In the business of work, more likely in the world of web. Nothing is at peace with what's conflicting from the past, now, and far future. Things are never at rest. Sadly, the workers are near the feeling of crashing, with already going blue in the face. No chances of no one passing out from being overwork and trying to keep viewers entertaining for hours on end.

"I need the last week's rates. Now!" One higher upper called out the chart makers.

Another seem to rapidly be chatting off Nostalgia Critic's ear for the lack of shows coming. As NC was trying his best to calm the other saying the work would get done.

A few more Webbers exchanged words with another. Some seem to getting ready for cross-starting in others show. Some seemed glad with pairing done. Some not so much.

But again, the person in charge of the list said no changes could be made. And that was last.

"Hey, Todd?"

"AVGN, what is it? I got work to do?"

"Just letting you know, we have to do a crossover around next week?"

"How? We do two vastly different things."

"Don't shoot the massager. We need to find something that has both of our baits."

"Joy. Where is the list posted?"

"Down the hall, near Spoony's mad science guy room."

"Great." Todd said, giving a slight roll of his eyes. Already taking the path to the where the list lied.

Upon making to the list. Searching for his name and the names following it.

"Okay. Paw this week. Linkara? What someone out there made a comic with music?"

He kept reading others. In the following: Nella, Lee, Sage, Phelous, Rap Critic, NC, and . . .

"Oh come on . . . "

"Hi, Todd-a-kins."

The sudden voice of a tone not couldn't be mistaken for any other. Slowly turning to face . . .

"Erod, not cool man."

The said person tried hard to break out in laughter. Able to hold it in and just shrugged Todd off, as the other just kept chatting off.

"Oh right, stop, stop, sorry." Erod said in a calming tone, hoping to put all teasing aside, before finally adding. "But still man, look on the plus side. It's far away."

"Yeah, but with fans of today. It's only a matter of time that . . . "

"Dude . . . " Erod drawled out, pointing out something in the distance. "Run, Todd, run . . . "

And in which Todd did, not even bothering to see to what Erod was pointing at. The sudden shriek of his name being called, was all the hint he needed.

A wild guess could only be seen, of when that episode would be filmed. No doubt him being tied up in a chair. Nostalgia Chick playing master against his will. And many other things she would do to him.

Where words could not described of how his days go by, with a crazy number one fan.

But then again, this was the everyday life of Todd In The Shadows.

Whether he liked it or not. It was something he had, not only deal with. But find ways to outsmart her. And in the world on the internet, he got all the time in world to do so.

If recalling right, a wormhole was happening in Sage's domain.

One plan down, a million to go in future moments to come.

"Todd, please!"

"Never! Not going to happen!"

"One day!"


The End.