you back talking me about this! Now get into that bed this minute before you collapse again. Honestly, children these days. They think they know better than trained professionals when it comes to how sick and injured they really are." Poppy exclaimed angrily as she ignored Rogue's attitude and grabbed hold of the younger girls arm, and forced Rogue back into the bed despite Rogue's protests and struggles to get free as Poppy let out a small huff in annoyance as she scowled at the redhead, as she cast a quick diagnostic spell on Rogue and let out a small relieved breath, "At least your fever has finally gone down. As Professor McGonnagal has informed you, you've been in and out of consciousness for the last week since your arrival here and had everyone in a panic. As for the cause of your coma, after you safely gave birth to your babies, you then wound up nearly bleeding to death afterwards from the stress your body was in, and we had to put you in a potion induced coma as we tried to stabilize you. This is the first time you've been fully coherent since we took you off the potions, so you should stay in bed until your out of the danger zone..."

'I nearly bled to death giving birth? I don't believe it. If I was really bleeding out, I should be dead no matter whatever they did,' Rogue thought as her eyes widened in shock as she stared down at her body for a moment as she ignored whatever Poppy was saying next, as she felt both panic and relief at the news, as she wondered what would have happened to her baby if she had died, as she shuddered to think about whatever cockamamie scheme Garp would have thought up in 'raising' her baby if she had indeed died, 'I guess using my powers to stall the pregnancy for as long as I did cause problems if I almost died because of it. I might as well glad these people managed to keep me alive.'

"I'm not staying in bed. I've been in here way too long as it is, and I have places to go." Rogue said firmly as she tried to get back out of bed once more, and ignored Poppy's arguments, as she stood steadily on her feet once more and stretched a bit, as she looks around the infirmary for a moment for any signs of the dress she had been wearing before she had been brought there, "Where is my sun dress? I'm taking my baby and going home right this minute. I have another kid waiting for me back home who's probably worried sick about where I am, thanks to you people dragging me here against my will."

"I'm afraid to have to inform you that your sun dress was ruined beyond repair and had to be disposed of, Ms. Portgas. You of course shall be provided with new clothes while you are here," Minerva said simply as she ignored the look the red head was now giving her at the news of the fate of her dress, while in Minerva's mind she was frantically thinking to herself for a moment, 'She has another child?! Of all the irresponsible things a young girl like her to do...'

"Ms. Portgas, and I demand get back into that bed this minute! Don't make me have to tie you down to that bed, young lady." Poppy exclaimed in exasperation as she tried to get Rogue to get back into her hospital bed, "Your still in no condition to go anywhere..."

"I'm telling you I'm fine! I know my own limits, and I've been hurt a lot worse than this, and I'm not hurting anywhere so I have no reason to stay in bed if I don't want to be there!" Rogue exclaimed angrily as she tried to shoo Poppy away with little success as her scowl deepened a bit as the mediwitch purposely ignored her complaints and managed to push her back onto the infirmary medical bed, "I don't want to stay in a hospital bed longer than I have to, and don't call me a child. I'm twenty-seven years old, and I am not a little kid."

'Twenty-seven years old? She has to be mistaken. Cataleya Potter is supposed to be sixteen years old, just like this girl is. Though I might as well go along with her name change.' Minerva thought silently to herself as both confusion and anger filled her at the disrespect this slip of a girl was showing her, as Poppy left the infirmary to go to her office to get something, 'I guess it was too much to hope that she would have been answering to the name that Lily and James gave her all these years. Though Lily will definitely be disappointed when she sees how her daughter turned out. She's very rude and disrespectful...'

"Maybe you should let Madame Poppy check you over after all, Ms. Pot-Portgas. You seem to be confused, because you are only sixteen, not twenty-seven." Minerva said in a placating tone in her voice, making it sound like she was talking to a small child who didn't understand what was going on, "If you would just get back in the bed, we will have you sorted out in no time at all."

"Ms. McGonagall, I think I know my own age way better than you do, and I've lived through twenty-six birthdays. Before I came here, I was a twenty-seven year old grown woman. I haven't looked like this in over eleven years," Rogue snapped angrily as she glared at Minerva for a moment, as she waved a hand at her body to emphasize her point as she looked down at her shrunken body in distaste "and I demand to know which of you marine creeps did this to me and demand that you reverse it immediately?! And you still haven't told me where my baby and my necklace is!"

"Your babies are safe and sound and being taken care of by the staff here at Hogwarts as we waited for you to wake up. The headmaster currently has them and I contacted him to let him know your finally awake," Poppy said simply as she came back into the room, with a small armload of potions bottles, "and he is bringing them with him as we speak. You had us all worried for the last couple of days when you arrived the way you did, and we've been treating you ever since."

"No way, am I drinking something I don't know," Rogue said as she pushed the potions away from her, "Wait you said 'babies'? As in more than one?" Rogue demanded as she stared in shock at the two older woman in shock as they confirmed what she had asked.

"I guess from your reaction you didn't know you were having more than one baby, did you?" Poppy asked, smiling a bit at the shocked and bewildered look on Rogue's face as the redhead shook her head negatively in confirmation to Poppy's question.

"Yes, we do mean more than one, Ms. Portgas. You gave birth to two healthy babies three days ago. The first one is a boy with black hair." Minerva said as a small smile appeared on the older woman's face as she remembered the last time she had seen the twin newborns who she had gotten attached to in the short time they had been in the castle, "and the other is a girl with your red hair, and both of them have your green eyes and freckles. They both remind me of the way you looked when they were your age, Cataleya. As for your necklace, its in the drawer of the table next to your bed."

'So both a boy and a girl, huh? My darling little Gol D. Ace and Gol D. Anne. Then again, it would be bad since can't have their dad's last name because the marines would be after them in an instant...' Rogue thought silently to herself, feeling proud of herself and her accomplishment of being able to bring Roger's children into the world safely and with no troubles at all as she forced herself to relax as she settles back onto the hospital bed at Poppy's insistence, as she immediately flopped over the side of the bed as she reached towards the drawer Minerva had told her about, and pulled it open as she fished out her necklace, smiling happily as she saw that everything was there and even triple checked her ring from all angles to make sure it was the real thing, before slipping it over her head to rest around her neck over her hospital gown, 'I guess they'll be answering to the name Portgas D. Ace and Portgas D. Anne for now instead.'

"Look. Thanks for helping me with my labor and taking care of my babies while I was out of it, and I'm so sorry if I've seemed rude so far. But seeing how the last thing I remember is being in my home about to give birth to my babies," Rogue said as she reluctantly turned her gaze back on the two older women for a moment, as she reached up to brush back a strand of her red hair from her face, "when all of sudden my body starts disappearing, as I'm pulled away from my friends and family and brought to where ever here is, and wake up in a body I haven't seen in eleven years. You people kidnapped me! I have a right to be a bit pissy about it, and let's see how polite and nice you are after you have a few decades taken off of your lives and become a kid again and complete strangers treat you like one when you're not! See how you like it then! I refuse to act like a kid or be treated like one either just because of how I look now!"

"Be as it may young lady, whatever age you think you are, as your elder," Minerva said, as her lips thinned into a disapproving line as she glared down at Rogue for a moment as the younger girl crossed her arms across her chest and glared right on back, "you should show me some proper respect for your betters."

"My age is twenty-seven, and I can act any way I want and say what I want. If you don't like it then don't listen. As for showing 'respect' to my 'betters', pull the other one. I don't believe in that crap, and I treat everyone equally the same as they rightfully deserve." Rogue said with a slight scoff as she glared back at Minerva, as neither woman backed down in their staring match, as the redhead crossed her arms across her chest defiantly for a moment, "Where I come from, respect is earned, not freely given, and anyone who blindly shows it simply because of another persons age, especially when it's being demanded of them from a complete stranger, is nothing but a big idiot in my book, and so is the one who has the nerve to make such demands to begin with of someone they don't even know at all."

"Why you," Minerva stare to say angrily, as her face flushed red in her anger.

"Ms. Portgas, I have some papers for you to fill out for your children," Poppy said as she came over to Rogue's bedside with a small stack of papers and a quill and ink bottle along with a hard book for Rogue to right on, "If you would please fill these out they can be registered to the ministry records.

"Fine," Rogue said as she took the offered items, and started filling out the forms after thoroughly reading through each page and form, before signing her name on each one, until she came to the birth certificates, and her eyes narrowed a bit when she saw the date of birth on the papers, as she turned her gaze towards the adults once more "What the heck is this? That's not their birthday! Even the year is wrong!"

"Ms. Portgas I assure you that most definitely is their correct birthday," Poppy said as she came over to see what the problem was and didn't see anything wrong with what was written on the birth certificate, as Rogue was already crossing out the date that was written there and was writing a new date, "Why are you changing the date to that? You gave birth to your children on October 27, 2006. I should know since I helped you bring them into the world."

"Poppy what is the problem?" Minerva said as she came over to see what was going on.

"I'm changing it, because there's no way in hell that date is right. I went into labor on the late afternoon of December 31, 1501," Rogue said as she scowled at the two woman for a moment, as she ignored the shocked looks on Minerva and Poppy's faces at her words, as she glanced back down at the birth certificates once more, "which means their birthday is January 1, 1502 if what you said is true. I don't know what makes you people think its October again, or that the date you put on the birth certificates is correct."

'She thinks she gave went into labor on December 31, 1501 and gave birth on January 1, 1502?' Minerva thought to herself incredulously as she shared a look with Poppy who had the same stunned look on her face, that Minerva was sure was mirroring her own, 'Just where or when has this girl been if she thinks the year is over five hundred years ago? Maybe Albus can explain it better when he arrives.'

As the two woman continued to watch Rogue write, confusion filled them once more as they watched as Rogue wrote the names Portgas D. Anne and Portgas D. Ace on the birth certificates.

"Young lady, I thought you said your name was Portgas D. Rogue?" Minerva asked.

"It is, why do you ask?" Rogue asked as she glanced up from her papers.

"If it is, then why do you give your children your first name, if you don't mind me asking?" Minerva said, as she put her hands on her hips for a moment, "and why the names Ace and Anne?"

"My first name... Portgas is my last name, while Rogue is my first name. I put Portgas first because that's how people introduce themselves where I come from and that's what my kids will be known as," Rogue said as confusion filled her as she saw the looks the two women were now giving her, as a frown crept to her lips once more, "It was their dad's dying wish that our unborn baby be called either Ace or Anne, depending on what gender the baby was. Why? What's wrong now?"

"Nothing is wrong, dear, except you may need to redo the birth certificates. Around here we introduce ourselves with our first name," Poppy said as she came over with new birth certificate papers, and placed them onto Rogue's lap, as she swiftly removed the old ones and binned it, "You'll have to rewrite your name the proper way on the birth certificates so not to confuse everyone when we submit everything."

Just then a firm knocking sound alerted them that someone had arrived, moments before an elderly man with a super long beard entered the room while holding his wand in front him as he levitated two baby basinets in front of him into the room, "Ah. I see our guest has finally awoken. I'm glad that you have finally made your way here to Hogwarts after all these years, Ms. Potter."

"I don't know who you are, mister, but the name is Portgas D. Rogue, and it's not like I had much choice in the matter since you people kidnapped me from my home and dragged me here against my will!" Rogue snapped angrily as she turned her gaze on Albus Dumbledore for a moment, before her gaze immediately softened as she caught sight of the two bundles floating behind the older man as she immediately held out her arms for them excitedly, "My babies! Give them here!"

"Impatient to finally see your children are you, Ms. Potter? No need to worry, they are perfectly safe and fine with me. You had all of us afraid for awhile," Albus said, chuckling a bit as he decided to ignore the redhead's rudeness for the moment as well as what she said about her name, as levitated the basinets over the two tables that Minerva and Poppy had set up, "as we all wondered if you would fully recover from your ordeal or not. It's nice to see you finally back with us tonight. My name Albus Dumbledore and I am the headmaster of this fine institution that you are in. I would like to be among the first to welcome you home."

"Its good to be awake again, I guess. Though you are completely wrong about this place being 'home'. I've never been here before in my life, so I don't know why said you want to welcome me 'back'," Rogue said as she eagerly scooted over to look into the basinets and grins widely as she sees two pairs of bright green eyes similar to her own staring back up at her, as she reached out to Ace's basinet and gently lifts her son out and cradles him in her arms for a moment as she turned her gaze back on Albus once more with a dark look on her face, "and I told you before, my last name is Portgas, not Potter, and I would like it if you called me by my name. I don't know why you people keep calling me Potter, but I can assure you that you have the wrong girl, because Potter has never been my name."

Frowning a bit, Albus was about to open his mouth to say something when he was interrupted by Minerva.

"Albus she prefers to be called by the name she's gone by all these years. For now we should abide by her wishes until we get things straightened out," Minerva said as she made her way towards her employer, as she took one of the basinets while Poppy took the other one as Albus conjured two stands on both sides of Rogue's bed to put the basinets onto, "I would like to introduce you to Rogue D. Portgas as she insists on calling herself."

"All right then, if you prefer being called Portgas, then I shall try to remember that, but I am a old man so please forgive me if I slip up while we talk," Albus said, as he gave Rogue a small smile as his eyes twinkled a bit as he reached out to gently pat Rogue's left hand good naturedly only to frown for a moment when Rogue pulled out of his reach while still clutching Ace in her arms as he took a seat in a nearby chair across from her, "Now we should get down to business as to why we believe you to be Ms. Potter as we've been calling you, and inform you of how you came to be in Hogwarts. I'm sure that you have a lot of questions for us to answer for you."

As Rogue played and cuddled her babies, she half listened to what the headmaster had to say, as it took a few hours but soon Rogue was caught up on the history of the world she was currently stuck in, as Dumbledore told her about her family history and what happened the night her birth family was attacked, and how her father had been murdered in cold blood by some homicidal maniac named Lord Voldemort, before going after her and her mother, and that whatever happened that night had left her mother knocked out with the Lord Voldemort dead, and Rogue missing for the last fifteen years.

Rogue had immediately denied all claims that she was the missing Potter heir, saying that it was impossible to be true, until they brought out parchment that had the results of DNA tests they had done on her while she was knocked out, and the tests showed that there was no doubt that she was the long lost Cataleya Genesis Potter, heir to the Potter fortune and destroyer of Lord Voldemort. She was informed of how fifteen years ago the dark lord Voldemort had attacked her birth family and killed her birth father who was known as James Potter, but her mother, Lily Potter, had been stunned that night and survived, while Lord Voldemort had been mysteriously been defeated that night when he tried to kill her fifteen month old baby self, which had resulted in her disappearing for the last fifteen years until she was summoned to the school a week ago for the Triwizard Tournament when her old name came out, and the fact that the goblets magic had brought her to the school from where ever she had been living right after it had spit out the name, was added proof that she was who they claimed she was even if the DNA tests hadn't confirmed it.

Rogue was also informed that her mother had given birth to a pair of twins named Ciel and Diana who she would be meeting later on, and had also remarried about two years after the attack on her family, and had been diligently searching for her nonstop for the last fifteen years to find her and bring her home where she belonged, and would be pleased to know she was finally found.

A part of Rogue felt a bit of relief when she heard that her birth mother had survived that night as well, but at the same time she felt annoyed at the way everyone seemed to be expecting something from her, as the group of adults started talking excitedly amongst themselves about what they were going to do now that she was back home where she rightfully belonged.

As she listened to the rest of Dumbledore's story, she also learned that she had appeared inside of the school's dining hall through some kind of swirling vortex, mere seconds after her old name was pulled out of some magical goblet, and that the magic behind the goblet must have summoned her, dragging her from where ever she was and brought here to compete in the tournament the school was hosting.

When she heard about the Triwizard Tournament, and its high death rate in past tournaments, she had outright refused to compete since she hadn't put her name in the goblet, but was informed that she had no choice in the matter because as soon as her old name had been pulled out, she had been automatically registered under an unbreakable contract that would ensure that the chosen Champions would compete, or else the magic behind the contracts could punish her by either killing her outright or stripping her of her magic if she tried to refuse to compete.

Even though she tried to argue that her name wasn't Cataleya Potter anymore so it shouldn't matter what the contract says, they pointed out that since the goblet of fire had summoned her there to compete despite her change in name, showed that she had no choice but to compete if she didn't want to die or lose her magic because of breach of contract, even though she wasn't the one who signed it.

They had even brought out a recently made world map at her request so that she could find out exactly where in the world she was, since she had never even heard of Britain before, and much to her shock and dismay as soon as she saw the world map, she found herself not recognizing any of the land masses that were on the map, as she saw more parcels of land on the map than should have been possible, and she couldn't find either the Grand Line or the Red Line anywhere on the map.

'I can't believe this! Of all the blasted things to happen to me, this one has to take the cake! Why do I have to compete because some moron put my old name in? When I get my hands on whoever it was, they'll pay big time, and I'm not even in the same world anymore if that map they gave me is accurate.' Rogue thought angrily to herself as she became deep in thought as she glanced through the maps once more as she searched for any mistakes that were in them, before turning her gaze to stare down at her children worriedly for a moment as she cradled Ace in her arms as the baby slept soundly in her arms, while his sister slept in the bassinet next to the bed, as an almost evil smirk appeared on Rogue's face, 'I guess if I'm going to have to compete, I'll just have to make sure I don't lose or die in this competition if I can. I need to get myself and twins back home to Robin as soon as possible. There's no way in hell I'm staying here any longer than I have to once this blasted tournament is over and I'm finally free to go...'

As she was thinking about what she was going to do to handle the situation she was now in, she only half listened to what the teachers around her were saying, when something Dumbledore was saying caught her full attention, as her eyes narrowed a bit dangerously as she turned her gaze back onto the elderly man once more.

"Now then. Now that we have that out of the way, we can start making plans for your future, Ms. Potter. A lot of people will be more than pleased to know of your return. We need to get you prepared to settle into the magical world, and face your destiny as our savior if Lord Voldemort ever returns," Albus said in a jovial tone of voice as he gave the redhead a reassuring smile, his blue eyes twinkling madly behind his glasses for a moment, his breaking through Rogue's thoughts as she glanced up at him with a surprised look on her features as Albus continued speaking, "and we will contact your mother and tell her the good news of your return so that you can be reunited, and then we shall enroll you into school so that you may..."

"No." Rogue said simply cutting clearly through what the headmaster was saying, the single word causing the witches and wizard in the hospital wing to turn their gazes on her once more.

"I beg your pardon young lady?" Albus asked, startled a bit when Rogue spoke up and said that solitary word to him, as Albus stared at her in confusion for a moment when she didn't immediately didn't elaborate, "What are you saying 'no' to exactly, Ms. Potter?"

"For the infinitive time, my name is Portgas D. Rogue, or simply Rogue, and I'm saying no to just about everything you just said. Nobody's making plans for me or my future except me, and I don't require or need your input on the matter on my future. As for contacting my 'mother' so we can be 'reunited' that's definitely out. As far as I'm concerned, she's not my mother, at least not where it counts. She's just the lady who happens to pass on her DNA to me alongside her dead husband. Look I'm sorry for Mrs. Potter's loss but it doesn't change the fact she's a stranger to me, and I have no wish to get to know her." Rogue said as she waved a dismissive hand at the older man as her eyes narrowed dangerously at the old man when it looked like he was going to voice an objection to what she had just told him, as she held up a hand to silence whatever he might say on the subject, as she crossed her arms across her chest once more as she scowled at the three adults in the room as the gave her disbelieving looks when they heard her announcement, "I already have a home and a family who I want to get back to as soon as possible, and I don't need the added complications of getting to know some lady I don't even remember, who will get her hopes up about me becoming a permanent part of her family again, only to be hurt when I leave and go back to my real home at the end of the tournament. I don't need or even want a new mom, when the one who actually raised and loved me all these years is more than enough for me. As for enrolling into Hogwarts, that's definitely out, because I refuse to be enrolled into a school for children. And what's this crap about being prepared into 'facing my destiny for what Voldemort returns'? The guy is dead isn't he? And even if he wasn't dead why the heck do you think I'm going to face him? I'm not fighting the guy even if he does come back."

"My dear girl, you'll find that you have no choice in the matter. You can not simply refuse to attend Hogwarts, and you simply must attend, as must all underaged children do, as the law states. Despite where ever you were raised all these years, you are still a British citizen and have to obey the laws we have like everyone else. Plus Lily Potter is your biological mother, and has every right to see you despite what you say, as well as take you in since you are only sixteen, you are still an underaged minor and thus under the jurisdiction of the staff here at Hogwarts as well as your mother," Albus said simply, his eyes twinkling a bit in amusement at the way Rogue seemed to think she could decide what was going on, as he tried to make Rogue see reason to what he was saying, as he hoped things go smoothly once he told her how things would be going for her as of today, "who has remarried over the years you were gone, and you have younger siblings who are attending Hogwarts as well. As for you being prepared to fight Voldemort, I assure you that you must if the time comes. It's your duty as our savior to our society to save us from him once more if he was to return. We've been at war with Voldemort for decades before your birth, and the fact that he was defeated the night you disappeared has brought hope to the eyes of many. It's only right and for the greater good of all that is involved that you step in once more to save all of us once more if the dark lord were to return."

"Oh yeah? First of all I'm not your 'dear' anything so don't address me as such like we're old friends. As for not having a 'choice' in the matter of going to this school or not, just watch me. Despite how I currently look, I am not underaged and I refuse to be treated as such by people I don't know. As I said already, nobody except me decides my life for me, and if I say I'm not doing it, then I'm not doing it. As for this supposed 'British citizenship' you say I have, I've never even heard of Britain before I woke up, and even if I had, I don't consider myself a citizen of this country," Rogue said as she placed Ace down in his bassinet once more as she glared angrily and defiantly at the gathered adults, as she crossed her arms over her chest, as a loud yawn suddenly escaped from her mouth for a moment before she started speaking once more as a thoughtful look appeared on her face for a moment, "and I refuse to follow the laws here if it will impede my rights, just because some old crackpot old fool says so. So you can just go stuff your laws where the sun doesn't shine. I haven't lived here since I was a baby, so whatever laws that are made here that affect the rest of you people mean nothing to me, and you can also shove that 'duty' you're talking about as well into the same place as your laws. I have no such duty to you or anyone else in your little society that involves fighting some homicidal maniac. My only duty is to myself and keeping myself alive and raising my kids. I didn't start your stupid war, and I sure as hell not going to be putting my life on the line ending it for you people when my kids need me more than you guys do. Not to mention the fact that I have a third kid back home who's seven years old and who also needs me, who's probably worried sick wondering where I am, and probably thinking I abandoned her thanks to you people keeping me here! I'm going home as soon as this tournament is over, and hopefully be able to fix whatever damage my being kidnapped has been done while I was gone if it's not already too late."

"Young lady! Show some respect to the headmaster! Plus shame on you for not wanting to go meet your mother. You have no idea what she's been through since you disappeared, and you should get to know her and be a family again. You're a mother yourself, so you should put yourself in Lily's shoes, and think about how you would feel if," Minerva admonished angrily, as she felt her anger build up when Rogue shot her a dismissive look and shrugged her younger shoulders at Minerva's words, which only angered the Scottish woman even more as she continues speaking, "you lost one or both of your children and they weren't found until years later as you were. Plus what do you mean that you won't attend Hogwarts because it's a school for children? You are nothing more than a child yourself! You need to get a proper education to learn how to properly control your magic like all children your age do!"

"He's not my headmaster, and even if he was I only show respect to those who've earned it, and as far as I am concerned, I mastered control my so called 'magic' decades ago, without the benefit of a magical education. I don't need it and refuse to do it," Rogue said smugly as she looks around the gathered adults for a moment, before her smug expression disappeared completely, and was replaced by a dark scowl, "and for the last time stop referring to me as a damn child! I may not look like it anymore, but I'm a twenty-seven year old grown woman, and I demand the respect I deserve as an adult, and refuse to be lumped in with the 'children' who's age I currently look like!"

"Ms. Portgas, I truly must insist. You are an underaged child on her own, with a loving family who's been searching for you since you were a baby," Albus started to say in a patronizing tone, as irritation filled him at Rogue's disrespect towards him, as he mentally cursed about how things were going so far, "who would be glad to have you back now that you have been found, and As a citizen of our country you simply must..."

"You can 'insist' all you want. Like I said before, I'm not a citizen of this country so have no reason to obey its laws if I don't want to. Rules and laws can be broken. I don't care what your laws say about what people my age have to do. It has nothing to do with me, I'm just a visitor to this country who has no intention of staying long enough to be enrolled in school," Rogue said dismissively, as she smirked a bit at the incredulous look she was getting from the three adults in the room, as she reached up to cover her mouth as a loud yawn escaped from her mouth once more, as she leans against her mattress once more, "I'm not a child who still needs to be in school anymore, and I refuse to go back just because of how young I look now. As for my 'loving family' that means nothing to me. I have a loving family already who's probably going crazy wondering where I am right now thanks to you people kidnapping me for your silly little game, and I have no need of another family, whether they are my biological family or not, when the one I already have is more than enough for me."

"My dear girl, as we've already informed you, we didn't kidnap you. At least not intentionally, since it was the ancient magic of the Goblet of Fire which brought you here to compete in the tournament. About your children, that's another matter we must truly discuss," Albus said, as he smiled serenely on the outside as his twinkled a bit, though on the inside he was seething angrily but he didn't let his anger show, as he continued to speak in a placating tone, "We're going to have to do something about the twins while you are staying here, it simply won't do that..."

"Mr. Dumbledore, no matter how you want describe what happen that led to me being in this school, it's still considered kidnapping as far as I'm concerned, since I didn't agree to come here, and you people won't let me go home because of a stupid contest I didn't even sign up for. As for my kids there's nothing to 'discuss'. Ace and Anne will be staying with me at all times, no matter what." Rogue said dismissively, cutting off whatever Albus was about to say as she narrowed her eyes suspiciously at the older man for a moment, "If what you're about to say is that I should get rid of them, think again. I didn't carry them for tw- nine months inside of me only to give them up now just because a nobody like you say so. They're not going anywhere without me, and especially not in school."

"Ms. Portgas, it's the law that you come to school. You must attend your Hogwarts as your parents always wanted, and you should stop lying about how old you are. You are sixteen. Everyone here knows it. Your behavior is more than enough, and I demand you straighten yourself out and show proper respect. The fact that you are a mother at sixteen is bad enough. Really, back in my day girls waited until they were married before having babies, and I have to agree with Albus, that a school is no place for newborns," Minerva exclaimed once more, as she felt her own anger building up at the girl before her open disrespect for the people in the hospital wing, as her scowl deepened as she glared down intimidatingly at Rogue for a moment in an attempt to cow the younger girl, only to find Rogue glaring right back at her now, "I don't know who raised you all these years, but your manners are atrocious in how you address your elders. It just goes to show whoever your minders were, they were the worst sort if they couldn't teach you proper manners as befitting a young lady and..."

Whatever Minerva was about to say next was immediately cut off with a startled yelp when Rogue got a menacing look on her face at her words, as Rogue instantly raised her hands up in front of her, and fired off a beam of light at Minerva who barely managed to get out of the way in time causing everyone to gasp in shock at Rogue's actions, as the hat she was wearing was completely vaporized as the beam of light kept going and hit the door behind the group of wizards, and vaporized the door as well. Then faster than anyone could blink, Rogue was off the hospital bed and behind Minerva, yanking the older woman's arms painfully behind her back with one hand causing Minerva to cry out in pain, while Rogue's free hand seemed to melt away into a pulsing glowing blade that pressed threateningly against Minerva's throat.

"All right, let's get something straight. Don't you ever disrespect my mom and dad like that again you old hag, do you hear me? Nobody is allowed to say bad things about them and not be punished. They were the best parents a girl could have and taught me everything I know and the fact you have the nerve to insult them within my hearing range," Rogue hissed angrily as she glared at Minerva with pure hate in her eyes, as Minerva stood ramrod still as she tried not to move as the energy blade pressed deeper into her skin and she could feel the skin on her throat burning against the pressure, as Rogue ignored the startled gasps from Albus and Poppy as the duo instantly pulled out their wands and pointed them at her as they demanded that she let Minerva go, "just because of how I act? You don't know anything about either me or them, and have no right saying the things you did. I'll let you go this once since you don't know better, but don't do it again. Do you understand me. Plus you had better no have been hinting at what I think you were hinting at when you made that crack about me not 'waiting' until I was married before I had kids."

"Now Ms. Portgas, there is no need to make threats or resort to violence against Professor McGonnagal. I'm sure she didn't mean what she said the way you think she did," Albus said as he tried to calm down the situation as he stared at Rogue warily for a moment as he watched her press her energy blade against Minerva's neck, as he wondered if he could manage to hit Rogue before she did permanent damage to his deputy headmistress, "We can discuss this peacefully without you..."

"Stay out of this. This is between me and her and hasn't anything to do with you, I still haven't heard her apologize for insulting my parents or agreeing to never say it again. Yes I know I was being rude to all of you first, but you just had to go too far by insulting my family," Rogue snapped as she shot Albus a dark look over Minerva's shoulder as she glared at Minerva once again, as the older woman flinched a bit in both pain and fear at the look in Rogue's eyes, "You talk about 'proper manners' yet you have the nerve to be just as rude as I am, and spouting off about things you know nothing about. Exactly where's your manners that you keep talking about that I seem to lack so badly that you can complain about it?"

"Ms. Portgas, I truly do apologize for what I said before," Minerva said, her voice coming out a bit shaky as she spoke, as she tried to move as little as possible as she felt the strange energy blade press against her exposed skin, "I take back what I said before, and I hope that you accept my apologies."

"Much better," Rogue said cheerfully while smirking a bit as Minerva nodded her head quickly at Rogue's demand, Rogue reluctantly let Minerva go, as the elderly woman immediately scampered away from her, as her hands reached up to rub her slightly burned throat as she stared as in shock at Rogue, who's hand was still in energy mode.

"Ms. Portgas, if I may ask, just how were you able to turn your hand into an energy blade or whatever that was?" Albus asked as calmly as he could as he stared in shock at what had just transpired as he watched Rogue's hand return to normal, "I know of no spell that could have caused that to happen, unless it was very powerful transfiguration spell."

"There was no magic involved, which was only my Pika-Pika no mi devil fruit power." Rogue said with a slight shrug of her shoulder, before she looked confused as she saw the confused looks the three adults were giving her now, "What are those looks for? You look like you've never heard of devil fruits before."

"That's because we haven't heard of it before, Ms. Portgas," Minerva said as confusion filled her for a moment, at the girls words, as she nervously rubbed at her singed neck as Poppy came over with some anti-burn cream and started applying it to Minerva's neck, "exactly what is a 'devil fruit' and why would it give you the power to do what you did to your hand?"

"Seriously? You guys don't know what devil fruits are? Everyone knows what they are! If you want to know, devil fruits are magical fruits that give whoever eats them powers similar to what I can do. Each different devil fruit has a different power to it but always taste extremely nasty and can kill you if you eat more than one. There are three different types of them where I come from," Rogue exclaimed as she looked at the three adults for any sign that they were lying before realizing that they weren't, before letting out a loud sigh as she started explaining things, as she settled against the mattress of her bed with her pillow propping her up, as she raised her hands up and began ticking off on her fingers each devil fruit type as she spoke, "There are Zoan types which let whoever eat them turn into whatever animal the fruit represents, the Paramecia types which allow the user to alter their bodies in some way, and then there are the Logia types, which is what I am, and Logia devil fruits give the user one elemental based power. Turning my hand into an energy blade is part of the abilities I gain from eating the Pika-Pika no mi devil fruit, which means Light. I can change more than just my hand into light energy because of it."

'Truly amazing. Why haven't I ever heard of these 'devil fruits' before now, and she's now a 'Light' elementalist because of it? What a perfect power for the savior of the magical world to have to show who's side she truly is in our war against the dark,' Albus thought silently to himself as a slow smirk of approval appeared on his lips, as he listened to Rogue's tale, Albus was intrigued as he wondered about the devil fruits and their wonders, though at the same time he worried what would happen if they ever got into the wrong hands, 'If these devil fruits truly exist and aren't being made up by this girl, it would be for the greater good of all that they be found and be distributed to the right people for use...'

"Your laws can go take a flying leap off a steep cliff, because they have nothing to do with me. My only concern and priority are Ace and Anne who need me right now, and I can't be bothered going back to school to learn things I don't need or want to learn." Rogue said as she gently placed Ace back into his bassinet, as she fixed the group before her with a stern look before glancing back down at Ace and Anne's sleeping bodies for a moment, "I don't consider myself a citizen of this land, and have no reason to obey the laws that are made here. I plan to spend every waking moment of my time with them while trying to find a way back home where I belong."

"You think I don't know any magic or spells? Well here's one for you, that I created myself during my travels, and is quite effective," Rogue said, just as a loud yawn escaped from her lips, around her bed and the two basinets, as she started chanting as she held her left arm close to her chest as it started glowing brightly as she chanted, "Anald y creamt yht bnudald sa yht so getc vnus druca fru fuimt rind ic yc fa cmaab."

As she finished her chant, she flung her glowing arm out in a arc shot a beam of light from her arm that spread across her bed, and over the twins basinets, before it suddenly started spreading downwards and created a dome transparent shield that cut herself and her babies off from the others.

"Ms. Portgas, just what is this shield?" Albus asked, confusion filling him as he cautiously approached the shield and reached out a hand to touch it only to yelp in pain and surprise as his hand came away slightly burned from the brief touch, as smoke floated from his hand for a few seconds, "Whatever this thing is that you put up, its dangerous. I have to insist that you take it down before someone else gets hurt."

"I don't think so. I'm tired and I'm going to bed now, and have no wish to continue this talk with you anymore, so the three of you can go away now. I'm not going to further waste the rest of the night arguing over what's not going to happen no matter what you say or seem to think. It's amazing the things you can do when you are a translator of ancient languages. I started experimenting over the years while traveling, and found it by accident while translating this particular language, and I created the shield by combining my magic with my devil fruit power to reinforce it. It's to keep perverted old men who want to sneak up on me in my sleep away from me by burning them if they touch it," Rogue said as another yawn escaped, as a small smirk appeared on her lips as she saw the agitated way Albus was staring at her, as she crossed her arms over her chest once more, as she snuggled underneath her blankets, as her eyes started to drift close even as she talked, "I created my own spells using the language you heard me speak in just now, and I can use it to affect my devil fruit power if I word it just right. The shield is to keep out anybody who would mean to do me harm while I'm asleep, and Ace and Anne will be staying with me tonight as well so I can keep an eye on goodnight."

"Ms. Portgas don't you dare go to sleep! We are not done discussing things," Albus demanded as his anger started to build up, as he pulled out his wand and tried to cast Finite Incantem on the shield, only to have to quickly duck out of the way as his spell bounced off the shield and straight back at him, as he glowered at Rogue as he saw that she had closed her eyes and from the way her chest was rising up and down underneath her blanket showed that the girl was already soundly asleep like she was without a care in the world, to the sound of the twins babbling on the other side of the shield, "Bloody hell. This isn't what I expected when she woke up."

"Albus what are we to do?" Minerva demanded as she scowled at Rogue from the other side of the shield, though the older woman didn't make any move to try and touch the shield, "this girl is impossible to deal with."

"The only thing we can do right now, is wait until tomorrow before we can speak with her again, Minerva," Albus said as he turned his gaze on the two women as he tried to give a reassuring smile to hide the anger he could fill building up inside of him, "I'm sure once Ms. Portgas has gotten some more sleep, and gets a full belly, she'll be amicable towards us, and everything shall be fine then. For now, we should head off to bed ourselves, since we will have a busy day tomorrow as well."

"If you are sure about that Albus. Good night, Albus. Good night Poppy." Minerva said, as she shot Rogue's sleeping form one last dark look before she turns on her heel and starts making her way out of the hospital wing, with Albus right behind her as he also bids Poppy good night before shutting the doors quietly behind him.

~-Hogwarts Infirmary, October 23, 2006~-

By the next morning, the sun was just starting to rise in the horizon to find Rogue up and about in the hospital wing as she sat up in bed feeling better than she had the previous day, having been woken up by the cries of one of her babies, as she swung her legs over the side of her hospital bed and climbed out of bed and moved over to where the basinets holding Ace and Anne were, and saw that it was Ace who was crying, while Anne was looking around with wide.

"Here now Ace, why are you making such a big ruckus so early in the morning, big guy?" Rogue asked teasingly while smiling a bit as she reached into the basinet and gently lifted the boy out of the basinet, only to scrunch up her nose as a horrid smell reached her nose, "Okay, I see it now. You need a diaper change. Let's see if those people left me anything to take care of the two of you with..."

As she moved, she cringed a bit as a sharp pain hit her from her abdomen, as she glares down at her stomach and gingerly touches it, and could feel how tender her stomach seemed to feel at the touch after what happened a week ago, as she rested both of her hands on her flattened stomach and closed her eyes as she focused her magic into her stomach, and within a few seconds her face started to relax as the pain melted away into nothing as she healed whatever internal damage was left.

'That's much better. Don't rely on others to heal you when you can do it yourself,' Rogue thought happily to herself, as she gently rubbed her stomach for a moment, and didn't feel any further pain at all, as she returns to the task at hand as the smell of her son's dirty diaper reaches her nose again, 'If I let them continue treating me their way, there's no telling how long I'd be stuck in here, before they finally let me out.'

Glancing around the hospital room, she soon spots a couple of bags that had been left on a table that had been placed at the foot of her hospital bed, on the other side of her light shield, and with a simple wave of her hand and chant, the shield dissolved into nothing, as she moves over to peer inside one of the bags and spots baby supplies. Smiling a bit, she gently placed Ace on her bed, and starts rummaging through the bag of baby supplies before coming out with a fresh diaper, along with baby wipes, and within a few minutes Ace was giggling happily as he lay cuddled in his mother's arms in a fresh clean diaper and a full belly after breastfeeding him, as she carried him back to his basinet and placed him and repeated the process with Anne.

Once her children's needs were tended to, she went over to the nearby bathroom that Poppy had shown her the previous night and used the toilet and washed her hands, before coming back out to inspect the remaining bags that had been left for her, as she picked up a letter that had been left behind and started reading it.

Ms Potter,

Since you arrived here with nothing except the clothes on your back and two little ones, we took the liberty of purchasing the items you will need to take care of your children until we can decide what is to be done with them during your stay in school, along with proper clothing for you to wear since the clothes you were wearing before had to be discarded, until you can be taken out to go shopping for more clothes and other necessities.

Sincerely yours, Headmaster Albus Dumbledore

'When is that old man going to get my name right? After the number of times I told him. The simple fact that I repeatedly said to his face,' Rogue thought angrily to herself as she scowled down at the letter in her hands for a moment before tossing it onto the bed to rummage through the clothes been that had been left for her, as a frown appeared on her face as she saw her selection of choices in clothing that had been made for her, 'that I won't answer to that name should have sunk in by now, and what does he mean by decide what to do with Ace and Ann? There's nothing to be 'decided' about my kids.'

As she rummaged through the bags, her eyes widened in shock as she saw the items that had been left with her, as her nose scrunched up in open distaste at some of the clothes, as she pulled out long plain and ugly skirts and blouses that looked decades out of style, along with a few robes, not to mention the shoes.

'They have to be kidding. There's no way in hell I would be caught dead in these kind of clothes. I'd sooner go naked than wear them.' Rogue thought silently to herself as she pulled out an especially ugly skirt and blouse and held them up to her own body as she stood in front of the full length mirror, before tossing it back into the bag and held up another pair of clothes that looked to be worse than the last one in her opinion, 'Just what kind of girls of any age would be caught dead in such unattractive things? If anyone back home saw me in these monstrosities, they'd never let me here the end of it.'

What really confused Rogue as she looked through the bag of clothes was folded at the bottom of the bag was two pairs of black and gray bathrobes that looked like they would completely envelop her body. She had seen the three adults wearing similar bathrobes the previous night, but had been too tired to ask why they were wearing bathrobes out in public instead of normal clothes if this was a school.

'These bathrobes are definitely a no. Unless its in the privacy of my own bedroom, I'm not going around wearing bathrobes out in public,' Rogue thought silently to herself, as she gave the robes a critical look for a moment, as she looked at her selection of offered clothes with a dark look on her face as she picked at the hem of her hospital gown thoughtfully for a moment, 'I'm glad that they thought of getting me something to wear, but why get me such ugly stuff? If this is the kind of fashion this place has, they can leave me out of it because I won't wear such ugly and tacky things.'

At that moment, Rogue's thought were interrupted by a loud growling sound, as her empty stomach reminded her that she hadn't hadn't eaten anything recently, as she stood up from her seat and shot a disdainful look at the pile of clothes.

'There's no way in hell I'll be caught dead walking around in these monstrosities these people call clothes,' Rogue thought silently to herself as she looked around at the different styles that had been offered up to her, trying to pick something suitable from the pile, but didn't see anything worthwhile in the whole pile, before glancing down at the simple hospital gown she was wearing with a thoughtful look on her face, 'I guess if I am going to be getting out of here anytime soon, I guess I'll have to improvise and make my own clothes until I can go shopping later...'

Closing her eyes for a moment, she tapped into her magic as she pictured the kind of clothes she wanted to wear, as her hospital gown started to glow and change shape, as a pair of black knee length shorts and red blouse with golden highlights on it replaced the hospital gown, while a pair of black boots with white lightning bolts appeared on her feet.

'Much better. Better than I thought it would be,' Rogue thought happily to herself, as she opens her eyes and turns to face the full length mirror and see's her new clothes, as a smile crept to her lips, as she looked at her reflection for a few seconds appreciatively, 'At least I'm properly dressed, in clothes that I actually like.'

Once she was finished looking at her reflection, she quickly refolded all of the donated clothes and put them back into the bag they came out of, as she grabbed the bag carrying the baby supplies and made her way over to the basinets containing the twins and placed that the bag on the floor in front of the basinet.

Walking over to Poppy's desk, she sat down at the desk and pulled out a piece of parchment from the desk drawer along with a quill and ink pot, and started writing a quick note to Madame Poppy to let her know what was going on, before finishing up her letter and carried it over to the hospital bed that she had been lying in, and placed the letter on top of the shopping bag of donated clothes.

Once her task was completed, she quickly turns and moves towards the basinets and starts pushing them towards door that led out of the hospital wing, just as another loud growl came from her stomach, causing the twins to start giggling at the noise as their mother smiled down at them.

"You liked that sound did you? Well don't get used to it," Rogue said cheerfully as two pairs of matching emerald green eyes stared up at her from the basinet as she continues walking down the hallway, "Come on you two. Let's go find your mama some breakfast before she starves to death."

After leaving the hospital wing, Rogue continued walking down the hallways, until her nose picked up the delightful odor of cooked food coming through closed double doors, and she walked right up to the doors and pushed them up and walked into what seemed to be a very large dining hall room where she could see four large tables under banners representing animals laid out inside the hall, while two separate large dining tables were placed in the middle of the other four, and in the far south of the dining hall was one large table all by itself, that had a golden throne placed in the center of the table.

Though much to Rogue's disappointment as she stepped into the dining hall, despite the delicious scent of food that seemed to fill the dining hall, she didn't see any food in sight anywhere, as she walked down the aisles pushing the twins trolley in front of her in search of the source of the scent, and coming up nothing, before grumbling a bit as she took a seat at the table that had a green and silver banner of a snake hanging over it, as she looked around for a moment for anyone who could bring out food.

"Oh great, I can smell all the food in this room, but I don't see anything. What's a lady to do to get some food around here?" Rogue said morosely to herself as she glanced around for a moment, as he stomach growled in response to her words, "I guess I'll have to wait until everybody else arrives for breakfast and..."


Rogue let out a startled yelp of surprise as she spun around at the loud noise that came from behind her, as she instinctively started charging up her devil fruit power to attack whatever had snuck up on her, only to stop as she found herself staring down in surprise at a pair of strange elvish creatures with green skin and long floppy ears who were looking up at her expectantly. One of the creatures was dressed in a pair of raggedy looking pants and shirt that had some kind of crest on it, while the other one was obviously female and dressed in a plain gray dress that also had a crest on it.

"Excuse us miss, but did you say you were hungry? Dipsy and the rest of the Hogwarts elves are so sorry for to keep you waiting" the male elf said as he bowed apologetically before standing up and staring at her worriedly for a moment as his eyes, "but had we known someone one was in the dining hall this early we would have breakfast out and ready for you immediately."

"Um... yes I would like some food please, if you have any already prepared." Rogue said as she quickly got over her surprise at the sudden arrival and appearance of the strange little green creatures, as her stomach gave a loud growl at the mention of food, causing her to blush in embarrassment, "But I can wait. I don't want to put you guys to much trouble if you're not supposed to bring it out now."

"It's all right miss, it's no trouble for us house elves to serve you when you need t. it's our duty as Hogwarts house elves to see to the needs of everyone who resides here in the castle. I've also been watching over your children and tending to their needs for you while you were unconscious, so I'm glad to see that you are finally awake." the female elf said pleasantly as she bowed lowly to Rogue for a moment, as she smiled at Rogue while glancing at Ace and Anne as the two babies were fussing in their basinets, as she nods to Dipsy who pops away from sight before she turns her gaze back on Rogue once more, as she looked nervously up at the redheaded girl for a moment before she started talking once more, "If you ever need anything else for yourself or your children, you can simply ask and either I or the other Hogwarts house elves will respond accordingly. I am Kira and I'll go get you some food from the kitchens. Everything is already cooked and ready to be served to any who enter the Great hall no matter what time it may be."

As Rogue heard Kira's words, a slow smile crept to her lips as she thought for a moment about what she was going to say next. Ever since eating her devil fruit, using her powers always made her hungrier than normal, and it usually took a lot of food before she was ever completely full. One good thing about it, was that other than the weight she gained during her pregnancy, she had never gained any extra fat no matter how much food she consumed.

"Thanks for the assistance, Kira. Though I have to warn you, that it would take a lot of food to keep me satisfied," Rogue said as she smiled at the house elf who beamed up at her with a smile of her own at the praise, as Rogue looked concerned for a moment "Is there a limit to how much you can serve to people here?"

"There is no limit to how much food you can have. I'll see what I can do and bring out breakfast to you," Kira said as she bowed again to Rogue and disappeared with a loud pop once more when Rogue thanked her again.

To be continued...

Author's Notes:
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If anyone hasn't heard of the Modo Modo no mi devil fruit, a lady ex-marine named Ain uses it in both the anime and the latest movie called Film Z who's the Second-in-command officer of the Neo-Marines, which allows the user to deage whoever its used on by twelve years, and repeated use of the power on the target will make the victim cease to exist completely. I think its similar to Jewelry Bonney's power, but at the same time different as well, though Bonney's devil fruit doesn't have an official name yet. The reason Rogue knows about the two, is because it's one of the many things she's studied up on over the years, from the Encyclopedia of Devil Fruits that characters on the show keep bringing up every once in a while that supposedly lists every single known devil fruit in the world and what they do. lol

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Translation for the spell Rogue used in the infirmary, using Al Bhed language:
1. "Anald y creamt yht bnudald sa yht so getc vnus druca fru fuimt rind ic yc fa cmaab" – Erect a shield and protect me and my kids from those who would hurt us as we sleep

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