It's day like any other. Particularly cloudy to let the sun's brightness reach the earth below. Calm. Very so. But, somehow, someway, a small eerie feeling found the creep down one's shine, letting his black clan being give a shiver.

For that sudden nerve, looked over his shoulder, having his sunglasses reflected the world around him. As well the shiver feeling.

"Aw, damn it."

Thus the chase begun.

"Toddy wait!"

"No! Leave me alone!"

"I just want to talk is all!"


Quickly the dark clan man, reached into his jacket. Taking out three circle disks, silver coated color as they shined from hint of light. Turning for only a moment, threw the disks towards the crazed woman.

One disk was quickly dodged aiming for her head. Second caught by a tree near her as she ran by it. The last one sliced the ground before her feet, making her miss her footing for a moment.

A moment, Todd In The Shadows needed. Finding the right path that lead to a subway station, just in time to catch the noon train home.

Not wasting time to find a seat, landing on it harshly, finally able to catch a breath. Letting his masked face eyed the map pasted top upon the door leading out of the train. After all that running Todd didn't mind seating on stiff cotton chairs for a bit.

Much better than being tied to one at least. Or who-knows-what else a chair can do besides being sat on. But it's best not dwell on it.

Now and then, the train's wheels would hit the power line areas. Having the lights dim out for a moment and come back not long later.

A calming pattering that was slowly putting him in a soft trance of sleep.

"That's right, Toddy, just sleep. It's good for you."

"Damn it."

When the lights dimmed again. The crazed woman found she was alone on the train and seeing a treating figure from the windows run off.

To which she just sighed, knowing for a fact this wasn't over. For someone like Todd, you can't run from the Nostalgia Chick.

A thought she knew well, as she just smiled, thinking of another to catch her one-sided love. It was to her, only a matter of time.