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Rin's POV

Glaring sourly at the test paper clenched within his hand, Rin slowly made his way down the marble steps of St Cross Academy. Unfortunately, no matter how much he willed for it, the big fat zero that currently occupied the top of his exam did NOT disappear. In fact, it glared back at him just as furiously, the bold red of the marking pen mockingly searing itself into his sockets.

It was almost funny really, how life as an exorcist in training was completely different to what he had imagined to be. His glorious fantasies of heading out into the world, slaying demons as he protected the innocents were completely shattered as he sat in his classes day after day, learning about things he had absolutely no interest. Even his training was taking a slow direction, and Rin often found himself wondering if he would ever get strong enough to touch Satan, let alone defeat him.

To make matter worse, the last few months for him had been particularly tough. Despite the Vatican no longer breathing down his neck, and his execution being postponed till who knows when, he still had many personal and objective problems to worry about.

Currently, he was failing not only his exorcist classes, but his normal day classes as well. At the rate he was going, even Mephisto wouldn't be able to prevent his expulsion. His endeavour at improving the social department of his life was not doing any better. All attempts at forming new friendships had failed tragically, leaving him isolated and alone in classes.

It seems the student body didn't appreciate his lax nature regarding his education. Many of the young scholars had worked blood and sweat to gain access to the academy, pulling themselves into the school through pure brains, as Yukio had done himself. They had immediately noticed his rather poor academics, and had promptly written him off as a silly buffoon worthless of befriending. Others had even begun to spread tales about him, and he often found his relationship with Mephisto a central topic on the rumour mill, as many had come to the quick conclusion that there was no way he could get into a school of this calibre without one. The richer half of his class was just as bad. His lack of wealth and status had left them disgusted, and his attitude towards their spoilt behaviour left him last on their list of liked individuals. In fact, Rin was positive he had made a few enemies by the end of his first semester.

He was just the bit disheartened by this, though he tried not to let it show. The young exwire had truly been earnest in his desire to form new friendships. It wasn't like he didn't appreciate his current friends in his cram school though. In fact, he was eternally grateful towards them for even accepting him in the first place. However, they weren't always together in day classes and only met during lunch. Rin needed some others to talk to while in class, and secretly, as much as he loved the prospect of being an exorcist, he also wished for one aspect of his life to not involve demons, as it had been before Fujimoto's death.

Speaking of his cram class friends, he had recently gotten into a fight with Bon. This not only strained their already volatile friendship but also led to the destruction of the school's fountain. Of course, both his younger brother and Mephisto weren't incredibly happy about this, and he was punished with an increased workload, both in his studies and training.

All in all, things weren't the best for Rin right now.

As he made his way down the isolated path that lead through the bushes and towards his dorm, Rin could've sworn he heard rustling from the surrounding trees. The winds were silent though, and as he focused his heightened demon senses, he picked up on a few poorly hidden presences.

Stopping, he raised his eyes at the detection. Who could it be?

No demon, no matter how weak, was this obvious. Slowly pulling out Kurikara, Rin prepared himself to draw the blade at any sign of danger. Eventually, the rustling grew louder and the presence drew closer. Rin narrowed his eyes as his grip on his sword tightened. Just as he prepared to pounce, a familiar voice forced his assault to a stop.

"Well, well boys. If it isn't Okumura kun?" the voice smugly taunted.

Rin lowered his weapon and quickly placed it out of view before they came out.

When he said he had made enemies, well, he was referring to them. Takao Kurosaki, Shinji Satoru and Ranmaru Tenzou. They were all students of the school and fellow classmates that he may have picked a fight with. In his defence, they were bullying an innocent student, who in no way could fight for himself.

The situation had reminded him so much of Yukio in his younger days that he just couldn't leave it alone. He defended the boy, but that unfortunately left him as their new target. However, their pathetic attempts at hurting his feelings didn't bother him at all. He had been through much worse before.

This though, was new to him. They had never approached him outside of class before.

"Walking home alone eh Okumura?" Takao, the leader of the group, commented as he slowly circled him.

Rin didn't respond even though they were out of class, and he technically couldn't get in trouble for hurting them. He had already considered all that occurred this month and didn't wish to risk it. Despite his reputation as resident dunce, Rin did think about his actions. Start a fight now and he would only be digging himself into a deeper grave. He was rash but not stupid.

"Tch! Why so quiet Okumura!" Takao all but yelled. "Think you're too good to talk to us now huh!?"

And before Rin could say anything, he felt two rough hands grab at his arms and force him still before Takao punched him directly in the face. It was a weak jab, but he was still angered by it.

"HEY! WHAT THE HELL MAN!?" Rin raged.

"So now you can talk?" he scoffed as Shinji and Ranmaru laughed. "I don't know why they let rubbish like you attend this school."

"No matter, maybe this will straighten you up!"

He punched Rin yet again, but this time aiming at the stomach. Rin pulled at his restrained arms, but the other two had quite the strong grip, and his struggle was thwarted. But then again, he was instinctively limiting himself, as somewhere in the back end of his mind, he realised had he truly wanted to, he could have easily broken free. His demonic strength was more than enough to pull free, though the arms of the bullies would have be torn clear off as a result. And despite their attitude problem, Rin would never hurt them.

It had occurred to him long ago that if he were to injury any human being, they would be cursed with a spirit wound, ultimately dragging them into the world of demons. And if there was one thing he would never wish on anyone, it was that. No matter how nasty or mean a person came off as, they didn't deserve the horrors that came with an exorcist's life.

Taking into account all the trouble he had caused for everyone over the past few months, Rin decided the best choice of action would be to bear it out. Yukio already had enough problems to deal with. He didn't need Rin picking fights. Besides, he had incredibility healing abilities. Any wounds inflicted on him could be quickly mended.

Ten long minutes passed before they finally stopped the beating. Other than a broken rib, which was most probably the result of a lucky shot, Rin only suffered a few bruises, and even they would heal in a couple of hours.

"Huh, not so tough now are you Okumura?" Takao managed to pant out as he desperately gasped for air. All the punching had tired the weakling out and Rin was almost tempted to roll his eyes.

However, he did not need or want to stir up any more trouble. Things seemed to be settling down and he just wanted to get home quick. He had a dinner to help cook god dammit.

"Well, let's just hope you've learnt your lesson!"

And just like that they left as quickly as they came. Rin slowly stood up, not wanting to strain his already broken rib. With his hand at his side clutching the injury, he continued his way back to the dorms.

To his frustration, he didn't make it far before he sensed another presence. This time, whoever it was, they were well hidden and obviously skilled. He had almost missed their presence, but his training with Shura coupled with the adrenaline from his earlier confrontation had left his demon sense even more heightened than usual.

Rin cursed his luck, teeth gritting as he contemplated his next move. He was SO close to the dorms. If he were forced into a battle with this person, who was obviously NOT human, his injuries would only set him back.

Suddenly, before he could react and even attempt to draw Kurikara, he was face to face with Amaimon, the Earth King. Said demon was effortlessly hanging upside down from a tree, sucking his lollipop, face so uncomfortably close to Rin he could almost feel the other's breath against his cheeks.

Rin immediately jumped back, quick to separate himself from the dangerous demon.

"YOU!" he screeched, twitching slightly when he felt his ribcage ache in protest. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE? IN FACT, HOW DID YOU EVEN GET IN HERE?"

There was a short moment of awkward silence before Amaimon decided to humour him with a reply.

"Aniue," was his simple answer.

Rin was sorely tempted to face palm. What a stupid question, of course Mephisto was behind this. The man had a sick sense of humour and this was definitely something he liked to do - that being sicking bloodthirsty demons on innocent young boys.

"I'm bored," Amaimon drawled, suddenly crunching and shattering the lollipop between his teeth.

"Tch." Rin tensed his body as he slowly took a step back. He really didn't need this. "Listen, I'm not in the mood to fight! And if you start something, Mephisto will have your head"

That much Rin was sure of. It was obvious he held some sort of power over the demon. He also loved his school and position and wouldn't take to it kindly if Amaimon ruined that. Rin just hoped it would be enough to ward the demon off.

Amaimon's POV

Amaimon could only stare silently at his little brother. He seemed incredibly desperate to avoid a fight, and Amaimon nearly picked one just to spite him. However, he knew Rin was right and he didn't want to piss Mephisto off after finally being allowed free roaming privileges.

His little brother was really weak sometimes. Actually, no. He took that back. Rin was weak most of the time. Though perhaps it was not entirely his fault. He had been stolen from their father, from Gehanna, and raised in the land of Assiah, where the damn exorcists had smothered whatever power he had within. His lack of a proper upbringing had left him completely clueless on his demonic heritage and culture, and as a result, his powers were unpolished and full of openings.

Though at the same time he defied the very definition of a demon. Unlike every other demon in existence, he was only at his best when fighting to protect, not destroy. He had chosen to embrace the human side of life, choosing what he believed to be morally right choices when killing would be a much more quicker and efficient ending. Pathetic.

He simply couldn't grasp what father saw in Rin. The king of Gehanna had sent out hordes of demons to retrieve his son when he realised the boy was missing. 16 years they spent searching for him. Even Astaroth, a member of the eight kings had been involved in the search. Satan had thrown an even bigger fit when he had failed to retrieve his youngest son from the now deceased priest and paladin, Fujimoto. The whole of hell had been quiet that day, every demon all to aware that a single mistake could've set off the already temperamental king.

All that drama over a single human child. In Amaimon's opinion, the boy was too weak to even be an effective vessel. He may have possessed the prized flames, but his stamina and overall weaker body would still be a setback for Satan if he had ever the chance to take it.

Mephisto's interest on the other, now that was a whole new story. His borderline obsession with Rin was completely understandable and perhaps even predictable. The strange but admittedly enjoyable aspects of Assiah had always fascinated the man.

And Rin was just that, a strange but enjoyable toy in which Mephisto could have all for himself to use as he pleased.

Gracefully, Amaimon detached himself from the branch on which he was hanging and landed on the ground with a soft thump. Rin subconsciously took a step back and Amaimon felt himself smirk on the inside. To anyone else on the outside though, his face remained expressionless.

He couldn't enjoy the thrill of fighting his brother, but he could at least have fun scaring him. Rin always gave the best of reactions, and currently he looked like a cornered lamb. Quite adorable was what Mephisto would say.

Amaimon took one step forward and Rin immediately grabbed his blade. To his slight surprise, the boy flinched at the movement. It was then that Amaimon took a closer inspection of his little brother and noticed his roughed up condition.

His trained eye efficiently counted the bruises that covered the boy's face and body. It was also quite clear that Rin had broken his ribs. He had reflexively leaned to the side, trying to keep them hidden and protected.

It was also then that Amaimon felt an unknown feeling run rampant in his body. He immediately brushed it off as annoyance towards the fact that someone had fought and injured HIS opponent when he himself could not.

"Ne, little brother, what happened? You've been picking a fight with someone?" As usual his voice sounded uninterested, but in reality, though he would never openly admit it, he was actually curious to know what happened.

The injuries weren't too serious so a demon couldn't have done it. But his brother wasn't so pathetic as to lose to a human.

Rin's eyes widened the moment he heard the question, but they quickly set into a fierce glare when he processed the term Amaimon had used to address him. It was one of the few times he truly resembled the demon he was born to be. It was plain to see he hated it when Amaimon spoke to him so casually, as if they were really family and actually cared for each other. The dark haired youth felt no attachment to the demon side of his family and clearly expressed it.

To Amaimon, that didn't matter. Rin could deny it all he wanted, but he could never change the fact he was a blood related son of Satan. His denial was more of a reason to address him so lovingly.

It was also a common thing for demon relatives to not get along, at least in the upper class and nobility. The only reason why his family tolerated each other so well was due to the fact it made ruling over Gehanna easier. The Eight Demon Kings would each take charge and rule over a certain part or section of hell, with their own delegated duties and subjects. They would also help one another maintain and control any demons that got too rowdy.

This method ensured they would always remain at the top. Of course they did this all while serving under their father Satan, who would leave them be if they didn't oppose his rule.

Back to the question at hand though, Rin didn't reply as he continued on with his tough façade.

"What do you mean?" he attempted to scoff. "If you're not picking a fight, then leave me alone."

That said, he tried to make his way past Amaimon, but the demon wasn't letting him get away that easily. Just as quickly, Amaimon reached out and grabbed one of Rin's arms, effectively stopping the boy.

He tightened his grip and allowed his claws to poke at Rin's skin when the boy tried to resist. He then turned his little brother to face him before lifting up a sleeve to reveal a bruise almost reminiscent to a handprint.

He raised his eyebrows internally and looked up to stare at Rin, eyes demanding an answer. The boy however immediately became defensive, snatching back his arms and pulling the sleeves down.

"I fell down the stairs today okay! It's nothing. Since when did you care what happened to me anyways? Just leave me alone!"

As always, Rin was a terrible liar. It was another strange quirk he had; as to demons, lying should come as naturally as breathing. This was also another reason to why his brother was so pathetic.

As Amaimon pondered over this, Rin stormed off and this time, he didn't give chase. Instead, he allowed his mind to wonder off to another topic, more specifically, Rin's previous question.

Did he care? Why was he so determined to find out what was wrong with Rin?

After a few minutes of thinking, he concluded he did it to get into Mephisto's good book, nothing more. Speaking of Mephisto, Amaimon decided there was no better time to pay his older brother a visit. He needed to share what he had discovered after all.

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