Andy came home after his first year at cowboy camp, singing songs all the way home. When he got there, he went to his room, closed the door, and flopped in to bed. The next morning, he woke up, rubbed his eyes, sat up, and proceeded to scream.

But first, who is Andy? How is he related to this story? Well, I'll tell you. Just read on.

Andrew Davis, commonly known as Andy, is a (currently) 6 year old boy. He has light brown hair, and his eyes are blue. He has a sister named Molly. Does this sound familiar? Yes, Andy Davis is from Toy Story. This is an alternate story. Ready now? Okay, here's what happens next. But first, we must go back an hour or two, to when the toys are alive.

(An hour or two earlier...)

The toys in Andy's room were having a meeting. It was only the tenth meeting. The toys meeting in it were Hamm, Rex, Mr. Potato Head, Slinky, Mr. Spell, Bo Peep, RC, Sarge and the Soldiers, Etch a Sketch, Rocky Gibraltar, and the leader, Sheriff Woody, among other, less important characters.

"Allright! Quiet down back there! Thank you." Woody called to the toys. "Okay, Andy is at Cowboy Camp, and won't be home until tomorrow night. So, find something to do, and have a good day. That's all." The toys dismissed themselves, and went off to their own activities. The next night, Andy returned, and he went to his room, and flopped in to bed. The next morning, he woke up, sat up, and screamed.

The toys in Andy's room were having another meeting, the next morning, before Andy had woken up. They were discussing what to do in the event that one of the toys was spotted by a human. Ironic, right? Anyway, let's listen to their meeting.

Woody called on a random toy each week, for a certain situation, so everyone remembered what to do. This was a weekly meeting, on every Monday morning. "Allright, Potato Head, your turn. What do toys do if we are spotted by a human for only one second?"

"Easy. We instantly freeze, and hope they don't think too much of it."

"Nice job," Woody remarked. "Now, Slinky, what do we do if they are out of the room for a reason we don't know?" Slinky responded quickly, "We wait five minutes, and one toy is a lookout, just in case."

"Good." Woody said. "Okay, now what if-"


Every toy jumped. Every toy looked toward the bed. Andy sat up, fully awake, and said in a squeaky voice, "Maybe you should talk about what do to in this situation." Then he said more quietly, "Mom's coming." The toys froze. Andy's mom said, "Are you allright?" Andy whimpered, "I had a nightmare, that a teddy bear let me fall into a fire pit!"

Andy's mom said, "It's okay. It was only a dream. Go to sleep." She left. Andy turned toward the toys, and told them, "Tomorrow, we need to talk." Then he fell asleep.

Andy woke up, finding Woody next to him, and shook Woody awake.

"Huh? Wha- Oh my gosh!" Woody jumped up, surprised, until he remembered yesterday night. "Oh. Well, this is awkward." Andy sighed in a 'give-me-a-break' way.

"Okay, Woody. How can you be alive?"

"Well, I honestly don't know. We've always been like this. To answer some of your other questions, all of the toys in here can move. Most of us can talk, but some of us can't. We're not supposed to talk to humans, or move when they're looking our way. I guess that you're the first to catch us."

Andy frowned, then asked, "Will you act any differently, now that I know?" All the toys had gathered to watch the conversation. Woody hesitated, then figured out a way.

"Here's my idea. We can come alive for you, but only when only you are in the room. Any other time, we won't show our true selves."

Andy agreed, and the toys settled in for a new life ahead of them.

This chapter has changed! Now, the first 3 have been changed into one chapter (for those who knew about this story from the beginning), but I promise that the next chapters concern the movies! The next chapters will take longer, but they will be longer, as well. Again, if people still read this, if you want an OC as a girl Andy likes for Toy Story 3, here is the information that I need, and it MUST BE DETAILED! (Colors, patterns, etc.):


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