Same Ianto, Different Jack

By Gracefultree



When Ianto Jones woke in the cell next to Janet the Weevil's, completely naked, his first thought was simple. What did Jack promise to convince me to do this again?

His second thought, on the heels of the first, was just as expected. Where the hell is he?

The third thought, not one of his usual ones in this situation, but appropriate nonetheless, was confused. Why did Jack leave me here while the intruder alarm is going off? Doesn't he know I'd rather face an enemy naked than be trapped down here when the Hub is under attack?

Five minutes later, the alarm cut off and Jack sauntered down the corridor, fully dressed, with Gwen hot on his tail. They stopped in front of the stained Perspex wall holding Ianto captive.

"Funny, Jack," Ianto said, not bothering to hide his sarcasm. "Game over, now let me out."

Jack raised an eyebrow, but didn't say anything. As usual, Gwen spoke more than enough for them both, giving away as much as she found out.

"He knows your name!" she exclaimed. "How come he knows your name? And why is he naked? I thought clothing could travel in the Rift, too."

"Of course I know his name, Gwen, I've been shagging him for over a year!" Ianto exclaimed, cranky that they were clothed and he wasn't. It was cold down in the cells. Although, what was that about the Rift?

Gwen turned to look at Jack with wide eyes. Her 'I can't believe that of you, Jack fucking Harkness' look that Ianto and the whole team were so familiar with. "He knows my name!" she said. "And he says he's shagging you!" Ianto heard jealousy and hurt in her voice. "What's that about, mister?" she demanded of their captain, rounding on him with her hands on her hips and fire in her eyes.

Jack shrugged, crossing his arms over his chest. "Never seen him before in my life," he said in his 'I don't give a shit' voice. He gave Ianto a thorough once-over. "Though, I have to say, looking good," he said to Ianto, in full flirt-mode, with the added salacious wink.

Ianto sighed in irritation. "If we're going to play whatever this new game is, can I at least have some clothes?" he asked.

"I'm not sure," Jack said, holding his chin as he watched Ianto. "I might prefer you this way."

"Oh, for God's sake!" Gwen shouted. "Can you be any more inappropriate?"

"Yes!" Jack and Ianto said in the same moment. Jack grinned, relaxing slightly. "Do I need to remind you who's in charge here?" he asked, his eyes still locked on Ianto.

"Jack!" Gwen hissed, pulling on his arm until they were out of sight of Ianto, though he could still hear every single word they said. Did they forget that he knew all the ins and outs of the cells and Archives so that he could position himself in the perfect spot to listen in? "Who is that man and why is he saying you've been sleeping together?"

"I already told you. I've never seen him before."

"Are you having cold feet? Is that it? Is this some way of telling me you're not really ready to –"

"Gwen, I'm fine. This is clearly something related to the Rift. We'll deal with it like we usually do, ok?"

"You are not shooting him!" she ordered. "And you're not shagging him, either! Not on my watch, no."

"Maybe he'd be up for a threeway," Jack offered in that half-serious, half-joking way that always infuriated Ianto and made Gwen blush when applied to the two of them. On other occasions, Ianto wasn't nearly as put out. "I don't know if you've noticed or not, but he's hot!"

"And he might be an alien threat," Gwen said firmly. "We don't even know if he's human."

"Never stopped me before," Jack said with his usual bluster.

"Yes, Jack, we all know about your conquests," Ianto interjected from down the hall. "Now, if you're done flirting with Gwen, I'd like some trousers, please. And a shirt. I was wearing the red one you like today. Though why you didn't just leave it in here with me like you always do is beyond me. Honestly, this is the last time I play naked hide-and-seek with you."

Jack rushed back to Ianto's cell, his eyes bright. "Naked hide-and-seek? That's brilliant! I should've thought of that." He turned back to Gwen, grinning like a loon.

"You did!" Ianto exclaimed. "Now stop playing and get me my trousers or I'm putting you on decaf again."

"Gwen, go find him some clothes," Jack ordered.

"But he could be concealing a weapon!"

"In case you hadn't noticed, I'm naked," Ianto growled. "I'm unarmed. There's nowhere to hide anything!"

"Oh, I'm not so sure of that," Jack offered, his eyes locked on Ianto's body once more. "I remember a time – "

"We don't need to hear about your adventures with the fashionista robots for the thirtieth time," Ianto interrupted. "Trousers!" he reminded them.

"Gwen, get him some clothes!" Jack barked.

"But –"


Reluctantly, Gwen left them alone together, then thought the better of it, walked back, grabbed Jack by the neck to pull his head down, and kissed him full on the mouth. Jack returned the kiss, deepening it to almost pornographic levels before letting her go. He laughed as he watched her ass when she walked away again.

"Sorry," he said to Ianto without a shred of sincerity to the apology. "She gets a little possessive." He paused, noting the change in Ianto's demeanor from annoyed and slightly amused to downright murderous.

"In all our time together, there has only been one thing I asked of you," Ianto hissed angrily, enunciating each word carefully. "And you promised, over and over again, that you wouldn't do it. I've been very understanding, Jack. I know you don't come from Earth, and I accept that. I accept that you have a different view of sexuality than I do. I haven't complained about the men and women you bring home and fuck in our bed. I've participated in just about all the threeways you've wanted, and I'm used to the embarrassing situations you get me into. I know you're going to forget my birthday and our anniversary and everything else that's important to me. I don't care that you're a slob and can't be motivated to clean except by sex. I don't make a fuss when you pick up other people when we're out on dates, or when you leave me behind for them, as long as you come home to me later the same night. I don't even mind that you smell like you just shagged them silly, as long as you let me shower the scent off you and replace it with mine. But my one sticking point, the one thing you promised you would never do, was kiss or fuck Gwen Cooper. And now you've done it." Ianto turned his back on Jack, crossing his arms over his chest.

"We're done, Jack. I quit. I quit you, and I quit Torchwood. I have a file in my desk with the cover story I'd like you to give me. If you have any decency left, I'd appreciate if you'd use it."

Silence greeted Ianto. He waited. He knew Jack, and he knew his moods. He counted down for the explosion, the denial, the begging. Jack didn't really want to lose Ianto, and if he groveled enough, Ianto might reconsider. It was hard for him to say no to Jack about anything, and it was just a kiss, right? Just an almost-pornographic kiss…

"Are you done?" Jack asked, mild curiosity the only emotion in his voice. No rage, no sadness, no desperate desire to make things right because he knew he'd fucked up and didn't know what he'd done wrong, but was willing to apologize and let Ianto mete out an appropriate punishment. Nothing Ianto expected. "Because I don't know who you think you are, but we are not, and never have been, lovers. I have never made you any promises, and if staying away from Gwen is the promise you think you have from me, you'd better wake up and smell the coffee, my friend, because I'm marrying Gwen next week, and there's nothing you, or anyone else, can do about it."

Ianto turned back in shock, his mouth hanging open inelegantly. "You're – you're marrying her?" he demanded. "What about Rhys?"

"Her ex-boyfriend? What about him?"

"She's supposed to marry him next week! I've been helping set up the stag do, even though I'm not invited. Not that I'd go, anyway, but Jack, this is crazy!" He ran his fingers through his hair. "I just got Rhys' good-for-nothing best man out of jail! Have there been any unexplained Rift flares? Do any of the others have strange memory loss? Ask Owen. He might be a zombie, but he's still our doctor –"

He stopped when he heard the unmistakable sound of Gwen's designer boots on the hallway floor. They waited in silence for her to come over, a pile of Jack's clothing in her arms.

"I couldn't find anything else, honey," she said to Jack, standing on her toes to kiss him. He gave her his cheek in place of his lips, and she pouted. "Your stuff might be too big for him, but at least it's clothing, yeah?"

"Update from Tosh?"

"The Rift flare was clearly in this cell. Whoever this is, the Rift brought him," Gwen said. She turned to look at Ianto. "Now, go to the back of the cell so I can pass this in to you." Jack pulled out his gun to cover her.

Reluctantly, Ianto went as far away from the glass as he could, letting Gwen have the room she wanted to put the clothes in the food tray drawer. He felt like a bug under glass as they watched him dress. Once he was done, in a pair of Jack's trousers and the ugly green shirt Jack refused to get rid of, that, apparently, Gwen also disliked, he sat down on the stone slab that doubled as a bed and relaxed against the wall, watching them.

"Thank you," he said softly. Jack nodded in response.

"Gwen, please leave us," Jack asked. She made her 'I'm about to protest because nothing can happen around here without me wanting to know about it, especially if it's gossip' face, but didn't say anything and left them. Jack produced a chair and settled down to watch Ianto. "Let's start over," he suggested. "I'm Captain Jack Harkness. And you are?"

"Jones," Ianto said, forcing away the smile from his face before it could form. This clearly wasn't a time for flirting, if they all thought he came here through the Rift. For all he knew, maybe he did. Maybe this wasn't his universe? Maybe this wasn't his Jack? Ah well, best finish introducing himself. "Ianto Jones."

"Ianto Jones," Jack repeated, testing the name in his mouth. "You work for me? At Torchwood Three? What can you tell me?"

"Yes. With Owen Harper, Toshiko Sato and Gwen Cooper. You hired me in 2007 after the fall of Torchwood London, where I used to work. I stalked you to get the job, then seduced you to keep you from noticing the Cyberman I mistakenly thought was still my girlfriend. You found out and the team killed her. It," he corrected himself. "We got together for real a few months later, after Suzie Costello came back from the dead and almost killed Gwen. It's been over a year since then, counting your time away with the Doctor, in my timeline. In yours it would be closer to two years."

"Everything except you and the Cyberman matches. You know about the Year That Never Was?" Jack asked softly.

"You didn't give me details, but I've gathered from your nightmares that it was bad. You were tortured, killed over and over. We were killed in front of you."

"Not even Gwen knows about that," Jack said.

"You're marrying her and she doesn't know? How do you explain your nightmares?"

"How do I explain anything?" Jack replied with a cocky smile. "Misdirection."

Ianto sighed. "If it's all the same to you, I'd rather go back to my version of the universe. He might be an obnoxious over-sexed ass who can't keep it in his pants, but at least he's my over-sexed ass."

"You really don't mind all that stuff you talked about?"

"As I said, staying away from Gwen was my only requirement. You've brought home women who look and sound like her often enough that I know she's one of your types, but she, herself, was off-limits."

Jack scratched his chin. "I had to give all that up," he complained. "Gwen demanded it."

"And you think she's faithful?" Ianto asked with a harsh laugh. "She slept with Owen her second month! She's gone out behind Rhys' back more times than I can count and wants me to cover it up for her."

"Do you?"

"Only because you ask me to do it."

"You must really love me," Jack commented.

"Yeah," Ianto said wistfully. "You'd never notice, though."

"No, probably not," Jack agreed. They sat in silence for a moment. "What did you do for Torchwood?"

"You once said I 'clean up after you and get you everywhere on time.' Then you said that I look good in a suit. I told you it was harassment."

"I can picture that. I'd like to see you in a suit."

Ianto shrugged.

"You seduced me for a job? To keep me from finding a Cyberman in the basement? How long did you keep it from me?"

"Four months." Ianto paused. "You were the first man I had sex with."

"Not the only one, though?"

"With your appetites? Hardly. I'd rather be in bed with you and whoever catches your eye than let you go off on your own. At least that way I can be sure you're using condoms. And before you say anything, I know you don't need them, but I do, and it's damn sexy watching you put them on…"

"I'm starting to wonder if I wouldn't be better off with you than her," Jack muttered. "Especially if you give me some freedom."

"And I'm starting to wonder if it isn't time to reign my Jack in. If you're willing to be faithful to Gwen in this universe, maybe he'd be willing to stop bringing people home."

"We live together?"


"I don't know if we'll be able to get you home," Jack said. "The Rift is unpredictable."

Ianto looked away for a moment, lost in thought. He turned back decisively. "If I'm stuck, the same rule stands. No Gwen. And no one else in our bed. You can go back to theirs, but you'd have to come home to me."

"You're actually considering this!" Jack exclaimed.

"Aren't you?" Ianto countered.

"Well, of course! I don't think I have to tell you that I think you're gorgeous."

Ianto smirked.

"What are you thinking?" Jack asked warily. "Ianto?"

"Come have a taste," Ianto purred, rising to his knees and deepening his accent. "I promise you'll like it. One taste, then you have to decide between me and her."

Jack swallowed. He shifted in his chair, crossing and uncrossing his legs. "What kind of taste?"

"Anything you want, Captain," Ianto said in the same sultry voice, crawling forward on the bench. "I'll even call you 'sir' as you fuck me."

Jack's eyes dilated with desire. Ianto could tell even in the dark hall. Jack's nose twitched. He was smelling his own pheromones on the air. Ianto inhaled, getting the smallest whiff of them. His cock started rising.

"Or I could fuck you," Ianto continued, getting to his feet so Jack could see his arousal tenting his borrowed trousers. "If you're with Gwen, it's probably been a while, hasn't it? And even if she tries, there's nothing to compare it to, is there? Nothing like a throbbing cock up your ass? Hot and wild and filling you in ways no dildo ever could?" Jack lent forward, licking his lips. "I'd even forgo the condom so you could feel me coming inside you. I know how you love that."

Almost before Ianto could blink, Jack had pressed the door-release button and was in the cell with him, pushing him against a wall, kissing him desperately, like a drowning man begging for air.




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