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Timeframe: This story is going to take place fifteen years before the start of the Harry Potter storyline. In the Harry Potter part of the crossover it will only have been 14-15 years since Female Harry disappeared from their world, while in the One Piece part of the crossover, it's been over 26 years since she arrived in the One Piece world making her between the age 26-27 when she gets dragged back. I'm also making it so that Harry and everyone he would have known in Hogwarts in his first year are all born in the 1990's instead of the 1980's.

Author's Notes: Okay, so to clarify things, Female Harry gets sent to the One Piece world the night Voldemort attacks her family grows up to become Portgas D. Rogue, future wife of Gol D. Roger and the mother of Portgas D. Ace who died shortly after giving birth to her son. But in this story she gets dragged back home to the Harry Potter universe before she gives birth. There isn't much information on the original Portgas D. Rogue anywhere, except that she had strawberry blond hair and wears a pink hibiscus flower in it, brown eyes, so my version of Rogue is going to have bright red hair, green eyes, and has the Pika-Pika (Light-Light) Logia type Devil fruit power, and is just as dangerous a pirate as everyone else.

Warnings: Small spoiler alert, for those who don't know the real reason about what really happened with Gol D. Roger and the marines all those years ago that led to his eventual execution.

To all of my readers who've read this story already as of January 17, 2016: I updated Chapter 1 by putting a few new paragraphs after Lily and Severus got married, to show that Sirius and Remus didn't remain bachelors and childless over the years themselves when they were searching for Rogue. The Black and Lupin kids show up in the upcoming new chapter 3 that's being put up soon with the Potter-Snape kids. I figure the two remaining Marauders deserve to have their own families as well instead of just James Potter having kids.

TheBlackSeaReaper's & Sakura Lisel (me)'s Harry Potter-One Piece crossover Challenge #79 idea - Female Harry gets sent to the One Piece world at a YOUNG age, and becomes Portgas D. Rogue. She grows up in the One Piece world like in canon, meets Gol D. Roger, and becomes pregnant with Ace. Before or after Ace is born, Rogue gets summoned back to her home dimension, to fight a war she doesn't want anything to do with.

-smart, independent, intelligent, powerful
Slytherin Female Harry (if she gets forced into going to Hogwarts)
-Baby Ace
HAS to be brought along with her back to the Harry Potter universe
Refuses to take back her OLD name, especially IF she's married to Gol D. Roger, and her last name is now technically Gol by marriage, more than it is Potter or Portgas. lol
(optional) the summoning physically deages her to the age she should have been if she had grown up in the Harry Potter universe (and freak out the wizards as they wander what kind of girl is she to be getting pregnant at THAT age lol), or she remains the same age she was when she got pregnant with Ace.
-has a Logia-type Devil Fruit power (you pick which one)
-has red hair and the freckles that Ace inherits from her, and still has green eyes
-Dumbledore, Molly, Ron, Ginny bashing

Word Count: 12,323

Summary: (HP!OP xover) 15 years ago, Cataleya Potter disappeared from the wreckage of her family home on the night Voldemort attacked and is sent to another world. 26 years later Portgas D. Rogue is expecting her first child when she suddenly finds herself dragged away from everything she knows and into an unfamiliar new world. What's the magical world to do when their missing 'child' savior is nothing like what they thought she would be? -(Independent!Powerful!Grey!FEMALE Harry) -(slight Manipulative Dumbledore bashing, extreme Ron, Molly, Ginny Weasley bashing)-

'Hi' - thinking
"§§Hi§§" – Parseltongue

Tame Me Not
Chapter 3: Start of a New Day
By: Sakura Lisel

~-Hogwarts Infirmary, October 23, 2006~-

Nearly an hour and a half after Rogue had left the hospital wing, Poppy finally woke up and immediately took a quick shower and got dressed in her healer uniform and left her chambers to go check on her lone patient in the hospital wing, only to discover the hospital wing devoid of Rogue and her babies, which immediately sent the elderly woman into a panic for a few seconds before she forced herself to calm down as anger started to replace her panic.

Scowling a bit in anger at how Rogue had disobeyed her orders to stay in bed, she looked towards the empty bed that Rogue had been sleeping in for the last couple of days to see the sheets of the bed were neatly folded on the bed, and one of the shopping bags that Minerva had brought in the previous day sat alone on top of the hospital bed, while the Potter girl herself and her babies were nowhere in sight along with the second shopping bag.

'That blasted impertinent, little girl! I just knew I should have tied her down last night when she refused to listen to reason and stay in bed! Of all the nerve! Leaving my infirmary without my express permission!' Poppy thought angrily as she glanced around the empty hospital room but as she started to turn around to go floo call Albus to tell bum that Rogue was missing, Poppy spotted a folded up piece of parchment that was sticking out from on top of the shopping bag and moved forward to take it out, and started reading the short missive as her lips twitched a bit in amusement at what was in the letter, 'Well at least I have a small clue as to where to find her now if she somehow did manage to find her way to the Great Hall for food.'

Dear Madame Poppy,

Sorry to have missed you, but I feel all better and got tired of waiting for you to wake up, so I've discharged myself from your medical wing. I've fed and changed Ace and Anne and I am taking them with me to go find myself something for myself to eat to make up for the missed meals, and also get some exercise in while I'm at it, as I explore this school I'm stuck in for the tournament.

Portgas D. Rogue (my one and only name)

P.S. If you see the old man before I do, please inform Dumbledore and whoever donated the clothes for me that I said thanks but no thanks and that they can have them back. I appreciate the gesture, but I won't be needing them, because I've used my magic to make my own clothes that are more into my own preferred style and tastes which the selection of offered clothes are far from ever being.

'Kids these days, thinking that they know better than trained professionals about what ails them. When I catch up with her, I'm giving her a stern talking to and drag her back up here for a proper checkup,' Poppy thought silently to herself with a slight huff as her eyes narrowed in on a nearby trashcan, where she could smell a horrible stench coming from within the trash can, she could tell that Rogue had changed her babies dirty diapers as well before she had left, as Poppy covered her nose with one hand to block out the stench as she pulled out her wand and cast a quick banishing spell at the trash cans contents, as well as several cleaning spells to get rid of any lingering smells, 'She's 'feeling better' indeed! That foolish slip of a girl is still recovering from the complications she suffered from giving birth. She's lucky she even made it out of the infirmary without collapsing.'

Picking up the abandoned bags of clothes to take back to her office, she starts rifling through the bags to see if anything had been taken out, only to discover that just about everything that had been selected for Rogue was still in the bags.

'So she really didn't take anything with her from the bags of clothes we left her?' Poppy wondered silently to herself as she tried to figure out what Rogue could possibly be wearing that hadn't come from the bags since the clothes she had originally arrived in had to be burned, but came up blank after a few moments as she let out an irritated sigh at the entire situation before her as she starts making her way towards her office with the bags, 'I wonder where she could have found clothes that were more in her tastes that supposedly weren't in the bags we provided? I'll have to contact Albus to let him know she's already up and about in the castle.'

~-Slytherin Head of House Dorms, October 23, 2006~-

Early that morning, Severus Snape was getting ready for the day, after waking up to the sound of his alarm clock going off, and taking a quick shower before getting dressed. He had prepared his class syllabus, and checked out his potions laboratory to make sure everything was in order for when classes started after classes that day.

There were times like right now that he was glad that he had chosen the path he was currently living right now, instead of giving into the chaos and dark times that were going on during his teenage years. When he was in his sixth year at Hogwarts, a few older students had approached him about joining Voldemort's cause, after the Dark Lord had heard about his potential as a budding potion master at such a young age, but Severus had repeatedly turned down all attempts at recruitment, and had knocked back any attempts to try and force him into joining, because he had plans for his own future that didn't involve following a psychopath.

One of his few friends from Slytherin who was known as Lucius Malfoy and his future wife Narcissa Black, had stood by his side, and helped beat back some of the more persistent recruiters, despite the fact that Lucius himself had been forced to join Voldemorts forces by his own father, it hadn't put a damper on his friendship with Severus and the couple had even named him as the godfather as their only son, Draco Abraxas Malfoy, who had been born on June 5, 1990.

Another reason why he had kept to his conviction of not joining Voldemort's forces, besides his future career plans, was that he also wanted nothing to jeopardize his friendship with his childhood friend, Lily Amelia Evans, who was a muggleborn witch he had grown up with when they were younger. Despite being sorted into rival school houses when they arrived in Hogwarts, they didn't allow the house rivalries or what their classmates said separate them over the years, though back in his sixth year he had come very close to losing Lily's friendship because of a slip of a tongue.

At the time, Hogwarts was plagued by a quartet of school bullies who called themselves the Marauders, who's names were James Potter, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, and Peter Pettigrew who were all from Gryffindor house, who seemed to make it their lives mission to make everyone who wasn't in Gryffindor's lives miserable, by constantly pulling pranks on everyone who caught their eye, and their actions were dismissed by Albus Dumbledore who turned a blind eye at what the Marauders were doing half the time.

The Marauders pranks were especially hard on Severus, because James Potter despised Severus not only because he was in the snake house, but because James had seen Severus as a rival for Lily Evan's affections because of how close the two of them were, despite the fact that Lily wouldn't give Potter the time of day other than to curse him out and tell him off about his pranks, and were always insulting him and calling him a Death Eater despite the fact he wasn't one at all at the time, just because he was a Slytherin.

Every time the Marauders could find him alone, they would always corner him and start hurling hexes and other spells that were sometimes either completely harmless, and sometimes ended with him having to go spend time in the hospital wing to recover, but Severus managed to deal out just as much spells back at the Marauders that dealt just as much damage to the four boys, especially if Severus' own friends catch them during the attack and join in on the fight against the Marauders.

At one point the bullying had gotten so bad that he had almost gone down a dark path, that Severus had been considering joining the Death Eaters just to get more power so he could learn to become stronger so he could easily beat the Marauders, but that all changed the day he nearly lost Lily's friendship because of an angry slip of the tongue after a prank caused by the Marauders upon himself.

It had started out an ordinary day. He had been outside of the castle minding his own business and waiting for Lily to show up because they had arranged a study session with each other outside near the Black Lake when he was ambushed once again by the Marauders. By the time Lily had arrived, he was in the middle of a spellcasting war against the Marauders who had chased him around for a while before he started fighting back, when James Potter managed to nail Severus with a Levicorpus spell that left Severus hanging upside down in the air with his school robs hanging down his body exposing him to everyone who had come to watch the latest skirmish between him and the Marauders, as his wand was sent flying out of his hands so he couldn't free himself from the humiliation he was going through.

As he struggled to and get free of the confines of his robes which were now blocking his view of what was going on around him as they hung down his head and was busy cursing out the Marauders, when he heard Lily's voice yelling at James demanding that he let Severus go or else she would go get a teacher, and Potter had reluctantly released the spell, sending Severus falling face first to the ground.

As he had struggled to regain his composure, as he pushed himself off the ground, Lily had rushed forward to try and comfort him asking him if he was okay and everything, and in Severus's seething anger at the Marauders and the latest thing they had done to him, he had snapped at Lily in anger telling her that he didn't need the help of a mudblood like her against the Marauders.

As soon as the words had come out of his mouth, and he had realized what he had said as he stared in shock at the equally hurt and shocked look in Lily's eyes just before she slapped him hard across the face and ran away from him in tears and ignored his calls for her to come back.

After that day, Lily had refused to talk with him for months. She would walk away if she saw him coming, and would ignore him if he tried to talk to her. It had taken about four months before he finally wore her down, and a lot of begging and groveling on his part, before she would finally give in and talk to him again, and it was only after they had returned home for the winter holidays.

Surprisingly it had been Lily's sister, Petunia, who had broken Lily's silence with him. Nearly every day since their return home, he was always at the Evans household trying to get Lily to talk to him again, refusing to give up on her, and his persistence had started to annoy Petunia who was afraid of what the neighbors would think of what he was doing, or what her friends would think.

So on one of his visits, Petunia had dragged him into the houses Sun Room, and told him to wait there, and within seconds Petunia was dragging a struggling Lily behind her by the arm while tightly gripping Lily's wand in her free hand, as she practically threw Lily into the Sun Room with him, and left them with orders to settle things between the two of them so that Severus would stop making a nuisance of himself, before walking back out the door with Lily's wand still in hand and locking the door behind her as she exited the room after telling them that she wouldn't let them out until they settled things.

Lily had rushed towards the locked door, and rattled the doorknob and pounded at the door demanding that Petunia come back and open the door, but Petunia only yelled back that she would come back in an hour or so to see how they were doing before she would decide to let them out of the room. The Evans parents weren't home that day, so there was no one else who could come let the duo out, so Lily had huffed a bit in anger before reluctantly moving to go sit in a nearby lounge chair while Severus took a seat across from her in another chair, and they sat in silence for a few awkward moments, before Severus had cautiously started speaking, trying to keep calm and not say anything to upset her again, as he tried to tell her that he hadn't meant what he had said at school, that he would have never called her such a horrid name in his life and that he was truly sorry that it had happened.

Lily had reluctantly listened to Severus' argument since she had no other choice at the moment, as she watched him speak, she could see how miserable he looked as he spoke to her, she could feel some of her anger starting to die down as they spoke for awhile, and she reluctantly agreed to give him another chance, as long as he promised to never call anybody mudblood if he could help it.

Time seem to fly by as they talked before they realized it, Petunia was back and unlocking the door to check up on them, before smirking a bit when she see's that they were talking again, and let them out of the room.

As time went by, Lily and Severus kept up their friendship as it began to become as strong as it always had been, before that fateful day, as Lily and Severus could be seen hanging out together in the corridors of Hogwarts, and ignored the glares they received from classmates along with the Marauders who thought that Severus must have slipped Lily a potion or something to get her to hang out with him again, only to be hexed into next month by Lily as a result when she overheard some of their comments.

When Lily eventually started dating James Potter, Severus could feel his heart break as he saw the girl he loved with his hated enemy, but he reluctantly didn't let it bother him as much, as he focused more on his studies either by himself or when Lily came over to study with him when she wasn't with James.

One good thing about the whole James and Lily thing, was that Lily had given Potter an ultimatum, that if he wanted to continue dating her, then the Marauders would leave Severus alone, because she wasn't ditching Severus just because of some childish rivalry James had with him, and if it came between a choice picking a side between James and Severus in a confrontation between the Marauders, that Severus would always be picked hands down, and that if James had a problem with it, then she would ditch James instead and never date him again.

One thing that had irritated Severus to no end, was that half way near the end of his last year of schooling at Hogwarts, Albus Dumbledore had somehow found out about the Death Eaters trying to recruit him, and the old man had tried to talk him into accepting the proposed deal, saying that it was for the 'greater good' of all that he put his skills to good use even if it meant joining the enemy and even promised him that he would 'protect' him from the law if and when the time comes when Voldemort was defeated for good, and his follower were rounded up, Albus had said that he would testify in court on Severus' behalf and would tell everyone that Severus had been his spy against the dark lord.

Severus had laughed as Albus plan, and had flat out refused the headmasters 'request', saying that he refused to put himself in danger or ruin the reputation he was planning to build up as a potions master once he graduated from school, and didn't want to do anything that could jeopardize his future, let alone put his own life, as well as the lives of those he cared about, in danger if he was discovered to be a spy before and after Voldemort was defeated one day.

Severus had also pointed out that it wouldn't matter anyway if he joined Voldemort, because he had heard from Lucius that Voldemort was royally pissed off at him at the moment, because of all of his past refusal to be recruited to Voldemort's side, and after hearing from Lucius about what happens to Death Eaters who displease Voldemort, who either wound up being tortured by the Cruciatus curse, or received an instant death sentence from the Killing curse depending on Voldemorts mood, Severus refused to make himself a quick and easy target for Voldemort who was already angry at him.

But Albus had tried to ignore Severus' concerns, and told him that certain sacrifices would be needed to be made for the greater good of everyone. Severus and Albus argued throughout his final year of school, and as soon as graduation day came and went, Severus had packed up everything he owned that was in school, said his goodbyes to all of his friends who were still speaking to him, and headed home to a flat he was renting out in Diagon Alley where he started making plans.

Thanks to some applications he had been sending out for apprenticeships in potions, he had already been approached by potion master who had wanted to take him on as their apprentice, and he had immediately packed up everything he could shrink and store into trunks and left England for the foreseeable future, though he did reluctantly come back to attend Lily's wedding to James Potter, and was named as one of the godfather's of Lily and James' first born child, Cataleya Genesis Potter who was born on July 31, 1990.

While he was away, he still kept tabs on what was happening back home, and traded letters with Lily via owl mail, and it was exactly one year after Cataleya's birth that Lily told him that she was pregnant again, and that she and her family had to go into hiding because Lord Voldemort was after them because of her daughter, though she didn't give him much else info about why the Dark Lord was after her family.

It wasn't long after her last letters that he received word on October 31, 1991, that the Potter, family had been attacked by Lord Voldemort. The attack had left James Potter dead, while Lily and her unborn children still lived, but young Cataleya turned up missing after that night and nobody had been able to find her since then, and Severus had sent her his condolences about her loss in her husband and eldest child.

It wasn't until a few years later that Severus finally finished his internship in America, and finally moved back to England to settle down, when he happened across Lily in a nearby park with her youngest children, Ciel and Diana Potter, who were both over a year old by that time.

Lily had been happy to see him, and had invited him over to have lunch at her home, and they talked about old times and what had been going on with the search for Cataleya Potter, and was told that there had still been no new news about the missing Potter heir since that fateful night, but Lily had told him that she wasn't willing to give up on the search yet.

After that first afternoon lunch together, the two of them kept meeting up whenever they had a spare moment to get away from whatever they were doing, and after awhile they were eventually officially dating despite the annoyance of Sirius Black who didn't like the idea of Lily dating him. Ciel and Diana had also taken a liking to him as time went by as they got used to seeing him around.

When Severus had eventually proposed to Lily and she had accepted, but when they had told Sirius Black and Remus Lupin the happy news, Remus had offered his congratulations to the happy couple, though Sirius had thrown a major hissy fit on the matter, but Lily told Sirius that if he didn't like it, then he could go away and leave her and her family alone because she was going to marry Severus whether Sirius 'approved' or not of her doing so, and Sirius Black had reluctantly clammed up after that, and even stood in for her dead father and gave her away to Severus on their wedding day.

Nearly half a year after Severus and Lily got married, both Sirius and Remus found themselves walking down the aisle as well with a pair of witches named Amelia Bones for Sirius and Winry Quistis for Remus, who both bore the two former Marauders children who were named Loki Black who was born on June 19, 1994 and Serenity Lupin who was born on August 25, 1994.

It has been nearly thirteen years since the potions master had returned to England after studying abroad about everything he could about potions making. A year before Ciel and Diana and Black and Lupins kids were old enough to attend Hogwarts, Severus had taken up a teaching job at Hogwarts as the new potions master after Professor Horace Slughorn had retired, and he's been keeping an eye on Albus ever since trying to make sure the old man didn't try anything with the kids, while on weekends he would go home to spend time with Lily who was now currently pregnant with his own children.

This year the school was sponsoring the Triwizard Tournament, with Beauxbatons Academy of Magic which was run by Headmistress Olympe Maxime and Durmstrang Institute which was run by Headmaster Igor Karkaroff coming to the school to compete as well. It wasn't until the night of the Champion choosing ceremony, that the trouble began when after the three competing Champions had their names come out of the Goblet of Fire, a fourth name appeared out of the cups flames, bearing the name of Cataleya Potter upon it.

After hearing the new name, the Great Hall was suddenly filled with the sounds of angry voices as everyone demanded to know what was going on, and Headmaster Karkaroff and Headmistress Maxime were both throwing accusations about Hogwarts cheating, when they were all suddenly distracted by a loud cracking sound as a portal appeared above the staff table seconds before a small figure was thrown out of the portal just before it closed behind the figure. If it wasn't for Severus' quick reflexes as he yanked out his wand and cast a quick levitation spell to catch the falling figure before they hit the ground and lowered the figure to the ground as Madame Poppy rushed forward to check on whoever it was.

As Severus rushed forward to see for himself, his eyes widened in shock as he saw what looked like a overweight young teenage redheaded girl with black streaks in her hair who looked like a mirror image of his wife at that age, and as he stared down at the girl, he realized that she could only be one person since she had arrived right after Cataleya's name had come out of the Goblet of Fire.

As he looked around, he took notice of the shocked looks on the faces of his coworkers, as they caught a glimpse at the unconscious girl, as they all recognized her as well, but it was the look he saw on Albus Dumbledores face as the older man looked down on his step-goddaughter, that raised Severus' hackles as he silently made a vow to keep a closer eye on the old man than before now that Cataleya had been found.

As Poppy finished running a diagnostic scan on Cataleya with her wand, Severus felt more shock fill him as Poppy's panicked voice reached his ears as the medicwitch announced that Cataleya wasn't just simply overweight, but was pregnant with twins instead and in labor as well sent a chill down his spine, as everyone rushed to get her to the schools hospital wing where she had given birth without waking up.

The labor and birth had been touch and go for a while as the hours went by, with no sign of Cataleya waking up any time soon, but they had managed to deliver a pair of twins that were a boy and girl. Though once the babies were out, Cataleya had started bleeding uncontrollably, and it had taken a lot of spell work and blood replenishing potions to stop the bleeding before it was too late for the young mother. As a extra precaution, Poppy had put Cataleya under a potion induced coma for the past few weeks since her arrival, to try and help keep her stabilized as her body healed from blood she lost during the birthing process.

All it took was a simple magical DNA test to reveal that the girl who arrived was indeed the missing Potter daughter as the results tested positive and even revealed the names of her birth parents on the parchment, and Lily was ecstatic when she found out that her daughter had been found after all these years, though she was pissed off when she found out that Cataleya had somehow been entered into the worlds most dangerous tournament ever created, not to mention already being a mother to twins at age sixteen, and was already making plans to have her missing daughter and her babies moved into their home as soon as possible once the tournament was over, despite Dumbledores attempted objections about Cataleya being allowed to keep the babies.

Ever since his step-goddaughters return, the old man had been trying to talk Lily and Severus into giving away Cataleya's babies, before she could wake up, saying that it wouldn't do for the savior of the magical world to have children apparently out of wedlock at the age of sixteen, and that they could find a proper family to take the babies in, and as Cataleya's mother and stepfather they had the authority to do so, and even had the nerve to bring documents for them to sign in order to make it official.

But Lily and Severus but refused saying that they wouldn't take her babies from her until they at least talked to her on the matter first, much to the old man's obvious disapproval at their unwillingness to do as he said.

When he wasn't busy teaching classes or eating meals in the Great Hall, Severus would pop into the hospital wing to check on Cataleya and checked with Poppy to find out about the young witches continued prognosis and Poppy told him that everything seemed to be going fine with Cataleya with no outlaying problems being detected by Poppy's diagnosis spells.

During a few of his trips to the hospital wing, he sometimes ran in Ciel and Diana and their 'cousins' as they came into the hospital wing to check on Cataleya as well, as they all eagerly waited on any news about when their sister would eventually awaken, only to be sent away after a short visit with reassurances that it would only be a matter of time before Cataleya would eventually be awake.

Much to Severus surprise he had also discovered a few other visitors that came to visit Cataleya, though one of them irritated him the most.

One of the visitors happened to be hid godson, Draco Malfoy, who seemed to almost be underfoot in the hospital wing when Severus came to visit, when he was asked why since he didn't even know Cataleya, the young blond clammed up and wouldn't give a sufficient reason for why he was there before storming out of the hospital wing in a huff.

The second visitor was that annoying prat Ronald Weasley, who's fool of a mother had put into his head that one day he would marry Cataleya Potter when she was found, and both Molly and Albus were constantly harassing both Lily and him about setting up a marriage contract between Ronald and Cataleya, which both Lily and Severus repeatedly refused to do. The boy had even had the nerve to brag about how he would get Diana in with the deal and what he would do to the two Potter sisters, which ended with him in an two week stay in the hospital wing when Diana and Ciel overheard him, and had taken great pleasure in hexing him and showing the redhead the error of his ways. After finding out from the twins about exactly why they had attacked Ronald Weasley, Severus had given the ginger brat three months' worth of detention with himself, either writing lines or scrubbing dirty cauldrons or any other demeaning job he could think of for the Weasley boy, and wouldn't let the headmaster talk him into giving the boy any slack on his punishments.

Even now, the boy was practically drooling at the sight of Cataleya and was practically stalking the comatose girl as she lay unconscious in the hospital wing recovering from her ordeal, and had upped his stupidity to a whole new level as he bragged to just about everyone in earshot about how he and Cataleya were going to be the perfect couple and would marry once they got out of Hogwarts.

To Severus' further surprise, the third and final odd visitor that Cataleya received during her stay in the hospital wing, was a sixteen year old male student from Durmstrang by the name of Sergei Kira Krum, who was the younger brother of Durmstrangs Champion, Victor Krum. The younger Krum brother seemed to have some kind of unhealthy focus on Cataleya, as the boy seemed to be underfoot in the hospital wing even when he shouldn't be in the castle. Young Sergei was a slightly tan skinned, with pitch black hair that went down his back in a short ponytail, with dark brown eyes that almost looked black when the light hit them, and like with Draco, Sergei refused to answer Severus' questions about why he was there in the hospital wing and not with his own school, and when he ordered the boy to leave, the brat had turned to look at him and gave Severus a cheeky smirk before mock saluting while tipping a imaginary hat to Severus and telling him that he'll come back to visit again before walking out of the hospital wing.

A few days ago Poppy had decided that Cataleya was healed enough to start weaning her off of the potions that were keeping her in a coma, it was just in time for the First Task of the tournament which would be starting in a few more days after they explained things to the girl once she was awake. The tournament officials had held off the First Task for as long as possible as Cataleya was being healed, but everyone was getting impatient to start, and as soon as Poppy had made the announcement about waking up Cataleya, the tournament officials had immediately set up the date for the First Task, so it would only be a matter of time before they would get to know the long lost savior of the magical world.

'Everything is looking perfectly fine and well so far, though its still early yet. I'll have to deal with the dunderheads as they come into classes later. I swear if the Longbottom brat blows up something else, I don't care what the headmaster,' Severus thought silently to himself as a shudder went through his body as he imagined the mayhem in his potions lab that would be caused by the students once classes start for the day, as a loud sigh escaped from his lips as his a slight sneer appeared on his lips as he thought about the one of the few students who had become his least favorite in all of his classes, 'or anyone else says on the matter. He's no longer welcome in my classes. If the brat hasn't improved his potions making after five years of schooling without those 'accidents' of his, then he has no business handling dangerous chemicals to begin with. Just a few more days of this before I can go home to Lily to spend the weekend at home before I have to come back here again.'

Thinking about his wife brought on one of the few bright smiles on his face, as he thought about being able to relax for a few days at home before having to return to the school on Monday. It had taken a lot of prodding at the headmaster before the overbearing elderly man had finally agreed to let him go home instead of staying on campus all weekend.

Stretching a bit to get the kinks out of shoulders as he gave one last look his potions laboratory over everything to make sure nothing was out of place, as a slow frown appeared on his lips and replaced the sneer that had been there before.

'I'll have to remember to tell Lily that Cataleya is finally awake later today. She will definitely be overjoyed, seeing how long she's been waiting to see the girl again,' Severus thought silently to himself as he raked a restless hand through his long mane of black hair, as he imagined his wife's reaction when she found out that her oldest daughter was finally awake, as a slow smile appeared on his lips, as he remembered a conversation he had with professor McGonnagal who had contacted him with the news, 'If the headmaster hasn't flooed her by now with the good news, I can already tell what her reaction towards him is going to be when she gets here. He should know better by now not to piss her off...'


~-Severus Snapes Private Chambers, October 22, 2006~-

Late that night, Severus sitting at his desk drinking a cup of hot coffee that the schools house elves had brought him to help keep him awake, was busy working on correcting some assignments that he had received that day from his students, and groaned a bit as he stiffly stretched his aching body, as he set down his quill in its ink pot for a moment as he cracked his knuckles to get the kinks out of stiff fingers, as he glared at the stack of homework parchment that was slowly but steadily growing smaller the longer he worked on them.

Severus had the class assignments stacked on top of each other, categorized by what year the assignments belonged to, and he had been diligently working hard for the last couple of hours since dinner had ended to get as much work on grading papers done for some of the classes he would be teaching the next day.

'I'm finally almost done for the night, I'll be glad when I can call it a night and go to bed for the night,' Severus thought grumpily to himself as a loud yawn escaped from his mouth as he set aside the homework paper that he was finished working onto the stack of papers he had already graded, before reaching for another sheet from the stack of homework he hadn't graded yet as he scanned his eyes over the newest parchment and realized that this one came from the stack for students who's year he wouldn't be teaching until the end of the week, so there was no real big hurry to grade the homework until then, as he set the paper back on the pile, and looked around at the remaining stacks for a moment, 'Maybe I'll call it a night anyways, and finish the rest tomorrow night. I won't be any good tomorrow if I'm finally asleep while teaching class, and there's no telling what the brats would get into if I let my guard down...'

Pushing his chair back away from his desk, Severus slowly stood up from his chair and groaned a bit once more as he stretched out his body which was still stiff from sitting in one place for hours, when all of a sudden the red and gold flames of his nearby fireplace gave a loud roar as the color of the flames changed to green, moments before the face of Minerva McGonagall appeared in the flames.

"Ah. Good evening, Severus. I was hoping that you would still be up at this time of night. I'm sorry for the lateness of this floo call, but I didn't think it would be wise to not contact you sooner," Minerva said smiling a bit at the younger man once she saw that he was still wide awake, as she quickly continued speaking as a serious look appeared on her features as she stared at him "I hope that I am not disturbing you, but I have an urgent matter which I need to tell you. May I come through to your dorms? It concerns the latest status of the schools guest in the infirmary."

"Yes you may come on through, Minerva. I was just finishing up the last of my grading when you flooed me, so come on through and have a seat. I'll be with you in a moment," Severus said, as he stepped away from the fire to give Minerva room to come through, as all sense of tiredness fell away from him after hearing what Minerva said the reason for her call was for filled his ears, as the older woman stepped through the flames and cast dressed in a night robe, as he set aside the unmarked assignment as he focused on his work colleague and former school teacher with a serious expression on his face as he set down his ink quill, "So what's the news about my stepdaughter, Minerva? Has something happened to her since we took her off the potions that were keeping her in a coma?"

"Yet the chit is finally awake, Severus, that's the good news. I was in the hospital wing tonight speaking with Poppy on other matters when the girl awoke. Lily and you will have your hands full with her I'm sure," Minerva said as she gave the younger man a strained smile as she took a seat in the chair on the other side of his desk as she spoke, as her smile is instantly replaced with a dark scowl on her face as she remembered her encounter with Rogue, "when this tournament is over and you can take her home. Mores the pity. The blasted girl has a foul mouth on her, and she has no respect for her elders. Plus she insists that we call her by a silly name like 'Rogue D. Portgas' instead of taking back the name her rightful parents gave her."

Severus arched an eyebrow in surprise as he watched the normally calm and reserved elderly Transfiguration teacher seemed to lose her cool as she spoke about his stepdaughter, as a slight frown appeared on his lips for a moment.

"Maybe you should start from the beginning, Minerva and tell me exactly what happened tonight with my stepdaughter that has you in such a state," Severus said as he tried to calm down his colleague, who was starting to look like she was going to go on a rant about Cataleya, which he didn't feel like listening to since it was getting late already, as he stood up and quickly fetched a Calming Drought from his nearby cupboard and handed it to Minerva who reluctantly took the offered potions vial from his hands, "Why don't you take drink this and a deep breath and calm down, then tell me what happened?"

Minerva glared at him for a moment, before she reluctantly did as she was told and drank down the entire potion bottle, and forced herself to calm down after a few moments, before she started talking once more, and told Severus about everything that had happened in the hospital wing that night with Cataleya in great detail, as Severus called for a House Elf to bring them some hot tea

By the end of her rant, Minerva had calmed down quite a bit thanks to the potion she had ingested, and was calmly drinking her tea while Severus was silently contemplating what he had just learned from his colleague about his step-goddaughter.

'If the girl is really as bad as Minerva says she is, this might be harder than I thought it would be. Lily will be devastated to know her daughter doesn't want anything to do with her,' Severus mused silently to himself for a moment as he sipped his own tea silently as he tried to figure out how to handle the situation, as the frown on his face deepens even more, 'Though I'm sure once Cataleya gets used to the idea of being here, she might be more forthcoming about getting to know Lily and the rest of the family.'

Turning his attention back to Minerva he notice that the older woman was starting to nod off in her chair, and sighed a bit as he glanced up at his wall clock and saw how late it was getting. Standing up from his chair and stretching a bit, he walks over to Minerva and gently shakes her awake, and leads the witch over to the fireplace while assuring her that he would handle the situation with his stepdaughter later on, and bid Minerva good night as she disappeared into the flames of his fireplace to go to bed in her own rooms, before heading off to bed himself.

~-End Flashback~-

As the memory of last time filled his mind, he thought over another issue that Minerva had brought up about his stepdaughter. Her choice in name.

'Rogue D. Portgas, huh? Well I guess if whoever had her all these years didn't know her real name would have given her a new name. We'll have to see about that when Lily and I get the chance to speak to her about it,' Severus thought silently to himself for a moment, as he became deep in thought over what he heard from Minerva as the frown on his face seemed to deepen even more before letting out a loud sigh of irritation as he shook his head as if to clear it, 'I guess Lily and I were so excited over the idea of getting her back, we never really considered she might not even answer to her old name, and if I'm hearing correctly, she has no intention of switching back to her old name either.'

Glancing at a nearby wall clock, he saw that it was almost time for breakfast, and thinking about food made his stomach rumble loudly causing him to chuckle a bit, and decided that he should head off to the Great Hall to get something to eat before he headed for the classes for the day, and quickly exited his rooms.

~-Headmasters Office, October 23, 2006~-

"...and another thing Albus! That girl left the infirmary without taking any of the clothes we left for her. Her letter claims that she made her own clothes using her magic," Poppy exclaimed angrily during her floo call with Albus Dumbledore, as she ranted to the older man about Rogue's early and unsanctioned departure from the hospital wing, "In all my years, I've never had such an unruly patient as her. When I get my hands on that girl, I'm making her go back to the hospital wing even if I have to drag her there myself!"

"Yes Poppy, I will have a word with Ms. Potter when I see her in the Great Hall this morning," Albus was saying to Poppy after the mediwitch had floo called him to tell him that Rogue was not only already awake that morning, but had already left the hospital wing in search of breakfast, "I will meet you in the Great Hall in a little while so that we can confront her there, and talk to her."

A few hours earlier, Albus had gotten up early in the morning and started making some floo calls to the ministry to tell them that Rogue had finally awoken from her coma, and Minister Cornelius Fudge and Amelia Bones were going to be arriving soon to come meet her and ask her some questions pertaining to where she had been all these years, despite Albus' reassurances that he had the situation already well in hand with the girl and would keep them informed, but the duo insisted on coming to question Rogue themselves to.

After cutting off the floo call with the ministry, Albus had also contacted Wizarding Children's Protection Services (W.C.P.S.), to inform them that Rogue was awake as well, so that they could come meet her and determine what to do with her babies now that she was awake.

Back when Rogue had first arrived and given birth to her babies, the twins had been tested to see if they had magic or not, and both had passed the tests with high levels of magic already in them, so Albus had tried to hand the babies off to W.C.P.S., stating that an underage witch like her didn't need the burden of babies around, and that the children should be given to a new family to raise.

But despite his efforts to be rid of the babies before Rogue's awakening from the potion induced coma they had placed her in, W.C.P.S. had steadfastly refused to take the newborns, stating that they wanted to speak to Rogue themselves and get her signed agreement to give up all rights to the twins before taking custody of the twins, despite all of Albus' attempts to try and get them to take them, or to have her parent or guardian signed over custody of the babies.

Since legally he had no form of guardianship over Rogue so he wasn't allowed to sign the documents, he had even tried to talk both Lily and Severus into signing over custody of the babies, seeing how Lily was Rogue's birth mother, and Severus the stepfather, so it was their job to do it.

Albus had tried to convince them that it wouldn't do well that an underaged young witch as famous of Cataleya Potter, were to keep custody of babies out of wedlock, with no sign of the father of the children in sight, and that it would be for the better good for everyone involved to rid the girl of the twins as soon as possible before she awoke, but both Lily and Severus both steadfastly refused to go along with his requests, and had even set the custody papers on fire in front of him after Lily tore them into itty bitty shreds.

Lily had then proceeded to inform him that whatever the circumstances behind why her newly found oldest daughters had come back pregnant at age sixteen, she wasn't going to alienate any chance of getting to know her daughter, by taking away her kids while she was unconscious, without learning all the facts behind her daughter's life, and had already started making arrangements at the home she shared with her husband and youngest children and was starting to set up another nursery next door to the bedroom that was going to be Rogues, whenever Rogue moved into the Potter-Snape household with her children.

'Why must everyone go against me on this matter? They should just accept that I know what's best for the girl, and accept it. The nerve of the brat arguing with me the way she did. Whoever raised her all these years obviously lacked proper parenting skills if she turned out the way she did because of them.' Albus thought with an irritated huff at all the blockades he was facing in trying to get control over Cataleya Potter, as he remembered how the girl had spoken to him so disrespectfully the other night as his scowl darkened for a moment, 'The blasted girl herself needs some lessons on how she should respect her elders and know, that I know what's better if she's going to be the savior of our society. Plus what kind of name is Rogue D. Portgas anyways.'

Sighing a bit once more in irritation, as he settled his arms on top of his desk, and arched his arms upwards so that he could rest his head on top of his folded hands, as he started to stare into space as he tried to think up ways to get things rolling the way he wanted it to go despite everyone's attempts to ignore his wishes.

'I'm more than sure that once the W.C.P.S. representative gets here and speaks with her about the twins future, that Ms. Potter will understand that it's for the greater good of everyone involved. She has an duty to maintain as perfect image to build up as the savior of the magical world,' Albus thought silently to himself, as he popped one of his lemon drops into his mouth and starts sucking happily on it, as he thought about what he was going to do later as a slight smirk appeared on his lips, as he started imagining that all of his planning would finally be back on track with the return of the long lost Potter girl to their society, 'and it won't do for her to be known to have children at such a young age out of wedlock. Plus she doesn't need the added distraction the babies will cause her as she begins her training to defeat Voldemort. It would be best that they be sent to a suitable Light sided family who will raise them properly. I'm sure that if she wants more kids later on, we can set her up with a nice husband who can provide her with some proper legitimate children that the magical world can idolize alongside her. That is if she survives the battle against Tom...'

Hearing the chimes from his wall clock announcing the hour, Albus glanced up at the wall clock to check the time, and his eyes widen in shock as he saw how late it was starting to get, as he quickly pushed back his chair and stood up.

'Oh my, I can't believe how late it's getting. Where has the time gone while I wasn't paying attention? I should hurry down to the Great Hall to get some breakfast before over,' Albus thought silently to himself as he made his way around his desk, and moves over towards his bookcase where the Hogwarts Sorting Hat was resting on the center shelf in deep slumber, as a thoughtful look appeared on his face for a moment before he reached out to pluck the Sorting Hat off the shelf, 'I might as well take along the sorting hat as well, so we can get Ms. Potters sorting going before classes start for the day. What utter nonsense the girl was spouting that she won't be attending school at all while she's here...'

~-Hogwarts Great Hall~-

As the morning sun rose up that morning, some of the students who usually got up around that time were already making their way towards the Great Hall to eat breakfast and before heading off to class.

Ciel Potter-Snape was currently walking through the halls with his friends from Slytherin, as they talked about what had happened in the past week with the arrival of the red haired girl in the Great Hall shortly after his long lost older sister's name had been called out of the Goblet of Fire.

'I wonder if the girl who showed up is really Cataleya as dad says she is? If she is, I wonder where she has been all these years, and why was she pregnant when she came back?' Ciel thought silently to himself, for a few seconds as a worried look appeared on his features for a moment, as he shuffled along towards the Great Hall, 'Mom's already planning for when she moves into the manor, but why do I get a feeling that things aren't going to go as planned with her?'

"So Ciel, how much longer do you think it will be before your big sister will wake up?" his friend Katrina Zabini said smirking a bit at her companion for a moment, as she walked alongside him with an open book in her hands and her school bag slung over her shoulders, as her long black hair hung loosely down her back in a ponytail, "I bet you and Diana can't wait to finally meet her after all these years."

"Yep, after the test results came back positive, my whole family can't wait to meet her. Dad's been keeping tabs on her progress to find out how she's doing, and make sure the old coot doesn't try anything," Ciel said, as a wide smile appeared on his lips, as he reaches up to brush aside a lose strand of black hair from his eyes for a moment as he glanced over at Katrina, "Dad also says that mom says that she's already having the house elves preparing a room for Cataleya to move into once school is over for the holidays, along with another nursery near Cataleya's room for the twins."

"You guys do realize that the chances of your older sister coming home with you to live are next to zero don't you?" Draco Malfoys voice said as the blond boy came up behind the group with his own friends, "I mean why would she?"

"Get lost Malfoy. My brother might be one of your friends, but I can decide for myself who I want to hang out with," Katrina said as she glared at the older boy for a moment, as a dark scowl appeared on her features, "so butt out of matters that don't even involve you."

"Hold it, Kat. Draco what do you mean? Why wouldn't Cataleya come live with us? Mom's been waiting all these years for her to come back," Ciel asked as he turned his attention on his stepfathers godson, as a slight frown appeared on his face as his green eyes narrowed a bit in confusion, "She's been missing all these years, and now that she's been found, it's time for her to come home where she belongs with us."

"That's the point I'm trying to tell you, Ciel. You and Uncle Sev and Aunt Lily are making all these plans involving her moving in with you guys like it's already been decided without asking her first. You guys do realize that she may already have a family and a home?" Draco said dismissively as he stared at the younger boy for a moment, as he pointedly ignored what Katrina had said to him, as a scowl appeared on his features as he crossed his arms across his chest, as everyone in the hallway stopped to look back at him with confusion on their faces as he continued to speak, "People who are probably frantically looking for her even now just as badly as you guys have been doing all these years, seeing how she was basically kidnapped by the Goblet of Fire while pregnant and in labor when she got here? Somebody's looking for her where ever she lives, and I bet her babies dad might be there too. So you want her to give up the only life she knows to come live with your family? Plus, she probably has a brand new name now, that she grew up with which I doubt she'll be willing to drop. I know I wouldn't if I were in her shoes."

A few students in the hallway who had overheard the conversation started voicing their own opinions on the matter, with some agreeing with what Draco had just said while others disagreed, saying that the Potters deserved to have Cataleya Potter back after all this time no matter what, while even more argued that she couldn't leave now that they had their savior back, and that they needed her, and she shouldn't be allowed to leave.

"Well so what? I bet once she gets to know all of us, she'll be more than happy to leave where ever she was before. It can't be that great compared to what she could have here instead with us," Loki declared confidently as he glared at his older cousin for a moment, as he reached out to give his other cousins a reassuring look, "Draco doesn't know what he's talking about, so don't let him bother you guys."

"It's okay, Loki. We pretty much thought the same thing as Draco did about Cataleya. For all we know, Draco might just be right about her," Diana said as she bit her lip nervously as she and Ciel shared a worried look with each other, before she turned her gaze back on her cousins once more, "not wanting to come live with us, but who knows? Mom's been so excited about the idea that she's been found, it'll crush her if Cataleya doesn't move in."

"I wouldn't hold your breath, cousin," Draco said, sneering a bit at his younger cousin, as his scowl deepened a bit more, "You'll just have to wait and see when you meet her to see if what you just said is true or not."

Just then, as they almost reached the Great Hall the small group of friends noticed a large crowd of students who were standing outside the wide open double doors that led into the Great Hall, and some students seemed to peer in the room worriedly while talking amongst themselves, and as the group came closer they could hear angry voices coming from inside the room.

"Hey what's going on? Why's everyone blocking the double doors instead of going inside for breakfast?!" Draco demanded irritably, catching the attention of some of the gathered students, though a worried look appeared on his face as he heard the angry voices coming from inside the Great Hall, "Why is it so noisy in the Great Hall this early in the morning?"

"That girl who showed up in the Great Hall out of the Goblet of Fire is in there eating breakfast," one of the younger Hufflepuff years spoke up, as she looked nervously at the new arrivals, "we all just got here a few minutes ago and the crowd was already here blocking the entranceway."

'Cataleya's awake?! That's great news!' Diana thought silently to herself, as a huge smile appeared on her lips at the news on her older sister, but then her smile was quickly replaced by a frown as the rest of the Hufflepuff had said caught up with her, "That doesn't explain why nobody's gone into the dining hall. Whats with all the yelling in there, and why hasn't anybody?

"Easy. Ronald Weasley is in there and is making an ass out of himself as usual with the savior of the magical world," a fifth year Slytherin said, with a dismissive shrug of his shoulders, just as there was a sudden flash of light coming from inside the great hall, "and the ensuing argument between them drove all of us out of the Great Hall before we even had a chance to sit down to eat. Bloody hell, that girls dangerous when she's angry."

"Oh great what did that idiot do now?" Ciel demanded as his eyes dangerously as he crossed his arms across his chest, as he started already imagining what he was going to do to the ginger haired boy when he saw him,

"Nothing much, except..." the Slytherin started to say, before there was a sudden yell from inside of the Great Hall, as the room seem to light up brightly for a few seconds followed by what sounded like Ronald Weasley screaming in pain, causing everybody closest to the entranceway to look back into the Great Hall with widen eyes, as they all jumped out of the way, "Oh shit! Everybody look out!"

Just as a group of boys who usually hung out with Ron came charging out of the Great hall with looks of terror on their faces as if they were being chased by angry Dementors, seconds before Ronald Weasleys unconscious body came flying out of the great hall after them, looking like he was covered in burns and had blood spurting out a now broken nose and his left arm look like it had been twisted and was now hanging at an awkward angle, as he collided with his fleeing friends who all tumbled to the floor with him on top of them.

As everybody stared at the group as they struggled to get back to their feet while supporting Ron's unconscious body, they turned back to the entranceway when they heard the sound of footsteps stomping towards the doorway, and they saw a furious emerald eyed, redheaded girl with black streaks in her hair and radiating a glow that seemed to radiate off her entire body that was slowly dying down by the second, and was dressed in scanty clothes was now standing there.

Though what really caught everyone's attention was the LARGE gold and black mallet that was slung over her shoulder that was nearly as tall as Rogue herself, that was emitting a few sparks of light from its base, as the mallet glowed bright for a second before it disappeared completely from her hands in a splash of sparks, as she crossed her arms across her chest, as she glowered down at the group of boys, while ignoring the crowd that was gathered watching them with widened eyes.

"So the twit got knocked out by that one little punch? Wimp, shows me that he has no right, he's just a ill-mannered, weak and pompous little boy pretending to be a man." Rogue said scathingly as she glared with open hate at Ronald Weasleys unconscious form, as his friends and the rest of the students cower in front of her, as she reached up to her hair and brushed a lose lock of hair from her face, "You boys had better take him to get to the Madame Poppy lady for medical help. And tell him the next time he's rude like that to me and my kids, and pinches my butt again, I won't be so gentle with him next time in dealing out punishment. He needs to learn some proper manners on how to treat a lady or else he's going to get his butt kicked everytime. He's lucky I didn't have my daggers or sword on me, or else he would have gotten a lot worse than that."

'What she did to Weasley was being 'gentle?'. She has to be kidding!' was the thought running through the minds of all the students as they fearfully, as Rogue immediately turned her back on all of them and made her way back to her table to eat.

To be continued...

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